tagIncest/TabooHe Shot His Sister in the Back

He Shot His Sister in the Back


"Hell if I know," Sherry answered. "But I swear, I never missed a day!"

Steve put his hands on her forearms and looked her in the eye. "I believe you. But how sure are you? How do you know?"

Sherry opened her desk drawer and held out a pregnancy test. He could see the plus sign. "Okay, you took a test." He paused for a moment, smiled and said, "If this were a sitcom, I'd make a joke about it being the only one you ever passed. Anyway, you used one of the major brands, and I hear they're pretty accurate."

"I made a doctor's appointment Friday morning to find out for sure."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"Only if you want to. You don't have to. Their test takes longer than the home version."

Steve laughed as he repeated, "Home version." He pretended to read the cover of a game. "'Knock Me Up or Put Me Down?' Based on the smash Fox hit!"

"At least I know you're good on the fastest-finger questions," Sherry said wryly.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Steve asked indignantly.

"It means you know lots of ways to pleasure me," she assured him.

"Oh, I thought it was a masturbation joke." Then he got serious. "I wanna go with you. I just hope I don't give away why I'm there. I mean, I'm there for the same reason as most of the other guys, but-"

"Chances are no one'll know you're my brother, and I'll let you know if they do."

It was a little before noon. In the waiting room, Steve had caught up with his favorite websites and had gone back to his Facebook feed so he could read the articles that people linked to. He had just closed a Snopes article debunking the latest rumor about the President when Sherry put her hand on his shoulder. "Well?" he asked.

"When we're outside," she said.

Once they were around the corner from the door to her doctor's office, Sherry said, "I'm pregnant."

Steve put his arms around her, kissed her and practically jumped in the air. Although he'd made no attempt to conceal his feelings, he did keep his voice down. "I love you, Sherry."

Sherry kissed him back and told him, "I love you, too, Rabbit," but she sounded like she was trying to conceal her feelings.

"What's wrong?"

"It's weird. I was hoping I wasn't pregnant, but I'm happy you're happy about it."

Steve let go and they started walking. "So what do you wanna do?"

"I don't know yet."

"Well, do you want to have it?"

"I do, except-"


"Okay, no matter what it sounds like I'm saying, remember I love you."

They were close to his car. He opened the doors with the remote fob and held the passenger door open for her. "I know you do, Sherry."

Once they were both in the car, Sherry explained. "You're the only reason I'm not sure about having it. Not because I don't love you, but because I'm afraid of what'll happen if they know it's yours."

Steve started the car and headed for home. "They who?"

Sherry was crying. "Take your pick. Mom and Dad. The police. Baldmoor University. I don't know a lot about Title IX, but they might not be allowed to let you enroll, 'cause technically, you're a sex offender. I mean, so am I, but we both know I'm just going through the motions at college."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't take criminal justice just for the fun of it," Sherry explained. "Aren't you switching to Baldmoor 'cause they have a good CJ department?"

"You're right, of course," Steve said. Then he asked, "So if I hadn't balked at taking the pictures, and you'd showed 'em to Adam, and he'd/ knocked you up, you'd be planning on being fatter than the turkey come November?"

"Yeah. Probably not keeping it, but following through."

Steve sounded unhappy at the first part of her answer. "Oh," he said.

Sherry picked up on his tone. "I told you, remember I love you. I said I probably wouldn't keep it if it were Adam's, 'cause I'm assuming it wouldn't have worked out with him. You I love!"

"Well, you prefaced something by telling me to remember you love me. I'm saying this because I love you too. I want you to have the baby. It's your decision. Obviously! What I mean is, if the only reason you're considering not following through is to protect me, then don't. Don't protect me, I mean. What were you gonna tell people about the father?"

"I haven't decided. Right now I'm leaning toward saying it's a guy I met at the mall, and hoping I don't have to make up any details. I might change it to someone I met online or say it happened at a party, just so they'll believe I don't have his name."

"I hate asking you to lie."

Sherry laughed. Steve pulled into the driveway. They got out and stopped talking to avoid anyone hearing their secret. Once they were inside, she joked, "Worried my nose is gonna grow along with my belly? I already hate not telling people how sweet my boyfriend is. I'd really hate not telling my daughter how much I love her daddy."

"Wait, they can tell you that soon?"

