He Was A Friend of Mine


I undressed and hid the bustier, although I figured that tonight was going to be the night. Cameron was out with one of his uncles on his boat. It should be pretty easy on him so he wouldn't be too tired when he got home. I was so excited I was almost shaking. But I was afraid too. I was going to lose my virginity and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I would only get one chance at this and I wanted it to be as special as possible.

I took a gamble in getting ready. First of all Cameron had said he would be home around 6. Secondly I had to assume his uncle wouldn't be coming in with him. I t would be kind of embarrassing for him to find what I had planned. I showered and did my hair and make up until they were prefect. Not overdone but just a hint to accent my beauty, at least according to Cameron. I didn't touch the thick thatch of curls between my legs, deciding to let that be one of my gifts to Cameron. I did lay out my shaving gel, moisturizer and razor, with a fresh blade, in case he wanted to do it. Secretly I hoped he would. Then I dug out every candle that I owned and set up in the bedroom. I didn't have enough for the whole house. I just left the lights dim. And I set up my incense burner with passion fruit. I hoped that wouldn't be the only passion in the house tonight. I put on the bustier, adjusted the stockings until they were perfect on my legs and covered it with my bath robe, just in case his uncle came in with him.

I heard a car pull up and a couple of minutes later a single door slammed. He was coming alone. I quickly peeled off the robe and high tailed it into the bedroom, sprawling out on the bed. I hoped I was sexy enough for him. I certainly felt that way.

"Sarah? Are you here love?"

"I'm in the bedroom."

I will never forget the look on his face when he walked into the room. His mouth hung open as he noticed the candles and incense and then me on the bed.

"What's going on here?" he stammered but it was pretty obvious.

"Nothing much. Sex maybe."

He didn't say anything but came towards the bed. He scooted towards me and our lips locked, tongues exploring each others mouth. It was more glorious than that first kiss we had shared and certainly better than all rest. It was different this time though. I felt his hands on my body, moving around, roaming exploring. One hand was moving towards my breasts, the other towards my back, exploring lower until he reached my practically naked behind. I moaned as ran his hand over my cheeks, grabbing an exploring but never too forcefully. He was being gentle like I wanted him to be. His other hand was on my left breast, teasing my erect nipple. Each time his finger slid over it a wave of electricity coursed through my body and I gave a little shudder. Then his other hand came up and began to caress the other breast.

It was great but I wanted more and so did he. I reached down and undid the garters, slowly pulling the stockings off of my legs. From the bottom up he undid the hooks keeping the bustier closed, one at a time. Each hook exposed a little more flesh, until finally they were gone and he reached and opened it up like a book, exposing my chest. My nipples were harder than they had ever been, to the point that they were aching. His hands came back up and began to caress by bare breasts. His mouth met mine again and we embraced, savoring every moment. Cameron was alternating between squeezing my breasts and flicking and pinching my nipples. Whatever he was doing, I could feel the heat between my thighs building, and wet spot in my g-string get bigger.

I started to say something to him when he broke our embrace but he lowered his head to my breast and ran his tongue over my nipple. Each time his tongue flicked over one of them a shockwave raced through my body. He took one nipple into his mouth and began alternating between gently biting and sucking. I had never felt anything so powerful in my life.

"But here are two of them love."

And he dutifully moved to the other giving it the same loving attention. I could see my other nipple glistening with saliva and covered in light bite marks. It felt heavenly. I could feel his now engorged penis pressing against my leg and reached down to touch it. Never had I felt something so hard and so warm, even through his clothes.

