tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHe Set His Sights On Me

He Set His Sights On Me


It started with a walk one quiet night. It had been a hot summer, and I needed to get out into the cool night. I was walking down a relatively quiet street. After a while of walking, I began to get the feeling that someone was following me down the darkened street. I spun around, and seeing no one, turned slowly back around and started walking again. A few streets down I walked past this old abandoned building that had loud music blaring from it.

Kids, I thought. It was the type of music I liked however. I loved heavy metal music, it changed my emotions when I listened to it, I loved the sounds, the beat, the passion they threw into the songs while they screamed what seemed to normal people like nonsense, but I could understand every word and with every word I soaked it in.

A cool wind whispered through my hair, I tilted my head back letting the breeze flow over my skin to cool me off while listening to the music blaring from this building. And that's when he came for me.

I heard the footsteps behind me, running and coming closer. As I went to turn around, strong hands grabbed me at the waist and over my mouth. I tried to pull away, tried to bite the hand, and kicked behind me at the stranger.

I felt helpless and scared. This couldn't be happening, not to me. He dragged me towards the alley besides the building with the music blaring from it. I bit down on his hand, and he let me go. I fell to the ground, and as I tried to stagger back to my feet to run, he grabbed a hold of my ankles and started pulling. I screamed wildly, but the music drowned out all the sounds I was making. No one would hear me, not next to this place.

I tried to cling to the brick on the wall, to the pavement itself to no avail. I was dragged harshly across the pavement, holes being torn into my fishnet, the front of my shirt becoming torn and tattered from the gravel. With one last swift tug, I was yanked between his legs. He reached down, grabbed me by the hands and pulled me to my feet. I kicked at him and tried to turn in his grip to get him to let me free, but it was no use.

He turned me towards the building and shoved me roughly up against the wall. He used one hand to pin my wrists to the wall while the other hand pulled on my hips, forcing me into a slight curve, my face against the wall, my hands above me and my legs forced apart by his legs.

He laughed, and with his free hand reached around and tore open my shirt. He fondled first one breast and then the other through my bra. He grabbed the front of the bra and pulled it down roughly, exposing my breasts. He slid his hand along them, stopping to caress and pinch each nipple. I couldn't believe what was happening to me, and even less that I was getting turned on by his rough handling of me and groping.

I bit my lip as he pinched a nipple hard, twisting. It should have hurt but all I could feel were electric shocks through my breasts and lower. His hand left my breast then returned a moment later, slick with saliva, making his fingers glide across my nipples. The wetness made the feeling more intense, and even stiller when the cool wind picked up again, blowing across my chest, making my nipples hard and cold. The man seemed to enjoy this as he fondled them even more now that they were hard.

I closed my eyes, hoping that he would be satisfied now and leave me alone, but I knew that wouldn't happen. He hadn't gotten what he really wanted, not yet. With the loud music still playing I knew no one would hear me yet so I didn't try. I just breathed deep and waited for this to be over, but at the same time wanting him to continue his advances on me. His hand moved lower along my stomach, feeling every curve in my abdomen, every twitch of muscle. His fingers stopped just above my skirt. Then he jerked the skirt up, reached under it and grabbed my panties and fishnet stockings.

He pushed them down until they were around my thighs, then reached back under my skirt. His fingertips slid along the inside of my thighs, making me wetter still. I almost shifted to get his fingers closer to the spot I needed them most. He touched my pussy softly, tracing the skin before dipping his fingers between my pussy lips.

His fingers circled my clit, sending shocks up inside of me. He brought his hand up and tasted it, then moaned into my ear. His fingers returned to my pussy and as I clenched the muscles in my thighs, he slid his fingers inside of me. Almost beyond my own will I moved my hips slightly trying to get more in.

He sensed this and stuffed his fingers farther inside of me, feeling around for that spot, and when he found it he stroked his fingers over it, again and again, making me cry out and my knees weak. When my knees buckled his hand on my wrists held me up against the wall, forcing me to feel everything he wanted me to feel, holding me against him.

When I could breathe again, I heard him open the zipper on his jeans. I begged and pleaded for him to stop and let me go. But he did not stop. Instead he hunched behind me, positioning himself at the entrance to my pussy. With one hard thrust he was in me and I cried out, not in pain or anger, but with pleasure.

I quivered against the feel of his huge cock that was penetrating me, and with every thrust I felt more turned on. I wanted this. He fucked me hard and fast, holding me to the brick wall, the brick scraping along my face, arms and breasts, but it was the best pain I had ever felt.

I moaned for him, asking him to fuck me harder, faster, and he obliged, taking his hands off my wrists. He grabbed me by the waist and drove his cock into me deeper and faster. I spread my legs apart farther, until he used his hands to grab me by the thighs, holding me up by my hips, and my feet off the ground while he fucked me.

I kept my hands braced on the wall to hold me up. His hands moved my hips in circles, his cock massaging every part of my insides, making me shiver with pleasure. I came hard on him, pushing against the wall to get his cock as far into me as I could, moaning for him. Every thrust after that was like a smaller orgasm, catching me in the pleasure, my pussy clamping down tight on his cock. I felt him shudder behind me, whether he made any sound, I don't know, but a moment later I was filled with his hot cum.

His thrusts slowed until his cock went limp inside of me, and he pulled out, dropping me to the ground. I lay on the ground panting for a few minutes trying to re-gather my thoughts and myself. Then I heard his zipper and when I turned to look he was gone into the night.

As I tried to get my legs working to stand, I noticed a piece of paper on the ground beside me. Written on it was a phone number with the words "I know you'll call me for more."

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