tagIncest/TabooHe Really Did Love His Mother

He Really Did Love His Mother


She was still having trouble with her husband, he had found out she had been unfaithful to him, her husband of 19 years.

To this day she still couldn't believe that it had happened, that she had done it?

She understood it, but to actually have gone ahead and be unfaithful still twisted her mind. Even though it had all happened 5 years ago!

It had been mind blowing sex with her lover, there was no doubt about that, he was far better than her husband had ever been, but she hadn't gone looking for some one, he had come looking for her.

And he had got to her at the best time, when she was feeling down, insecure and lonely. He had shown her things no one ever had, he had been fabulous. Her husband had been neglecting her for quite some time before that, and she had been vulnerable to an opportune attack?

The man who had become her lover had been attracted to her for quite sometime, although she had been blissfully unaware of it. He used to look at her behind the bar of their golf club; her husband was also a member. She served on now and again to help out the steward and his wife, who were friends.

He would look at her and think to himself, 'I would just love to kiss those lips, and be kissed by them, she is so beautiful, her husband must be the luckiest guy in the world to have that at home for him whenever he wants her?'

What he didn't know, but would eventually find out was, he wasn't, he only had sex with her at mostly her prompting, or occasionally at his choosing, but by and large he wasn't that interested in her any more sexually. Oh he loved the trophy wife, the beauty on his arm; to show her off at dinners and nights out.

He loved to see the other members or where ever they happened to be, ogling her, knowing they wanted her, to bed her and fuck her. But he was also very secure in the knowledge that she was his, she would never even contemplate another man. 'Why should she,' he would say to himself, 'why, when she's got me?'

It was that very posturing position that led her into the arms of her lover, a man who he knew fairly well, and had even over the years played golf many times with. It was the embarrassment, the ignominy, the loss of face; he had never been the most popular of men in the club. The other members, knowing he had been turned over in the most spectacular way. But to give him credit, he ignored the looks, the snide barbs, the leering looks, or innuendoes.

He still continued as a member, but Jacqui his wife stopped going, she flatly refused to offer support to him up there, her own embarrassment wouldn't let her, even though just about everyone understood her reasons, and sided, on the qt, with her.

Her to be lover had one day called her at home, and anonymously told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Jacqui was astonished, she giggled and asked him who he was, he refused to tell her.

This went on for at least a month, and Jacqui found herself sitting next to the phone waiting for him to call? Then he had told her who he was, she knew him, and had always thought him a nice and attractive man.

A month after that he had talked her into meeting him for a coffee in town, and it went from there, soon they were ardent lovers.

When the shit had hit the fan and her husband had found out about it, she had left home for a few weeks and gone to her mothers, while the volcano went out before returning, on his terms he had told her, she had told him to 'fuck off!'

But it was at home that things were changing, he was still cryptic and critical with her, and eventually she commandeered the spare bedroom, the bedroom that had been their daughters, who had gone to college 6 months ago, and was glad to get out.

She still loved her mum and dad, but supported her mother's motivations for doing what she did, even though she disagreed with it.

Her two children had found out about the goings on? And wanted to know from their parents what had happened. Stupidly their father had huffily told them that their mother was a slut and had been unfaithful, this caused a big row, but eventually things had settled into a peaceful, if somewhat contentious way.

No, the problem was with Rob her now 18 year old son, he was becoming very touchy feely with her, she knew he was growing up, they had talked about adulthood, he had girlfriends, school friends, and was a normal young man in every way.

He had also told her he was more interested in older women, not silly young giggly girls, 'someone just like you mum, it would be great to have someone just like you! You would be more than fine mum!'

Jacqui had sat there stunned, her mouth wide open. 'Me, you can't mean that Rob, I'm your mother!' She knew her son had an inbred confidence to pursue a goal he had set for himself, that's why he had done so well at school, and in sports.

And now at around 6ft and well built, he was becoming a consummate and well adjusted person, apart from the fact that he now had his sights set on his mother, and she was going to have a devil of a time from stopping, or resisting it!

'Well mum,' he said, 'while we are on the subject, yes I mean you, I know you're my mother, and you know it too, but I love you, and that's the end of that, and there's nothing you or anyone else will ever be able to do about it, is there?'

