tagLoving WivesHe Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 03

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 03


Stallion's cock felt a lot better the second time then when he fucked me the first time. Afterward I took him up on the hot bath and food. The bath was soothing and refreshing as I laid in the tub for almost forty minutes. He had the food ready when I came out of the tub and he was dressed. I found my purse and got my panties and bra out and put them on. Then I put my jeans, blouse, and shoes on and fixed my makeup and my hair.

"Stallion I have changed my mind about me being in the gang-bang tonight. Do you think that I could do it some other night?" I said feeling the pounding that he had just given me.

"The guys will be disappointed and they sure was looking forward to opening up your horizons and showing you a good time. So why the change of heart?" Stallion asked putting his hand on my shoulder.

"One reason I have never had a cock as long and as thick as yours. I am worn out from riding your cock and I did love it and I hope we do it again."

"You can have my cock anytime you want, you know all you have to do is call and I can set an appointment up for you. What about scheduling you this next Friday night for the gang-bang? You should go ahead and have it."

"Friday night? That will be good for me. I don't have any plans and I do want a lot more cock." I said getting my purse and heading for the door.

"Nora, did you say that I was the third man to ever fuck you?"

"Yes. I screwed the second man last night and he is just about as long and thick as you are. It not every day that a woman can have two monster cocks back to back in two nights." I said as he hugged me and bent down to kiss me and I hugged and kissed him back.

"What are you going to do now? What I mean is you said that up until last night your husband had been the only man to fuck you. Now two men have had you in two nights. Are you going to be your husband's hot wife, become a slut, swinger, and are you going to tell your husband that you have had some cock?"

"First of all in my own time my husband is going to know that I have been fucked by some more men. Second I've had a taste of what another cock feels like and I want go back to just making love to my husband and forget that its ever happen. Third, I will be my husband's hot wife, I may be a swinger, and my husband will make love to me one night soon and I will have a cream pie in me."

"So your husband does go down on you?"

"Yes he does. One night I will fuck and get a cream pie. Then when I walk in the house I will ask my husband to take me to bedroom and make love to me. He will have to eat me before he screws me and when he does he will be eating a pussy full of cream."

"Sounds like you want to get some pay back?"

"The last two nights have been some pay back but not enough. He screwed around first and I found out about it. Now its my turn to have some cock and I am going to get me some. I've got to run and I sure did enjoy what we did and I will call you and let you know about Friday night."

"Nora do you know a married women that might like to experience what you had here tonight?"

"Yes, in fact I do know a married woman. Her name is Carol Smith and I am sure it want be a problem to get her here. If you want me to I will tell her about this place and I am sure she will be glad to come one night. I wish I could see when she gets back in that room and ten men fuck her, one after the other."

"When she comes here I will call you and she want have an idea that you are watching her."

"I will call you after I tell her. Goodbye." I said as I kissed him on the mouth.

I was a little sore as I made my way to my car. It was still early and I didn't want to go back to the motel room. So I decided to ride by my house and check on things there. As I turned down the street and the closer I got to my house I was confronted with a lot of vehicles parked along side of the curb. My yard was full of vehicles and I could tell that a party was going on.

On the back street behind my house I parked my car in a vacant lot and got out. From here I could make my way to my house without being seen. A path led to my house and I could get within forty feet of the back door and the patio. Hedges hid me from the people I saw on the patio, and I got down on my knees. I could see my husband, Ron and Fred talking next to the grille and they were both drinking beer.

"This sure is a good party and I liked your idea of not inviting but eleven women tonight." I heard Fred tell Ron.

"I know it and it makes it better for them. They can fuck a man, and as soon as the man fucks her another man can take his place. That why I invited eighteen men and eleven women." I heard Ron say.

"There's only ten women fucking tonight. You know the young woman that came with her sister, she hasn't let a man have any of it yet."

"Why not? Is she some kind of virgin or something? When you go back into the house tell her to come out here. I will talk to her and I bet you twenty dollars that I will get her pussy."

"No deal, that bitch has already told one man that she's not fucking anybody tonight." I heard Fred say as he went toward the back door and went into the house.