I felt one of his hands moving towards my belly, towards the thin scrap of cloth cover my curls and mound. His hand slipped across the fabric and between my legs, onto my pussy. At first he cupped but then he began to rub his finger back and forth across my lips, over the nub, just like I had done in the afternoon. Combined with his mouth on my breasts I could feel the heat rapidly building within me, waves of pleasure coursing through my veins. His finger was pressing into my cleft building my climax to epic proportions. Then he stopped. Before I could say something I felt my panties being pushed aside and his fingers coming into contact with my curly lips. I could feel his fingers running alongside my matted curls back and forth. His finger slipped over my nub, causing me to shudder. I pressed his finger into my cleft and it responded by swelling and opening. I could feel my clit come out from its hood. He was touching my most intimate areas, running his fingers over an inner set of lips I scarcely knew existed. I felt his finger gently probe the entrance to my love tunnel but pull away. He was going to concentrate on my lips. I couldn't fight the waves of pleasure any more. His fingers were causing sensations I would never have guessed at being possible. I began to moan as his fingers drove me to climax. The pleasure waves were coursing through me and I felt my muscles tighten, only stronger than this afternoon. With a scream I climaxed, shuddering at what was happening to me. I could feel my pussy was soaking wet, hair matted to my lips. Slowly Cameron let me down, letting me ride the emotions just as I had done this afternoon. He was being gentler than I had been.

"Babe, this may sound a little out of line, but would mind if I shaved you? I've always wanted to do it."

I didn't say anything right away. I stripped off the g-string, exposing my thick mat of curls. I took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom where everything was laid out. This was going as I had planned.

He looked at the supplies I had laid out and smiled. He knew that I had had this in mind for tonight.

"Do you have a pair of scissors babe?"

I shook my head and went to the kitchen to get a pair. Never before in my life had I wandered through the house completely naked. It was a good thing the lights were low and the neighbors couldn't see. That would have been kind of embarrassing. When I got back to the bathroom Cameron had a funny look on his face.

"What's wrong" I said, almost shrilly, expecting something to be wrong.

"I was just thinking that it would be better in the bedroom. More atmosphere."

I nodded and watched as he gathered up the things he needed. Back in the bedroom he laid a towel on the edge og the bed and I lid down on it, with my back on the bed and feet resting on the floor. It was kind of comfortable actually. He knelt before me and as I watch began cutting away my thick curls. Snip. Snip. Snip. The thick hair came away so easy. He moved deeper between my legs being so gentle that he didn't hurt me. Even having him between my legs cutting off my hair was enough to make me wet, but there wasn't much hair left to mat down. When he was finished I was left with stubble.

"I'll be back in a second." He it said with a smile and left the room and I heard water running in the bathroom. He returned carrying a wet towel.

"It's easier to shave when the hair is wet."

He placed the towel between my legs and left again. I scarcely heard the water running as I enjoyed the sensation of heat soaking into my body, my most intimate regions being warmed by the moist heat. It was heavenly.

He returned carrying a bowl of water. I knew what was coming next. The room felt so cold on my exposed parts when he removed the towel but my body quickly made up the difference, becoming moist and warm in anticipation. I felt a tickle and when I looked he was spreading gel on the stubble and lathering it into foam. It felt cool against my skin. As I watched he took the razor and passed it through the cream, leaving a wide smooth patch. He did this several times at the base of my belly, until what was a furry thatch was no more. I could feel the kiss of the razor against my skin and hear the faint hiss as it removed the stubble. Now he moved to between my legs. I felt him gently pulling on one of my lips, extending it and then the faint kiss of the razor against it. Then the other. A couple more strokes and I was shaved. I could feel the cool air against my exposed pussy. It had been many years since that part of me was bare but it felt good. I could feel that my lips were slightly swollen and were beginning to have my moisture bead on them. I straightened and could see my clit glistening like a tiny pink pearl from its hood. I could see the beads of moisture collecting on my lips. It was so sexy.

I almost screamed when Cameron started to put the moisturizer on me, It was cold and I hadn't realized how sensitive I was without hair. The touch of his fingers was so much better on my exposed skin. I was so sensitive. I wanted him to rub to another climax. Cameron did me one better.

He was still between my legs and bent as if the examine what he had done. He inhaled as if to take in my musky sex smell. I saw him flick his tongue and could only moan as he ran it across one lip and then the other, savoring the sweet dew. Starting at the bottom he placed his tongue in my cleft and moved upwards, spreading my lips wide. He ran the tip across my inner lips and the entrance to my love tunnel, tasting the sweet honey I could feel oozing from inside of me. Then he continued upward and ran the tip of his tongue across my pearl, rubbing it in a circular motion. Each flick was another shock. Almost too soon I felt myself tense, getting ready for another climax. This one was mind-blowing. I was bucking my hips, mashing myself against his outstretched tongue. He was biting and pulling on my engorged lips, my clit even. He was doing everything possible to make me come. And it was working. The feeling was incredible. The waves of pleasure were intense and he kept going until it was too much and I collapsed into a heap on the bed. It took me five minutes to be able to talk again.

