tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHe Tortures My Ass in a Change Room

He Tortures My Ass in a Change Room


Author's note: This story contains rough and humiliating anal sex. If you don't like that sort of thing, I suggest you look elsewhere.

We pulled into the slick surfaced parking lot with an abrupt screech. He had dressed me in a tight low cut black top and short plaid skirt, insisting that I not wear a bra or panties. He often made odd and commanding choices about my attire so I didn't think too much of this particular instance. My nipples very clearly showed through my top, and my perky ass was especially pronounced as he had selected an uncomfortably steep set of stilettos for me to wear. "We should find you some new underwear. Your old stuff smells like rancid slut." The truth was he had a habit of tearing holes in my underwear, to expedite the sudden and workmanlike dry ass rape he occasionally subjected me to.

I gathered that he liked to parade me around in inappropriately slutty outfits, finding a petty bemusement in the glaring looks I would get from indignant housewives and of course leering men.

I clopped loudly through the parking lot as he walked slightly behind me, staring at my ass in fixated admiration of my muscles' rhythmic walking function as they worked harder than usual to keep myself upright in my awkward footwear. The department store was rather busy being a weekend, so upon entering the store I began to collect glares and double takes at a pretty rapid rate. I'd learnt not to think too much about that sort of thing though, other than to derive a morsel of satisfied titillation from each perverted and longing stare. It was one of those large stores with steep escalators between floors, so I tried to retain a little decorum by keeping my legs tightly shut when possible.

After walking through a variety of uninteresting departments, we finally reached the women's underwear section. Scanning the racks I quickly I picked out a rather expensive bra. I figured that I'd be wearing this underwear with my current ensemble, and after feeling exposed all day I decided that it would be nice to mute my slutiness a little with some matching stockings. I picked out a designer brand of lace panties with matching thigh high stockings and trotted over to him.

He contorted his face, balking at the cost, but he quickly conceded. "All right, let's go try them on then."

Following me in to the change rooms, he grinned sheepishly at the kid working behind the counter. He relished the palpable offense on her face as he awkwardly marched his inappropriately dressed slut forward, delicately trotting on her impractical and slutty footwear.

Closing the door behind us, he had me strip and try on the garments. I could see that he was pleased, noticing his pants start to bulge while he stood behind me staring at my crotch through the dressing room mirror. I must admit, I looked pretty fucking hot, and the stockings really showed off my shapely thighs.

I took off the bra and panties and got dressed in my original outfit. I reached for the dressing room door, causing him to abruptly swat my hand away.

"You know, I don't think we need to pay for this stuff. We can't walk out of here with you wearing it all though, that's the oldest trick in the book. Besides, I'm sure the security guard noticed you weren't wearing a bra on the way in. Everyone did."

He grabbed my wrists and bent me forward slightly, placing my hands flat on the mirror. I immediately knew what he had in mind.

He crouched down, roughly probing my cunt with a finger. He tugged hard on my clit a few times, sending a series of jolts of uncomfortable pleasure through my body.

"You'd better get lubed up fast."

He proceeded to shove the bra strap into my cunt, methodically pushing each inch of fabric deeply into my vagina with the full length of his fingers until the rough edges of the bra cup began to breach my labia. Bracing my ass with one hand, he pushed down hard with his other fingers, slowly chafing the bra roughly against the inside of my tender cunt walls. Consistently applying pressure, he relentlessly and painfully stuffed me, finally pushing past the widest section of the cup and allowing my cunt to partially close up. He continued to shove the second cup against the back pressure of the remaining bra until my vagina relented to the second cup, partially closing around the bunched mess and holding it tightly captive.

"Spread your ass," he demanded. I obediently straightened my back and pulled my ass cheeks apart.

Without warning or preparation, he began to stuff the corner of the panties into my dry and reluctant asshole. The compacted bra in my cunt pinched my rectal passage tightly closed, ensuring that I would acutely feel each agonising inch of the rough fabric scraping through the constricted walls of my anal canal. He brutishly pried my asshole open with the fingers of one hand, using his other index finger to slowly feed the panties into my rectum. The crinkled mass progressively burnt its way just past the bulge caused by the bra as he relentlessly continued to stuff me, leaving me with a deep and searing internal bruising.

I had come to learn that once he had begun a procedure, he was probably not going to stop until it was complete. There'd be little reprieve for my stinging canal walls until he had accomplished his task. I suspected that he had explicitly trained me to know this fact, so as to heighten my anxiety and fear arousal through being able to rely on one fact; that he is completely and uncompromisingly relentless... It was working.