"Hey Ron when are you going to get Nora to come to a party? You have fucked our wives and we sure would like to have some of Nora's pussy." I heard a man named Gus say.

"Gus I have already told you that Nora want fuck and I am the only man that she will let fuck her. She left yesterday going to Macon to see her Mama and want be back until tomorrow."

"I'd still like to bend her over and fuck her brains out. She's got a fine body and I sure would like to suck on her tits. One thing you can't tell about a woman, you might get surprised one night and find out that you aren't the only man fucking her."

"I know Nora, she was a virgin on our wedding night and I am the only man that's ever had her pussy. She want fuck and I know that she's been asked to do it. I sent one man to ask her one night. He did and he didn't get any."

"Hi Ron I am Sue, Dee's sister. Fred said that you wanted to see me?"

"I do. What's this I hear that you aren't letting any men fuck you? Didn't your sister tell you that this was an adult party and that's what we do at these parties is fuck?" I heard Ron ask her.

"I know that its and adult party and that there is a lot of fucking going on. In two weeks I will be married and I don't want my future husband to know that I've been fucked at a party like this."

"We want tell him. Are you a virgin?"

"Yes and no. I haven't had a man in me but I have had vibrators and a strap on cock in me."

"What did your sister say to you when you found out that you was coming here tonight?"

"She said that I needed to fuck tonight and that I would enjoy doing it. She also said that I could get all the cock I wanted tonight and that I needed some experience before I got married."

"You do need the experience. How old are you? Twenty? Your breasts are larger than most of the women here and you fit into that dress nice."

"I am twenty and I do want to fuck, I was waiting for you to ask me. Can we do it right here?"

"Right here is fine. Lay down on that bench and pull your panties off."

"I didn't wear panties tonight or a bra." She said as she removed her dress and laid down on the bench.

In my secret place I had heard everything that had been said between the men and Sue. It was a hot summer's night and I made myself as comfortable as I could and sat down as I watched Ron and the young woman on the patio. They were alone and they had no clue that I was watching them. I was wet and I slid the zipper down on my jeans and put two fingers into my honey hole and began to finger myself.

"That feels good!!!!!!!! Fuck me!!!!!!! Fuck me hard!!!! I am yours, use me!!!!!!!!!!" I heard Sue tell Ron.

"I'll fuck you as soon as I suck both of your nipples and tits. You sure have some large tits. What size are they? Would you like for me to eat you before I fuck you?" Ron asked her.

"No. Just fuck me. I needed to feel your cock deep in me. Dee will eat me later. Please fuck me!!!!!!!!" Sue was saying as she held Ron's hard cock in her hand.

"OK bitch I am ready to fuck you. How do you want it, all at once or a little at the time? I don't wear condoms, so it will have to be bareback."

"Put it all in me. Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't need a condom. I want to feel your cum in me"

"Aaaarrrrggggghhhh that feels so fucking good. Give it to me hard!!!!!!!'

"Your pussy is tight but it want be for long. Put your feet on my shoulders and I will squat between your legs and I will be able to get my cock in you deeper." I heard Ron tell her.

That's when I had my own orgasm and it was a strong one. I had to muffle my mouth with my other hand to keep them from hearing me. Watching them had made me very horny and the thought entered my mind to walk up there and tell all of them that I wanted some cock. I couldn't and I didn't want Ron to know that I had already had two cock and I wanted more. He was going to know, but in my sweet time.

"Hey Ron I didn't know you was out here fucking Dee's sister." Gus said as he came outside and then turned and walked back into the house.

"Wow that feels better than I ever imagined it would. I like the way you fuck. Oh I am cuuummmmiiiiinnngggg!!!!!!!!" Sue said as she clawed Ron's back with her hands and held him close as she had her first orgasm.

"I am there to Bitch. Aaarrrggghhhhh I am cumming too!!!!!!!!!"

"Wow that was good." Sue told Ron.

"Can I fuck her now Ron?" Fred said as he came out the door.

I watched as Fred fucked Sue. Then came Gus and he had his turn with her. Two more men came from the house and asked for their turn with Sue. From what the men had said word had got to them that the young woman was fucking and they wanted some of her pussy. I watched as six men fucked her without her getting off of the bench for a break.

