tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHe Remembers Tracey Ch. 11

He Remembers Tracey Ch. 11


Tracey is bent over, holding onto a bookshelf attached to the wall. Her shirt is pulled up to reveal her breasts. Her skirt is bunched up on her waist. Her legs are spread just wide enough to give me access. I'm standing behind her with my shorts unzipped and underwear pulled down enough to release my cock, which is sliding in and out of her wet pussy. My hands alternate from gripping her waist and grabbing her gently swaying tits. We're being as quiet as a couple can be when they're fucking in the college library at one o'clock in the afternoon.

We had met after class on Wednesday. We had run into each other at the snack bar around 11:00 a.m. and shared a table for lunch. Tracey had been sucking away at a really thick chocolate shake and of course, I made a comment about her sucking and slurping abilities. Usually she will just roll her eyes at me, but this time she gave me one of those looks that I've grown to love. With a twinkle in her eye, she proceeded to suck even harder on the straw. She raised up, smiled at me and ran her sweet little pink tongue over her lips.

She looked at me and whispered, "Do you feel like being crazy?"

I knew exactly what she meant. It was Tracey's code words for, "do you want to go see me naked somewhere where people might see us and maybe get the chance to fuck me?"

"I'm always ready to be crazy," I responded, "what do you have in mind?"

"Hmmmmm," she said, putting a finger to her mouth, "follow me."

No problem there. I collected our lunch trays and took them to the trashcan. Tracey walked quickly ahead of me until she was leading me by about twenty feet.

What a sight to see as I watched her walking in front of me. I had studied that view long enough that one day I saw her from behind way across campus and knew it was her. She was surprised when I told her how I recognized her, but I think it pleased her as well.

Tracey is wearing a short skirt, a tight shirt, and sandals. She is beautiful. The skirt and sandals really do well at showing off her lightly tanned and toned legs. Her legs are always so smooth. The skirt is loose, but just tight enough to showcase her sweet ass. Her light brown hair falls just below her shoulders.

It's a nice Spring day with the sun shining and a comfortable breeze keeping everything cool. I follow her across campus until she finally sits down in a shaded area next to one of the buildings. I play it cool and sit down about twenty feet from her. I put my backpack down and open a book, pretending to study. I pretend to read, but I'm paying close attention to Tracey.

She looks casually around. Since it's lunchtime, there isn't much movement on campus right now. As I watch, she slowly pulls her skirt up until she's exposed her upper thighs completely. She sits that way for a minute. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a very daring thing to do in the middle of the day on a college campus. She slowly rubs her thighs, putting on a little show for me. I'm immediately hard as I watch her do this. I'm glad I have a textbook in my lap because my shorts are doing nothing to hide the tent my cock has created.

We hear a conversation as a guy and girl head in our direction. They are approaching me and will have their back to Tracey as they pass. Tracey pulls her skirt down to a more respectable position.

As the couple passes me, I look to see Tracey as she sits up until her butt is off the bench, pulls her skirt back up and quickly pulls her panties down to her knees. Oh, man, is this ever hot. She pauses right there with her skirt pulled up, legs spread a little, stretching her panties out, and just sits there for a minute. If someone came along right now, there would be no covering up as to what she is doing. I stare intently at her, reaching down to discreetly adjust my cock in my shorts, letting her know what effect she is having on me.

She finally slides the panties down her legs. She picks up her panties and twirls them around in the air on her finger. She stands up, adjusts her skirt, and walks over near me. Looking around as she approaches, she doesn't see anyone around, so she tosses the panties to me as she walks by. I quickly grab them and throw them into my backpack. I collect my books, and stand up to follow her to see what happens next.

I found her near an outside coke machine. I again sat down a good distance away from her. Tracey puts change into the machine, and pretends to change her mind. She pushes the coin release and then, keeping her legs straight, she bends over to get the coins back. The movement of course, causes her skirt to rise up in the back, first exposing her lovely thighs, and finally to reveal just the bottom half of her naked buttcheeks. If I had been sitting closer, I swear I'd have been able to see her pussy as she bent over. She puts the coins back into her purse and heads off in the direction of the university library.

