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He Took Her


I was sat there staring blankly at the screen, not able to believe my eyes.

He was telling me on the DVD, what a fucking fool I was for doing what I had done. 'Did you think you wouldn't be found out John?' He asked?

'Did you actually believe that by misappropriating three and half a million, it would go unnoticed no matter how fucking clever you thought, had thought you were?' He asked.

'And there are the other misdemeanours you have been involved in too aren't there John?' He said.

'Well John,' he went on, 'it's all over for you now. I am going to let you live because I believe in the sanctity of life, but I will leave you with nothing. As I am already sure you are starting to find out!'

'My people will be at your home on Monday morning to go through it, and you will not try to deceive them will you?'

'You see John, I do believe in the sanctity of life but they won't and don't, especially if you try to deceive me in any way okay?'

'So if you try and conceal anything from them they will know, because I have imparted the knowledge of your deeds to them.'

'And if you try to run you will be found and dealt with, and I will still recover my property, will I not?'

The man on the screen was my boss, or now my former boss, but to even call him that wasn't quite right, I worked for him yes, but I had only ever had actual dealings with him a few times.

My mistake, as I was to find out was.

Whilst I had total control over where all the money went, he had another accountant watching what I did. If anything were to go wrong, all dealings would come back to me.

But the trouble was, this accountant had placed a well laid trap, money had come in twice for the same deal. I saw it. I knew it was an error on the part of the sender, and I also knew he wouldn't try to retrieve it, as it would have been traceable. So I sent it to one of my own accounts, game up!

Once at our original meeting, when he asked me to be his accountant, after seeing what I could achieve with figures and my very adroit, and adept ways of working a computer.

So after demonstrating my undoubted and creative accountancy acumen with vast sums of money on paper, he hired me.

He offered me a position with him as his senior accountant.

I was never on a real payroll; I was paid money and told to do with it what I wanted.

It took me fully two years to gain his confidence, and I knew I had gained that when he called me to him and gave me my own offices and staff.

Everything that came in went through me. And everything that went out went out through me too.

I knew he was into dodgy dealings, including arms deals, and my task was to salt away huge sums of money from different dealings. Apart from making him look the upright citizen he wanted the world to see. I also knew I was being complicit also, and just as guilty too.

Money laundering they call it, and I knew it too. I was well rewarded for what I did, extremely well rewarded.

But I had got greedy and I wanted more, well now I had over reached myself and my life was in tatters.

My reputation was shot, my credibility was ruined. No way back. The smallest crumb of comfort I could glean from this was the fact that I had put the first tranche of cash I had removed from him, into an account in the Cayman Isles.

This I had opened in the name of my then fiancé, and who I was now married to. It was even now I knew, to be untraceable.

It would enable us to live very well there, or some other island we chose, but even then I would have to be careful to conceal things.

I am John Carter, 30 years old, your usual every day looking guy, didn't smoke, drank little, not bad looking, 6ft tall no weight problems had all my own hair and teeth etc.

But the one thing that placed me apart from 'mere mortals' was my analytical mathematical brain. I could make any numbers or figures appear as some other total or amount, and you would believe what I showed you, even though you might think it a lie!

I had sailed through college, been head hunted by the largest of companies which was where I cut my teeth in the world of high finance and accountancy.

I had been brought to the notice of one Gerald Copeland, I had no idea who he was or what he did.

But I was to find out, and as I said, the money he offered me was phenomenal.

He explained about his secretive dealings, so did I want in, or did I want to say no? He asked me.

After some thought and consideration, I said I was in.

He did warn me there and then that, I was in, and all the way in, no way back.

I said, yes I understand, I was in, I said.

Now, back to the DVD I was watching, he said he was so so disappointed in me.

'Hadn't I paid you enough John?' he said sadly.

'You do this to me John, why?'

I had no real answer, I apologised to the screen stupidly.

'There will be another DVD in one hour for you John okay?' 'This one was made last night; the next one will be more or less in real time, just a few hours adrift.'

'And make sure you watch it all, it will give you an idea of where your life was, is, and going to be from now on!' He told me on the screen.

I sat there as the screen faded and ended its run.

I was fucked now, I tried to think of a way out of it, but I knew there wasn't one.

