tagLoving WivesHe Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 01

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 01


We just celebrated out twenty seventh anniversary and we are still in love with each other. I was very happy and it seemed like I was on top of the world. Ron is a good husband and I have never tried to keep up with what he does. We both need our space and with his work and me with mine I began to wonder if Ron was cheating on me. I always noticed that when I would come into the room and he's on the computer that he would quickly change to spider solitary as if he has been playing that game.

One day when I was off from work I opened the door to his closet to hang some of his shirts up. I glanced up on the shelf and I saw a box that contains condoms. Why did he have these I asked myself as I took the box down and looked inside. The box had once contained twelve Magnum XL condoms. Opening the box I counted three condoms that were still in their packing. I put the box back on the shelf and looked around for more clues. I didn't find anything else. So were are the other nine condoms? I suspected that Ron probably had one in his wallet. I find that most men do carry a condom in their wallet. So had Ron already used the other eight when he screwed another woman.

Ron and I haven't used condoms in over twenty years when we make love. We don't need to, I can't get pregnant. Questions began to come into my mind as I sat down on the bed. My suspicions had come true and the man that I love more than anything in this world was fucking another woman. He had to be, why would he have these condoms? Our sex life is great and I put out to him whenever he's at home and wants some. No problem in our sex life, in fact I have noticed that Ron wants to make love to me more. I never thought about whether or considered that he might be having sex with another woman. I know he has thought about it, even I have thought about it but never had carried it through. Could I screw another man?

Ron works out of town and can be gone for two weeks at a time. Working as a construction supervisor, he has to travel a lot and check on jobs for the company he works for. This hasn't been the first time that I have found clues that might suggest that he was screwing another woman. Knowing some of his sexual history I have always figured that he probably was having sex while he was away. To hear him tell it when he's on the road, all he does after checking into a hotel is to shower and sleep. He said that he usually ate supper before he looked for a hotel for the night and that he never left his room until the next morning. When he made that statement that raise a red flag that he probably was screwing. I know him and he can't do without pussy for two weeks and not get any.

This was a wake up call for me and I had to do something to shed some pounds off of my body. After four kids I had gained a lot of weight. I have tried every diet plan known to man and it was always the same. I would lose the weight and then gain it back again. Then I heard about a medical procedure known as the Lap Band. I read up on it, talked with my doctor, and made my choice to have it done. Other people that had it done told me that it would change my life.

I had the procedure done two years ago and everything went well. No problems have resulted with me having it done. I lost over one hundred and forty pounds and it has changed my life. It changed how I feel, look, and I have more energy to do what I like to do. I have lost all the weight that I need to lose and Ron likes the new me. But of course he's not the only man that has noticed a change in my body. Other men have too, and I know that they want to be more than just friends. I find myself thinking more about having sex with another man.

Men at work have noticed for awhile that I am losing weight. Many gave me comments and said how great I look. Butch, one of my coworker, sat with me one day in the break room and he got right to the point of what was on his mind.

"Nora , we have been working together for four years and we have been friends. Not once have I made a sexual comments toward you." Butch said as I caught him looking at my breast.

"No you haven't Butch. So what's on your mind this morning?"

"Nora I would like to fuck you." He said.

"Butch like I have told you before in other conversations that we have had. Ron has been the only man to have me and I really was a virgin on my wedding day. I have thought about having sex with another man, what woman hasn't. But I am not quite ready to take that step. Tell you what Butch when I do decide to put out to another man I want you to be that man."

"Really Nora, I want to be the next man that fucks you."

"I know you do and its making me wet just thinking about it. I don't think that we will have long to wait. I know Ron is screwing around on me and when I find him doing it I will be calling you."

"Since you know Ron is screwing around why don't we just go do it?"

"Butch, how well do you know Carol that works in the admission department?"

"I know that she will put out."

"How do you know that Butch? Have you screw her?"

