tagBDSMHe Wears Panties Not Pants!

He Wears Panties Not Pants!

byEnglish Lady©

We were lying snugly in bed, lazily stroking fingers over body parts in an easy invitation to lovemaking when my husband said to me

“I love the feel of this new satin top as I slide my hands over your body.”

“Why thank you Love. I love the feel of you feeling me whilst I have it on.” I giggled huskily, gasping as his large manly hand cupped my breast; His fingers seeking out my nipple and teasing it into full bloom.

I love satin. The soft smooth coolness of it against my skin makes me feel sexy and sensual. Just putting on such a garment gets me wet and excited longing for my husbands touch.

His hand moved lower over my stomach down, right down until meeting the thigh length hem and hitching it up a bit allowing his fingers to slip underneath it and into the soft springy bed of my pubic curls.

“Oh that’s good Hunny!” I purred as his fingers parted my lips and danced along my lips. “Oh fuck yes!” I exclaimed in surprise and delight as his finger plunged inside my warm wet hole and I continued to moan as his finger slid back and forward inside me.

Soon I felt his cock rubbing against my satiny hip.

“Does the satin feel good against your cock love?” I asked as my arm wiggled down between us and my fingers sought and found his hardness.

“God yes!” He hissed into my ear, His hot breath seared against my pale cool skin.

“Would you like to feel your cock encased in satin?” I asked as another of his strong fingers bored its way inside my slick and stretched vagina.

“Yes, oh yes!” He growled as my own slim lady fingers wrapped around his engorged manhood and pumped backward and forward in time to his heavy breathing.

“Oh you would.” I whispered huskily “you would hey?” His fingers plunged deeper inside me, willing me to go on. “Would you like to wear my satin chemise? Feel it rubbing against your nipples and thighs, whispering past your cock?”

A groan of deep arousal meets my words and I feel his cock contract in my hand a drop of satiny precum dropped onto my fingers.

“Or would you like to wear a pair of my satiny knickers? Your whole cock trapped within a cage of soft sensuous fabric?”

“Oh God Hunny yes!” he cried as his cock oozed and throbbed some more. “Can I fuck you now?” He breathed into my ear the lust in his voice evident

“Yes baby.” I purred “Fuck me!”

I knew my words enflamed him even more and I eagerly spread my legs wider as he rolled on top of me and easily found the entrance to my wet and wanting womanhood. With one Mighty thrust he entered me. Hard and demanding his cock jack hammered my pussy with no mercy.

“Yes you like that image don’t you?” I whispered “you want to wear my clothes whilst I fuck you don’t you?”

“Yes, God yes!” He groaned, his thrusts getting more frenzied by the second.

“You want to feel my hard cock pounding into your tight hole as your body and cock are encased in soft, feminine folds of satin don’t you?”

I opened my eyes to look at him. He had his eyes shut tightly and his mouth opened in a continuous moan of delight. His sensuous lips dry from longing his cheeks and neck tightly wound as the rest of his body. Every inch of him was concentrated upon my body and my words.

“I will be your Master.” I promised “I will take your virginity with my hard cock and dress you up in pretty clothes like the slutty whore you really are.”

Those words tipped the balance and I felt his whole being stiffen and his cock as it pumped into my tightly squeezed cunt.

He cried out in ecstasy as his spent body fell forward on top of mine.

“Thank You.” he whispered. As he kissed my lips tenderly.

“Oh no thank you Slut.” I reply a naughty twinkle in my jade green eye “I am quite looking forward to taking your virginity.”

“So am I.” He grinned back as he rolled onto his side of the bed and gently began to snore.

I snuggled into his back and kissed him between his large manly shoulders

“I love you.” I whispered as I gently drifted into an erotically charged sleep.

“Put these on whilst I am out.” I commanded my husband before stepping out of the door a few days later “I will take your virginity when I come back. I won’t be gone long.”

As I walked to the shops I imagined my husband eagerly opening the package I had dropped onto his lap before I left. My stomach clenched at the thought of what laid ahead for us and I smiled broadly as I fantasised about bringing his sordid fantasy into reality.

As I walked in the door there He stood. I gasped in amazement as my eyes lazily took in every inch of his outfit. The dusky pink chemise clung tightly to his chest and barely skimmed the top of his thighs; the spaghetti straps emphasising the broadness of his chest. The matching pink French knickers clung tightly to his package (I could already tell he was aroused from the size of his bulge) and the pink slip on slippers just added to the whole look. I was worried before that I might find this all too funny but I did not. I thought he looked sexy and my body surged with a dominant sexual thrill as I commanded my husband to walk towards me and to do a twirl.

I leered as he spun around the clingy fabric highlighting his tight and squeezable ass. I saw how the cut of the knickers emphasised the length and strength of his hair covered legs and how the little heel upon the strappy slippers caused him to totter precariously as he spun.

“Very pretty Slut” I growl in deep gravely voice. “Now go up to the bedroom and wait for me there.”

“Yes Master” he replied. His voice betraying his excited nervousness.

I walked into the bedroom and slammed the door behind me.