I pondered over what I had done; I had been so fucking stupid. Even when I was transferring his cash to my accounts, I kept telling myself that this was the last of it, and then I would do it again!

How fucking insane could I have been?

I was to find out very soon when the next DVD was delivered by special courier.

I unloaded the last one and inserted the new.

My life was about to really blow up in my face. I wasn't prepared for what was to appear, no one could have prepared me for this.

It opened on a full face frontal of Gerald; he had a funny look on his face, one I couldn't fathom.

But I soon did, he raised an arm and pointed what looked like a remote control at the camera obviously pointed at him.

It pulled out until it showed half his upper torso. I could see that he was sat on the edge of a king size bed, leaning backwards slightly.

He smiled for some reason at me, he zoomed out a little more, and then I saw it, it was the top of the head of a blonde haired woman.

He must have been watching what I was watching; all I could see was the top of a head. But it was apparent from the way it was moving up and down she was giving him a blow job.

I wondered what this was all about; he getting a blow job wasn't anything that excited me at all.

Then it zoomed out a little more. My heart was suddenly clutched in a vice like grip, my chest constricted, my stomach revolted in me. If it could have dropped out of my bowels it would have been on the floor!

I knew that head, I had seen it a hundred times doing what it was doing. It was the head of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen or met.

She was 5ft 10" tall, fabulously thick silky long ash honey blonde hair, and big wide eyes of azure blue that held you like glue when she gazed into your own.

Long slender neck, a gorgeous face, pert little nose that flared so slightly. Lips that were seemingly heart shaped, full, wide and so pouty at the same time, the first thing any man wanted to do when he met her was to kiss her.

Perfectly formed natural big white even teeth, that formed the hugest of smiles, it was a real man killer.

A body that went on forever, she was a keep fit fan, and nothing but goodness ever went into it.

Full breasted that defied gravity, large round prominent nipples that begged attention.

Slim waist, gorgeous rounded child bearing hips, although she hadn't yet been made pregnant, and legs that didn't stop. Everything about her was symmetrical to everything else.

She was a sexy playful woman, loved to laugh, loved life, lived to love and loved to live. She loved sex, gave as much as she got, could be dominant and submissive and equal at the same time.

But her biggest asset was herself, she was just a real nice person, she was kind, and concerned about anyone or anything.

It was Kelly, my wife! My wife! My wonderful, beautiful, 29 year old loving wife of 7 years.

What the fucking hell was going on, I hit the stop button on the DVD, and grabbed the phone at the side of my hotel bed and rang my home, answer machine!

'Hello,' it said, 'this is Kelly, I'm sorry I can't take your call right now I'm a little busy, and I won't be here anytime soon either, so please leave a message, and I will call you back as soon as I can, bye.'

It had been over written of the previous not at home message, so it had been left purposely for me by her!

I hit the restart button and began to watch in earnest what was playing out on the screen.

I saw him remove the shirt he was wearing, his upper torso now naked, as Im sure was the rest of his fucking body!

I watched the top of her beautiful head working up and down, and then two perfectly manicured hands appeared and climbed up his chest, lightly scratching and titillatingly caressing him, in that seductive way I knew so well.

The camera panned out a little more, it was plain to see now, and she was giving him the blow job only I had had the pleasure of in the past.

Her right hand dropped and grasped his prick, and I could see now as she moved her head to one side, it was a big prick too, bigger than mine, not much, but bigger none the less.

His prick was totally fully erect, a hard and stiff pole of blood laden flesh.

She took her mouth off it, tossed her hair to one side, and now I could see her profile plainly. Her teeth grasped the side of his prick, his head fell back, I saw him grimace, but it was a grimace of pure pleasure.

Her hand rubbed over the top of the big mushroom head, and it was a big mushroom too, purple in colour, ridged and ready to go!

Stroking her hand up and down it, she dropped her mouth to his balls and took a nut in her lips and licked it, and then her luscious mouth closed right over it.

I knew what was going happen very soon, he was going to cum, nothing on this earth could stop it, only her. And I knew that wasn't going to happen, I knew when she was going for it, and she was definitely going for it!

