tagIncest/TabooHe Shot His Sister Around the World

He Shot His Sister Around the World


Author's note: The events shown here take place very shortly after the main part of the story, "He Shot His Sister Again."


It was after 10:30 on Thursday night. Steve was in his room working on a term paper when he heard Sherry walk into her bedroom. Both their doors were open, so he could hear her throw her books down. He didn't hear anything for a few minutes, and then he heard a zipper. He knew she had just taken off her skirt from the pizza place, and he guessed that the silence was when she unbuttoned her blouse, because she said she generally can't wait to get it off. He heard soft footsteps, followed by her door being moved. He heard her say something indignant from behind the door.

Sherry looked at herself in the mirror on the back of her door. "Fat? What does he know!" She shook her hips and saw her breasts jiggle inside her bra. "Oh, God, it's true." The mirror moved, and she realized someone was opening the door.

"He's crazy," Steve said.

"Thanks, Rabbit," Sherry said.

"Who are we talking about?" Steve asked.

"Adam. The guy I told you about at the used game store."

"I thought you lost interest in him. You know, after we started ..." Steve moved behind Sherry's back and kissed her on the right side of her neck.

Sherry smiled. "Once I made you my boyfriend? I did. But I went into the store before work. Not to try pick him up--there was a new game I was interested in. Anyway, I overheard him in the back room. Someone told him I was there and, when he asked which girl he was talking about, the guy called me 'the fat chick.'"

"So Adam didn't say it; the other guy did."

"No, but Adam knew who he meant!"

Steve put his arms around her. "He must like rails, then. You've got curves, that's all. I mean, great curves! But curves." He moved his hands onto her outer thighs and ran them up her sides until they were just below her breasts and rubbed them. "Really great curves." He lowered his left hand until it was over her pussy and rubbed it lightly. "Really, really great curves."

"You're just saying that 'cause you wanna get into my pants."

He slipped his pinky under the elastic of her waistband and moved back and forth trying to locate either her bush or her clit. "Is it working?" he asked.

Sherry moved back and ground her butt against his crotch. She couldn't tell if he was hard. "Rain check," she said. "I've got a test tomorrow."

"Gotta study?"

"No, I just want a good night's sleep beforehand."

Sherry was working the next night as well, but she sent him a text after her test was over. "Still mad about Adam. Know what makes me feel better?"

Steve replied, "==========|)?" Then he sent another text consisting of a tongue emoji and a question mark.

" :) but not what I meant. I liked it when you took those pictures of me. They make me feel beautiful."

"You are beautiful," Steve answered.

She sent him a smiley, "I like knowing you'll b looking at em when you change schools this fall."

":P" was his reply. "Idk when I can get the studio time again. And the bg pics came from the library. Might not be available."

"Got an idea. Busy tomorrow?"

"No. Y?"

"Rents going to wedding. Make sure there's a clean sheet."

Steve answered, "k," and wondered which bed she planned to fuck him on.

On Saturday afternoon, they waited until their parents had left. Sherry asked Steve, "Did you get a sheet?"

"Yeah. What'd you have in mind?"

"Meet me in my room."

He did. Sherry held the sheet up and said, "Damn, I should have told you to get one for Mom and Dad's bed. I guess this one's big enough, though." Then she opened up a folder on her computer.

She had downloaded pictures of various landmarks. Steve saw the Eiffel Tower, the Egyptian pyramids and "Christ of the Andes", before he stopped looking. "Good thing you waited till Mom and Dad were gone. God forbid they think you've taken an interest in world landmarks."

Sherry wished she was holding some kind of paper, but there was nothing within reach, so she ruffled his hair instead. "No, dumbass! I want you to make it look like I'm posing in front of all these things. Look, I know you're the smart one out of the two of us."

"Don't underestimate yourself, Sherry," he said.

"Okay, maybe not smarter, but the one who looks at bigger things. I'd never seen that statue of Jesus until I went looking for these other pictures. You probably had. I figure you'll get turned on more if you see me in front of these than just lying here in my room with my poster of Ryan Reynolds in the background. So I figure we can use the white sheet and you can put my picture in front of these things."

Steve knew what she meant. He wanted to correct her, to tell her she was plenty sexy no matter what the background, but he didn't want to sound unappreciative. "That'd be great!" he told her, not letting on that it was for her benefit, so she'd feel beautiful again. The fact that they'd ended up naked after every previous photo session was just a bonus.

