Head & Sex


We're in your room, and we’re making out and we stop kissing 'cause while catching your breath I take your shirt off I kiss your lips softly, then behind your ears then your neck then down on your nipples I then use my tongue in swirls around both your nipples, then use my tongue to go from your nipples down to your happy trail you no what I’m going to do from the look in my eyes.

I kiss all over your stomach and chest, licking in your spots that get you hard I take your wind pants off , and I know you just want it and don't want to be teased but I do anyway. One hand reaches down your boxers and starts a hand job while the other is rubbing your chest I then lick the tip then all around it, and then your balls.

I look at you and you look like you'll go crazy so I put your dick in my mouth I start off real slow just enough to tease a bit then I speed it up, till I begin to her a bit of a moan I stop and work my way up you while removing my shirt, I know you'll stay hard feeling my nipples on your skin I kiss your mouth passionately until I think your gonna' go crazy so I kiss and lick my way down to your dick. I start another hand job and you let out an even bigger moan of excitement, I continue with the hand job until you precum a little I then lick the tip then all around it, and then your balls.

I look at you and you look like you'll go crazy so I put your dick in my mouth yes I do actually I begin to suck on the tip only at first, slow then fast then faster as I hear the noises from you growing so I put your whole dick in my mouth and begin to suck and suck harder and faster and more intensely. I know you’re about to cum so I get going. I give you the best damn head job you've ever received I suck on your dick again and you begin to cum I swallow the flood of cum coming out of you while listening to the moans your making you stop cuming and I sucked it for a little longer to tease, and I kiss your dick and lick it all over.

You want me bad now. And rip my skirt off of me and we begin to make wild passionate love you rip my skirt off then my underwear, which leaves me naked in front of you...you kiss me from my head to my toes suck on my nipples, and I enjoy what your doing we do a little teasing first.

I give you another nice hand job while your fingering me and or moans grow each time I hold your dick in my hand while in ecstasy from what you’re doing, and getting off on what I’m doing to you and hearing you I go fast then slow and just keep it fast. That's enough of that and I begin to give you a head job again, and suck fast and slow, and lick your dick your are definitely hard from this, you can't stand the enjoyment and pleasure your feeling you grab my ass w/one hand and with the other you’re rubbing my nipples then you begin to eat me out, sticking your tongue in all the right places you know I like I have multiple orgasms over and over you move your tongue in swirls and all around moving it in and out fast then slow.

I'm still giving you head 'cause you stop every couple minutes to let out long moans, and so do I. You finally come and I swallow what you do you notice I stop so you do too, we kiss for like ever and a day. And you lay me down and you get on top of me and you carefully insert your dick into my wet pussy we start to have sex, and we go for like ever. Fast slow deeper and harder, then we try a different position and I’m on top sitting up grinding myself into you for a while .

Then I know you love doggy style so we do it that way which felt damn good. And finally from exhaustion we fall to the floor in each other's arms and fall asleep.

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