Jacqui had always thought of her self as attractive, her dark hair and eyes were her best assets, although everything about her screamed Woman! 5ft 2" of sexual heaven, which is why men ogled and wanted her, every man seemed to see it apart from her idiot husband.

The fact that she had put on a few pounds enhanced her looks, her son, and her lover before him, were both into a little larger women, neither liked skinny or bony women. Both loved a full figured woman, Jacqui was that woman. Maybe chunky was a word that could be lightly used, but Jacqui was far from that, her figure was still mesmerising.

But now at the ripe old age of 38, and after 5 years of her husband being like he was, he rarely touched any more, she was getting frustrated again, vulnerable again, and she would say to herself, 'this is why I wandered last bloody time!'

Rob had pulled her into his lap quite a few times as he sat in a chair, or on the sofa, and she would always feel his erection pressing into her bum, she could never get off him until he released her, although he only held her there for a few seconds, to save her more embarrassment.

Or he would capture her in the kitchen, wrap her in his arms, lift her off her feet, kiss her cheek, or if he could, her lips. He would hold her to him, and then his prick would nestle against her tummy. She was always well aware of it, and he knew he was doing it! And sometimes her nether regions would flutter inexplicably.

She would protest and admonish him, but he still did it, he believed he was getting to her, or he was hoping he was. He wasn't to know just yet that he was doing, very successfully!

She had a part time job with the local press as a copy girl, she worked 2 mornings a week, there was a man in the office who was obviously interested in her, and often asked her to lunch. But she never knew where her husband, who was a self employed mechanic would be, or if he was outside watching. He would often pick her up and take her home unannounced.

Rob her son, absolutely adored and loved his mother, 'you are the most gorgeous creature on Gods earth,' he would tell her, 'and his dad was the biggest dummy and loser on the same earth!' He also thought, but kept it to himself, that she was the sexiest thing on legs, and he wanted to fuck her brains out, but fuck her with the love he felt for her. And he was increasing the mental pressure on his mother; he wanted her now, between them it was well out in the open. Although Jacqui denied to herself as often as possible.

He was determined to go the whole hog now, it was game on, he was constantly looking for signs of her weakening. For her part, his mother concentrated on keeping him at bay, which, she admitted to herself at times, was getting harder and harder to do!

Only two weeks ago, while she had been cleaning the house, she had found 2 recent holiday photos of her in the bottom drawer of his bed side cabinet. In one she was laid face down sunbathing, the string of her bikini top on the sand, her back was bare; her tits were on show at the sides.

In the other, it showed her posing, one shapely knee lifted and bent, her arm bent over her head, and the other outstretched, her face slightly dipped, it was a sexy pose, and she was pouting at the camera.

'What has he got these for?' she wondered, but she knew why, he was using them, he had to be jacking over them, the thought stunned her, but it also excited her too. 'Stop it,' she told herself, 'he's your fucking son, for Gods sake!' But the thought of him laid there, photo in one hand and his erect cock in the other stayed in her mind. She left them where they were, she didn't want him to know she knew of them.

Today they were both at home, it was summer and the weather was wonderful. Her and Rob had been shopping for grocery's, and he had been all over her like a rash. She had to admit, she loved the attention he was giving her, the compliments, the shy looks. 'Shy my foot!' she thought, but the shivers ran up her spine. But it all earned him more and more brownie points.

His would put his arm gently around her waist, or his hand at the small of her back guiding her, reaching for things that were too high for her 5ft 2" frame. And the occasional sneaky kiss on her cheek, Jacqui would redden when he did that, and Rob would smile that half smile of his that she loved so much.

He would often walk behind her just looking at her, watching her as she perused the shelves, her swaying motion tantalising him. 'God in heaven I want to fuck and love her so badly!' he thought.

'He is so good looking isn't he?' Jacqui would ask herself. 'He will make some girl more than happy one day; I wish Dan was like him, a chip off the old block? I don't think so; he could learn an awful lot from his beautiful son!' This condemnation was directed at her husband in her mind.

