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Head Cheerleader


Emily Thompson was a pretty smart, pretty talented, and just plain pretty 18-year-old girl, and that was what people like Brad Mason liked about the head cheerleader of the Watery Vista High School Cheerleading Squad. Even though the handsome, white-skinned, raven-haired jock had to remain focused on his duties as quarterback of the Watery Vista Sharks, the five and a half foot tall 19-year-old boy couldn't help but watch Emily and her team do their thing while Brad and his team did their thing. While he practiced his throws and tackles, Brad noticed that Emily looked delicious in her blue and white cheerleader uniform. He gazed at the equally white-skinned girl as she practiced her routines, he watched with admiration as she did her bends, twists, and stretches in an exhibition of flexibility and he drooled when she flashed her white panties as she did her tumbles, splits, and flips in a fascinating show of agility. As he watched Emily in action, he noted to himself that her oh-so-athletic body looked sexy in her cheer squad's uniform. Brad was enraptured by her five and a half foot tall body and her athleticism. But the real pleaser was when she did her chant.

"Ready? Okay!" she chanted excitedly, "S-H-A! R-K-S! Mess with us, we'll chomp your ass! Sharks! Sharks! Go, Sharks!"

Following Emily's lead, the others chanted, "S-H-A! R-K-S! Mess with us, we'll chomp your ass! Sharks! Sharks! Go, Sharks!"

The girls then simultaneously jumped into the air and shouted, "YAY!"

Brad was totally impressed by her enthusiasm. With such a beautiful body, a fantastic face, and a perky personality, she's got quite a tendency to attract the boys. Especially Brad, who thought that Emily was the best head cheerleader that the school ever had, even if she was a virgin. At this point, he made his decision. After practice, he was going to fuck this girl into next week. After all, she honestly needed to know why his friends and his many girlfriends called him, "the master Shark."

When practice ended, the boys and girls went to their respective cars and drove home, but Emily stayed behind and went to the locker room to get changed. Unknown to her for the moment, Brad stayed behind too and followed her to the locker room, but not to get changed. When she got to the locker room, Emily was about to disrobe when...

"Hey, there!" said Brad, surprising Emily.

"Brad! What are you doing here?" shouted Emily.

"I thought that it would be a good idea to congratulate you on your cheering. After all, it was you and your girls that helped us through those games."

Flattered, Emily answered, "Well, I had a good coach that taught me and my girls well. And it helps that we cheered for a great team."

"So, Emily, I noticed that of all the girls in the squad, you have the most energy of all of them," noted Brad as he walked up to Emily

"Well, Brad, sometimes you have to give as good as you get when it comes to stuff like this."

"Funny that you should mention that, because after that performance at practice, you'll have to give me as good as you got," said Brad as he moved closer and closer to Emily.

"Why, whatever could you mean by that?" asked a curious Emily.

"Well, let me show you," answered Brad as he pressed himself against Emily and kissed her hard on the lips, sliding his tounge into her mouth and causing the girl to moan in his mouth as he did so. Brad then wrapped his hands around Emily's back, and slid them down until they found her tight athletic butt. His hands fondled those fine ass cheeks through her blue and white skirt for a short time before he lifted her skirt and gave her buttocks a nice squeeze, eliciting a gasp from Emily. Brad liked that reaction and caressed and squeezed her ass through her skirt for a few minutes.

Getting her breath back, Emily stopped her kiss to say, "Wh-Wha-What are you doing, Brad?"

"Getting you ready," responded Brad.

"Ready for wha..." Emily was silenced with another open-mouthed kiss from Brad.

"You'll see," said Brad, while kissing her.

At that moment, Brad put his hand under Emily's skirt and fondled her butt through her panties.

"Oh!" gasped Emily, "Seriously, what are you doing?"

"Let's just say I'm giving you a post-practice physical," answered Brad.

"Wait a minute..." said the cheerleader.

"I don't think so," responded the quarterback as he pressed harder against Emily. As he did so, he felt his erection rise inside his pants. Then Brad decided it was time to begin. While grasping and rubbing her butt with his hands and kissing all over her face and then her neck, Brad rubbed his clothed body against Emily's, causing her to gasp.

"Oh my goodness," said Emily, "What's going on? I feel warm inside!"

"You're getting ready for me, Emily, just as I'm getting ready for you," answered Brad as he continued to dry hump the girl, rubbing her butt and kissing her neck as he did so. As he rubbed against her, he felt her nipples getting hard and pushing through her shell and he heard her grunts of passion get louder and louder.

Panting, Emily said as she began to shake, "P-p-please, Brad! Stop this, please! I don't think we should do this!"

But Brad said, "Oh no no no! I think we should, and your body agrees!"

And then, feeling bold, he licked Emily's ear and thrusted his pelvis hard against her, causing her to moan loudly in orgasmic pleasure, much to Brad's surprise. Letting go of Emily, who was breathing heavily, Brad unbuttoned her blue and white skirt in the back and pulled it down her legs, revealing her white panties, which now had a huge wet spot in the crotch of the undergarment.

I don't understand, Emily thought, I'm letting this guy take advantage of me, and I like it. Why is this happening to me?

