tagInterracial LoveHead Fantasies Ch. 03

Head Fantasies Ch. 03


For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about the women I've found attractive. The following is a series of some of those fantasies (at least the ones that I can remember) about teachers, co-workers, classmates, women and girls from my neighborhood, etc. Although I'll accurately describe people, places, situations, and circumstances, I will (of course) change names. Enjoy!


Office Manager

I worked for a bank in New York City for 13 years. When we moved to DC I took a position at one of the subsidiaries. The office manager ("Quinn") and I hit it off as friends on the first day. Anytime I went to her with a problem or issue at work, Quinn fixed it immediately. My co-workers often teased me that she was interested in a lot more than being just friends.

Although I never pursued it they probably weren't wrong.

Quinn was 10 or 12 years older than me (I was in my mid-40s at the time). She was white and single, and as far as I knew, had never married. She was very tall - 6'2" (yes, I asked her), had red-hair, large breasts and wide hips. She was very intelligent, but very awkward. But that's also what I found to be very appealing about her. We would have made an interesting pair - the white giantess and the short black guy.

I noticed something very interesting about her as well - at times, Quinn was rather submissive. I especially became aware of this whenever she was around upper-management. She liked giving in to those "in charge".

My Quinn-fantasy goes like this:

There's an office party-event going on - Christmas or New Years - being held at the same restaurant where it always occurs. Quinn is doing what she usually does at these events - trying to do EVERYTHING - trying to ensure that the bosses are happy. My co-workers and I (the staff and operations teams) arrive an hour late, as we usually do. We've been having a few rounds of drinks amongst ourselves at our favorite dive-bar a few blocks away. Upper-management never liked this, but there's nothing they can do about it. After hours is OUR time.

Quinn is happy to see us (and me) because once we arrive she can relax and start enjoying herself. She joins us in a few rounds of shots at the bar and starts to loosen up. In time the managers start to thin out; they don't really party or socialize with the staff.

Quinn is squeezed into a booth next to me. She's had a few drinks and has started to get "friendly" (this has actually happened). She has an arm around my shoulder, and under the table, a hand on my thigh. That hand gets closer to my crotch as the night goes on.

I tell Quinn that I am leaving and she follows me to the door. She gives me a quick, awkward and unexpected kiss.

"I wish you didn't have to go so soon," she frowns, "we were just starting to have fun."

"Then leave with me." I tell her. "Get your stuff and we'll go back to your place."

She's shocked and speechless for a moment.

"OK..." she finally says, disappearing back into the restaurant.

A few minutes later she returns with her purse and coat. We hail a cab. We hold hands, but neither of us says a word for the entire ride.

We arrive at her apartment and I follow her in. She offers me a beer in the kitchen and we drink them leaning against the counter.

"So, what should we do now?" she smiles after draining the last of her beer.

I place my empty bottle in the sink and walk over to her. She leans down and we share a long hard kiss.

"Take your clothes off." I tell her when we come up for air.

Without hesitation Quinn unbuttons and removes her blouse, as I undo my tie and shirt. I pile my clothes on the counter, while she tosses hers onto the floor. Quinn is already stepping out of her panties before I've even loosened my belt buckle. Wearing only thigh-high stockings, she squats and removes my pants and underwear.

Her face is only inches from my rock-hard cock. Quinn's breath has quickened as she looks up into my eyes, waiting for instructions.

"Go ahead." I smile and nod. She takes my cock into her hands and kisses it, and slowly and gently rubs it across her face.

Quinn is literally "worshiping" my cock.

She takes me into her mouth and I feel the head reach the back of throat. Her hands are against my thighs, as her head slowly bobs on my crotch. I brush her red-hair aside and look down into her big hazel eyes. I smile to let her know I like what she's doing. She sucks harder and deeper.

She finds the sweet-spot and I feel that familiar tingle. I don't want to cum yet, so I tell her to stop and pull her to her feet.

Her 44DD breasts sag slightly on her belly. Her nipples are large and dark against her pale skin. She leans back with her hands at both sides on the counter. Quinn moans as I lift a tit into each hand (they're heavier than I expect) and alternately suck each until the nipples are at full attention.

I find that Quinn is neatly shaven and especially wet when I glide my hand along her pussy. She moans even louder when I slide two fingers between her puffy lips and reach her stiff clit.

"Oh, Michael...yes!" she hisses through clenched teeth. Her grip on the counter-top tightens as she spreads her legs wider and squats lower, pressing against my fingers.

"That's right, baby! Fuck my hand just like that!" I tell her as she grinds her wide hips. This goes on for several minutes. We stare intensely into one another's eyes as I finger-fuck her pussy. Her moans have now turned to heavy grunts, as her body starts to sweat.

I drop to my knees and shove my face up into her crotch. Quinn's snatch smells and tastes heavy and sweaty. The lower half of my face is covered in her juice as we continue our intense stare at each other.

"Take it, baby!" she grunts, "Take it all!"

Her thighs are starting to quiver and I can sense her orgasm coming. I pull back, stand and watch as her hips continue to grind and gyrate.

"Please..." Quinn begs. "Don't stop..."

"Keep going." I order her. "Imagine my face is still buried in your pussy. I want you to cum for me, Quinn, and I want you to cum hard."

Quinn's hips continue to buck and grind and she raises up onto her toes. Her breathing and grunting intensifies. The sweat glistens on her skin, and her eyes are tightly closed. Her face and neck are tense and bright red.

"Omigod..." she gasps. Her entire body goes tense and her thick thighs start to quiver as she experiences one of the hardest orgasms she's ever had. Tears and sweat roll down her cheeks when she's done. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed, and I almost cum myself just watching.

"Very good, Quinn." I say stroking her face. "You OK?"

She can only nod as she catches her breathe. I smile and lead her into the living room. Her legs are still shaky as I help her onto the couch.

We have another drink, talk and kiss. It doesn't take long before we're ready to get back into the sexing each other. She strokes and sucks me again.

"Would you fuck me, please...?" she whispers.

I smile at her request. A horny woman literally begging me to fuck her makes me that much harder and want to do it that much more!

We shift into a more comfortable position on the couch. She lays on her back and stretches out with her arms over her head and her wrists crossed. (I surmise that she would probably like to be tied up...maybe next time!) From finger-tip to toe-tip she must be 8-feet long. I spread her legs wider and slide my cock in. She's still very wet and, to my surprise, very tight.

"Oh fuck..." we both groan as I lay into her. We fuck long and slow, trying to savor as much as we can. We've been going at it for almost 20 minutes when I sense the tingle in my balls. I pick up the pace and slam into Quinn as hard and fast as I can. I spill my load into her and we're both spent.

We clean up and Quinn invites me to spend the night, and I follow her to her bedroom. We sleep and fuck 2 more times before I leave the next day. We keep our "office thing" a secret and get together as often as possible.

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