tagGay MaleHe Referred Me

He Referred Me


As I drove back from Ricks condo my mind was not on the road, and my cock was rock hard and my mind was a million miles away. I just had the opportunity to live out a fantasy and loved every minute of it, and I was wondering if there would be more to come. I just realized that I loved sucking another mans cock, the feeling of his member being driven wild by my mouth.

Over the next few days I thought about Rick quite often and how enjoyable it was for me to service him in the privacy of his condo. As you know from my story Rick is a very handsome man, and his condo was so nice and safe that I felt right at home. I'm not sure that I would have felt so comfortable if we met at a hotel, or in his car!

"Have you ever wonder about this, I have!"

I wondered what it looked like when I was on my knees with my head bobbing back and forth on his wonderful cock.

Although I could see the expression on his face as I looked up as I was sucking his cock, I wondered what I looked like? Just for a moment a very nasty thought ran through my mind, video tape it next time!

But honestly I thought that it would never happen again no matter how much I enjoyed it. It was too risky and I'm usually a bundle of nerves always worrying about the what if.

So there you have it, it was incredible fun and way to hot to put into words, but too risky to do again, I was done with it!

At that exact moment my cell phone rang and woke me out of that guilt filled self imposed session of therapy! Because I was driving at the time and didn't have my reading glasses on I couldn't see the caller ID and I didn't know who was calling me. Usually this time of day when the cell rings it's my wife or a business call.

Hello this is Mike(my usual response to any call), I said as I waited to see who was ringing me up and interrupting my sweet thoughts.

"Hi Mike, I don't know if you will remember me but I met you at a company sponsored training session not long ago my name is Ron,"

It would be almost impossible to put into writing the feeling that I had as I heard him tell me his name. My body instantly felt like it was on fire although I honestly broke out into a case of the sweats. In order to avoid massive bodily harm I pulled my car into a rest stop that I happened to be passing so that I didn't drive off the road and crash. I knew why he was calling, and I also knew that my self imposed therapy session just went right out the window!

"Mike can you hear me now," Ron laughed.

"Yea Ron, hold on just one moment I'm just parking the car," I told him.

"I hope that I didn't catch you at a bad time, he said. Middle of the business day you must have a lot of things on your mind".

If only he knew what I did have on my mind when the phone rang!

Hi Ron, I do remember you from that meeting, but wasn't sure that my presentation was memorable for anyone but me though, I laughed.

Ron continued, "I enjoyed seeing you at the meeting and found you amusing and a good sales person, I always make a mental note of good sales people that I may need to hire someday."

For the moment I calmed myself down, maybe he was calling for a different reason than the one I expected. I was still nervous but now felt a bit relieved as we discussed my sales background and the proposal that I made to his company. Maybe it was just a coincidence that he was calling so soon after my delicious meeting with Rick.

Than he spoke those words, "Hey Mike, although I'm impressed with your background, I'm calling you because our mutual friend Rick told me that I should."

WOW, I should have been shocked by hearing that Rick told him to call me because that meant only one thing. But as I sat in the drivers seat of my car I felt suddenly calm. As the following words came out of my mouth I couldn't believe it was me speaking.

"Great Ron, I'm glad that Rick asked you to call me, how can I help you?" I said those words as if I was in complete control. This guy was calling me for only one reason, he was calling for a blow job and my response told him just what he wanted to hear, I wanted to suck his cock and he knew it!

Ron was most likely surprised by my response, no romance, no game playing. If I could see him through the telephone I'm sure that he was smiling. "Well I had been thinking about lunch but how about meeting for morning coffee instead?"

"Morning coffee would work for me, where did you want to meet?"

Ron said that he would be working out early as usual, "I'm just keeping the old body tight if you know what I mean."

My wife is out of town and coffee at my house will be more private, take down my address he told me.

"How about if you come over about 8:00AM, I'll be done and showered by than."

So I'm thinking to myself that I'm on the telephone talking to a guy who knows that I just gave his friend the blow job of his life. And now he is telling me that he wants to meet in private right after his shower so that he will be very clean. If I agree to meet him he knows that it's really to suck his cock, what should I say?

"Thanks for the directions, I'm looking forward to seeing you at 8:00 at your place."

"I'll bet you are said Ron, and I'm looking forward to seeing you also."

Just after I rang the doorbell of this beautiful home in a very posh part of town Ron opened it and invited me in, he looked even better than I remembered. His was wearing a thin silk looking robe and his hair was still damp from the shower. Even with his obvious recent shave he still had that rugged look about him, a mans man!

"Hi Mike, thanks for coming," Ron said, If you really want some coffee I can make some for us.

Was that a telling question or what? Why didn't he just ask me if I was ready to blow him?

"I had my coffee earlier and it hit the spot so I'm good," I said.

Ron made his way into the living room and I followed him. The room was darker and with one small lamp that was lit to create a wonderful atmosphere for what he had in mind, or so I hoped.

"Hey Mike, you know that Rick and I are very good friends and have been for a long time. Rick suggested that I call you because he felt that we would be a good match, and I'm sure you know why I called," Ron said as he looked me right in the eye.

He was even more handsome than I remembered from the business meeting. His robe hung loosely open and it revealed a hairy chest and the top of his abs.

"Thanks for coming by so early, I would have dressed after my shower but I think we both know why you stopped by this morning."

I returned his gaze and smiled as stated to speak. "I'm here to suck your cock just as I did for Rick," I smiled.

"My time with Rick was wonderful and he asked me if I would ever consider meeting with you. I hope that Rick told you that I loved sucking his cock and wanted to do it again. He told me that you love blow jobs more than he does and that your cock was larger than his," I told him.