"I'd say our suitcase is nearly full," he mocked.

I protested. "No sir, not the stockings. It's too much, I won't be able to leave here. They'll have to..." He picked up a discarded girl's blouse from the changing room floor and forcibly shoved it into my mouth mid-sentence.

Crouching back down again, he tossed up my skirt and bit down hard on my clit, causing me to cry out in shock. He held my clit clenched hard between his front teeth for a few seconds, tugging on it a couple of times and causing me to whimper a little.

He finally released himself from my tender button. "You've been saying words like can't and won't far too often these days. I might have to regiment a new training program just to fix your vocabulary." He sounded genuinely disappointed, and I felt oddly ashamed at my entirely justified outburst of insubordination. It was then that I realised how thoroughly he had broken me into submission with the depths of his depravity.

My eyes were still closed following the trauma to my clit as I tried to not concentrate on the persistent throbbing his most recent abuse had elicited. I had completely lost any sense of the passage of time and I started to worry that we had been in the changing room for far too long. The possibility of being caught in this humiliating pose by that smarmy looking teenage counter attendant was a little exciting though and helped me block out the discomfort a little. I had begun to leak, as my juices soaked through the bra and started to coat the inside of my thighs.

Immediately he began to shove a stocking into my ass using the same technique, however he was quickly met with an increased spongy resistance from the panties. Scrunching up the stocking in response, he mercilessly shoved the ball of fabric at the entrance of my asshole. The abrasive and irregular sodomy had just about stretched me to my limits, but I knew by the time he was done I would have everything successfully jammed uncomfortably deep in my ass. His concerted and remorseless effort made steady progress towards making room for the second stocking, as I began to be blindingly overwhelmed by the deep burning pain in my rectum. The abrasion continued to crescendo into a deep throbbing cramp as I felt the train of fabric push towards my colon. My gagged whimpering had become more constant and desperate as I longed for an end to this torture.

Finally forcing the ball of fabric past my sphincter, he paused, leaving a small amount of the toe end of the stocking fabric peering out of my now gaping asshole.

"This is getting difficult. We'd better try something different. I've got to do a good job, we wouldn't want you to get caught shoplifting would we?" I sighed, immediately knowing what was coming next. He fucking well knew the garments were well and truly jammed up my ass.

He liked to tease me with actions that he convincingly asserted as necessary, almost causing me to believe him during my deepest bouts of submission. But this time I knew that he was just going to rape my dry, fabric stuff asshole in a public place solely for his own twisted amusement and pleasure. And to maximise my degradation, of course.

Releasing his belt with his right hand, he clumsily yanked his pants down and prodded his rock hard cock at my ass fabric. "Grab your ankles," he demanded.

Reconfiguring my body so that the right side of my face was flat against the mirror whilst still standing and fully bent over, he plunged his cock forward, driving the small amount of remaining fabric into the entrance of my asshole.

His stifled thrust sent a shockwave of internal agony through my ass and digestive tract, as he met the compacted resistance of the array of rough garments jamming up my cunt and rectum. He mercilessly thrust a second time, plunging his cock slightly deeper, shifting and compacting the fabric more in my ass. I winced, noticing my dilated pupils and the beads of sweat trailing mascara down my face that partially filled my field of view.

"We forgot something! What good is one stocking?"

I peered up at him awkwardly with my left eye while he kept my face shoved against the mirror. He proceeded to cover his cock with the remaining stocking, bunching the fabric up at the base and pulling it taut against his cockhead, mimicking a condom made of fabric.

Just as I felt the panic start to well up inside me, he jammed his fabric covered cock viciously into my ass in one long and brutal thrust, tearing at my sphincter so deeply that my brain immediately reprioritised its sensory overload from the deep ache within me to my tortured anus. Whilst his cock was still completely within my ass, he grasped the stocking at the base of his cock and pulled out of my ass completely, such that a cock-length of this final stocking remained in my ass. He twisted the remaining fabric that dangled from my ass a number of times, closing up the hole within the stocking into a tight knot.

Repositioning himself behind me, he put the remaining length of stocking over his cock so that his cock head pressed against the knot and viciously jabbed forward, further searing my sphincter and causing me to scream into my blouse-gag. He pulled out and repeated the procedure, again sealing off the stocking with a twisted knot so that his cock had a hard point to drive against. He produced a shoelace from his shirt pocket that he must have picked up whilst we were walking through the store.

