tagRomanceHe Remembers Tracey Ch. 07

He Remembers Tracey Ch. 07


This is chapter 7 of a series. It is based on a true couple, but all of the stories, except for the flashbacks, are fantasy.

I loved it when I was awakened in the morning to the feeling of Tracey sliding into bed with me. It was the morning after her webcam performance and I was sleeping late.

It was around 11 a.m. when she quietly lifted the comforter and slid into bed with me. She snuggled up against my back. I could feel the heat of her body through the thin t-shirt as she pressed her breasts against my back. Her bare legs were so smooth that they felt like silk as they slid against mine.

She snuggled her face against my neck and I heard her take in a deep breath, as if trying to try to breathe me in. I could smell her as well, clean and fresh, just from the shower, her hair slightly damp where it fell against my neck.

Her wrapped her arm around my chest and purred, "Mmmmmmmm" softly.

"Morning," I whispered to her without even opening my eyes, "the boyfriend gone?"

"Yeah," she sighed softly, "he left early this morning. His frat is in a basketball tournament this afternoon."

I mumbled my acknowledgement of that and squirmed a little deeper into my pillow. I felt her moving in the bed and felt cool air against me for a moment as she pulled her body away from mine. When she returned, I felt her nipples against my back and I knew she had taken her shirt off.

She started lightly scratching my back, knowing I loved it when she did that. "So, did you like the show last night?" she finally asked nervously.

"Yes and no," I said into my pillow, "I'm a man so it was a big turn on, but I didn't really enjoy the fact that I was watching another man do it to you."

She thought about that for a minute, and then said, "Yeah, I know. It wasn't very fair of me to do that to you. I wasn't thinking about that at the time. I just suddenly had the urge to put on a show for you. Plus, it was very dangerous. Just knowing that you were watching me made it so exciting."

I rolled over to face her. "You're absolutely insane, you know that?" I asked of her. "You have to be the sexiest, most uninhibited girl in the world."

"Yep, and you like it," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess I do. I guess I do at that." I reached over and put my left hand softly upon her breast. Her nipple hardened quickly under my palm, as I softly grazed it back and forth.

"Besides," she giggled, "you're the one that got me to be this way."

"Oh sure, blame it on me, " I challenged her.

"Well, remember the day you had me pose naked for you and you took a Polaroid picture of me?" she asked, "now look what I'm doing."

I sure did remember that. Thinking back to that day, I still can't believe she did that for me. She was lying on my gold bedspread. She was on her right side, and smiling at the camera. I was too scared to keep it, worried that my Dad or brother would find it. After watching it develop, and looking at it for a few minutes, I cut it up with scissors and spread it throughout several trashcans. To this day, I still wish I had held onto it. I would have had a picture of Tracey in her prime, and even more important, each time I would have looked at it, it would have taken me back to that day.

I still email her now and then, and I wish she would send me a picture of her naked today. She's still got a hot body. I'd like to think that she trusts me enough to do it. The secret would stay between the two of us. Sigh.

"Yes," I remember that day very well," I told her, while sliding my hand down lower. I expected to run into the band of her panties, but my hand continued its downward path until my fingers felt her soft hair.

"Surprise!" she giggled, "I'm naked for you."

I ripped the sheet back, exposing her entire body. My eyes slowly traveled her body, scanning her from top to toes.

"I like it when you look at me. I like to be naked and sexy for you. You turned me this way, always trying to get me into bed, or in the backseat, or in a corner, or up against the wall. Do you have any idea of all the places we did it?"

"Okay, okay, " I laughed, throwing my hands up into the air, "I'm guilty. But you're the one that made me want you so bad all of the time."

She looked up at me, and opened her legs wide, "Do you want me now?"

"Do you really have to ask?" I asked her.

In seconds, I was on top of her. As I bent my face down to kiss her, she was reaching down between us to position my cock against her pussy.

"Push, " she ordered. I gave her a slow forward movement as she directed my cock inside of her.

Satisfied, she let me go and I slipped all of the way into her. I stopped there, just enjoying the feeling of being inside of Tracey. I wanted this to last, so I didn't move my hips at all. I lowered my face to hers and softly kissed her lips. Her mouth opened and her tongue darted out to tease my lips. I can still imagine it today.

Tracey taught me to kiss. I had dated a girl before her, but never did anything more than a peck on the lips. One night, parked at a ballpark in the woods, Trace finally just grabbed the back of my head and crushed my mouth to hers and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I can still taste it. She had just sipped on a beer and while I still don't like the taste of beer, when it was accompanied by Tracey's kisses, it was the elixir of life.

I've had girlfriends after her, and I'm married now, and it isn't fair of me to say this, but Tracey's kisses were the best. They were the first, and they always will be the best.

I continued to kiss her, pausing now and then to slide down to her neck, earlobes, and breasts. She seemed to enjoy it, because she soon whispered in my ear, "Okay, enough foreplay. I want to be fucked."

"Yes, Ma'am." I responded.

I began slowly thrusting into her, sliding back until I was barely inside of her, and then slowly sliding in all of the way.

"Hey!" she said and slapped my butt, "I said I want to be fucked, none of this tease me crap."

I laughed and began picking up the pace. Tracey and I often made slow, soft romantic love, but this was obviously not one of those times.

She wrapped her legs around me, her ankles locking together. She reached around and grabbed my buttcheeks in her hands and started to pull me hard against her.

"Keep going. Don't stop and don't come until I do," she ordered me gruffly. She reached down between us and began to finger her clit as I moved in and out of her.

"A little faster, " she said, as her fingers began picking up the pace as well, "faster, faster, okay…..keep that up. Almost there. Almost there."

"Now!" she cried out, "come with me. Hurry, I'm coming!"

Well, that was all of the encouragement I needed. I could feel her pussy clenching against my cock, as I began spurting inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned, "I can feel you coming in me. I love it. It's so hot."

Her hands slid up to my back again, and she began lightly scratching me in slow circles as my cock slowly went soft inside of her.

I eased off of her and slid onto my side. "So, do you want to do this all day, or do you have plans?" I asked.

She thought about that for a moment, "No. No plans. This would be nice, but I guess we should get up and make ourselves useful."

"Well, I'm taking a shower so you can just lay here and think about it," I told her. I got out of bed while she lay there stretching and yawning. Even that looked sexy.

A few minutes later, while I let the hot water hit me in the face, she joined me in the shower.

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