"Right on all counts my friend, let me show you."

With that he stood up as I sat and he opened his robe for me to see. His body was to die for! He was tanned and toned with tight abs and just enough hair to make him very sexy. He trimmed his pubic hair very closely and I wondered if that was done for me? His thighs were firm and muscular with a few veins ripping though them, as I said he had a body to die for.

I followed the line of pubic hair from his belly button down to his pubic bone, what a prize awaited me here. His cock was flaccid and hung down over his low hanging balls. It was also tan and very thick with a fat bell shaped head. His balls were hanging low and the sac looked it held two walnuts.

I looked up to see him smiling down at me, I'm certain that my mouth was open in shock about what a great body he had.

"Mike, I'd like you to blow me right here while I sit on the couch. Take your time and I'll let you know when I'm about to cum, but I want you to swallow every drop and don't take my cock out of your mouth until it's soft and I'm fully drained okay?"

"Did I understand him," I thought to myself? The real question was did he understand how much I needed to have his cock in my mouth, sliding over my lips and filling my oral cavity with his sweet meat all morning, that was the better question.

As he sat down I took my spot on my knees in front of him. His cock was still soft and pliable, just how I like it. Ron held it in his one hand and put his other hand behind my head to pull me in closer to his crotch. I just closed my eyes and leaned in until I could feel him rubbing his shaft over my face, I became immediately erect!

He stated by rubbing his cock head over my lips leaving just a trail of precum as he slowly teased me. The head was so soft but firm as it danced over my lips, it was hard for me to not just suck his cock in right than, but this was his time. He had me bend my head back as he layed his very thick shaft on my face and he put his balls on my mouth and told me to open up.

"Rick told me that you loved sucking his balls for him, he said that he had to work hard not to cum too quickly because you were an excellent cock sucker who took pride in his job," Rick said smiling. "I told Rick that I wouldn't hold back from cumming to soon because I plan on having you suck my cock for me all morning," he said with a sneer.

"Suck on my balls and use lots of tongue," he said as he stroked his shaft to a state of firmness.

"Mike, this feels so good, lick my ass for me while you are down there," he said. Ron moaned like a bitch in heat, I ran my hands over his million dollar thighs while I licked his ass.

He lifted his legs to give me access to his ass, and I jumped in like a pro slowly licking his rim as I looked at how large his cock had become. I liked what my ass licking was doing to his cock! I kept licking his lower ass cheeks and slowly ran my tongue over his wrinkled bum sending electrical charges through my own cock.

His cock was fully hard now and it looked to be all of 8.5 inches and thick, my mouth was watering at the site of it. It was straight as an arrow with a very fat bell shaped head that was leaking just a little. His shaft was tan and as thick as a smaller zucchini. I stopped licking his bottom and asked if I could not suck his cock!

"Sit up on your knees and let me feed you my cock, I hope you like it way back in your throat because that's where it's going," Rick laughed.

He put his cock at the opening of my mouth and told me to lick the head with my tongue and lips. I wasn't sure how long I was going to be able to last, this guy was a pro and he was teaching me things that had me ready to explode in my suit pants.

"Lick and suck only the head while you use your hand to rub my balls for me, I want all the juices building up for the load that I'm going to give you," he said.

I took his cock head and ran my tongue over its entire shape making it as wet as I could. As I wrapped my lips around it I was surprised how fat the head really was. I used my tongue to coax as much liquid as I could from his slit, he loved this.

"Oh yea, suck on the head, God this is even better that Rick said it would be," he said, "tell me how much you love my cock, tell me now."

Unfortunately I had to stop sucking his cock to talk. If he needed this chat to really fire him up, I was more than ready to talk.

"You have the most beautiful cock that I've ever saw, I said as I licked the head once slowly, I love sucking the head and will meet you anytime again to blow you whenever you want," I told him. "You taste wonderful and I love licking your balls as you rub that fat shaft on my face," it was all true, I did love it.

Ron stood up and put his cock back into my mouth as he held my head softly. He slowly started to drive his shaft back deeply into my mouth moaning all the time. I wiggled my tongue to tease his sensitive shaft belly as he would pull out and held his ass as he pushed in deeper. I slid one finger over his ass hole and tickled him as he rode my face.

"Oh, suck my cock you little bitch, suck my cock!"

Ron was hollering as I felt his body tense and I think his cock swelled even more as I felt this huge spurt hit the back of my mouth. At the same time my cock shot a huge load in my pants and never felt so excited in my entire life. It felt like I was cumming in waves, almost like I wet my pants.

Ron was now firmly holding my head as he just shot load after load into my mouth. As I looked up he was covered in sweat and his mouth was open but his eyes were closed. He just started taking deep breaths as the shooting finally stopped, "Oh man that was the best blow job that I ever had," your hired for life he laughed.

Like a good little soldier I followed his plan to a T and didn't take his cock out of my mouth until it was soft and all his cum was gone. Being the blow job pig that he is he held is cock in his hand and told me to suck his balls while he milked the last few drops out.

I closed my eyes and sucked his large balls into my mouth one at a time. I loved the power of being able to have this mans balls in my mouth as he stroked his meat.

Ron asked an odd question of me, "Could I take a photo of you with my cock in your mouth, no one will ever see it but me."

"I'd love it" I said, "as long as I get a copy!" I was finally going to see what I looked like in the heat of battle and couldn't wait for it to happen.

As he went to get his camera he looked back and said, "I'm ready for round 2!"

Life was looking up!

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Like the other comments here, I love being referred. That means I have given a guy a good bj. The first time it happened the guy referring me asked later if I minded. I told him of course not and hemore...

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