He Was A Friend of Mine


"Is that you bade?" he asked in a voice that I almost didn't hear.

"I'm here."

"Hold me Sarah."

I wasn't quite sure but he weakly pulled down the sheet on the bed, wanting be to climb in with him. I did, not even taking off my shoes. I wrapped my arms around him and held him like you would a little baby. That's all he was at this stage.

"This is it babe." I had to strain to hear his scratchy whisper. "They don't think I'm going to survive the night. There's no pain thank god."

I started to cry but remembered what it was I came to tell him.

"I have something to tell you. I went to see Dr. Silverman today and he had some news for me" Taking his hand and placing it on my stomach, "I'm pregnant with our son. We're going to have son. You're going to be a father. Your line will not die with you"

He smiled as best he could. I think that was the best possible news that he could have heard.

Almost imperceptibly his breathing got shallower and the heart meter started to beep louder. This was it. After knowing that he would have a son to succeed him, he had nothing else to live for.

"I love you babe." He said with surprising strength

"And I love you."

With that his hand slipped off my belly and I felt the strength leave his body. It was as if the life had just drained out of him. I put my face to his chest and began to sob, wetting his hospital gown. The nurses let me cry. The man I loved more than anyone else, the father of our son, had died.


Our son was born 8 months after his father died, on his Cameron's birthday. That pleased me and it would have pleased Cameron. It hurt that Cameron couldn't be there but I took solace in the fact the he was surely watching over us. Our son is named after his father and I have taken Cameron's name even though we were never married. It felt like the right thing to do. I made a vow to myself that our son will be raised knowing about his father, who he was and how he died. I want him to grow up with all the good traits his father had, and stand for all the good things his father stood for. He won't be my Cameron but then again no man ever will be. But I will raise our son as I think Cameron would want me to. I even think when he's older I will tell him the full story.

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