tagSci-Fi & FantasyHealer's Touch Ch. 06

Healer's Touch Ch. 06


Kat watched as Charlie groaned and rolled over onto his stomach. She had not been able to sleep since she had figured out that Charlie's need had become more intense when the waters of Areseric had penetrated his skin. Despite the dilemma, she was still found peace in watching the stars brighten as the night grew deeper. She had been staring at the stars for hours when Charlie had started to thrash around and moan softly.

She crawled over to him, concerned that he was in pain. As she lifted her hand to touch him, she hesitated. She longed to touch him but wasn't sure if she should. Finally she placed a hand on his shoulder with the intention of waking him up.

"Oh...." she gasped as she was dragged under him She stared up in surprise at him before he lowered his head and attached his mouth to the side of her neck. She groaned as he started sucking on the tender skin at the base of her throat.

* * *

Charlie growled happily as he raised his head and saw the love mark that he had left on the little healer's neck. He had always been a possessive lover. He loved leaving his mark on his mate. Maybe it was due to the Areseric blood that ran through his veins. Or maybe it was simply because he was a dominant male.

He growled when he saw the flush on her face. She was definitely aroused. Perfect, he thought as he thumbed one of the soft pink nipples. As it hardened for him, he rumbled as he captured it between his lips. Sucking it into his moist mouth, he ran his tongue over the tip of it. As he laved the end of it, he imagined that one day he would be doing the same thing and tasting the milk that she would have for their son. He groaned deeply at the thought of her carrying his child. It was one of the regrets that he had from his previous marriage. He had always longed for children.

He turned his head and treated the other nipple to the same treatment. He growled again when he felt her little hands tangle in his hair before pulling his head closer to her. He could hear her gasps and moans as she squirmed under him. He could feel her rubbing her pussy against his stomach and hips. He caught her hips and pressed her even more tightly against him.


"Patience, my Kitty-Kat. We'll get there," he whispered as he lifted his head and stared into her passion glazed eyes. He could feel her sharp little nails pressing against his shoulders in protest.

"I ache..." she panted as he held her pinned under him.

"As do I!" He said menacingly before pinning her hands above her head with his. With their height difference, he could easily restrain her. Lifting himself above her, he settled deep in the 'vee' of her splayed legs. They both groaned when he ground his aching cock against her pussy. When he slowly rocked against her, Kat wrapped her legs around his trim waist, urging him to quicken the pace. With a deep moan, he granted her wish and rocked urgently against her as he kept his upper body off hers.

* * *

Kat gasped in pleasure as Charlie pinned her to the rough ground. She had tried to resist the temptation. She knew that he had been in a deep sleep. She shouldn't be enjoying this but she couldn't resist the pleasure. Pinned as she was, she was helpless against the pleasure that his thrusting hips were giving her. He was rubbing against her aching mound and her sensitive clit was throbbing. She could feel her orgasm coming. She was breathing raggedly.

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed as her body exploded.

* * *

Charlie awoke when he heard Kat's scream. He opened his eyes and stared down at the moaning thrashing Kat. WHAT THE HELL? She was climaxing and she was UNDER him!

"Fuck!" He growled as his cock erupted inside of his pants. When the tremors of pleasure finally resided, he looked down at her flushed face.

"Hi..." she whispered.

"What the hell happened?" he spat arrogantly at her after he rolled off of her soft small body. Sitting up, he ran a hand through his hair.

"You were dreaming." Kat sat up too. She gently reached out to touch his shoulder.

"Don't!" he hissed.

"Charlie?" Kat whispered uneasily.

"Don't touch me, Katrina. This should never have happened." He stood and walked over to their bags.

"Why do you keep fighting this? It's obvious that we want each other."

"I was dreaming Kat. And it wasn't about you." He lied without turning to look at her. He couldn't bear to watch the hurt that he knew was going to be in those beautiful brown eyes.

"Then who..." Kat asked softly

"My wife," he said as he finally turned back to look at her.

"So I was...."

"Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I told you before nothing will ever come of this. I am a man and I have needs..."

"I get it. You don't want me other than as a brief fuck....." Kat whispered as she scrambled to her feet and ran for the river.

"Kat!" Charles yelled. Concerned for her safety, he followed her. It was still dark out and she didn't need to be wandering around. He heard the splash as she dove into the water.