She stood up from the floor, she was completely naked, and pushed him back onto the bed and stood over him, bent at the waist, her mouth clamped tightly on his prick, she pumped her hand and sucked him in, and up and down. I heard him groan.

And then he said.

'Oh yes Kelly baby, give it to me, give it to me babe!'

And she did, oh did she!

He was jumping around like an electrical wire was attached to his balls.

Then a powerful grunt, his hips bucked and he shot his load into her mouth, I knew she wouldn't spill any, she didn't, she sucked him and worked him dry.

He relaxed and flopped down into the bed, Kelly continued emptying his balls and took all he had to give, she was a master? The blow job business was her forte, among other things.

She stood straight, looked down at him, the way she looked at me when I was in that position, and I knew what he would be seeing, the soft sexy beautiful woman, completely in command of her man.

But I was her man wasn't I?

I was her husband, what was she doing this to me for?

Then I realised she wouldn't be aware of my knowing, of me watching her, giving this bastard what was mine.

Mine? Was she still mine? I didn't know anymore, she had never given any hint of a relationship with another man, least of all the cunt who she was now having sex with.

Hate filled me, revenge was in me, but I knew it would never be mine to gain. I couldn't and wouldn't win any battle against this man, if he wanted my wife, my Kelly, then he would and could take her, and no response from me to be had.

My life as I had known it seemed to be truly over, I really had lost everything now hadn't I?

I watched numbly as he raised his head, nodded to her, and she climbed onto the bed and him, kneeling there, knees either side of his muscular body, him under her, she stroked his face lovingly.

Then she leaned down and kissed him as passionately as she had ever kissed me. This wasn't a woman being forced or coerced into this, that much was obvious.

They played with each other, occasionally he would look at the camera and wink at me, she didn't see it, but I did, God how I hated this man now.

Eventually she got him hard again, he rolled her onto her back and mounted her, he mounted my beautiful wife and I couldn't stop it!

She raised her legs over and around his back; I could plainly see her nails digging into his skin at the very first thrust.

Her head was bent backwards in submission to him, he attacked her neck, kissing and sucking it, one hand was at a nipple. She was moaning in appreciation of his attention, he gradually sped up his rutting of her, and my gorgeous wife was urging him on.

'Oh Gerald, Oh Gerald yes yes yes, do it baby do it!'

'Oh oh oh oh harder honey, harder, I need it so much darling, give me everything, hurt me baby, hurt me!'

He powered his prick into her so hard, I thought he would break the bed.

Then he said the words that cut me in half.

'He can't do you like I can Kelly can he? He demanded. 'He can't make you cum like I can he?'

'He can't give you what I'm giving you right now, can he Kelly? Answer me!' He roared.

'Oh Gerald, Oh Gerald no, no he can't,' her voice was a guttural animalistic sound.

'Nothing can compare to you my love, fuck me, oh Jesus fuck me Gerald please, more baby I want more, I need you more.' She brayed.

And that's when I saw my baby cum like I have never seen her cum, we had had some fantastic sessions together, but not like this. I was on the outside looking in. She came in seemingly torrents, screaming at him, thrashing about under him, I was absolutely stunned to the centre of my being.

He thrust mightily once more, and it was so hard it even me gasp. He powered his prick into her with unbelievable force, it's a wonder her back didn't break, and he came too, that was obvious.

They both collapsed in a tangled heap of arms, legs and bodies, kissing, touching, and stroking each other.

I couldn't take my eyes off the scene in front of me, I had watched my beautiful sexy loving wife give another man, everything she had ever given me, and then some.

Then he looked up at the camera again, and smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and wiggled his body on hers to let me know she was his now.

Then it faded.

I sat in my chair dumbstruck, what was I going to do now?

I had lost my job, the money I had taken would go too, if not already.

But the biggest loss was there on the screen, the one thing that could hold me together, was gone.

There was a knock on my hotel door, how long I had sat there staring at the TV I didn't know.

It was a messenger. 'A parcel for you sir, please sign here?'

I did, not knowing what I was doing.

I opened it, it was another DVD, with a note saying, 'I hope you enjoy this one John, as much as I had in making it anyway,' Gerald.