I gave him a minute to take in my appearance. I watched his piercing blue eyes as they skimmed over my body. They took in the fact I was wearing one of his crisply ironed white shirts, unbuttoned at the collar tucked and into a pair of his dark blue denim jeans. I did not give him much time to register the bump nestled inside the crotch of the tight pants.

“On your knees Bitch.” I commanded and watched with great glee as he jumped from his seat on the end of the bed to his knees on the soft deep red carpet at my feet.

“Take off my jeans Slut.” I growled and soon I felt his fingers shakily undoing the button and zip of the harsh blue denim material.

A gasp of sheer amazement and sexual need fell from his mouth as he saw the hard black plastic cock sticking out from my crotch. I watched him take in the straps that held me into it and felt my hot wet pussy clench around the end of the dildo sticking into me.

“Suck it Bitch.” I bark “Get it wet so I can fuck your tight little virgin hole with it.”

“Yes Master.” he squeaked and fell to licking at my plastic phallus. I was shocked at the electric heat searing through my body at the sight of my husband as he sucked upon the tip of a plastic cock strapped on to myself. As his head bobbed up and down further on my cock I felt the vibrations in my cunt and against my sensitive clit.

I grabbed handfuls of his short brown hair as I screamed out my appreciation.

“Oh yes that’s it Slut. Suck it. Lick it. Swallow it. Stretch your lips around my big hard cock. Imagine how it’s going to feel in your virgin hole.”

I let him suck me some more but before the stimulation became too much for me I ordered him to stop.

“Get on the bed Slut. Present your ass to me.”

“Yes Master.” He whispers as he climbed to his feet, his hardness poking out from the leg of the pink panties. I watched him as he climbed onto the end of the bed and pulled some soft pillows under his chest whilst his hard and shapely ass stuck up in the air.

Walking over to the end of the bed I took in the sight before me. My husband on his knees, his slippers fallen to the floor, his cock sticking out from girly pink panties and his body encased in soft sensuous satin.

I pull the panties down his thighs and tug them down till he awkwardly balances to let me free them from round his knees. As they filled my hand I lifted them to my nose. I could smell his salty precum soaked into the material.

“My you’re turned on aren’t you Slut?” I hissed as my hand slapped down upon his ass cheek. “I can feel how wet these panties are. You dirty, nasty slut!” I slapped the other buttock with resounding strength and watched as the flesh quivered and pinkened in an immediate reaction.

I moved to the side of the bed close to his face and looped the wet panties over his head.

“Enjoy the scent of your pretty pink panties whilst I fuck you.” I growled into his ear and stalked back to his upraised buttocks.

Gently I slapped at his arse cheeks with my cock. Standing on tip toes I strained as I whipped my plastic penis against his soft fleshy bottom.

Quickly I uncapped a container of lube and smeared the colourless liquid goo all over my manhood. My excitement rose higher as I dipped my finger into the unctuous mixtures and began to massage it between my lover’s buttocks. Gently I prodded the finger against his puckered anus until it eagerly sucked my finger deep inside. IGasped at his moans of pleasure as I see sawed my finger in and out of him a few times before adding another lubed finger into his stretched, virgin orifice.

“Ok Bitch. I have loosened you up now get ready for my hard cock to steal your cherry away!”

I mutter as I took the slick cylinder of my plastic phallus and pressed it against my husbands flexing anus. Slowly it slipped inside. I watched in awe as my husband opened up and accepted my hard cock inside of him. I listened to his groans and curses of pleasure as slowly the cock was swallowed up completely inside of him.

“Do you like that Slut? Do you like the feel of my cock deep inside you?”

“Oh God Yes Master!” He cried out in response

“Do you want me to fuck you Slut?”

“Yes” He pleaded

“Yes what?” I snapped and brought my hand down hard upon his upturned ass.

“Yes P...P…Please Master!” He panted and on that final “r” I pulled back till only the tip of my cock filled him them slammed into him hard and fast.

“I’m going to fuck your virgin hole till you scream Bitch.” I exclaimed as my hips banged hard against his buttocks the vibrations which caused my whole body to spasm and shake. “I’m going to fuck you so fucking hard!”

I Watched as my shirt tails whipped against his pinkened arse and as his satin chemise gathered around the small of his back. I felt the strength of his hips and thighs as my fingers grasped him tightly as my cock cannoned in and then out of his tight hole.

I listened intently to his muffled moans and cries and curses of pure delight until I detected an urgent note to his screams.

“You’re going to cum for me aren’t you Bitch?” I screamed as the pleasure in my cunt spiralled out of control


“YESSSSSSSSSSSS MASTER!” He forced out as he came hard and fast his hole tightened around my pretend phallus. My cunt exploded. I came with a bang! My legs turning to water, as my husband collapsed forward onto the bed. I fell on top of him. My cock still embedded in his ass.

“Did you enjoy that Slut?” I panted as I pulled myself out of him.

“God yes!” he replied.

“God yes what?” I giggled as I gently slapped his bottom

“Master” he grinned and I leaned forward to kiss him.

“That’s better.” I grinned.

“Well we now know who wears the panties in this relationship!” I exclaimed and my husband guffawed with laughter as he pulled me into his arms.

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