Brad mused, "Wow! I haven't even taken your clothes off yet, and yet I made you cum really hard! I'm impressed!"

"Oh, Brad, why did you go and do this to me?"

"Well, I'm obviously attempting to turn you into a woman as only a man can," Brad answered.

"Wait, you can't!" protested Emily, "I'm supposed to stay a virgin until I'm married! I don't want to do this!"

"Sorry, but your wet panties can't wait and neither can I!"

He's right, thought Emily, my mouth is saying that I don't want this, but my body is begging for it!

Brad pushed her against the locker behind her and gave her a rough kiss while he pulled her wet panties down her legs, revealing his objective, which was Emily's bald and dripping wet pussy.

"Oh my God! Look at that pussy! It's so wet, so bald, so tasty! You're so ready for this!" he said as he got down to his knees and lowered his head to her crotch and gave it a big sloppy kiss, causing her to gasp.

"Oh, Brad!"

"You haven't felt anything yet!" said the football jock. He gave her wet cunt another kiss and made her say "Oh!" even louder. But he wasn't finished yet. Brad licked up and down Emily's pussy lips, causing her to moan in excitement. As the jock began eating her out, the cheerleader shuddered.

"Oh! Oh! Oh my God!" Emily moaned as the quarterback invasively tongued her cunt, "What's...happening...to me? Oh...ah! I shouldn't enjoy this...but I like it! Ooh...uhh! I don't want to like it, but it's...it's...OH GOD! It feels so good! Your tongue feels so good inside me! Don't stop! Don't stop! PLEASE DON'T STOP!"

This change in attitude somewhat surprised Brad, but who was he to turn down a request? With a low growl, Brad sped up his tonguing, causing her to grunt in passion. While the quarterback ate her pussy, he then pulled down his pants and briefs to let out his big cock, which was 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. Then he replaced his tongue with his fingers when he found her clit and licked his way up to it while he finger-fucked her, causing her to shudder and pant and moan heavily. Then, when he felt her clit throbbing, he was sure she was ready, so he increased the speed of her finger-fucking and sucked harder on the girl's clit. This continued for a few minutes until he gave her clit one huge suck.

Emily grunted, "Oh...uh...ah...I'm gonna...I'm gonna..." But she never got to finish her sentence. Emily let out an orgasmic scream as she suddenly came with incredible force, arching her back and letting out a big yell, trembling as her body spasmed beneath Brad, clamping her legs around his head, and grinding her pussy against his mouth as she squirted her juices in his face. During it all, Emily was shouting, "Oh my god! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Once again, Brad was surprised.

When her orgasm ended, her shapely legs gave out and she slumped to the floor of the locker room, but Brad got off his knees and gave her a good look at his throbbing erection. The sight of his pecker made Emily gasp and say, "Oh my!" While her attention was fixed on his cock, he took off his jersey, revealing his muscular chest and toned stomach.

"You know what, Emily? I don't think it's fair for just me to be naked," said Brad. With that, he took off her shell and revealed a magnificent pair of 36C breasts that was being covered up by a blue sports bra. Then he took the bra off, leaving her as naked as he was.

"That's better," said Brad as he gazed upon the now unclothed figure. Leaning towards her chest, he gently squeezed her breasts, making her sigh as he moved his hands around the bottom. When he fondled the cheerleader's breasts, he ran his fingers over her nipples and tugged, pulled, twisted, and squeezed them.

"Oh, Brad...Brad..."

"Oh, you like that, huh?" said Brad as he played with her nipples

"Oh...yessss," Emily hissed.

"Well, maybe you'll like this," said Brad as he leaned down and kissed her breasts. Emily moaned in delight as Brad ravished her boobs with attention. Unconsciously, the cheerleader moved her hand down to her pussy and fingered herself. While the quarterback squeezed, rubbed, licked, and kissed her breasts, Emily rubbed her clit with her thumb and pushed two fingers in her pussy, making her moan very loud. Emily's fingers pistoned into herself for a few minutes until the combined forces of Brad's breastplay and her masturbating caused another howling orgasm to hit her. Brad stopped playing with her boobs and saw that her third orgasm made the girl wetter than before, which was good news for her cock, which was still rock hard.

Oh God, thought Emily, I've got to have that cock inside me now! The girls in my squad were right! I've waited too long! I need this!

"Please! Take me! Take me now! That why you came here, isn't it?" begged Emily. Brad realized that Emily was getting very horny, which was perfect. And he thought that all virgins were good girls. But Brad, however, decided that she should earn the right to be fucked.

"Do you want this?" asked Brad, tauntingly waving his cock around.

"Yes! Yes!"

"Then say you want it," said Brad.

"I want it!" said Emily.

"Say you want to be humped," declared Brad as he picked Emily up and moved her to the locker room bench.

"I want to be humped!" repeated the girl as she was laid on the bench, after which Brad spread her legs open.

"Say you want to be sexed up!" ordered Brad as he rubbed the head of his cock against her wet pussy, getting it ready.

"I want to be sexed up!" repeated Emily as Brad moved his dick into position, and pressed the big, fat head of his cock against these wet lips.