Oh God no, I thought, not more, but the trouble was, there was no way I could stop myself from watching it, nothing!

I removed the second DVD and put in the 3rd, pressed play and sat down.

It started with a shot of him, and he talked to me again.

'Well John, I hope you realise now the error of your ways Mmmm?'

'I have Kelly, she's mine now, even if she had had any reservations, I think I've fucked them, and loved them out of her don't you?'

'Now John, sit back, watch and enjoy, oh by the way, did that last one give you a hard on?' He laughed.

I stupidly felt my own prick to see if I had, I did, I fucking did, I hadn't known it, but watching him and Kelly had aroused me fully.

I was disgusted with myself, but still squeezed it!

I had to relieve myself there and then and I did, I wanked as I was stood up, and shot my load onto the floor.

It faded then reopened in the bedroom again, it was obvious sheets had been changed, and Kelly was wearing a flimsy sexy and lacy negligee.

He was laid back on the bed, Kelly was kneeling between his legs as she stroked his prick, he peeked at the camera, and grinned at me as she kissed it.

'Gerald,' she whispered to him, 'please will you fuck my arse, I need it so badly!'

'No,' I shouted, 'No! You would never let me!' I bellowed at the screen.

'On your knees cunt,' he ordered.

She delivered herself to him.

'Tell me what you want bitch!' He yelled at her.

'Please Gerald, don't say that, you know I will do anything you want, or tell me to do?'

'I said you cunt, tell me what you want right now!' He demanded of her.

He had a finger or fingers already in her arse I could see that.

'Oh Gerald,' she moaned, 'please fuck me in my arse please?' she begged.

She was on her knees yes, but her head was bowed as in total submission to him, that was evident.

I had never seen her act this way before, it had always been a two way thing between us, but now he had her begging him, something else I found hard to believe, but it was there right in front of my eye's.

He probed at her backside with his huge prick causing more moans from her; he stopped momentarily and then grabbing her hips to hold her in place he drove his hips forward.

He filled her with one fucking thrust, I felt the pain myself.

Kelly screamed and called his name.

'Oh Gerald please, please no!' She called.

He said, 'shut the fuck up you cunt, you asked for it, you are going get it.' He raged at her.

She fully submitted then, if she hadn't already.

He began to pull out and push in, he picked up some what I assumed to be KY jelly, smeared it on and in.

Then he fucked her properly, he gave no thought to her at all, he wanted to fuck her arse and nothing was going to stop him now.

He was holding her easily in place, as his prick dived in and out, I could see her shit coating his prick.

Then I heard a small groan, followed by a low moan, it was Kelly, he was fucking her into arousal, I knew those sounds by heart, my broken shattered heart now.

But why was my own prick about to burst? I couldn't understand it, here I was watching a man taking my wife from me, fucking her how ever he wanted, and I had the biggest of all hard ons!

Kelly was in full arousal now, urging him on, calling him names.

'Oh Gerald, Oh Gerald yes yes, oh you bastard Gerald, you fucking fucker.'

'You fucking arse fucker you!' She hollered back at him.

He smiled, not at the camera but at her, it was something else of her he had mastered.

I suddenly had to relieve my prick from my pants, I did and wanked furiously at the screen, I shot my load into the air in seconds!

I looked back at the TV and watched as Kelly stretched her legs out, taking him down with her, he was fucking her rhythmically now, building her up to a crescendo.

She was laid stretched out in the shape of a star, moaning and moaning loudly and louder.

He was humping at her and I could tell he was near to cumming, I knew she was, I know my Kelly!

They came together shouting at each other, loving each other. He slowly pulled out his deflated prick, and rolled onto his side, Kelly turned to him and wrapped her arms around him, then more words from her that just about killed me.

'Gerald my loving darling man,' she whispered, 'I love you so much my sweet loving baby.'

'There is nothing I will ever refuse you, I love you, I am yours, nothing will ever change me, I promise.' She murmured in the sweet sultry loving tones I had heard many times before.

'Even that other thing you told me you want me to do, I will do for you, nothing in my life will ever include a no to you.' She said.

I wondered what she meant by that?

He smiled at her then, 'I love you too Kelly, you have a new life now, your old one has never existed, only this one okay?'

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