"You seem to be enjoying this." I said to him with a grim

"Look who's talking."

And he reached over and kissed me and I could taste my juices on his lips.

"You taste pretty good. It's not like anything I've ever tasted. It's sexy."

I had to agree that it wasn't that bad.

He bent and I saw him remove his boxers. Out in front of sprang his cock. It was about 6 inches and it looked thick. I thought it was the biggest one on the face of the earth but I didn't have anything to compare it to. It looked magnificent with the head almost purple and the size of a small plum. Veins stood around the base of it. Was I supposed to take that into me? It was twitching as if had a life of its own. I was enthralled.

"Would you like to touch it?"

All I could do was nod. I reached out and wrapped my head around it, surprised that it didn't go the whole way around. I had never seen anything like it. Almost by instinct I began to run my hand up and down it's length. I could see the waves of pleasure wash over Cameron. I went faster, frantic almost, at the same time gently grabbing his balls. I could feel the head of his cock swell and become harder, harder than any bone I had ever touched. As I played his cock and balls, he tensed and his mouth opened but nothing came out. His mouth that is. Geysers of white sticky cum began flowing from his balls. The more I rubbed his cock the more came out. I ran down over my hand and into the hair around his shaft. Taking my hand off him I licked it clean. The taste was foreign but not back. Kind of salty but enjoyable. I bent to him and licked his cock clean. It glistened with my saliva. I licked and licked until his balls were clean and his cum was all mine.

"That was incredible babe."

"Only making you feel as good as you made me feel."

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards him, kissing me full on the lips I could taste myself on his lips still and I was sure he could taste his cum on mine. I looked into his eyes and we both knew that it was time.

"How do you want to do it?" he asked.

I looked at him kind of oddly. There was more than one way to do it? I knew the bare mechanics of sex but I didn't know that there was more than one way to do it. Man got on top of the woman and things happened. That was all that I knew about it.

"Well there's missionary, where the guy is on top, doggie, which is from beh…" and he stopped and looked guiltily away when he realized what he was saying.

"I bet you wonder how I know about all of this, right?"

I nodded because it was odd.

"I picked it up over the years watching porn movies and especially reading dirty stories on the web. Everything you could want to know is there. That's where I learned all of this. I bet you think I'm a pervert right?"

"All I see is a man who wants to make sure that our first time goes as smoothly as possible. He wants to make me feel comfortable and safe and have me enjoy what we are about to share."

He smiled and I could see him relax when I said that.

"I think you should get on top. Wouldn't want me to get exhausted and not be able to finish. But more than that, it will let you to go as slow as you want so it won't be as painful. You do know it's going to hurt right?"

I did. My mom had once explained to me that a girl has a hymen in her vagina and a boy will do whatever it takes to get it. She told me that if my husband didn't break it and hear me cry, he wouldn't want to be my husband anymore. I didn't believe most of it but was always afraid that it was true. I guess that was what she was talking about.

Cameron lay back on the bed with his hands at his sides, his cock pointing straight into the air. I crawled towards him and sat next to him, eyeing the pole that was supposed to go inside of me. I really didn't think that anything like that could fit inside me. There wouldn't be room enough. Getting up the courage I straddled his chest, feeling the soft hairs tickling my bare mound. I could see the little beads of my dew glistening on the strands. The moist heat was building in anticipation. Lifting myself up on my knees I positioned my self so that my mound was just above his cock, slowly, almost too cautiously I slowly let my self down to meet him. It was as if his cock was stretching to bridge the distance between his. Gradually until I could feel the tip of it touch my mound. I reached down and caressed myself, feeling the inside of my mound, looking for the entrance to my tunnel. I reached for his cock and guided it to where my finger marked the spot. I could feel the tip of cock touching my entrance, some sort of juices oozing from him as well. Slowly I lowered myself, feeling his cock enter my warm pussy. I could feel the muscles stretching to receive him. The heat was building within me but I could also feel the warmth from his cock.