"Which one should we do first?" Sherry asked.

Steve looked at the pictures and said, "The pyramid." He paused for a moment and asked, "Do you have a gold bikini? Or anything else that's roughly that color?"

She thought for a second, snapped her fingers and said, "Better!" She opened her closet door and pulled out a robe-like red dress. "Last Halloween I went to a party as Cleopatra."

"Great!" Steve said. "I'll hang the sheet up in the back yard while you change."

"Aren't you worried someone'll see?"

At that moment they heard thunder. "I guess it doesn't matter what I thought," Steve said. "Meet me in the den instead."

It took Sherry ten minutes to choose what to wear underneath and change into her costume. When she got down to the den, Steve had put a bar across the space where there used to be a door, and he'd hung the sheet over it. She walked through and almost knocked him over. "Sorry for barging in like that," she said. Steve was still getting up off the floor. "Get it? Cleopatra? Barge?"

"As long as I get a piece of asp when I'm done," he said.

"Do you like the costume?" she asked.

Steve pointed to his jeans. "I didn't get this pyramid from thinking about hieroglyphics," he said. After she laughed, he told her, "Okay, the camera's where I want it. Go stand in front of the sheet." She did. "Now, take your crown off, but lift it slowly so I can get a couple different shots."

She did, and she held it in front of her stomach, which was behind a sheer bodice. "How's that?"

"Better than I realized," Steve answered. "The gold crown accentuates your black hair. Put it down and pull the left side of your dress off the shoulder." She did, and he could see a little bit of her boob. "Now the other side." She did. He could see the tops of both boobs but no nipples. Apart from the period of the costume, he thought she looked like any number of medieval portraits. "Beautiful!" he said. "Now let it fall." She did. She didn't wait for him to give her instructions. As soon as the dress was on the floor, she covered her nipples with her hands. The bottom part of her costume was made of plastic and painted gold. "Great shot," he said. "Leave your left hand where it is, but reach down with your right hand and tug on the bottom piece." With her left hand occupied, her right was somewhat clumsy. She couldn't pull just a little down; she pulled it down far enough that he could see part of her pussy hairs. "Now let go of the other boob, but don't do anything else." She didn't try to do anything, but her hand pulled a little on that side of the bottom, and Steve could see the top of her bush.

Sherry realized what she'd done. Instead of trying to undo it, she asked, "Say, royal portrait artist, didn't the Egyptians worship cats?"

Steve noticed that she winked at him when she said it. "You're right. They sure did! Let's give that cat its own royal portrait." Sherry pushed the bottom piece down to her knees. Steve zoomed in on her pussy. The white sheet behind her accentuated the pout of her pussy lips. "You should pet that cat," he suggested. Sherry put her right hand over her pussy. She bent her ring finger and pinky back. She ran her index and middle fingers up over her bush; then she put them through her hair and stroked her pussy lips on the way down. She reached far enough that she could feel her own fingertips just below her opening. Steve wanted to see more. He asked, "Would you like some inspiration?"

Sherry was already aroused, but she wasn't going to turn this down. "I could use an image of the Sphinx," she said.

Steve undid his buckle, unzipped his pants and dropped them. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it. Sherry brought her fingers up and gently put her index finger inside her pussy. He had set the camera for high speed because he was planning on this shot and didn't want her blurred fingers to block the shot of what they were playing with. When he was satisfied he'd gotten two or three good images, he told her, "Step forward, about a foot closer to me." She did. He touched a few things on the screen and then moved behind her. Her hair was hanging over her right shoulder. He picked it up, moved it over her left shoulder and kissed her on the neck. He reached around and moved her hand away, replacing it with his own. "You're already moist," he noted.

"I was moist when I came in, just thinking about how I'll look in the pictures," Sherry answered.

He had three fingers inside her, and he explained, "I'm taking a picture every 20 seconds like when we were in the shower."

After a few minutes of manual stimulation, Sherry pulled his hand off of her. "I think you should seriously worship the cat now." She sat on the love seat nearby and looked down at the floor. Her sneakers and her socks would definitely look out of place in a Cleopatra shoot, so she took off her last stitch of clothing.

