tagIncest/TabooHeading Home For A Swim

Heading Home For A Swim


It was a hot August day and I decided to cut out from work this Friday at lunch. My indoor pool was calling me and I would have it all to myself. I pulled into the driveway and saw my daughter's car there. When I went into the house I didn't see any sign of my eighteen year old daughter, Nicole. I went to the bedroom and changed out of my clothes. I got my trunks on and headed to the back door.

Once I got to the door I looked out and was brought up short. There was Nicole swimming nude in the pool. I looked at her for the longest time. My daughter had reddish hair and she was petite. Although she was on the small side her tits looked big from the house. I could tell her nipples were erect even from where I stood. I could turn around and forget about swimming or go out and be with my daughter.

I opened the door and walked towards the pool. Nicole saw me and her eyes went wide. She had a further shock when I pushed my trunks to the ground and then dove into the pool. I swam a lap around my daughter and then I went over to the part of the pool she was in. We were standing face to face and looking at each others bodies. My cock was stirring as I reached out and cupped Nicole's breasts. Nicole let out this moan as I pinched her nipples there in the water.

I moved closer and our bodies touched. The flat part of my dick was pressed against Nicole. I was sliding my cock against Nicole's slit. If that doesn't get you hard, I don't what does. I told Nicole to put her arms around my neck. She did as I asked and I found the entrance to her pussy. I lifted my daughter up in the water and I lowered her down onto my prick.

I was able to easily slide into Nicole's pussy. Once I was totally inside her hole I lifted her body up and then pushed my rod all the way in. Fucking a young woman was a pleasant surprise. Her pussy was so tight and her muscles grasped me hard. I could hardly believe what was happening. My daughter was giving herself to me freely and I was feeding her my bare cock. I did come out of it and realize I didn't have a rubber on. I had no idea if Nicole was on the pill or not.

I just kept fucking my daughter. I couldn't stop myself right then. My thick cock was buried inside Nicole's pussy and she wanted it bad. I have no idea how long we were making love there in the pool. My balls started to pinch and I knew I wasn't far from cumming. I should have told Nicole I was close, but I couldn't stop feeding her cock. I could almost feel the cum rising up through my cock. I held out a few moments longer and then I exploded.

Nicole felt the warm rush of my cum enter her belly and her body started to shake. I held her against my chest and I pumped my love cream into her pussy. I shot my seed for some long minutes before I finally started to go soft. I kept my prick inside my daughter for as long as I could, but then I lowered her legs into the pool. Nicole seemed wobbly as she stood there before me.

"Maybe we should go inside," she said to me.

We climbed out of the pool and then dried ourselves with some towels. We gathered up our bathing trunks and went back into the house. Our lovemaking didn't stop right there. We walked back to Nicole's room and I got onto the bed. Nicole joined me and she began to stroke my cock with her small hand. I was surprised to find I was getting hard once more. Once Nicole had me hard she mounted me. Nicole lowered her pussy onto my mushroom and she sunk all the way down.

Our pubic mounds touched and we went at it again. Nicole was crying out for me to fuck her hard. I would raise up and feed her all eight inches of my stiff member. My daughter's hole was incredible tight that day. It was nothing like when my wife and I made love. Nicole bounced up and down on me. I felt her pussy convulse and she had some orgasms. I did manage to cum a little bit more in her that second time. There wasn't much left in the tank unfortunately.

I squirted my warm cum into Nicole a second time. She gripped me hard and took my love offering. When we finished Nicole collapsed onto me chest and we had a passionate kiss.

"Your mother can never know what we did today," I said.

Nicole understood perfectly. My wife did finally get home from work and Nicole and I acted like nothing much was happening. It's now Saturday and I am waiting for my wife to go shopping. She will be gone for some hours and Nicole and I can share each others bodies one more time. I did find out that Nicole was on birth control so all is well on that front. All I know is I can't give up fucking Nicole. She says that she needs my cock in her pussy as well.

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