"Nora If I have screwed her I wouldn't tell you. Some men have a code that they don't tell other women who they have screwed. When I do get to screw you, you wouldn't want me to tell every man and woman that asks me if you put out. But to answer your question I haven't screwed the slut."

"So how do you know that she's a slut? You had to see or hear something for you to say she was a slut."

"There are some men that do talk and they give out details and they do tell other men what woman is putting out."

"Would you screw her if you got the chance?"

"I haven't turned down any pussy and I have to have a very good reason to turn down a woman when she wants me to fuck her."

"You really want to fuck me don't you? Why did you choose me?"

"You are a beautiful woman, sexy I should say. I've watched as you lost all the weight. When you walk by, you turn men's head and we do look at you. I am sure that those other men that work here would like to have a chance at getting into your pants."

"People have told me that Ron is stepping out on me. I am forty five years old and he's been the only man that I have had sex with. I am to the point that I want another man's cock just to know that more than just one man has had my pussy. I might just become the slut that you say Carol is."

"Since you know he is, why can't you just go and do it? You have made up your mind to fuck another man haven't you, so let me take you to a motel?

"Carol has been a very good friend to me and we have shared some of our intimate details with each other. We are coworkers and we are both married. One thing I do know about her is that she loves to fuck and not with her husband. When I have made up my mind to fuck another man, you will be the next man that gets my pussy."

"We better get back to work and I will be waiting on your call." He said as we left the break room.

"It want be long before I find out what I want to know about Ron and Carol." I said as I made my way to Carol and the records department.

"Hi carol I stopped by to invite you and Rick over for steaks and beer Friday night."

"Thanks I will be there, but I don't know about Rick."


"I think I hear Rick and Carol driving up in the drive." Ron said as he flipped the steaks over.

Hi Carol, where is Rick?" I asked as she came onto the patio.

"He's busy with work and want be able to come.' She said.

"You and Ron stay here and talk and I will go in and get the salad and bread ready." I said as I went back into the house.

Carol and Rick had been to our house once when I first asked them to come. Tonight was the fourth time that she had come alone. I had never even suspected that Ron and Carol might be lovers until another coworker mentioned that Carol was a slut and that she would fuck Ron if she got the chance. Tonight she was wearing a low cut blouse that didn't cover a lot of her breast, tight jeans, and shoes.

Going back toward the patio I opened the door and asked Ron about the steaks. I noticed that she was opening up her second beer and was standing very close to Ron. They both looked like they had almost been caught. Ron's face was red and I didn't think it was from the beer he had been drinking. I was sure that something was up and I had to keep my eyes and ears open tonight.

"The steaks are ready." Ron said.

"I am ready to fuck." I heard Carol say to Ron when she thought I was out of hearing distance.

"Sshh" I heard Ron say, "don't let her hear you say that."

"Well its true." I heard her say as Ron opened the door for her to come into the house.

"Carol you can sit in your regular spot. The steaks sure do look good and I am hungry. So let's sit down and eat." I said.

We sat down and ate the steaks, salads, and bread. I noticed that Carol seemed to be drinking more beer tonight that when she did the other times that she had come over. I knew our conversation would turn to talking about sex and it did.

"Nora you sure are looking good since you have lost the weight. Ron sure must be proud of you." Carol said looking over at Ron.

"I am proud of her and I like the new Nora. Doesn't she look very sexy tonight in that outfit that she is wearing. She looks so sexy that I'd like to take her to the bedroom right now and fuck her." Ron said looking over at me.

"Ron don't talk like that when we have company. Especially in front of my friend and coworker. You need to lay off of that beer its making you talk crazy." I said in a loud voice.

"That's alright Nora don't worry about what he just said. You do look sexy and I am sure that Ron isn't the only man you know that want to fuck you." She said with a smirk on he face.

"I might be sexy, but letting another man fuck me. I don't think so. Least way's not right now." I said.

"I have to go to the bathroom. I will be right back." I said as I got up from the table and left the room. I stood outside the door and heard their conversation.