Steve moved the camera in that direction. "Damn, Sherry, you're even sexy when you take your shoes off," he said. He knelt in front of her and lifted her left leg. He kissed each toe and then kissed his way up the leg until he got to her crotch. He briefly kissed her clit. He went back and gave her right leg the same treatment, but when he got to her thigh, she put her hands on the back of his head and guided him to her pussy. "Play with your tits a little," he instructed her. He put his index finger between her lips and licked around the circle it made. He pulled his finger out and slid his tongue in at the same time. Sherry was too busy rubbing her nipples for the camera to look down, but she felt his stubble on her thighs and his nose just below her clit. Sensing her eagerness, he dove in as deep as he could go.

"Oh, yes! Eat me, honey!" She tried to wiggle her nose like a rabbit. Now that he was in, he moved his tongue around. He didn't have much range from this angle, but he touched a sensitive spot. She pushed harder, and for a moment he couldn't breathe. He pulled back to get some air. She wasn't looking, so she didn't see that her continued pushing was now forcing him out. That was okay, because his tongue felt as good on the way out as it had on the way in.

Now that he had air in his lungs, Steve said, "I love you, Sherry."

Sherry moved down to the floor and held him close. "I love you too, Steve." She wasn't groaning, but Steve could tell by the way she breathed that she was coming. He put his hand over her pussy to feel her cum drip into his palm.

When she stopped coming, he got up and stopped the camera from taking more pictures. "What did you want to shoot next?"

"I couldn't find a good picture, but I wanted to do the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Make it look like I'm holding it up."

"Everyone tries to do that," Steve advised her. "And I don't know how we'd make you look Italian."

"Okay, well, this isn't a landmark, but what about one of those boats in Venice?"

"A gondola."

"I told you you're the smart one. Yeah."

"Did you want to be a passenger or the gondolier? I assume there are female gondoliers."

"Damn you," Sherry said. "Now I want to look for a 'sexy gondolier' costume next Halloween. Come to think of it, I've got a red and white striped sweater that might work."

"I don't suppose you have any red and white horizontal-striped pants," Steve asked.

"Not even if you put a gun to my head," Sherry laughed. "But I've got some white pants that tie like yoga pants, and that's probably the next best thing." She ran back to her room to find them.

Steve cursed himself for encouraging her to not only put clothes on, but put more clothes on than she'd been wearing earlier. He remembered that they had a canoe hanging in the garage. He went to the garage and wondered if it was feasible to bring it into the den, then realized he didn't need to. Something in the corner caught his eye. It was the staff he'd used when he played a shepherd in a Christmas pageant in the fifth grade. He got the sheet out of the den and met Sherry in the stairway. They went to the garage, and together they moved the canoe from the rack to the spot that Dad's car had occupied earlier in the day. Steve put the sheet over the hooks on the rack. Luckily, there was enough junk on the floor that there wasn't room for a second car, so Steve was able to stand a good distance back and get the boat in the shot. Sherry stood on the surface of the canoe toward one end and acted like she was rowing. "Sing an Italian song," Steve said.

"I don't know any."

"Sing 'Mamma Mia', then." She sang two lines from the Abba song. "Did you know you can sing?" he asked.

"No ..." She covered her face.

"Are you--? Yes, you are." He got up and put his arms around her. "We've licked and sucked and fucked, and taken all kinds of X-rated pictures, and you're blushing because I complimented you on your voice!"

"Steve," she protested.

"I guess it runs in the family," Steve said. "You're as adorable as me!"

"Stop calling me cute!" She was punching his forearms. "I'm hot! I'm sexy!"

Steve put his arms up and moved her fists down. "And don't you forget it!" He stepped back. "Now, put your hands on the hem of the sweater and pull it up." He got several shots in quick succession. "And you didn't put your bra back on. That's perfect, because I got a shot where just the bottom half of your boobs is showing. Now, those pants give me an idea." He set the timer and knelt in front of her. He reached up to untie the string, then pulled the pants down slowly. She'd put on a red pair of underwear. Once he had the pants off, he leaned in and kissed her pussy. He could feel the moisture from eating her out a few minutes earlier. Sherry sang, "O solo mio," and Steve told her, "I just got another idea." He got out of the boat and took off everything below the waist. He set the timer and told Sherry, "Raise your hands like we're singing." Then he stood in front of her and did the same. Her moist pussy and his hard cock were both in plain view. "Now we'll get on our knees in the boat and kiss." He got that picture with a hidden remote.

"What's the point of that picture?" Sherry asked.