While they hung their coats on the rack, Sherry answered, "No, that's just my imagination. When I was a little girl thinking about babies, I used to think about having another little girl to play with."

As they sat down on the couch, Steve asked, "Was this before or after you took up wrestling?"

"I said 'little' girl, dummy!" Steve was laughing. "What's so funny, Rabbit?"

"Most people, if they told you they had a son and a daughter who got scholarships for photography and wrestling, you'd assume it was the son who got the wrestling scholarship." He reminisced for a moment and added, "I remember when you first tried out for the high school team, I helped you practice your moves."

"And you're ... well, let's not sugar-coat it. Your strongest muscle is your brain, not one of your actual muscles. No offense. You were pretty easy to pin down."

"None taken. I know my limitations, but I had one limitation you didn't know about."

Sherry scoffed. "You're not gonna tell me you let me win, are you? I've seen you play Trivial Pursuit. You argued a technical question when we played three of our cousins, and none of 'em were teenagers yet."

"Not intentionally," Steve explained. "I love to win. But I love not getting beaten up even more, and I was afraid of what would happen if you felt me rubbing against your leg." He moved his legs away from hers.

Sherry put her hand on Steve's thigh, just below his dick. "You mean feel your dick? I knew you had one," she told him with a chuckle. "It wasn't exactly a revel-" His dick had expanded and was now brushing against her hand. "Oh, you mean feel how hard it was, don't you?"

Steve put his hands up. "Don't hit me! It was the first time I'd been that close to a tit since-well, since I learned the word 'tit.'"

Sherry put her hands over his forearms and brought them down. She kissed him. "I woulda thought it was gross, and I would've pushed you off me, but once I got away, that would've been the end of it."

Steve had a glimmer in his eye. "We've got a few hours before Mom and Dad come home. Do you still have the mat?"

"If we do, it's downstairs and probably moldy," Sherry answered. His expression didn't change. "But we can look."

They went to the basement. The wrestling mat wasn't there, but Steve spotted a mattress that they'd salvaged from their tent trailer after it was wrecked by a careless driver. "I have absolutely no good memories about that trip," Steve said. "At least if I'd kept my camera in the car with me, I would have had some great nature pictures, but we couldn't even salvage the memory card."

The mattress and a sheet of plywood were leaning against the wall. Sherry pushed the plywood away and started pulling on the mattress. "Get to the other side and push," she instructed.

Steve pushed her away. "I can get it myself," he insisted.

Sherry saw the look in his eye and objected. "You know, if you don't think I should be pulling a six-pound mattress, then maybe I shouldn't be wrestling either."

"But I want you to go first when we go up the stairs, and that'll be easier if I take this end of the mattress."

Sherry didn't believe him, but his show of concern pleased her too much to say anything. Together they took the mattress out to the back yard. When they laid it down, Sherry thought it needed to be cleaned off.

"It's warm enough out, why don't we wear shorts? Then we'll even look like wrestlers," Steve suggested. "I'll get the paper towels while we're at it." While they were changing clothes, Steve texted her and said to wear a robe too.

Sherry was outside first and wondered why it was taking him so long. He brought his camera and handed it to her.

"You love this camera. You're trusting me with it?"

Steve looked at her belly. "I trust you with something I care a lot more about. Besides, you took those pictures at the school studio when I was out of the room, and you handled it okay."

Once they had cleaned the mattress, they dragged it to a spot behind the shed. "Thank God Dad decided to put up a privacy fence," Sherry noted.

Steve put his hands in the air. "In this corner, the bantamweight champion, weighing in at 120 pounds when he's soaking wet, it's 'Stone Cold' Steve Baklovich!" Sherry kept taking pictures until his robe was off. Then she pretended to be the audience and booed him. She handed him his camera and did the same gesture. He continued, "And in this corner, the lightweight champion, weighing in at 130 pounds-" He whispered, "and fighting for two," then resumed his previous volume to announce, "'Cooking' Sherry Baklovich!" He took several pictures as she took her robe off, and then he screamed like a fan. Besides her shorts, she had nothing but a sports bra on. For his part, Steve was shirtless.

After he put the camera down, Sherry corrected him. "Those are boxing weight classes. And I'm 140 pounds right now, but thanks!"