"What the fuck is going on out here?" I heard the woman called Dee ask.

"Your sister wanted some cock and we gave her some." Ron told her.

"Sue has all six of these men fucked you?"

"Yes Dee. I wanted it and Ron gave me his cock first and it went from there. Are you mad with me?"

"No I am not mad with you. Glad for you is the right word. I told you on the way here tonight that when we left this party that you didn't need to go back home without getting some cock. I also told you that you could get all the cock you wanted. Didn't I?"

"Yes you did and I have got me some cock. I want more cock."

"You heard my sister, she want more cock. Who's next to give her some. I better get busy, I've had five and I want more too. Bye boys see you inside." Dee said as the men went into the house.

"Go find you a bed Sue. It will be more comfortable on a bed instead of this hard bench." Dee said.

"Dee I have something to tell you about Ron's wife." My ears perked up when I heard sue say my name.

"What is it Sue?" Dee asked.

"I saw a picture of Nora in the house. She's the same woman I saw at the motel last night when that man came there. I saw her leave her room this afternoon and drive away. Ron said that she was in Macon visiting her Mama. She not, she has a room at Motel 6, room 13 and she has been there every since Friday afternoon."

"This man you saw go there, did he stay long?" Dee asked her.

"She left and that when the man came when she got back. He stayed most of the night." Sue said.

"Nora's fucking around and Ron doesn't know anything about it. We surely want say anything to Ron about this. I am married and you soon will be. He want hear it from us that a man screwed her. Let him keep thinking that no other man is getting his pussy and that he's the only one. Mitch thinks the same thing about me and you have heard him say it."

"Alright Dee I want say anything. I haven't said anything to Mitch about other men screwing you and I want this time."

"Hey girls what all this talking. The fun is happening in the house." Ron said, as he and Gus came onto the patio.

"I have an idea let me call Nora and see what's she doing. I sure as hell want to bed her, even if she is your wife." Gus said as I saw him get his cell phone from his pocket.

"I've screwed Peggy and she's your wife. So fuck Nora if she will give it to you. Call her if you want to. Ron said as I reached for my cell phone.

I got my cell phone out and put it on vibrate. That was too close and I didn't want to reveal my secret place to them. They surely would have heard my phone ringing. I had made it back to my car when it rang.

"Hello" I said.

"Nora this is Gus. I just called to see what you are doing and to ask how's your Mama's doing?"

"She doing alright. She was tired so she is in bed asleep. I found me a romance book and I am reading it. Have you seen Ron this weekend?"

"I saw Ron this morning but I didn't get to talk to him. I'd like to ask you something if I could Nora."

"What is it Gus that you called me this late wanting to ask me?"

"I didn't realize it was so late. I really don't know how to ask you this, so I will come out and tell you. Nora I want to fuck you."

"Gosh Gus, I don't know what to say. What I mean is Ron and you are good friends and everything. Something like that could break up your friendship and I would be caught in the middle. Now if I knew Ron was screwing around on me and I knew about it, I might be inclined to say yes to your offer to fuck me. Ron's been the only man to have me, but that could change. Tell you what Gus when I get back home call and ask me and we can talk some more about it."

"Really. I mean you aren't saying no?" Gus asked me.

"I am not saying no and I am not saying yes." I told him.

"What does that mean Nora? I thought it was either one or the other."

"Let me tell you this Gus. You are the first man that's ever called me this late and at my Mama's and told me that you want to fuck me. What's up? Is Ron there with you waiting to hear what my answer will be. He's probably told you that he has been the only man to fuck me. Right? I know he's told you that and for you to call me and hear it from me that I don't put out. How bad do you want me, Gus? Can you keep a secret?"

"I am at your house with Ron. He did say that I could call you and he did say that nobody has fucked you but him. As far as wanting you really bad, I do. If you haven't screwed another man or if you have I still want you. I am on the patio and he's in the house. He will want to know what you said. I am sure of that and I can keep a secret." Gus said.

"I want you to fuck me Gus. When I get back home we can talk and work out the details. Gus I know that Ron is cheating on me and has been for a long time. If you can keep quiet about what I just told you, I will let you fuck me as many different times as you want to. I will be looking forward to hooking up with you. Now go back to whatever Ron and you are doing and keep your mouth shut if you want my pussy."