Rob stood at least 8" above her, unless she had heels, which today she did, he loved to see her toned legs in them, and wished she would wear stockings more often.

Jacqui was wearing a light summer dress that showed her nipples right off, he could hardly keep his eyes off them as she drove the car. The hem of her dress which was 2 or 3 inches above her knees when she stood, was well above her soft smooth shapely knees as she got in the car.

Her dark hair blowing in the breeze, he wanted to stop the car and attack her, and make her his, his prick launched an assault in his trousers. Jacqui knew her son was getting hot and bothered about her; the physical evidence was now more than apparent to her. And she had no idea what to do about it, how to tackle his problem, how to solve it, what to do?

Her own problem was rising too, she loved his attention, and this very morning as he had attempted a sneaky kiss on her cheek in the super market, she had turned it, and he had got her lips! It had only been a peck, but she had initiated it, she had to all intents and purposes, kissed him! And she knew it, but did Rob? Had he guessed? Yes he had, but he had hidden it to save her any embarrassment.

In the car on the way home Rob said, 'Mum, I liked the little kiss you gave me in the market, it was nice, thank you?'

Her face went bright red immediately, 'oh Rob, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, it was wrong?'

'It wasn't wrong mum, not at all, and it was the best kiss you have ever given me?' then added quietly, 'so far?'

Jacqui couldn't think of a response to that, so she said nothing more. She drove into the drive; they got out and collected the shopping from the car. But she was so aware of him stood there next to her, that his close proximity made her brain fudge.

They carried it all in, and between Rob touching her, and looking at her in a way a boy shouldn't look at his mother, she managed to put it all away. But she knew what he was thinking, what he was wanting, 'you don't have to be Einstein to know and understand what's going on?' she told herself. 'But what will I do if he tries it on today?' She asked herself.

The trouble was she was feeling horny, her son was making her horny, his ministrations, touches, small kisses, innuendoes, looks, they were all adding to the frustration, and horniness she was now feeling. She would have to go upstairs soon, and relieve herself, again!

Unknown to her, her vulnerability was at its highest levels, her frustration was leaking out of her, Rob had seen signs, signs he had been looking for, he didn't quite know how to read them, but she was not her normal self, that was for sure.

Then he reminded himself that she had turned and kissed him an hour earlier? 'Rob my boy,' he said to himself, 'go for it, do it, try it right now!' He went to her, she saw him out of the corner of her eye, and innocently turned her back to him. 'Why?' she asked herself.

He stepped right up to her and put his arms around her waist, and then he nuzzled her neck. Flames licked at her nipples and pussy immediately, she was suddenly burning, she was on fire. Jacqui felt his prick in her back, she froze, not sure what to do now, but it was her very hesitation that prompted Rob to do what he did next.

He whispered, 'I love you mum, I really do, you know it don't you?' His hot breath was burning into her neck, his lips searing their way across her shoulder. The hardness of his young manhood was debilitating her mind. Rob didn't know where the courage to do what he was doing came from. But he knew inside this had to be the one off opportunity?

Jacqui spluttered that, 'yes I do Rob,' and then Rob completed her debasement, he cupped both of her tits, her nipples were already rock hard, and he squeezed them.

'Oh Rob, stop, what are you doing darling, please don't,' but she had no energy to stop him, or move away. She knew for certain that if she moved, her legs would give way!

Rob was already kissing and nibbling on her neck, she loved that, his finger tips were ruining her nipples; his prick was now unerringly pressed into her back and her soft backside.

'Oh Rob, oh Rob, stop, it isn't right, please Rob?'

But her pleas fell on deaf ears, he had no intention of stopping, this would be his one and only chance to get his mother, and he wasn't going to fail!

Jacqui was helpless to resist or to stop him, her very reason for succumbing to her previous lover, was making her succumb to her son. She was in serious and dire need of love and attention, the attention her son's dad should be giving her. There was no strength in her to save herself now.

'If Rob doesn't call a halt to this,' she asked herself bleakly, but already knowing he wasn't going to, 'what am I do?'

The answer was fast becoming obvious to her, Nothing! There would be nothing she could do.