"Why did you tell her that you know other men want to fuck her?" I heard Ron asking her.

"Because its the fucking truth and she knows it. Men are making comments about how they want to fuck Nora. They aren't just making comments, they want to fuck her. If she would put out she could fuck a different man every night for the next two weeks."

"That number is a little high isn't it. I mean surely there's not that many men that want to fuck Nora. Anyways I don't have to think about her fucking another man." Ron was saying.

"And why is that? You don't think that she will fuck if she gets the chance.

"I am the only man that's ever had her pussy and I will be the only man to fuck her."

"You sound very sure about that. That might change when she finds out that you have been screwing around. You and I are just alike, you can't get enough pussy because you want a woman that you have never had and I want more dick. You like to fuck and you know I do."

Standing outside the door to the kitchen I had heard their conversation. She had said that she likes to fuck and he knew she did. Was she saying that Ron had fucked her. I went to the bathroom and came back into the kitchen. They were standing up near the sink and I was sure that they had kissed or done something. This I did know, Carol was wanting Ron to fuck her tonight.

"What's up?" I asked coming back into the room.

"We thought we would stand up and stretch some." Ron said as they made their way back to the table and sat down.

"So how are you and Rick getting alone. You told me the other day at work that you and him were having some problems." I asked Carol.

"Same old story and the same old bull shit. I am to the point that I am not letting him make love to me as much as he would like to. I need a man to satisfy me and he isn't doing it and we don't fuck very much." Carol said.

"So how many times does he fuck you in a week?" Ron asked her.

"Rick hasn't fucked me in three months and its my choosing that he's not getting any from me. I told him to go find him a married whore and fuck her." Carol said.

"You haven't had sex in three months, that must be really hard for you?" I asked knowing full well what her answer was going to be.

"I didn't say I hadn't had sex in three months. What I said was that Rick hasn't fucked me in three months. I've been fucked, its just hasn't been Rick doing the fucking. I like to fuck and I am surely not going to do without dick when there are so many men wanting to fuck me."

"So are you and Rick still living together and still married?" Ron asked her.

"Yes we are still married and still living together. He just not getting any of my pussy."

"I don't think I could live with Nora and she not give me any pussy when I wanted some." Ron said looking over at Carol.

"The bastard said that he doesn't have anywhere to go. I told him that he could stay there until he found a place to live. I know what your other question is going to be so let me answer that one too. Rick knows that some men have had what he used to call his pussy. He didn't think another man could get his pussy. They have had it and I want all the dick that I can get." Carol said downing another beer.

I knew she was opening up because of the beer and saying a lot more than she would remember tomorrow. So I had to ask her one more question.

"So Carol you said that he doesn't get to fuck you. But you are out fucking other men, shouldn't that be punishment enough that you could start letting Rick fuck you. If I was to catch Ron fucking one of my friends should I do like you do,find me a man and let him fuck me?"

" I don't know. I guess when you did find out about him and one of your friends you could fuck another man." Carol said.

"What about bringing home a fresh cream pie and letting Ron eat me before he screws me. Wouldn't that be a good way to punish him for screwing my friend. A friend that I trust." I said looking over at her.

"I'd like to know whether a man has had your pussy before I eat you. I wouldn't want to eat your pussy when its just been fucked by another man." Ron said looking at me.

'Fuck around on me and I find out about it and that's just what going to happen. I will fuck and get a cream pie and come back home and tell you to make love to me. You want know until after you eat me and screwed me that I had just fucked another man." I said.

"You would do that to me?" Ron asked.

"Since we are all opening up tonight about sex let me tell you something. I know Carol want you to fuck her and I know you want to fuck her. I don't know if you have already fucked her and its clear that she wants a dick tonight and she is hoping that dick is yours. As far as me getting another dick it can happen if I want it to. I have thought about getting another dick, what woman hasn't." I said to both of them.

"Babe I have never screwed around on you and don't plan to." Ron said.