Again repositioning himself behind me with his cock, he fumbled a bit longer. I realised he was tying off the open end of the stocking firmly to the base of his cock so that the final length of stocking would not move relative to his cock, allowing him to saw his fabric covered his cock in and out of my shattered asshole.

Whilst pulling hard on his cock tourniquet's knot, he muttered to himself, "How does a carpenter drive in a stubborn nail? Does he push hard on it, or hammer it repeatedly?"

And with that un-cryptic rhetorical jibe, he thrust forward, sighing with a deep satisfaction in his humiliation masterpiece. The tears were uncontrollably streaming down my face, as I tried to block out the pain by trying to alternate between thinking about the deep burning ache within me and my stinging lacerated rectum. My brain quickly flicked between concentrating on one source of pain to relieve the intensity of the other, but ultimately I couldn't find any comfort in either.

After briefly pausing, he went about raping my ass with all of the strength and haste he could summon. I had been dry ass raped by him before, but never in this uniquely abrasive configuration. Every pounding drove the clump deeper into my ass, as he quickly succeeded in fitting his entire cock in my pre scraped rectal flesh whilst torturing my ring with the taut fabric over his thick rod, which relentlessly pulled and grated against my tenderised asshole.

The indescribable pain was transcendental, as my brain flicked between the flashes of fiery torment in my sphincter and the clump of objects deeply sanding at my insides. Every withdrawal of his cock caused my dry asshole to invert, clinging to his cock and pulling out of my buttocks, allowing the train of garments to decompress within me and grind back and forth at my tender insides.

At first it felt like he was sodomising me with a pine cone, but I began to numb to the sensation as the pleasure started to build. Soon all I could feel was my throbbing cunt and an overwhelming burning pleasure in my stomach and pelvic area. Every thrust was like an explosion in my digestive tract, as my brain completely overloaded by my surmounting orgasm.

Each vicious thrust scrambled my vision red and blasted me with a high pitched tinnitus, as my vision blurred and the high pitched noise became louder and more constant. It felt like I had just shot up, and until this moment my brain did not know the meaning of pleasure, exploding in revulsion with a frightened saturation of spurious colours, deafening sound and entangled senses.

I lost control of my legs as the convulsing completely took control of my body, rendering me unable to do anything but scream into my gag and ride a wave of frighteningly intense pleasure as I began to dramatically and violently come.

Holding my shoulder and my neck to stop me from collapsing, he smashed away at my canal with more purpose than ever, causing him to choke me in synch with his pounding. Grunting, he quickened his pace as he exploded inside the stocking while my ass continued to orgasm, throbbing and milking the tight fabric over his cockhead.

Coming down from my orgasm, it felt like I was hallucinating as the pleasure quickly started to fade. The throbbing continued, however, as the pain began to seep back, starting at my asshole and working its way back into my rectum and spreading deeply throughout my stomach. It felt like I had just woken up from a pleasant dream to a bleak nightmarish reality, where I was being tortured solely for my captor's amusement. My drug had worn off, and there I was, lying half collapsed in a change room, stuffed full of lingerie, feeling deeply violated, abused and internally damaged.

He pulled his cock out of my ass, holding the stocking against my hole such that it remained inside me. He pushed the small remaining tuft of fabric into my ass and threw me down on my knees. Pulling the blouse out of my mouth, he shoved his erect cock straight down my throat, slapping his balls against my face as he fucked himself clean.

"I'll see you and your new outfit in the car."

Yanking his pants up quickly from his ankles, he abruptly left, slamming the changing room door closed. I wiped my face and ass with the discarded blouse and carefully stood up. I looked sweaty, dishevelled and generally terrible. The clothes shifted inside me, rubbing uncomfortably against my internal bruising.

At this stage I didn't particularly care what people would think, I just wanted to get the fuck out of there. I embarrassingly limped out of the change room carrying my shoes, making my motion more awkward as I tried to move against the pain as quickly as possible. The clerk behind the counter stared at me with the most aghast facial expression she could muster.

I agonisingly limped through the whole store, collecting far more shocked stares from a new set of sheeplike customers that had since replaced the first set of citizenry during my prolonged torture and rape session. Walking past the checkouts, the security guard knowingly winked at me as he greedily stared my body up and down.

After dragging my reluctant body through the agonising expanse of the store, I had finally made it to the parking lot.

Standing next to the car, he chivalrously opened the door. Smiling, he said, "I know it hurts darling. Don't worry, we'll stuff you full of ice cubes when we get home."

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