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Healer's Touch Ch. 03


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When Kat woke up the next morning, she saw that Charlie was already up and tending the fire that he had started the night before. The tantalizing smell of fresh brewed coffee was carried to her on the wind. Sitting up, she slowly rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Good, you're up. We can get an early start today," he said as he handed her a cup of coffee. Kat smiled in thanks and took a sip of the hot brew. She winced as it's bitter flavor coated her tongue.

"Just out of curiosity, Charlie, how many packets of coffee did you use to make this?"

"Three." He walked back over to the fire and poured himself a cup. He took a sip of it before spitting it out. "Yuk! What's wrong with the coffee that you brought?"

"Nothing, Charlie. You just simply put to much in the pot."

"It said three on the packet."

"Three scoops, not three packets," she said as she stood and walked over to the fire. Dumping her coffee on the fire, she stretched and headed towards the zephti. Laying a reassuring hand on it's back, she softly rubbed it. The animal leaned towards her as she scratched it's favorite spot.

Behind her, Charlie scowled and dumped the pot over the fire. Grabbing his pack he found a couple of nutrition bars. Tearing one of them open, he took a big bite out of it.

"Here." He handed the other bar to her.

"What's this?" Kat asked as she accepted the bar.

"Breakfast." He turned back and started gathering up their bedrolls.

"Wonderful!", Kat mumbled as she took a bite out of it. It tasted like cardboard. And she had a feeling it was going to be a long time until lunch.

Jonathan lay beside Pati and watched as she slumbered. He held a piece of her silky hair between his fingers. His heart ached when he thought of the torment she went through each time she awoke. If there were any way to kill the man that injected her again, he would. But Brett Garway was no longer among the living. His heart had given out a few months earlier. He wished there were a way to heal his wife. He loved her to a distraction and hated the fact that she wasn't the same woman he had fallen in love with. The raz-ice, Venus's most addictive drug had somehow combined with the potent aphrodisiac that she had been given. He longed to have her want him without being under the influence of the drug. He remembered the first time that they had made love and he longed to go back to that time.

"Jonathan..." Pati's soft whisper broke into his thoughts.

"Sweetheart?" He gathered her up in his arms.

"I ache," she told him as she snuggled closer to him.

"I know, Pati. I wish I could take away the pain." He pressed a kiss on the crown of her head.

"Please make love to me?"

"I'll always make love to you, Pati. I love you." He leaned in and kissed her deeply. When she moaned against his mouth, he sighed with pleasure and felt just a twinge of regret that it was the drug that made her ask him to love her.

"My lady."

Arianna looked up from the book she was reading. She smiled absently at the young maid.

"Yes, Gloria?"

"Prince Randall wishes to speak to you. Shall I tell Arthur to patch into here?" "Of course." Setting her book aside, when the light lit on the console next to her, she pressed the button.

"Good afternoon, Prince Rand. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Arianna, it's wonderful to hear your voice."

"What do you want, you silver tongued devil?" Arianna asked with a laugh.

"Arianna, you wound me," he protested.

"What has Charles done?" She gripped the arms of her chair.

"He's on his way to you. I brought back a healer from Earth. She was tested by Ulrich and deemed in need of training."

"And you would like me to train her?" Arianna replied as she thought of the task ahead of her.

"Yes. I know that it is asking a lot of you. I know that you haven't taken a student in years, Arianna. But this is a special case. I think she is going to be the one that cures Pati. Her power is totally different than any I have ever seen."

"Really. So this girl's power lies in the healing arts?"

"Yes. When I brought her back from Earth, I realized that she was different. She has quite a bit of latent power. The only thing is that she never uses it. So this task will not be an easy one. On Earth, her power is forbidden. So it will be a long and difficult task when training her. Are you up to it?"

"But of course. All I do is read. Since Deanna's death six months ago, nothing in Areseric has been the same. Even the highest of wizards are reluctant to show their power. Charles' verdict has been rough on them."

"And I'm afraid that it is only going to get harder for him."

"You've asked him to escort this girl to me?" The truth dawned on her. "I knew you were a hard man, Rand but not cruel."

"I did not ask him to, Arianna. Gracie asked him."