Then I brought up. My first reaction was that we couldn't fit in me but then I realized that it was my hymen, my cherry as he called it. I tried to slow force him past it but it stated to hurt and I let out a little yelp. It stretched but wouldn't yield. I started to panic.

"Easy babe. This isn't going to be easy. Let's do it together. I'll grab your hips and we'll push down together."

I nodded not knowing what else to do. He placed a hand on both sides of my waist and I bore down until he was stretching me again.


I nodded that I was.

With that that he pulled me down towards him and I felt my cherry break. I could feel it tear and a wave of pain spread through my body. I screamed with the pain and had tears in my eyes, feeling something dripping from me that I knew had to be blood. This wasn't that fun. At the same time though, I became aware of an entirely new sensation. I could feel my tunnel stretching around his shaft, the muscles squeezing around him. I could feel the heat from him and the wetness that was seeping around him. I touched my self and could feel my swollen lips completely surrounded him, my mound resting on his pelvis. He was buried in me to the hilt.

Slowly I lifted my self off him until on the head was still inside of me. Almost as slowly I lowered myself again, savoring the feeling of his cock in the confines in my tunnel. I did this time and again, slowly building a rhythm. The sound of our pelvises hitting together was so erotic. He got into it to. He his reaches reached to my breasts and began to caress my nipples, gently pinching and pulling on them. He began to meet my thrusts, rising to meet me. Faster went, the heat building between my legs. I could feel my muscles spasm as we went thrust for thrust, I could feel my nub being massaged by its hood as we thrust. The pleasure was almost too much.

"Oh baby, you are so good. Don't stop."

Not that I had any intention to. The waves were getting stronger, more intense. I could still feel his hands on my breasts but was barely aware of them, concentrating more on the pleasure that was building between my legs. My muscles began to contract in waves and I felt the pleasure wave building in me. Harder we went. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, concentrating only getting the most pleasure out of this. I felt the walls of my tunnel take a life of their own, squeezing Cameron's cock like milking machine.

I felt the ultimate wave of pleasure building between my legs. I broke over me and I started to shudder with pleasure. At the same time I could feel Cameron's cock spring to life. I could feel hit hot jets of cum as they splashed against the walls of my tunnel. I kept going until he was empty.

I lay on top of him with his cock still buried in my pussy. I could feel his hot cum beginning to ooze out around my lips but I didn't care. I rolled over and his cock popped out of me with a sucking sound, almost like pulling a boot out of mud. My dew had covered his cock and ran down around his balls, forming a large wet spot on the bed. I snuggled close to him and he held me. The smell of sex drowned out the incense. Not a word was spoken. I smiled at him and we drifted off to sleep in each others arms as lovers.

Things were pretty good for a month after that. We didn't have sex but that was okay because Cameron was getting visibly weaker everyday. That didn't stop him though. We walked and shopped and at whatever he wanted. We tried things that I don't think I normally would have but it was interesting. We were man and wife except in name but we never really thought of making it official. I don't think he wanted to leave a widow.

Then he took a turn for the worst. He started having seizures and was having trouble breathing. Luckily there was no pain. He was admitted to the hospital and was on oxygen to help him breath. This was what we were dreading to happen. I cried and cried but there was one piece of knowledge that made it bearable. The day I went to tell Cameron, Dr. Livingston met me at the door.

"I'm afraid it's not good Sarah. He's had a major seizure and we're not sure if he's going to wake up. His breathing is really becoming shallow. He doesn't have much time left."

"Can I see him?"

"By all means. Sit with him and hold his hand and talk to him. It might do him some good."

Cameron was lying in bed, covered by a sheet. His eyes were closed and he had an oxygen mask over his mouth. I could barely see his chest move and if not for the beep on the heart monitor I would have though that he was gone. I sat down and reached for his hand.

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