What her son wasn't to know was, the very reason her previous one and only lover had got her, was, because she was in this very exact state of mind!

Rob bit deep into her neck between neck and shoulder, and crushed her nipples. 'Oh Rob, oh darling, oh yes baby, oh God, oh my, oh Rob?' was all that she could get out of her trembling mouth. It was over, but Rob lagged behind the game. He wasn't old enough and experienced enough, to know when a woman gives in to her man.

Her head fell back onto his chest, he reached around as far as he could and gave her a sideways kiss, Jacqui turned her lovely head to her son, and they shared their first real kiss, their first real lovers kiss.

But he knew now, she wanted him to kiss her, Rob quickly stepped to the door and locked it, and Jacqui was up in her son's strong arms before she had realised he had done it. She was on her way upstairs in a daze, a thickening fog fuddled her mind, she didn't seem to know where she was, what she was doing, she knew she was in a very high and unstoppable state of arousal, a state of arousal that could not, and would not be denied!

Rob took her to his bedroom, where he had her dress off and her underwear in seconds, soon he was over her kissing her, his fingers tight on her, her nipples were screaming at her, her pussy was on fire.

She gazed at him from glazed unlit eyes, he was naked too, and her hand was fastened around his prick, and she was urging him to do her. 'Rob please, please do me, do your mum darling, I love you, do me and make me cum darling please?'

He obliged, he drove his prick hard and fast into her, Jacqui squealed as he did, then her legs and arms were around him, he was trapped, although he would never want to get away from her. She was urging him on, 'harder baby harder, faster faster, oh yes baby that's it, right there Ooooh!'

Rob shot his load in seconds, he felt it travel up his prick in a colossal spurt, it actually hurt him, but he drove onwards, he knew his balls were emptying, his mother came the second he did. She cried out in agony, ecstasy, love, and total subjection to the feelings crashing through her body.

But his prick never went down, his bell end was in a frenzy, it was super sensitive as he pushed in and out of her. He began to fuck his mother in earnest now; he was building up a head of steam that would demolish her completely.

He had shot his load, and he wasn't going to cum again anytime soon, he went at his mother like someone demented, he pounded her; Jacqui wrapped herself tight around him and went all the way to the top. She came in droves, years of pent up rejection, frustration, sexual needs and desire was being fucked right out of her by her beautiful son.

Jacqui was in complete meltdown, she had loved to have multiple orgasms when she was younger, and now she was having them again, right here in her son's bed.

She heard a voice from somewhere, her eyes shot open, then she realised it was her mumbling and babbling. 'Oh Rob, oh my darling darling boy, I love you baby, don't stop, not yet, fuck me more and more baby, fuck me as hard as you can, I need it baby, I need it, I need you!'

Rob was really into a rhythm now, he was hammering his mother, his loins smashing into hers, he was up on his elbows looking down at her, hearing the words she was saying, he loved it, it recharged his heart.

His prick was starting to grizzle, was he going to cum again? The answer was yes, but he wasn't sure until it overcame him. His head tipped backwards, his eyes shut tight, then a thunderous roar came from inside his body, and he shot his last load into his mother. They both came in unison; hers was a heart stopping moment. Rob thought his life was coming to an end, such was the blast he felt powering out of his prick, it nailed him completely!

He literally fell off her, his prick softening rapidly, slid out of her cum soaked and cum filled pussy. His body was wracked with fantastic sensations, sensations he had never experienced, the feeling of sublime relaxation swathed him. He was utterly spent, and his mother was too.

They both lay gasping, it was the most satisfying feeling she could ever remember, she was in bits, and the feeling of complete love that was rushing through her was for her son. How had this happened? She had begun to suspect that it would, her resistance had been lowering for the last 2 to 3 months. And her sexual needs and frustration had been heightening in equal measures. Until one had hit rock bottom, and the other, the pinnacle, and he had got her, but she had loved it totally.

Jacqui rolled slowly onto her side and looked at him, her arm went over his waist, and she pulled them together.

'Rob, my wonderful sweet boy,' she said softly, 'this has been so wrong honey, but it has also been so so fantastically good, so fantastically good in fact, that I'm not sure I could say no to it happening between us again.'

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