"And he would do about anything for your princess. As would many in your kingdom. You couldn't have married a better witch, Rand. I hope you realize how lucky you really are."

"Yes, I do. Arianna, I would have asked him to take her. You have to know that up front. I have seen this healer in action. She can heal. She has helped Gracie with the babies. I know that she would have had them early if Kat hadn't stepped in."

"She must be a strong healer."

"She is. She will heal Pati. She will in the end heal your son."

"My son?" Arianna whispered.

"Yes. She has been called to Venus. She was having dreams of it long before she came here. I've seen that she will stay here. She will become a part of our world. She'll marry and stay."

"An Earthling marrying an Venusian? That would be the first."

"No. My father just granted Drew and Grace, a bonded couple, the right to marry."

"He's opened the door for more marriages then."

"Yes. Especially in the case of bonded couples. It was a point of contention between us. I told him that the bonding wasn't logical or reasonable when it came to who a man felt the need to bond with. That if they bonded then -- they should have the right to wed also."

"Sounds logical to me. I still think that any couple should have the right to marry if they suit and they have community support."

"Yes. I know that in Areseric that the community tribuinal has the last say. But what is going to happen when Charles comes home and decides to change it?"

"Oh I hope not. I don't want to see civil war break out."

"Well, lets hope that it doesn't. So will you do it? Will you train Kat?"

"Of course I will, Rand. When will they arrive?"

"They left yesterday. I arranged for them to spend a couple of weeks alone on the plains."

"How in the world did you do that?"

"I bought out all the zephtis except for one pregnant one. I know he won't push her to hard. He'll have to spend time with Kat. She has been trying to get his attention since she came here. But he's leery and giving her quite the chase."

"Is she the one?" Arianna held her breath as she waited for the answer. Gracie's aunt had predicted when Charles had bonded with Deanna, that she wasn't the one that was going to be his true mate. She envisioned that his true mate would travel a long way from her home to become his mate in every way.

"Yes. She is the one!"

"Oh." Arianna's mind spun. It was going to be one heck of show to watch when they arrived.

Kat stared in disgust at Charlie. He had gone back to trying to keep her at a distance. They were stopped for lunch.

"You know, Charlie, giving me the silent treatment isn't going to work. I'll just keep right on talking until you do answer me."

Charlie looked over at her and scowled.

"What will it take to get through to you, Katrina?"

"What? You still trying to sell that old song and dance about not wanting me? Come on. It's time to change the tune and start living again. You can't crawl into the grave next to her. You have to start living again."

"So you want to be the one to make me forget about her?" His voice grated as he stomped over to her; jerking her up, he held her off the ground, so he could look her in the eye.

"Little girl, you are no match for me. The things I have forgotten about making love and loving, you haven't even learned yet. Keep pushing, and you're going to find out what happens when you push an Areserican to far. An earthling will never be able to satisfy me. Leave me alone before I end up hurting you." He dropped her and stormed away.

If he had looked back instead of stomping away, he would have seen the smile that covered Kat's face. And then he might have realized that he had just played into her little hands.

"That's better, Charlie. At least you're not ignoring me." Kat whispered as she watched him disappear from sight.

It was a VERY long afternoon. But finally time came to make camp for the night. The site was barren but at least there was water.

Charles stood next to the small stream. He was still angry with Kat. He couldn't believe that the child was giving him lectures on love. He was happy just the way he was. He didn't want to jump into another relationship with a witch. And no matter how she protested, Kat was a witch. She could do things that he couldn't and he wasn't risking a relationship with her. It was doomed and he had better things to do than try to build a relationship that wouldn't last.

Rubbing the back of his neck, he stared down into the water. He wished that he wasn't so set against witches but after Deanna, he couldn't stomach the thought of risking himself. His body might have other ideas about her but he controlled his body. For him it was not the other way around.


He growled. He couldn't believe that she had followed him.


"Ah, I think that the zephti is having her baby."

"What?" He spun around and stared at her.

"Yeah. She just dropped to her knees and started making noises."

"Christ." He grabbed her hand and hurried back to the campsite. When they reached it, Charles saw that the zephti was indeed in the process of having her baby. When she saw them, the zephti whined in greeting, as if asking if they knew what was wrong with her.

