tagIncest/TabooHe Wants His Aunt

He Wants His Aunt


My step sister had called me and asked me if I would stop by Blacksburg on my way to my business meeting. Her son Ryan attends college there, and stays homesick. I was heading that way anyway, so I agreed to take him a special care package she had assembled. It was a large box full of home made snacks, new clothes and a few toiletries. She also gave me the key to his Apt.; he stays so busy with sports and school. She was afraid that I would get there and her son would be out and I would not be able to deliver him his package. I loaded up my car and headed out.

While I was driving I was thinking about some of the strange things that had happened in the past year. My nasty divorce, my 34th Birthday and the fact my nephew Ryan has been acting so STRANGE around me. For example, it was the Fourth of July and I noticed how Ryan could not keep his eyes off of me. I noticed an erection in his pants and how he excused himself to the bathroom for a long time. I know how teenage boys get, the slightest breeze and they are hard. I overlooked that first incident.

I also remember the time he stayed all night at the house and I overheard a conversation with some friends. He was telling them how he was fantasizing sexually about an older woman. Was it a coincidence the older woman he described to his friends, described me to a T? I knew Ryan was sexually active and from what I had heard he was pretty good. So why did I think he would be thinking of me when he could have anyone? I am his Aunt; there is no way he could have been talking about me.

Then my mind wandered to Thanksgiving break, my divorce was still fresh. I was staying with my sister until I could find a place of my own. Ryan had come home from College. I was staying in his room. He told me he would take the couch, I thought that was sweet. That night I was asleep and woke during the night to find Ryan standing in my door, just watching me. I asked him what was wrong. He just replied with, I heard a noise thought you were having a nightmare. I came to check on you Aunt Karen and he walked away. A few minutes later I could hear moans and groans coming from the den. I got up to see what was going on to find Ryan on the couch stroking his huge cock. Ryan's body was shaking and convulsing as he squirted a thick stream of cum into the air. The stream of cum landed on his stomach. Ryan just laid there panting.

The next time was when Ryan came home for Christmas break. I had my own apartment by this time. My sister had so many guests Ryan didn't have a place to sleep. She had asked me if he could stay in my extra bedroom. Of course I agreed to let him stay. That night I was in the shower. I had my water sprayer on high massage. I was letting it hit my back. I couldn't resist, I placed the water sprayer on my pussy and was letting the forceful stream of water hit my clit. I was just about to cum when I felt a cold breeze hit me. I opened one eye to see Ryan standing in the door watching me masturbate with the shower head. I thought about stopping but my body would not let me. As the water hit my clit, I let out a loud moan as I came. My body was shaking it felt so good to cum that hard. I noticed the door close and Ryan was gone. I was drying off when I could hear a moan come from the guest bedroom, it was Ryan, and he was masturbating again. This time I distinctly heard him say "Yes, Aunt Karen yes." I never told him or anyone that I heard him that night.

I arrived at the University around 8 that night. I was so tired from the drive in. I was hoping he was not there. I could just use my key, drop off his package and leave. I walked to his door and used my key. I walked in; I heard music coming from the bedroom. I laid the package on the kitchen table and walked to the music. I stepped in the room to find Ryan in his computer chair, naked, stroking his cock to my picture on his computer screen. My first response was to be angry, and then I felt flattered. A boy who has such a large cock and could have any girl he wanted chose to think of me when he touches himself. His legs were spread wide apart, his head was leaned back on the chair, his eyes were closed and his huge cock was throbbing. The head of it was cherry red and shiny from pre cum. I cleared my throat. " hum ggruumm."

Ryan nearly jumped out of his skin trying to get the picture of me off his screen and trying to cover himself. "Uh, Aunt Karen, I didn't think you would, um be here until, um later." He said.

He held a towel over his errection and said "Uh, I don't know what you saw? But, uh it was, it was."

"Well Ryan, I replied, I guess it kinda takes me by surprise. I should be angry or sickened. But I'm not. I am actually flattered."

" Really? You mean that?" Ryan said in a creaking voice.

"Yeah, don't stop on my account Ryan, blue balls are bad for your health. You should finish." I replied with a sex kitten look." But that isn't a very good picture of me. Wouldn't you rather look at the real thing?"

Ryan just stood there confused but turned on. He just shook his head yes. "Ryan, would you like to see my breasts? I said seductively as I walked towards him.