"I want your pussy and Ron want hear a thing about what you just told me. Bye, I will call you early this coming week." Gus said.

"Bye to you Gus. Remember I want you to. Goodnight." I said as I hung up.

I had heard cars leave while I was on the phone with Gus. The party would probably last most of the night with people leaving. A man or a woman can just fuck so much in one night. I got into my car and drove toward the motel.

Seeing that I was low on gas I pulled into a seven eleven store and to the pumps. I went inside and paid and came back outside to pump the gas. I was wet again from talking with Gus and needed to get back to my room and take a shower and bring myself to an orgasm.

"Hey Nora, its Bob. What are you doing out so late tonight? Look at you, you sure are a fox. I like the outfit and the way it doesn't cover up your tits. You in a hurry to get somewhere Nora?"

"Not me Bob, not tonight. I came from a party and had to have some gas. What about you what are you up to? How did you get away from the wife tonight?" I asked.

"She's out of town and I saw you drive in and I just wanted to come over and say hello. I have six cold beers here what do you say let's go and drink them."

"Park your car Bob and get in with me. I have a motel room and we can go there. It will be more private and we can do whatever we want to do." I said as I turned the pump off and opened my door.

"I only have to get my keys out and I will be right back.' Bob said.

"So what do you want to do Nora? I mean you asked me to park my car, get in with you, and you said you have a motel room. Do you want to fuck Nora?"

"I do and don't drink so much of that beer on the way. We will be there in a few minutes." I said.

I pulled up to my room and got out. As I was walking toward my room I heard a female voice calling my name. "Hey Nora what are you up to tonight?"

Turning I saw that it was Dee and Sue from the party tonight with Ron and the others. "Do I know you guys?" I said.

"You are Ron's wife, we do know that. So what are you doing at a motel and you being a married woman. Did you come here to fuck?" Sue asked.

"Listen I don't know who you are or what your intentions are but to answer your question I didn't come here to fuck.' I knew when I said it that I had forgot about Bob.

"So who is the man that just got out of your car?' Dee asked.

Moving toward their car, I went up to the side that Sue was sitting on. "He needed a ride and I offered to give him one."

'Nora you don't have to worry about us telling Ron anything. I am a married woman and my sister here will be in two weeks. We just left a party and we both got some cock. I don't have a problem with a married woman stepping out and getting laid. I do it all the time." Dee said.

"Look I have to get going and maybe we can see each other again." I said wanting to get back to Bob.

"Nora have you ever had sex with a woman? Sue and I are both bi and we could show you a good time. We still want cock and we do get that but having sex with a woman is something else. We could come in with you and we all could fuck your friend and then we can eat the cream pies."

"No not tonight, but I have thought about doing it with a woman. Maybe we can hook up and do it sometimes." I said wanting to get to the room.

"We'll do it. Now go and give your friend a ride and have some fun. We will catch you later." Dee said as she held out her hand and we shook.

"You don't know what you are missing. We are both full of cum and we are going home and eat each other. Have fun." Sue said as they sped out of the parking lot.

"Who are those sluts?" Bob asked as I opened the door to the room.

"Nobody." I said as I went into the room.

Bob had endurance and I rode his cock and had three orgasms before he came. Bob spent the rest of the night with me. We slept and got up around nine Sunday morning. He made coffee and we sat down and talked.

"It was luck that I saw you at the gas pump last night." Bob said.

"I know and if I hadn't been low on gas I wouldn't have pulled in to get gas. Bob how many times have you asked me to fuck?" I asked.

"Every day since that first day that I hired you to come to work for me. Its hard to believe that we hooked up and I screwed you three times. When can I have you again?" Bob was asking me.

"Right after work any day next week." I told him.

"Nora you are a good fuck and why did you invite me here. You could have left me at the gas pump."

"Bob, we have known each other five years. You know that I am not a whore. Look at all the times you asked me to fuck and I said no. Aren't you a little bit curious as why I invited you to my room and put out to you?"

"I haven't thought anything about it. I figured that you are like some of the other married women I know. They fuck but they don't let people they work with have any or give it to their male friends."

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