"Let's get ready to rumble!" Steve announced, unfazed, and he stepped onto the middle of the mattress. He pretended to talk to Sherry and someone else. "I want a clean fight. I want you to shake hands and then hit the floor."

He took his position as an opponent and shook her hand. "Again, that's boxing," Sherry said.

They lay on their sides facing each other. Sherry let Steve put his hand on her side and push, but she was stronger and pushed him onto his back. Steve pushed to keep her off him, but it was in vain. She got on top of him and kissed him. "Did that move ever work?" he asked.

"I never tried it," Sherry said. "I was afraid of what would happen if my opponent liked it."

Steve wrapped his arms around Sherry's waist. "I guess you're about to find out," he said. He tried to raise his hands, but Sherry pushed them back and rubbed her crotch into his.

"I see what you mean," she said.

"That I like it?"

"About feeling your hard-on," she giggled.

He pretended to be afraid. "Don't beat me up!" Sherry took his hands in hers and repeatedly pushed them to the ground, let him raise them and pushed them back down. After a minute of this she laughed. "What's so funny?" Steve asked.

"Me versus your hands. Your ... partner ... now versus your partners then."

Steve lifted his head and kissed Sherry. Distracted, she let his hands come up. "I guess it does work," he said.

Once his hands were free, he put his right hand under her sports bra. Sherry's hands were free, too, so she raised her hips and started tugging on Steve's shorts. Steve tried to do the same to her shorts. Using only his left hand, he could tug on the right side of her waistband, but it wouldn't stay down. He removed his right hand from her bra and pushed both sides of the waistband. He only got it down a half-inch before Sherry rolled over to get him on top. By not resisting, she kept her shorts from going down any further. She reached up and tugged his far enough that the top half of his butt was exposed to the springlike air. Steve slid down, moving his shorts back up, and put his thumbs under her bra. He lifted it and exposed the lower part of both her tits. He kissed the left briefly and then moved to the right. While he kissed the right, she lifted the bra to expose the whole thing. He sucked on the right nipple and moved back to the left. Sherry was still trying to get his shorts off. After he was satisfied with the breast play, he moved up to kiss her. She got his shorts down so his ass was exposed, but his hard cock and their close contact kept her from getting the shorts off in front.

Sherry flipped him onto his back. She kissed his chest and stomach and then used her teeth to pull the front of his shorts away from his body. His dick sprang free. She needed her mouth again, so she pulled on the sides until his shorts and boxers were both at his knees. Steve saw her bringing her head down and tried to lift it up. All he did was help her to get her mouth exactly into place. She kissed each of his balls and licked the bottom of his shaft. "Oh, Sherry!" he moaned. When she got to the head, she took it in her mouth and descended slowly. "Oh, God," he whispered. Sherry put her hand around his cock and stroked it several times before she took it back in her mouth. Steve was looking down at her butt, thinking how he'd return the favor once she was done. She kept going up and down, then stopped when she had it all in her mouth. She ran her tongue around it on each side and sucked the air out of her mouth. "Oh, fuck!" he yelled. Sherry gave him a look that asked, and he confirmed, "Coming." She kept his cock flush against her cheeks and felt his cum flow over her tongue into her waiting mouth.

As the last of his cum left his body, he wrapped his legs around Sherry's torso and flipped her over. He moved down until he was looking at her belly. He tapped it and turned his ear toward it. "Can you hear me in there?" he asked.

"Pretty sure the ears won't form for a while," Sherry told him. Nonplussed, Steve found the waistband of her shorts and started pulling it down. When he saw the top of her white panties, he looked up at her. She could tell he was disappointed. "In case the test was wrong and I was just really late. Or I lose it." Steve's face went from disappointment to outright sadness. "One of my friends had a miscarriage when she was at the same stage as me, only she didn't even know she was pregnant yet." She paused. "But enough about that. Let's think happy thoughts!" Steve smiled, and he pulled the shorts and panties both down far enough that he could see her clit and part of her pussy. "That was an easy mood change," Sherry said.

"You referred to ..." Steve looked down. "Not losing it ... as a happy thought," he said.

"Now that I know you're happy about it, it's a happy thought for me too," she explained. "It's just the secrecy that I don't like."

Steve tuned her out once she said she was happy. He pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees. He put his tongue at the spot where her pussy lips met and licked a line to the top. "One!" he called. He licked a line back down. "Two!" He did this until he was able to call, "Seven!" and then Sherry turned over.