"Say you want to be fucked by my big, rock hard cock!" ordered Brad.

"I want to be fucked by your big, rock hard cock!" shouted Emily, now surrendering to her newly discovered lust.

"Well, in that case," said Brad, "here we go!"

In one swift movement, Brad pushed the head of his cock into her wet, warm, and tight pussy, causing her to gasp as his rod split her lips open. "Oh my god! It's so tight!"

"That's what I love about it, baby!" the jock laughed.

Emily squirmed as his cock went deeper inside her. Brad had managed to get half of his cock inside her when it poked at her hymen. The girl moaned in anticipation. Brad pulled out some and pushed back in, poking at her hymen again only to pull out some again. Then Brad rammed his tool back in, breaking through her hymen.

At the top of her lungs, Emily yelled out, "Ahhhh! Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod!"

Brad laughed and said, "Music to my ears!" Having busted her cherry, he pushed and pushed until he was all the way inside her. This was enough to make Emily drench the jock's fuckstaff with her pussy juices.

"Oh god, you're inside me! You have your cock inside me! It feels like I'm being torn apart!"

"Heh, heh, heh! Now you're going to get something to really cheer about!"

Brad started fucking into her tight and juicy pussy hole, slowly and gently at first, then faster and harder as her newly popped vagina relaxed and expanded. Her gorgeous tits wobbled like gelatin as he humped her faster and faster, and her face was twisted in a horny grimace. As he kept ramming her, Emily wrapped her legs around Brad. This didn't escape the quarterback's notice.

"You look like you're enjoying this, aren't you?" Brad leered.

"Ohhhhh, I LOVE it!" moaned Emily, "I love it sooooo much! Hump me! Hump me hard!" The cheerleader thrusted Brad deeper into her cunt by tightening her grip around him with his legs. In response to her flexibility, he rammed his cock into Emily harder and harder, causing both of them to grunt from the effort. Despite the fact that the locker room was air conditioned, the heat of their two bodies sliding together brought sweat to the surface; their sweaty bodies moving together. While thrusting inside of her, Brad played with Emily's breasts. Emily moaned repeatedly as the combined sensation of Brad fucking her and playing with her breasts brought her closer to orgasm.

"Oh, gawd!" shouted Emily as she felt her pussy getting tight, "I'm gonna cum soon! I really am! I can feel it! I'm gonna blow! I'M GONNA POP!"

"Uhh! Me too!" grunted Brad as he felt his hot cream bubbling up inside him, aching to spurt out of his dick. Brad fought to hold it in while he continued pistoning into her. Emily felt herself begin to fill up with her own hot cream as her orgasm drew closer and closer. Then, Brad slammed into her really hard. Finally, Emily yelled at the top of her lungs as her body exploded into a raucous orgasm.

"AHHHH! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" Emily shouted wildly as her orgasm seized her every fiber of her being, dancing like a lightning storm in her body, sending her into ecstatic delirium, "OH MY GAWD! FUCK ME! YES! JUST LIKE THAT! FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEE!"

The cheerleader wildly gyrated beneath Brad in the throes of her orgasmic outburst, causing the quarterback to give in to his lust and fuck her as hard and fast as he can, bringing her to another orgasm, then another. By the time she got to her seventh orgasm, Brad felt himself getting close to cumming. "OH DAMN! THIS IS IT, BABY! THIS IS IT!" shouted the jock. Emily was too busy shouting her slutty heart out to care.

Then, with one last hard thrust into her sopping wet cunt, Brad brought Emily to her eighth screaming orgasm that in turn brought him to his own screaming orgasm that caused him to shoot his hot, creamy load into her, filling her with his seed. Emily moaned pleasureably at this new sensation of Brad's cum filling her body. The jock pulled out of her pussy, causing her to squirt her juices out of her vagina, just in time to blow his load on her stomach, her tits, and her face. Both their bodies quivered together through their mutual pleasure until Brad fell off of Emily and onto the floor, completely spent.

Emily panted heavily, trying to catch her breath. After a few minutes, she recovered and saw a naked Brad laying on the locker room floor, stuck in a small sex coma, with his dick now covered in his own cum, her own pussy juices, and her virgin blood. Then she sniffed the air and noted that it smelled of sex. Then she took a look at herself and saw that she was covered in the jock's cum. At this point, she realized that Brad had taken her virginity. Just like the squad said he would. When he wakes up in thirty minutes, he'll probably go and brag about it to his friends.

"Well," muttered Emily, "it looks like the so-called Master Shark has snagged another one."

Emily glanced at Brad and said, "Good thing I'm on the pill." Then, after looking down on her cum soaked body, Emily said, with a small smile, "Well, I'm a real mess! First, I've got to get to the showers and get cleaned up, and after that, I'm going home."

Emily picked up her newly disheveled clothes, but then, she saw that his cock was still erect. Such a sight made her feel all tingly inside.

"On the other hand," mused Emily, "I think I should play with him some more! After all, Brad was absolutely amazing! I haven't felt this good since I was involved in last week's lesbian orgy with my fellow cheer squad! And he was just my first man! I think that it's time for me to consider going bisexual."

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