Charles immediately dropped to his knees next to the groaning animal. Placing a hand on it's distended stomach, he felt for the familiar contractions that signaled labor. Under his hand he could feel the muscles tightening. But something seemed to be wrong. He could feel the foal inside and it was struggling. Normally during labor the foal was calm while the mother delivered it.

"There's something wrong! I'm not a healer." Turning towards, Kat, he jerked her towards the laboring animal. "Feel. The foal is struggling. Do something. You are the great healer. Heal her. Fix it." he demanded.

"I...I..I've never..." she protested as he shoved her towards the animal. Seeing her familiar face, the zephti tried to stand and greet her. "No, no, girl, lay back down." Kat urged as she placed her hand on it's stomach. Feeling around, she could see why Charles was so worried. The foal was indeed struggling.

"Go get me some water and my bag." she ordered as she felt the foal and the stomach of it's mother.

When she turned to look at him, she could see that he was already doing as she requested. "Listen here, Girl. I'm not a real healer. I'm going to do what I can for you but understand something, if you make me out for a fool, in front of that man, I'll never forgive you. So lets make sure that you don't do that and I'll make sure that you have a fine baby to show off to all your zephti friends. Deal?" The zephti whined as if agreeing.

"Oh, Katrina, you are losing it if you think that animal understood a damn thing you just said." Kat scolded herself. But it seemed as if the zephti was in a much better mood and seemed to be a bit relaxed when Charlie returned with the water and her bag. Washing her hands quickly, she looked at the zephti. She wasn't sure where the sexual organs on this animal were. Were they in the back like a horse?

"Okay, Charlie. You have to help me here. I don't know the first thing about these animals. Are they similar to earth horses?" "What?"

"Just tell me where the damn foal comes out at."

"I don't have the foggiest idea, Katrina. I've never seen a zephti deliver a baby. The pack usually surrounds the mare and she delivers away from prying eyes."

"You've got to be kidding me. You took an animal out that was expecting a baby and had no clue about how they deliver?"

"Well..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I figured since you're a healer, you'd know what to do."

"You assume a lot don't you?" then standing up she faced him and yelled!

"GREAT!" She shook her head and grabbed her bag. "You just want to drop me off at Arianna's and get rid of me. You didn't care about what happened to this animal. Just back off and let me try to help her." she growled at him when he tried to protest.

"Sorry about that girl. I know that yelling doesn't help. Let me feel you and try to figure out how that baby is suppose to come out." She placed her hands back on the stomach. She flinched when she felt the familiar tingling in her palms. She didn't take that for a good sign. There was something definitely wrong with the foal. The zephti whined again as she felt the heat pouring off of Kat's hands.

"Shh, I'm not going to hurt you, relax baby," Kat soothed as she ran her hands further down the swollen stomach.

"What can I do to help?" Charlie asked.

"Give her some water. I doubt she'll drink it but offer it to her." He nodded and took the canteen to the zephti.

Kat gasped when she finally found the opening that the foal was trying to work out of. It was small and in comparison the colt was huge! She placed a reassuring hand on the zephti's neck.

"This is going to hurt sweetheart. I'm sorry but I have to reach up and turn the baby." She clenched her teeth and slowly inserted her small hand in the opening. Reaching in she felt the unfamiliar touch of zephti flesh until she bumped against what felt like a leg.

"Christ, I hate being right. Charlie...do they deliver head first or back feet first?"

"I don't have any idea. I would imagine they deliver like horses..." he offered.

"You know you are absolutely no help." Grasping the colts foot, she gently tugged on it, still monitoring it's movements with her other hand.

She was sure glad that she had witnessed horses on her grandfather's farm. The zephti wined again but she seemed to be in less pain.

Jonathan closed the bedroom door on his sleeping wife. After loving her for two hours she had feel back into an exhausted slumber. He needed to find Rand. He had to do something soon. As was the way of his kind, he knew when she had conceived their first born. His wife was definitely pregnant. She was only a few weeks along but now he had to do something and do it fast. He didn't want her going through childbirth still addicted to the raz-ice. Walking down the hall, he knocked on the suite door to Rand and Gracie's rooms. He could hear muffled laughter coming from inside.

" Rand, I need to talk to you." He called out clearly as he knocked on the large entrance door of their suite.