"That goes for me to Nora. Sure like I said I have let some men fuck me but you are my friend and I couldn't fuck Ron knowing that you are one of my best friends and coworker. That doesn't mean that Rick will the only man that I have. Its to late for that, I like playing the game, asking, meeting, and fucking. I can't go back to just having one dick. But believe me I have never fucked Ron. Not that I wouldn't like to, but I haven't." Carol said.

I knew both of them were lying through their teeth. So I let them know what my plans were going to be for the next weekend. If everything went as I have planned, I just bet that I would find Carol in my bed with Ron fucking her the next Friday night.

"Guys that enough talk about sex. Let's talk about something else. By the way Honey, Mama called and wants me to drive up to Macon next Friday night and spend the weekend with her." I said looking at both of their faces.

"You want me to come with you?" Ron asked.

"No you can stay here I think Mama wants me to take her shopping and you would be bored all weekend."

"OK but I will miss you." He said.

"I have to go and I have enjoyed being here tonight. I have to get home and see if Rick is home." Carol said as she walked toward the door.

"I'll see you at work Monday morning. Come back as often as you can." I said.

Turning from watching her go out the door I sensed that Ron was also watching her leave. Carol is a good looking woman and she looked good in her tight jeans tonight. What man wouldn't want a chance to get in her pants. I knew Ron did and I gave him his chance.

"Honey do you mind driving up to the market and get us some bacon. I will need it tomorrow morning."

"Sure." He said.

"I will be in bed when you get home so don't turn on any lights." I said.

I heard his truck drive out of the drive. He had picked up his cell phone as he went out the door. I knew he was probably dialing Carol's number as he drove out the drive. I had already been told by a neighbor that Carol had already been to my house three times when I wasn't here. Ron has already fucked her and he wanted to really bad tonight and Carol did too. So let them have their fun and I was sure I would have mine next Friday night. I was sure about that.

It took Ron three hours to make that one hour round trip that night. I had a feeling that from the way they were talking that they would meet and I am sure they did. When Ron came into the bedroom I acted like I was asleep. He showered and came to bed.

I had kissed Ron good bye the next Friday morning and told him I would call him when I got to Macon. Everything was put into motion and I knew my plans would work. The next door neighbor would do his part and call me when Carol drove into our driveway. He was glad to do it because Ron was screwing his wife, and he wanted me to put out to him. I told him that I would put out to him.

Next I got a hotel room in the city and booked it for the whole weekend. I had already thought it through and I knew what I had to do. In fact having sex with another man had been on my mind every since I got the news that Ron was screwing around. I hadn't screwed yet, I was wanting it to happen and Butch was going to be the next man to have my pussy.

To say the least it was a long week. I had come close to picking up the phone and calling Butch. I was going to let another man screw me, I was sure of that. I had used my vibrator several nights thinking about Butch having me.

Everything went as planned and my neighbor called and said that Carol had just drove into the driveway and parked. I was out the door of the motel room and driving toward my house. I didn't rush right over but drove slow since it was only a twenty minute drive there. That would give Ron and Carol the time they needed to go into one of the bedrooms.

I parked next to the curb two houses below mine and got out and begin my walk to my house. The sun was already down and the outside security light illuminated my path. I had already arranged the curtains the day before in each bedroom so I could observe what was going on in each room since I didn't know which room they would be in. I went to the west side of the house and looked into our bedroom. Bingo they were in our bed and that really pissed me off. He could have screwed her in another bed, not on our bed.

I crept closer to the wall and put my eyes on the window pane and looked in. They were just getting started and I could hear them talking.

"Are you sure the Bitch has already left town? I wouldn't want her to come home and catch me fucking her husband." I heard Carol say.

"Relax she is gone for the weekend and she left this morning. Nora said that she would call me when she left Macon Sunday afternoon."

"I am glad you let me pick what bedroom we could use tonight. Your truck seat is alright but I do prefer been screwed in a bed. By the way have you screwed Nora on the front seat of your truck yet?" Carol was saying.

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