tagInterracial LoveHead Fantasies Ch. 02

Head Fantasies Ch. 02


For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about the women I've found attractive. The following is a series of some of those fantasies (at least the ones that I can remember) about teachers, co-workers, classmates, women and girls from my neighborhood, etc. Although I'll accurately describe people, places, situations, and circumstances, I will (of course) change names. Enjoy!


The Department Store

I'm not really that much into younger women – older ladies are more my thing. Don't get me wrong, I DO find a lot of younger women VERY attractive. I've just never really pursued them, especially in situations where the age difference is ten (10) years or more; although I have engaged in plenty of flirting encounters.

Ten years ago I worked as the loading dock and inventory manager at a department store. I'd been there for a little over five years. College students usually found jobs on my team during the summer months and holidays. A few became our "regulars" who returned each season. There were a few young ladies who I looked forward to seeing. They were intelligent, funny, good workers, and "YES" – kinda hot (for 20-somethings).

My favorite was "Rachel". She was a local girl attending graduate school. She was white, in her mid-20s (26, I think), very bright and very flirtatious. She liked to feign shyness and innocence, but you could always count on her being "up to something". She looked like a bookish, smart-assed, younger, hotter version of "Natalie Portman".

Rachel had a very nice body. She was about 5'6", with blue-eyes (behind glasses), brown shoulder-length hair and VERY nice curves. Her ass was a "10" – I loved it when she wore her favorite Levi's or her black yoga pants.

When she worked with me in my office, Rachel loved to flirt. I kept things as professional as possible (didn't want to find myself explaining things to the HR manager), but I'd definitely give back whatever "sass" she sent my way.

"You're not looking at my butt, are you...?" was something she'd say if she were bending to pick something up, or using the step ladder to reach an inventory manifest from the upper shelves.

"Of course not," or "what butt?" was my usual response. I realize now (and then) that it would have been VERY easy to get into those yoga pants.

My Rachel-fantasy goes something like this:

It's time for the Annual Inventory. A lot of late-night and overtime work to match the numbers, but for me it always went very smoothly, especially when I had someone like Rachel working with me. Which means that we have quite a bit of downtime while we wait for results and requests to come in from the other department managers. More time to flirt...

It's very late and we've done everything that we can for the night. We're bored and horny, so we decide to take a stroll around the building. I leave a note on the office door to page me if needed, and we head for the fourth floor (where display inventory is kept).

Rachel is wearing her yoga pants, flip-flops and a tank-top. The flirting ramps up as we walk to the freight elevator, and once the doors close, we take things to the next level. The flirting gets physical – we touch and hug and finally kiss – a long, wet passionate kiss. I squeeze her sexy, round ass and she grinds against my throbbing cock.

We reach the fourth floor, and can barely keep our hands off of each other as we make our way to the Display Room. In the room are chairs, couches and mattresses that are circulated for various floor displays. Before I can unlock the door, she already has my pants unzipped and down to my knees. I turn on a single ceiling light and lock the door behind us. Inside the room, the nearest items are a leather loveseat and a bare mattress. She pulls me over to the mattress and removes my shoes, pants and boxer shorts.

"Ooooh, is this for me?" Rachel grins as she takes my cock in her hands. I don't even have time to respond as it disappears into her mouth.

Rachel has me splayed on the mattress, with my legs spread wide as I slow fuck her throat. I run my hand through her hair, and she winks at me over her glasses, which she hasn't removed. She sucks my balls and licks me from base to tip – I'm her chocolate lollipop.

"Oh, fuck!" I gasp. I'm about to cum and she firmly strokes me. My thighs tense and tighten as a steady stream of jism flows from the tip of my dick. Rachel's eyes widen and she smiles as she watches it roll down her fingers. She licks it off as if it was syrup.

"I'm not done with you yet, Mister!" she tells me as she begins undressing. I can already feel my dick coming back to life when I finally get to see her completely nude. Her pussy is shaved bare and her nipples and areola are dark-pink against her olive skin.

"Hope you like the taste of pussy, because I REALLY LOVE to have my pussy licked..." she smiles as she settles back into the loveseat, and rubs her glistening lips.

I stand in front of her and stroke myself back to full attention. It doesn't take much because this young lady is so fucking gorgeous. I lean in and kiss her again. Then I show some attention to each of her perfect, perky nipples. Finally, I get down on my knees and place one of her legs over the arm of the loveseat and the other over my shoulder, and then I feast. I lick and slurp on her clit and pussy until my face is covered in her juice.

"Oooh, you're eating my pussy so good, Mikey..." she moans as she humps my face. Her eyes are almost closed and with the tips of her fingers she's lightly touching and teasing her nipples.

I go at her for a few more minutes until her breathing changes. Her eyes are tightly closed and her toes flex and curl. I insert two fingers into her pussy and vigorously tongue her clit.

"Oh, baby...!" is all she says before her entire body spasms and convulses. I taste and feel the cream flowing from her pussy. Rachel's glasses are fogged and slightly askew when she's done. I lean back and let her catch her breathe.

"How was that?" I ask, wiping excess juice from my face.

"Eh...! Not too bad." She grins and straightens her glasses.

Smart-ass to the end.

"Guess I'll just have to do it again." I shrug as I lean towards her wet, still trembling pussy.

"I was kidding!" Rachel laughs and stops me.

I climb onto the loveseat next to her. We small-talk and fondle for a few minutes.

"I think I need a good fucking now." She announces, taking my cock in her hand and stroking.

She leads me back to the mattress, lays on her back and spreads her legs wide. I climb onto her and we lock lips as Rachel guides my cock into her pussy. We start slow and gradually pick up the pace. It doesn't take long before we are both covered in sweat. We urgently want to fuck each other – completely.

We roll over until Rachel is on top. She rides me hard. I flip her onto her stomach. I ride her hard. Rachel cums first, but she doesn't stop – she won't be satisfied until I've cum too.

She rolls onto her back again and pulls me down onto her. Her pussy is sloshing wet, but I can feel her muscles flexing and tightening around my cock. We kiss and fuck until I blast whatever I have left into her.

We're laying side by side, panting, sweating and grinning. Eventually we clean up, dress and go back to my office. No one even noticed we were gone. We leave and grab a bite at the all-night diner.

Rachel and I hook up whenever she's in town.

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