"Well, then come in already." Rand replied.

"Is Gracie in there with you?"

"Of course she is -- where else would she be?"

"I really don't want to have her hear what I have to say." Jonathan grumbled.

"Old friend, since when did you become reluctant about speaking your mind."

"Since it involves my sister!" Gracie's voice whispered to Rand softly.

"Aw, Gracie, don't take it that way." Jonathan replied as if he had overheard her.

"I'm not offended. I will leave for your comfort but I will find out eventually what it is you wanted to speak to him about. We don't keep secrets from each other."

"I know. But I would feel more comfortable talking to Rand first."

"No problem. I think I'll go and find your wife."

"She was sleeping when I left." Jonathan told her.

"No problem, I'll just visit her dreams. I won't disturb her 'cause I know what happens."

Thank you! Jonathan smiled sheepishly at Gracie as she slipped quietly out of the room and walked softly down the hallway

Pati was dreaming of a baby with Jonathan's eyes when she felt a presence. Looking up from the baby, she saw her sister.


"Hi, Pati."

"You're in my dreams aren't you?"

"Yes. Jonathan and Rand kicked me out of the suite. So I decided to come and pester you. I know that you were sleeping and I know what happens when you wake. So I decided to pay your dreams a visit."

"And you know I love you enough that I wouldn't threaten to kill you for invading them."

"That too." Gracie agreed as she sat down next to her.

"So why did they kick you out?"

"They wanted to talk about you."

"Ah. Jonathan went to tell Rand that I was pregnant."

"You know?"

"Oh yes. I knew the moment I conceived. I know that women don't usually know when it happens but I was connected to Jonathan when it happened."

"You were sharing each other's minds?"

"Yes. When I touch his medallion, I can connect to him. I feel what he feels, what he thinks. It is a very powerful feeling to have."

"Are you happy about the baby?"

"Oh yes! I have a feeling that this addiction will be soon over. I know my husband hates the idea that the raz-ice makes me come to him. But you know, Sis, if I didn't already want my husband, it wouldn't effect me. Even in the grips of the raz-ice, I have never longed for any man other than him."

"Have you told him that? It might make a difference? "

"Not in so many words. But I have showed him."

"Really. Have you gone to him when you are awake and not in the grips of the drug?"


"Why don't you? It would mean a great deal to him to know that you love and want him even when the drug isn't effecting you."

"You know, you're right. I will just have to seduce him. What do you think I need to do?"

"Why don't I give you the incantation that I used the last time and you sneak into his dreams and have your way with him?"

"Oh, I like that. When?"

"Give me ten minutes to put him out and then you can have him."

"What are you going to do?"

"Nothing mean. I'm going to have Rand put him to sleep. Then the rest is up to you."

"Thank you, Gracie."

"Congrats on the baby. I love you Sis!"


Rand paused as he heard his wife. Jonathan and he just finished brainstorming. They had a few ideas but nothing was really finished.

Do me a favor and put Jonathan to sleep.


Because Pati wants to surprise her husband.

The dream merge?

Yep. You're right!

Okay. But you owe me!

"Sorry, Jonathan."

"For what?" He looked up at Rand.

"This." Rand blew a gentle breeze in Jonathan's face.

"What the..." Jonathan asked before he slumped in his seat.

Okay, Gracie. He's asleep. Now what do I do with him?"

Bring him back to his rooms. We'll put him in bed with her.

The things I do for you, woman!

But you love me.

Yes, I do!
Rand lifted Jonathan easily even though he was not a small man and then walked down the corridor to Pati and Jonathan's suite Jonathan stirred when he felt a tug on his arm. Groggily, he opened his eyes. He was back in his bedroom.

"I see that my sleeping beauty is awake."

"Pati, honey do you need me?" he asked as concern for his wife flooded his system.


"When did you wake up?"

"I'm not awake. You're sleeping."

"Rand..." He suddenly remembered him blowing in his face.

"Yes, Gracie told Rand to put you asleep for me. I can't make you sleep, so I had him do it for me."

"And what is the point of this?", he growled as he went to sit up. He then realized that the tug on his arms he felt were the bindings that he had been restrained in again. She had spoken the 'binding' incantation over him while he slept.

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