tagLoving WivesHe Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 02

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 02


I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that the second man that had ever fucked me would be a stud. Butch's cock was at least twelve inches long and very thick. He was right about me cancelling my other plans for that Friday night. Sometimes during the night he told me that he had taken a pill and that he would have an erection for four hours. He did and he screwed me two times that night. I had, if I tried, orgasms with Ron, but nothing like the ones I had with Butch. I lost count after I had six orgasms and Butch's cock felt good as he pounded my pussy.

Butch had left about three o'clock that Saturday morning. I had got me a bath and laid in the tub for an hour before I got out. I was sore and wanted to sleep and rest. I slept until four that afternoon and I was starving for some food. I showered this time and put on tight jeans, a low cut blouse that showed a lot of cleavage and no bra. Grabbing my panties I stuffed them down into my purse. I had some high black boots that I also put on. After putting on makeup, red lip stick, and fixing my hair I was ready to go out and get me some more cock. After taking Butch's cock, I knew there wasn't a cock out there that I couldn't take.

Tonight I wasn't going out to get just another cock. I wanted the experience of having sex with more than one man at a time. A married woman had told me about a place that if I went there I would be fucked by more than one man. She had been there and she suggested that I check the place out. If you want more than one cock at a time, go there, she had said. She had given me a telephone number of a man I was to call so he could set things up. So I sat down on the bed and called him.

"Hello." Came the voice from a man. How can I help you?"

"Hi my name is Nora and a friend gave me your number and told me to call you. She said that you could show a married woman how to have a good time and have some fun." I said not knowing what to expect.

"What is your friends name?" He asked.

"Her name? Well I don't know if she would want me to give you her name. I mean she is a married woman and she might not want me to give you her name." I said twitching on the bed.

"Look lady I just want to know who recommended you to call me. That's all, if she has been here she must have like what she got and she wants you to experience it too." He said.

"Yes she did like it and she did share me some of the details and I am sure that I want to have that kind of experience too." I said wishing he would just ask me to come there.

"So what did your friend say that made you want to have the same kind of experience that she had? I guess you know what we do here? This isn't something that we advertise and we only rely on word of mouth from other married women that have had this kind of experience and want other married women to experience it. You will need to answer a few questions over the phone and we can get started."

"My friend said that she enjoyed it and that I should give it a try and yes she told me what you do there."

"I will have to have her name and age before we can proceed with the other questions. Her name as well as your name is safe with us. We don't give out names to anyone."

"Her name is Laura and she said that she was thirty eight years old."

"Ok, let me check my roster. Yes we do have a Laura, thirty eight years old, and married. That's all I can tell you about her. The other information we gather is private and no one sees it but me and my secretary. Ok, you are married aren't you?" He was asking me.

"Yes I am married and I am forty five years old. Like I said my name is Nora."

"From your answers we can tell you before you hang up whether we would like for you to come to our place and have some fun. Next questions is, how many men have you had sex with?"

"Two men. My husband and one more man. In fact I had sex with the other man last night." I volunteered the information.

"Last night? Why did you wait so long to have sex with another man?"

"I caught him cheating on me and I wanted to get even."

"So do you know what we do here, can you tell me?"

"She told me that I can have sex with more than one man." I said getting wet thinking about it.

"So now you want more sex and a lot of it and with more than one man. So when you come here tonight are you sure that you can go through with it. We don't want women here that aren't sure and want to back out once they find out what's in store for them when they get here. Once we set it up and you go into the bedroom there will be no backing out. Did she tell you that its up to me how many men will fuck you tonight?"

"No she didn't say anything about that. How many me will it be?"

"If what's you say is true and last night you fucked your second man. More would be better, don't you think?"

"I don't know, I really don't know how many men I want at one time."

"You do want to fuck don't you?" he asked.

"Yes I do and I don't care how many men you set up to do it. I just need to fuck another man again."

"It could take awhile, how long can you stay with us?"

"I can stay all night. I am now in a motel room and I am not due home until tomorrow night. So I have all this time to do what I want to do. No questions asked."

"Would you have any kind of hang up about fucking a black man?"

"None here, I just want some hard cock." I said and wished that I hadn't said that in the manner that I did.

"Bitch you come her and you are going to get all the cock you want and more. Get a pen and paper and I will give you the directions here. By the way dress in something very sexy and I will see you in the lounge when you get here. Ask the bartender you want to see Stallion when you get here." He said.

"Stallion, is that you?" I asked.

"Ten minutes after you get here you will know why the women call me Stallion. I have a room ready for us and I always have the first fuck with a new woman before I throw you to the wolves and for them to ravage your body and give you more of what you want."

"My, my sounds like I am going to have two studs back to back. I am wet from thinking about what you have in store for me. I want your cock in me and I am going out the door now." I said as I left and went to my car and went toward the first fast food place to get a burger and fries.

"I will be waiting for you and you will have more cock then you ever imagined."

"All I want from you tonight is for you and your studs to teach me how to fuck." I said.

"We will surely do that and you will want to come back for more cock. By the way your friend Laura has been here four times. I bet she didn't tell you that. We also taught her how to fuck and we will do the same for you. Bye." He said as he hung up the phone.