"FUCK!" he grumbled as he stood at the edge of the water. The little witch knew that he wouldn't follow her into the water. Not after his close call earlier. Even with the meager release he had just had, his hunger was still too close to the surface to attempt another dip into the water. Pacing at the edge of the water, he watched in the moonlight as she started swimming away from him. He kept pace with her on land. Even if he couldn't go into the water, he was going to protect her.

He followed her on foot for the next hour until it looked she was finally tiring. As she crawled to the shore trembling with fatigue, he knelt down next to her. Reaching up he pushed a wet strand of her hair off her cheek.

"Don't touch me!" she argued weakly as she collapsed, her body half in the water and half out of it.

"I thought that was my line..." he whispered as he watched her eyes drift shut. She was clearly exhausted from her long swim. He leaned over and picked her up with easy strength and cradled her in his arms.

"You're a real bastard." Kat mumbled sleepily.

"I know." Charles winced as he turned and headed back towards their camp.

* * * Philip watched the pair intently from behind a kor. Since it was night, it too slumbered. He would have to make his move before morning came though. Once the kor awoke it would be hungry and he had no intentions of becoming it's dinner.

He had been awakened by the same scream that had roused King Charles. He had watched from a distance as the two obviously had a disagreement and then the healer had headed into the river. He found this fact rather interesting. If they had just had an argument, why was she partaking of Areseric's most well know aphrodisiac?

The king was obviously showing more restraint. He followed the woman but stayed on the bank. As Philip kept behind them but still within sight, he was surprised to see that the woman was traveling farther down stream. What kind of being was she? He had never seen any of the Aresericans stay in contact with the water for more than a few minutes. Even the more daring women and men had only gone in as far as their waists before coming back out and screwing themselves silly. The healer had obviously better control of her libido or she simply wasn't affected the same way as they were. It was a rather intriguing thought.

He backed up quickly but silently as the couple came back into closer view. The king was carrying the limp healer in his arms. As he waited in the shadows, the king and healer passed mere feet from his hiding spot. It would be ideal to strike now but Aric had said nothing about hurting the healer. And it went against the grain for him to lift a hand against a healer. His dead mother had been a healer. He could no more strike a healer than he could his own mother.

He was patient. The king's time would come. He would just have to wait for it. He would attack soon perhaps just as the sun rose.

* * *

Clara was awakened from a dead sleep by the pounding on her suite door. She glanced at the clock and groaned. It was three AM! And she knew exactly who was at her door. Sighing, she rolled out of her bed, and grabbed the white robe off the foot of the bed. Shrugging into it, she walked out to the sitting area of her suite. Opening the door a crack, she saw her enraged niece.

"This couldn't wait until the morning, Gracie?" she asked as she pulled the door further open.

"No! I need to talk to you. Now!", she added as she watched her aunt start to close the door.

"Fine - come in before you wake up half the household." Clara said as she turned leaving the door part way open. "Please don't slam the door."

As Clara settled into the armchair next to the fireplace, she watched Gracie waddle back and forth in front of her. Finally she stopped and looked at her aunt. Blue sparks lit up her eyes.

"Was it a diversion?"

"No." Clara said already knowing what Gracie was referring to. "Your sister will come into her powers after she has her babies. You will be the best person to teach her how to control them. She will need YOU!"

"Did you know that my husband has left? Or where he is going?"

"Yes. I knew. You are in no condition to follow him, Gracie. You are seven months pregnant. If it weren't for Kat's touch you would have already had those three. Who knows if you or they would have lived?"

"What do you mean?" Gracie asked with a frown.

"Each time she had touched you, she has healed your body. There is a reason why Rand is only planning on only having these babies with you. Your body will not be able to handle having any more pregnancies. Once is all he gets and he knows it. So he made his one shot count."


"So you need to stay here and give those babies a chance. If you go traipsing out into the desert after your husband, you could cause yourself great harm. But it could be even worse for those three babies!" She watched as Gracie turned away from her.

"But even as I tell you these facts, I know you are going to go after him. It is the way of Chosens." Clara sighed as Gracie rushed out of the room.