Damn, it's getting difficult to walk nonchalantly with a very hard erection in my shorts. I follow her into the library. We are not a large university and the campus pretty much shuts down during mealtimes. There's hardly anyone in the lobby except a couple of people at the computers and the two workers at the checkout station.

I follow Tracey to the elevators, but I can tell she's thinking that would be too easy, so she turns to the stairs. The stairway is solid concrete with high walls so you can't see who is about to come around the corner. She heads up the stairs ahead of me and I nonchalantly follow a few steps behind her. I look up as I walk and there she is going up the steps. She's pulled her skirt up until I can see the lower part of her buttcheeks. I'm greeted with the perfect view of her pussy as she climbs the stairs.

I turn on the first landing and there at my feet is Tracey's bra. She's halfway up the second flight of stairs leaning against the wall flashing me her tits. She waits until I've had an eyeful, then pulls her shirt back down and continues up the stairs. I pick up the bra and stuff it into my backpack. We go further up until we are about to reach the fourth floor landing. I'm still following at a distance behind her. As I turn the last corner, Tracey is standing there waiting for me with her shirt completely off. She's holding her left breast in her hand and whispers, "Suck it."

I look around quickly, then lean forward and take her nipple into my mouth. She gives a little moan, and softly says, "I'm so wet. You're going to have to do something to me soon."

I tell her to stay where she is and I go up ahead to scout the fourth level. I look around at the top of the stairs and tell her to come on up. Still topless, she quickly runs up to where I'm standing.

"Is there anyone up here?" she whispers.

I reply that I don't really know.

She throws her shirt back on and tells me to split up and look around. I go one direction and she goes the other. We meet again at the top of the stairs after confirming that the fourth floor is empty.

"Okay, no one is here. Let's find a place quick!" She whispers urgently.

I pull her over to a secluded section of the floor. She doesn't waste a second in getting ready. Tracey bunches her skirt up around her waist and pulls her shirt up above her breasts. She leans over and braces herself against the bookshelf in front of her, looks back at me with wide eyes and says, "Hurry up!"

I really didn't need the urging, however, as I've already worked my cock out of my shorts and stepping into position.

I lean down enough to position my cock at her pussy. I haven't even touched it yet and I can feel the heat coming from her. My dick slides into her pussy lips and I rub it up and down a second before slipping inside of her. Tracey lets go of the bookshelf with her right hand and reaches down between us. I've only begun to thrust into her when she touches her clit and explodes in orgasm.

I can feel her pussy clenching my dick tight as she shakes against me. I hold still inside of her for a minute as she comes. Finally she puts her hand back on the bookshelf, turns her head to me and says, "Fuck me hard. Do it quick!"

I oblige the lady. I begin a rapid pumping in and out of her. We're making wet, slurping sounds in the silence of the library as my cock slips in and out of her.

"Come on, baby," she whispers to me, "give it to me."

I can feel my balls tighten up and I give her some rapid thrusts. Seconds later I'm coming inside of her, my cock squirting my juices into her. As soon as I can, I pull out of her steaming pussy and zip back up. Tracey only has to stand up and push her skirt and shirt back into place. We collapse against each other in an embrace, both of us out of breath.

We gather ourselves and walk out of between the shelves. As we turn the corner, we see a couple of guys and girls working on a group project about 40 feet from where we were just fucking away. I guess they came up just as we got started. They give us a suspicious look as we walk by. Tracey just reaches over and grabs my hand and pulls herself against me as we walk past them.

This time we take the elevator down. I start to hand her panties to her, but think twice about it and pull them back out of her reach. She looks at me with a curious look on her face and I tell her, "I think I'll just hang onto these for awhile."

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