tagGay MaleHe Only Comes Once A Year

He Only Comes Once A Year


Martin looked around the room and decided that everything was perfect. The tree was sparkling, casting a warm glow throughout the room. A cinnamon scented candle filled the air with a homey holiday aroma, and the greenery he had draped along the mantle added a nice touch of old fashioned Christmas atmosphere.

He glanced at his watch. Brian should be home from his trip in about an hour. Martin had been resentful that he had accepted an assignment that took him out of town at this time of year, especially one that wouldn’t allow him to return home until Christmas Eve. But it was not the time of year for conflict, so he decided that when Brian did get back, he would have a nice surprise awaiting him.

There was one more preparation to make in the living room. He reached into his shopping back and took out a big red bow. He peeled the protective paper off its base and stuck I firmly to the middle of the bedroom door. Below it, he taped the hand made sign he had prepared. On green construction paper he had attached a number of festive Christmas stickers; Santas, and snowmen and candy canes, and in big red letters, the message “Come In And Get Your Xmas Fuck!”

He stepped back and looked at his handiwork. He was sure that Brian would love it. He took one more look around the living room, then picked up his bag and carefully opened the bedroom door and stepped inside, closing the door carefully behind him. He dumped the bag’s remaining contents on the bed. He picked up the brand new tube of lubricant and stuck a green ribbon on it, then placed it on the corner of he bed. He repositioned two pillows to the center of the bed, stacking one on top of the other, and placed another pillow just above them on the bed. It all looked right, except for the large red bow that lay on the bed, but he wasn’t ready to position that yet.

He stashed the bag in the closet and quickly undressed, dumping his clothes out of sight in the hamper.

A pair of tall tapered candles stood on top of the dresser. He lit them, then turned out the lights. The flickering candlelight gave the room exactly the mood he wanted.

He kneeled on the bed and picked up the bow. With only a little difficulty, he managed to stick it to the small of his back. Once it was attached, he slowly lowered himself down over the stacked pillows. When he was comfortably in position, with his ass raised and pointed towards the door, he reached behind himself and draped he bow’s two trailing ribbons down over he swell of his ass and on to his thighs. He smiled to himself thinking of the tableau that would greet Brian when he walked into the room.

He wrapped his arms around the third pillow and laid his head down to relax and wait for Brian’s arrival.

At some point, he must have dozed off, because he became aware of the heavy thread of footsteps from the living room, but had not heard the front door open or close. He knew that Brian would see his sign in a moment or two and his cock began to stiffen in anticipation of what would follow that discovery.

The bedroom door creaked open, bringing in a cool rush of air, laden with the smells of snow and cinnamon. Martin buried his face in the pillow, pretending to be asleep. For a long moment, there was not a sound in the room, and he imagined that Brian must be enjoying the scene laid out before him. Suddenly, he heard two short puffs of breath and smelled an acrid whiff of smoke. He raised his head. The room was in almost total darkness. He was disappointed, wondering why Brian would not want to enjoy the view he had so carefully arranged for him.

The floorboards groaned and Martin felt something soft touching the back of his leg, just above his knee. It took him a moment to recognize it that it was a gloved hand. Brian must be awfully horny, he thought, if he didn’t even take he time to remove his gloves.

The soft touch traveled up his thigh to the bottom of his ass. He felt the hand squeezing and caressing him, and he wiggled a little bit in anticipation. The hand gently slid down between his legs, and he could feel the glove’s soft fabric tickling the back of his balls.

Martin felt the foot of the bed dip. And heard the springs softly complain. A second hand joined the first, as both massaged the backs of his thighs. He softly moaned and arched his back to show his eagerness. The hands massaged his legs and his ass cheeks for a few minutes, then left.

He heard the unmistakable sound of a belt being unbuckled. His cock was hard in his excitement.

Suddenly, he felt a chill as the cold lube began to dribble down the crease of his ass and pool around his hole. He’s really not wasting his time, he thought. It looks like this was a pretty good idea.

The gloved hands gripped his inner thighs and pushed them further apart. The bed shook as the two of them shifted into position, and Martin felt a large swollen cock head bumping against his ass. It found its target quickly, and began to press against his asshole. Martin pressed back against it as it slowly pushed forward. He felt himself stretching to accept it inside him.

With a quick pop, the head slipped past his sphincter. He exhaled deeply. Relaxing around it. The cock rocked slowly back and forth, getting used to its tight confinement, then slowly and steadily pressed in deeper. When it touched Martin’s prostate, his own cock twitched in delight.

The cock began to withdraw as slowly as it had entered, until only the head remained. Martin expected another long slow stroke, but he was surprised when the next thrust came hard and fast. He gasped at its force, but made no resistance. Another long thrust came, and then more, a steady rhythm of deep fucking, forceful but not too rough. He rocked with it, enjoying each and every penetrating motion.

The pace quickened. Martin didn’t think Brian could keep it up for long without exploding to a finish, but there was no sign of him stopping, or even slowing down. Several times, he shifted positions, coming at Martin’s ass from slightly different angles, touching new parts of him that he had not reached before. But his steady stroking didn’t vary.

Martin was startled by the ringing of his bedside telephone. He didn’t care who was on the other end, he didn’t want this wonderful fuck to end. Luckily, Brian must not have either, because he showed no sign that he had even herd the phone, but continued to pump his cock into Martin’s ass.

After a few more minutes, the pace quickened. There was a more frantic feel to the fucking and Martin knew that his partner was about to climax. The thought of it inspired his own cock to begin leaking pre-cum in anticipation. Suddenly he felt the cock buried inside him swell. The gloved hands gripped his hips tightly and held his ass firmly in place as hot jism splashed deep inside his ass.

The sensation triggered his own orgasm and he shot a load of sticky liquid into his pillows and over his belly.

The laid there panting for a few minutes, the twitching cock still inside him. When it finally slid out of his body, he felt a moment of regret and emptiness.

It took another minute for him to catch his breath enough to speak.

“Wow, Brian, that was great.” He finally whispered.

There was no reply. He turned over on the bed and flicked on the bedside lamp. The room was empty.

“Brian?” He called out. “Where did you go?”

He stood up from the bed, his legs feeling a bit wobbly, and crossed to the bathroom. Brian was not there. As he turned back in to the bedroom he noticed the red light blinking on his answering machine. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pressed the Playback button.

“Martin? It’s Brian.” Martin felt a chill at the sound of his voice. “You’re probably sleeping, I guess. I’m really sorry but my car broke down. I won’t be able to make it there tonight. I’ll see you in the morning. I’m really sorry. Well, Merry Christmas. See you in the morning.”

Martin was overcome with panic. If Brian was not here, who had been in the room with him? Who had just fucked him?

He jumped up and rushed into the living room, ready to confront the intruder. But what he saw when he through open the door stopped him in his tracks.

The living room was filled with colorfully wrapped gifts. The flowed out from under the tree, they stood in stacks all over the room. There were packages on the couch, on the coffee table, even on top of the mantle. And right in the center of the mantel, propped against the chimney, stood a big Christmas card.

Martin walked over to the hearth and took down the card. The image on the font was of the North Pole. The stars and snowflakes glimmered so brightly that they seemed to give off their own light.

He opened the card and read it’s message.

In an elegant, old fashioned handwriting, the card read, “Martin, you were very good this year! Merry Christmas, Santa.”

Lewis stared at the card in amazement. Somewhere in the distance, he thought he could hear sleigh bells.

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