I ate the burger and fries and did the mouthwash thing and followed his directions. I was wet and horny and wanted a cock in me and he had said that I would know why they called him Stallion. I would soon find out because I was there and I parked my car and went into the lounge.

"Yes, I am here to see Stallion." I told the bartender as he looked down my blouse and I knew my nipples were pressing against the fabric of my blouse.

"Come with me." He said as he took my hand and led me to an elevator.

"Get in and go to the ninth floor and exit and go to suite 13 and go in." He said as he push the number in the elevator.

"I don't have to knock?" I asked.

"No. He is waiting for you. Have fun." He said as he looked down my blouse and at my body.

Riding up the elevator I wondered to myself what was I doing going up to meet a man that I knew nothing about. Meeting Butch at the motel and having sex with him was an experience that I wouldn't soon forget. But I worked with him and he had more cock than I thought he had. No that's not right, I hadn't thought about what he said about me finding out about what a man had in his jeans before he fucked me. Here I was about to open a door and enter into a room and have sex with a man I didn't know. What I knew about him was that I would find out why women called him Stallion. Would he be as long and as thick as Butch was, or was he some kind of super stud. I was about to find out and I was wet. Am I a slut? I asked myself. Had one fuck made me a slut? I didn't think so. But didn't I say that a slut will fuck anybody. I came here to fuck a man I don't know and afterwards more men were going to fuck me. I wouldn't know any of them either. I wasn't about to cut and run and run back home without first getting what I came after. I came to fuck and if ten men fucked me tonight that would be fine too. How many married women had Ron fucked? Only one name was in my black telephone book, after tonight there would be more names added. This was my way of keeping up with how many men had some of Ron's pussy.

The elevator stopped and the door opened. I turned right and walked down the hall to suite number 13. I waited with my hand on the door knob, did I want what was waiting for me behind that door. I turned the door knob and pushed the door open and went in.

"Hello." I said.

"Is that you Nora?" A man with a deep bass voice asked.

"Yes." I said.

"I will be right out as soon as I fix you and I a drink. Go ahead a make yourself at home. If you want to you can take your clothes off." He said.

"You have a beautiful place." I said as I walked around the room.

"Thanks and here is your drink." He said as I watched him come into the room carrying my drink to me.

"Eh you don't have any clothes on. Do you always greet your guest like this?" I said as I watched him walk toward me. I didn't see the drink he had for me. All I saw was his long thick cock waving back and forth in front of him. And he wasn't even hard.

"I do when I know that I am going to fuck as soon as the guest arrives. I told you that I was going to fuck you as soon as you got here, didn't I? Take this drink and it will settle your nerves and we can get down to giving you what you came here to get." He said as he handed me the drink.

"I never expected to see you for the first time and you would be naked. I thought we would get to know each other first." I said.

"We are going to get to know each other and let's get those clothes off of you. You came here to fuck didn't you?" He said as he bent down and kissed me on the lips and I felt his hands on my ass.

"Yes I did." I said as I took off shoes, my blouse, slid my jeans off.

"You have a beautiful body." He said as he picked me up and walked toward what I knew would be a bedroom and put me down on a bed.

"So are you going to fuck me now?" I asked.

"Oh yes I am going to fuck you, but not right now. Take your hand and feel the cock that's going to make a new woman out of you. That's right and now open your fucking mouth and suck my cock." I heard him say as my hand found his cock.

There was no way that I could wrap my hand around his cock. His cock began to get hard as I stroked his organ and opened my mouth to suck his cock. Ron had taught me how to suck his cock and I could take all of Ron into my mouth. I hadn't fucked another man but sucking another man's cock wasn't new to me. Twelve different men knew that I could suck cock and I did swallow their semen. Going down on Stallion's cock was diffcult because of him being so long and thick, but I took what I could of his cock into my mouth and he loved it.

"You are a cock sucking whore aren't you. You may not have fucked another man but you do know how to suck cock." He said as I felt his hand behind my head as he tried to fuck my face.

"Fuck you you bastard, there's no way I will let you fuck my face. You are to fucking big for me to let you do that." I said as I wiggled away from his onslaught of my mouth. I felt his hands on my thighs as he spread my legs and got between them.

"Yes I am big and now you are going to find out why women call me Stallion." He said in a loud voice that was angry as I felt him lift my legs onto his shoulders and then he drove his hard cock deep into me.

In one thrust he was all the way into me. He was about an inch longer than Butch's cock and a lot thicker. Right now I was glad for the fucking I had got from Butch last night and this morning. Stallion put a forearm across my breast and held me down as he fucked me.

"Bitch the man that fucked you last night was hung also wasn't he?" He said as I saw the surprise on his face.

"Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh that feels goooood. Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Yesssssssss he was hung just like you are. How else would I be able to take your cock if he hadn't been. I said as he held his cock deep in me.

"He stretched your pussy good and I am surprised that you can take all of my cock. You are the first woman to take all of my cock in such a short period of time." He said as he looked down into my eyes.

"Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was all that I could say to him. He did and my first orgasm shook my whole body from head to toe. He didn't slow down, not that I wanted him to. He pounded me as if he was trying to shove his cock as deep as he could into me and more. He found his pace and I fucked him back as he fucked me. I had orgasm after orgasm and the soreness from being fucked by Butch was gone. It was pleasure and I was enjoying the pounding that Stallion was giving me. I hung on as our two sweaty bodies became as one and from the sounds he was making I would be feeling his cum inside of me before long.

"Damn you are the best fuck that I have ever had. You have taken all of my cock and you are still wanting more of me. Ride my cock, slut!!!!!!!!" He said as we rolled over and I was on top.

I sat down on his cock and made sure I had every inch of him in me. Up and down I rode his cock and it wasn't long before I had another strong orgasm. Sitting down on him, I screamed again as it overwhelmed my body. "That was so fucking good!!!!!!!!!!" I said as I felt his hands massaging my breasts.

"Let me rest some and I want your cum deep in me. Do you cum like a stallion?" I asked.

"Yes I do and another ride like that will get me there." He said looking over at the clock on the night stand.

"We've been fucking for forty minutes. I didn't realize it had been that long." I said as I looked at the clock.

"Want to make it an hour or more?" He asked looking up at me.

"Fine with me, it probably will take another good ride like I just gave you to get us there. So let's go!" I said as I lifted my one hundred and ten pounds body and began to ride his cock again. I closed my eyes again and went up and down on his hard cock. I lost track of the time and enjoyed the cock that was in me. He felt good in me and I didn't want it to ever end. My body shook again as I had another orgasm. I was getting tired and I wanted his load of hot cum deep inside of me.

"I am close now slut. Your pussy is going to be filled with my cummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He said as I felt his body began to rise off of the bed.

"Fuck I am close to another orgasm. Let have one at the same timmmmeeeeee!!!!!"

"I've never had a woman fuck me like this. I'm Cuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!"

"Me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Aarrrggghhhhhhhhh that feels so fucking goooooodddddddddd!!!!!!!

I sat down on him and I felt him empty his nut sack into me. He did shoot a big load and I went up and down on him to get it all out. I sat on him and rested befoe I got off and laid down beside him on the bed. He put his arm around my head and we snuggled close to one another.

"Slut that was a good fuck. You don't fuck like I am the third man to ever fuck you."

"Well you was the third man. All I can say is that I like to fuck and you can fuck me anytime you want to. And I do mean anytime you want to."

"Do you know how many orgasms you had?" He said as he sucked one of my hard nipples.

"We made the one and a half hour fuck and you had nine orgasms if I didn't miss count."

"Did I scream every time I had one?"

"Yes you did and you enjoyed them more than any woman I know."

"I have always enjoyed giving myself an orgasm with my toys or having one when I have sex. You are the best fuck that I have ever had too. Even better than the fuck I had last night. Last night I didn't ride his cock like I rode yours just now."

"You up for another ride?" He said as I felt his cock grow in my hand until he was hard again.

"Me on top?" I asked.

"Yes with you on top. I have to tell you that I last longer after the first time I cum."

"Another hour riding your cock will be fine with me. I came here to fuck and I do have all night. But what about the gang-fuck that you said that I could have if I wanted it tonight?"

"You can still have your gang-fuck later tonight. You think that you will be up to being fucked by ten men later tonight back to back without stopping?"

"What do you think?"

"I think that you will be able to ride all ten of them and you will make those ten men very happy to have a woman that knows what she wants and wants to have it."

"I feel like a slut and I had no idea that after I found my husband fucking my best friend last night that I could be fucked so many times in two nights. One time, yes I had planned that, but not by twelve different men, and eleven of those on the same night."

"Don't be so fucking hard on yourself. You aren't the first married woman that's got payback after she found out about her husband. You want be the last either. Isn't tonight better than working the clubs trying to find a man to fuck you. You could be back at your motel room with just one cream pie in you. Those men waiting for you and I will give you cream pies. Want that be better than getting them one at a time on different nights. Enjoy the cock that you will soon be getting and forget about being a slut. Just fuck like one.

"You are right, so let me get on top and ride your cock again. I want your hard cock in me and I want your cream pie. So let's fuck!!!!!!!!"

"Get on top and ride this hard cock!!!!!!!"

"Aaarrrgggghhhhhh it feels so fucking good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"That's it ride my cock. You are a fucking slut and you want cock don't you?"

"I do want more cock and this married woman is going to get a lot of cock tonight and after tonight."

"I want you and those other men to teach me how to fuck."

"We will, believe me we will. You have already had a taste of what its like and you will be coming back for more cock."

"I want all the cock I can get tonight and every night. I just want somebody to fuck me."

"You will find out that there are a lot of men that want your pussy. Even your friends are wanting you. Just give it to them and have fun."

"I plan to. I am glad Kate told me about this place."

"Kate. Do you know Kate? I thought Laura gave you this number."

"Laura did, but Kate's my neighbor and she said that if I wanted to have a good time, that I should come here. Laura's a coworker and she gave me the number to call.

"We will teach you how to fuck tonight."

"I am ready!" I said.

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