Ryan could not spit out a word, He just shook his head yes. I walked in front of him removing the towel from his lap. Exposing his throbbing hard cock. I took my finger and ran it across the tip, wiping the pre cum off the head. I placed my finger in my mouth, closed my eyes and savored the taste of his young pre cum. I slowly removed my black shirt, button by button revealing the biggest breasts I am sure he has ever seen. They are generous size D. Ryan's eyes got big as I stood there in a black lace bra and a pair of tight jeans. I placed my hands on the front clasp and released my huge breasts for him. My nipples protruded in the chilly air. By this time his huge cock was pulsating. "Ryan, would you like to touch me?" I said.

Ryan stood up and moved towards me, his eyes looked so hungry. He stood in front of me and placed his hands on my huge titts. Rolling my nipples between his finger tips like grapes. He was gentle; I could tell this was his first time with titts as big as mine. I placed my hands on his shoulders and rubbed them down his back. I ran my hands up to his head; placing my hands in his hair I forced his face into my titts. I threw my head back as his tongue found my nipple. It had been so long since I had someone touch me like that. What happened next was a blur.

I found myself in his lap sucking his cock. It was so thick it stretched the sides of my mouth. I had his entire cock down into my throat. Ryan was moaning "Oh, Aunt Karen, no one has ever had my cock so deep in their throat. Suck me Aunt Karen..mmmm..yes Oh God Yes. Please don't stop!"

I was sucking him hard and deep. My hands were massaging his balls. I took a finger tio and made my way around to his ass. I took a finger tip and place it in his pink hole. Massage his rim, Ryan jerked and screamed " Oh Yes..I'm gonna cum!"

I kept sucking and licking hard. I placed another finger in his ass. Ryan's body Shook as he filled my mouth full of cum. "Yes Aunt Karen, Yes! Swallow my cum Aunt Karen.AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" As I milked his cock with my mouth. Swallowing every drop.

I got on my feet and looked at him laying there. Ryan spoke up with his eyes still shut 'Aunt Karen, how did you, how did you know?"

"Baby, I have known since the Forth of July last year. I was hoping I was right?" I replied.

"Oh, you were. I have watched you for a while now, and I know most people would think it was sick, but I have wanted to fuck you for so long." Ryan replied still panting.

"Well, you need to make that fantasy come true." I said.

When I said that Ryan's cock came back to life. He walked over to me and un buttoned my pants. Sliding them and my panties down in one swift shove, I stepped out of them. As I stood there before my nephew nude, his cock was rock hard. I told him "Ryan, I am not like the girls you are used to, I like to be fucked hard. It is impossible for you to hurt me."

Ryan just smiled and shoved me to the bed. I lost my footing not expecting to be shoved down so hard. Ryan got on top of me and positioned his body on mine. Taking my legs and placing them on his shoulders he shoved his hard thick cock in my pussy. I had not had sex in a while, when he shoved it in my body flinched. And I screamed in pain and pleasure. "I can't hurt you huh? Take this!" Ryan said as he drove his cock inside of me deeper.

I started screaming "Fuck me! Fuck me harder you little bastard! FUCK ME! YES!"

Ryan kept pounding my pussy hard. "Oh Aunt Karen, your pussy...oh GOD YES!" He could feel me getting tighter and hotter.

I screamed "I'm gonna cum..yesssssssssssssssssssss.yesssssssssssssss!" I arched my back and came all over his cock.

Ryan feeling my hot cum could not stand it anymore he had to cum." Aunt Karen, I'm gonna cum, where do I do it?"

I said "Pull it out and I will take care of it."

Ryan was showing my pussy no mercy he screamed and pulled his cock out, I grabbed it and started jacking it shooting his hot cum all over my titts and face. I was covered in cum. Ryan slid off my body and laid beside of me. Panting hard, he looked over at me. My tits and face covered in a thick layer of cum. "Aunt Karen.....You are amazing." Ryan panted.

"No baby, you are." I replied.

We laid there and Ryan fell asleep. I got up and took a shower. After I got dressed I wrote Ryan a note. Dear Ryan, I had to head to my meeting. I will be back this way on Thursday, Hope to see you then. You are a wonderful lover. I am looking forward to more special time with you Love, Aunt Karen

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by Anonymous04/17/18

Nice short story 5 stars

But there is no such thing as blue balls. Just a ploy one liner to get into stupid girls panties. I laugh at what writers write about pure bull shit, but again good writing..

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