"You'll see in a minute," Steve answered. "Take your sweater off, and I'll do the same with my shirt." He moved around to change the camera angle and returned to her. She was lying on her back. He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "Okay, we'll kneel behind the boat ... and throw both those things in the air when you see the red light flash." They did. Steve went back behind the camera and changed the shutter speed. "Now, get back in the boat and bounce up and down like I'm on the floor and you're fucking me." She did as instructed. "Okay, take a look."

"These are fantastic!" Sherry said. "The clothes look like we were undressing in the boat, and the last one's so blurry, you can't tell I'm not riding you."

Steve stopped for a moment. "Riding. That gives me an idea, but first we need to put the boat away. And since I don't want anything to fall on my junk, we should put our clothes back on. Do you have any cowboy-style clothes?"

"I'm not sure if they fit," Sherry said.

"Do you have a vest?"


"Wear that over a white blouse, and put your tightest jeans on. Get another sheet and meet me in the den."

Steve looked around and found the workhorse that he and Dad had used when they built the canoe. He brought the workhorse and the first sheet into the den. He put one sheet on the back wall and the other over the workhorse. "Okay, get on this like it was a real horse."

She did. "Okay, what now?"

"You're in a country and western bar on the mechanical bull. Sit still for a moment. ... Now lean back. ... Undo the top button of the vest." He zoomed in and snapped a picture. "I'll edit the button out and make it look like it flew off. Now unbutton it all the way. ... Good. ... Now take the vest off and unbutton your blouse, but leave it so I can only see a tiny bit of your tit flesh. Awesome!" He moved over and pulled her blouse back so it was still on her shoulders, but her entire chest was exposed. He sucked on her left nipple.

"You forgot to set the timer," Sherry said.

"Forget the camera, I just did that for the hell of it."

Sherry got off the workhorse and pulled Steve's pants down. "Yeah, well, I just did that for the hell of it." She pulled him close to her and kissed him, rubbing his ass at the same time. "And that too."

Steve tried to put his hands down Sherry's jeans, but they were too tight. "Hey, you know what I just remembered about Cleopatra?"

Sherry undid her jeans to accommodate him. "I know about Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar. Wait, did they have a three-way?"

"Knowing what I know about ancient Rome, I can't rule it out," Steve answered. "But before either of those, she married her brother."

Sherry pushed Steve away. "I remember that from when I was looking for the pictures. That's crazy talk, Sweetie. Even if I wanted to, we couldn't."

Steve unzipped Sherry's jeans and ground his cock into her crotch. "I know, but my point is, she fucked him."

Sherry pulled her jeans down to her ankles. "I wondered what was taking you so long," she said.

Even with his camera on the highest speed, they had the rest of their clothes off so fast it would have been a blur. Sherry got on the love seat and knelt with her hands on the arm. Steve understood and he got behind her. "You know, she ruled Greece, too," he said.

"What's your point?" Sherry asked.

Steve pointed his cock between her ass cheeks. "You know what the Greeks are famous for."

"Fucking other dudes. If you'd rather be with a guy than me, I won't stop you."

"Okay, that too, but--Wait, you didn't know? In personal ads, 'Greek' means they're into anal. Gay or straight."

"Oh," Sherry said. "Another day, but right now I just want it in my pussy."

Steve pulled back, and this time he penetrated her thighs before pointing upward. "Yeah, just think how they fucked up that bloodline." He stopped for a second before he noticed that she was fucking him harder than he was doing her. "Whew! For a moment I was afraid I'd turned you off with that one."

"Hey, as long as I'm on the Pill, I can fantasize about it all I want," Sherry assured him. "That's it! Yeah! Our kid'll be able to count to fourteen on his fingers."

Steve pounded her harder and "sang" the theme from Deliverance. After a few minutes of vigorous fucking on both parts, he said, "You've been calling me Rabbit. I think your new nickname can be Cleopatra."

"As long as no one else hears you call me that," she panted, then paused before concluding, "I'm okay with it."

Steve tuned out the last part because he was back to thrusting hard. "If all the Greeks had asses like yours, I don't blame 'em for being into it," he said.

"Oh, shit!" Sherry yelled. "Fuck! I love how your cock feels inside me!" She scooted a little closer. "And I love it when you nuzzle me, too." She straightened up, and Steve kissed her neck and shoulders. "Oh, fuck," she moaned. "I--I--"

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