"No TKO for you," she said, and she started shimmying down. When he was just past her tits, she found his shorts. This time, he kept himself on the ground while she raised her legs, so she was able to get them far enough down that his cock popped out. She let herself come down.

"I can't get it in like this," Steve told her.

"Who says I want you to?"

"I assumed-"

"I want to get in on its own, without us trying," she said.

"I like that idea," Steve replied. He abandoned her lower body and ran his hands up and down her back.

"I love you," Sherry whispered. "You're the first guy who's been willing to draw it out like this."

Steve spoke even more quietly. "I'm making love to a beautiful woman. Why wouldn't I try to make it last?"

Sherry turned, but only enough so they were on their sides again. They both rubbed each other's asses, and she felt his cock getting harder. She lifted her right thigh to let his cock move freely. Once it was at the base of her pussy, she brought her leg back down. Steve put his right hand under her left arm. He moved up so he could reach around and grab her shoulder. "I want it," she said.

Steve pulled back and looked down at where they met. He slowly slid his cock head between her lips. "Me too," he said. Sherry sighed, and he slid a little more in. "I love that happy sigh when I enter you," he said.

"I want more," Sherry said.

"What more is there? We can't get married. Besides, it's bad luck to marry someone with the same last initial. We've got ALL the letters in common."

Sherry smiled. "I just meant more of your cock." She moved down to take more of it in.

Steve pulled back and went back in a little further than before. "Well, I can definitely give you that!" He moved her onto her back. He pulled back again and this time he went balls deep. "A lot more!" Sherry tried to pull him down, but he put his hands out. "I wanna see those big tits sway while I fill you with a huge load of cum." Sherry wiggled her hips just so she could feel his hard cock against her pubic bone. "And you know what the best part is?" he asked.

"What's that?"

Steve tried in vain to keep pace with her side-to-side move and decided to just enjoy it. He stopped and told her, "I can't get you pregnant right now!"

"I thought you dreamed about getting me pregnant," Sherry said.

"Not like this," Steve said. "I figured either you'd be a pro wrestler and I'd be your manager, or I'd develop the latest big thing in social media and own a mansion. And I didn't want it to happen unless you wanted it to."

"That's why I love you," Sherry said. "Now let's put all this away before anyone sees us."

"Good idea," Steve answered, and he got off her. Sherry had just found her robe and was bending over to pick it up when she heard Steve's camera. "God, that was perfect!" he exclaimed. "I just wanted your ass, but I think I got your pussy, and I have to have gotten some side-boob."

Sherry pretended to run after him. "You get rid of that! Only my boyfriend is supposed to see those."

Steve started running around the shed, but first he looked back and responded, "I'm your boyfriend, remember?"

Once he was out of sight, they both stopped and started, each trying to figure out where the other was. After about five minutes of this, Steve dashed to the patio table, put the camera down and went back to the shed to wait. He was standing with his back against the wall when Sherry turned the corner. He put his leg out and tripped her. She put her hands out to break her fall and landed on her knees. Steve got behind her and put his hands on her hips. "Speaking of things I wanted to do last time," Sherry said.

Steve put his cock between her buttocks. "You wanted to go with the Greek part of Greco-Roman?" he asked.

Sherry had barely finished saying, "Mm-hmm," when she felt the head enter her anus. "Yeah, give it to me, Rabbit."

"You've got such a beautiful ass, Cleopatra," Steve answered.

"Ha, ha, asp," Sherry said while she adjusted her back to let him go deeper.

"No word play," he said plainly. "Ass. You are so beautiful, your highness. Your ass, your chest, your eyes, your belly. I can't wait to watch it grow and be reminded that you love me as much as I do you."

Sherry ground her butt against Steve's hips. "I do love you. Nobody's ever loved me like you do. You're gonna take lots of pictures of me for the next seven months or so, right?"

"And beyond, if we go that route," Steve answered.

"What route?"

Steve slowed down his fucking. "You said you weren't sure about keeping it. If you think I take a lot of pictures of you, imagine what I'll do once I'm a dad." He picked it the pace again.

"Even if you can't admit you're a dad?"

"I'm gonna be a dad whether I admit to being a father or not."

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