* * *

As the sunlight finally touched Kat's sleeping face, Charlie knew that he was a goner. That as surely as the Sun shone above - he was falling in love with the little healer. He was still fighting it as hard as he could but he had finally realized that even if he fell in love with her, he would never have her. He just couldn't trust either of them that far.

Gently shaking her, he woke her up.

"Let's go Katrina. It's time to head out." He spoke firmly as he crossed the fire and squatted down to start Kat's precious coffee. He had finally figured out how to make a decent cup.

Kat grumbled and joined him by the fire. As she knelt down to take the coffee from him she was suddenly airborne. She landed on the far side of the fire headfirst and with a loud thump.

"KATRINA!" Charles jumped to his feet to only be hit from behind.

* * *

Rand cursed as he neared the campsite and saw the man attack Charles.

"Yah!" he yelled as he urged the zephti into a fast gallop. He had to reach the campfire before Kat watched dazed as a man and his attacker circled each other. She sat up and tried to shake the cobwebs out of her head. She had landed hard on the ground and had hit her head. Oh how it ached. She was trying to get to her feet when she was suddenly grabbed by the smaller of the two men. She struggled painfully against his strong arm as he twisted hers behind her back.

"Stay back," he warned the others, "or she goes into the fire."

"She's a healer. They are protected by law. It's a sure death sentence if you kill her." The larger man tried to argue.

"Why should I care. I've already broken the law concerning the king. How much more dead can I get?"

Kat squeaked as she was lifted up and thrust towards the fire. She screamed as she felt him let go of her and the fire raced up to meet her.

* * *

The next few minutes were a blur for Kat. Just as she saw the flames leap up to engulf her, she was snatched out of the air by a pair of strong arms and the fire was snuffed instantly. She sobbed softly as she was cradled against a hard chest. She looked up to see a pair of green eyes surrounded by fiery red hair watching her.

"Are you okay, Katrina?" Charles asked her softly.

"Katrina? Is that my name?" she whispered as she clung to him.

"Katrina or Kat," a somewhat familiar voice said from behind her. She turned and looked over to see another man. This man had dark hair instead of the red hair of the man holding her. He wasn't nearly as tall or as muscular as the redhead. Who were these men?

"He's gone." Rand said to Charles as he crossed over to them.

"Damn." Charles turned and sat down on his bedroll, still holding Kat. He gently ran his fingers over her head and neck - feeling for cuts and bumps. He winced as she moaned when he found the large knot on the base of her skull. "That's quite the bump you've got there."

"Do you know who I am?" Rand asked as he crouched down in front of her.

"Ah....I think I should know but I..." Kat frowned as she drew a blank.

"What is the last thing that you remember, Kat?" Charles held his breath as he waited for her answer.

"Ah....trying to sit up. I don't remember anything before that."

"Well, damn." Rand muttered. "I think that you have a case of short- term amnesia."

Play along with me, Charles. I know that you will want to resist but she's not safe. She needs protection. I can't offer her the protection of my name. You can.

* * *

Charles held his breath as he realized what Rand was going to do. And he wasn't wrong. Rand straightened up and then took Kat's hand.

"Then I believe that introductions are in order, Kat. I am Rand. I'm the Prince of Venus. I brought you back with me after I had been abandoned on your planet. You've been staying with me and my family. That was until one week ago when you tested with an advisor who said you needed more and specialized training. This man is Charles, though you usually call him Charlie. He's the King of Areseric, one of the countries under my rule. Since the healer you are to train with is in Areseric, it only made sense to have him escort you. Plus it was suppose to give you time alone with each other. You and he are Chosens." Charles erupted to his feet angrily! Charles couldn't believe what Rand had just said. He had expected Rand to say that they were engaged. Never had he imagined that he would claim that they were Chosens. On Venus, 'chosens' were much more than just man and wife. They were bonded together body, heart, soul, and magically. They were true lifemates and once a member of the royal families declared that a chosen couple existed there was no way out for either person. Rand had just bonded him and Kat together. The bond wouldn't be any stronger or more permanent even if he had glued them together with SuperGlue.

"Chosens? What does that mean?" Kat asked as her head began to throb even harder.

"Don't worry about it, Kitty-Kat." Charles soothed her hair off her face. "You just worry about getting better. I'll take care of everything else." Over her head, he glared at his friend.

* * *

Rand was helping Charlie pack up the campsite when he felt his wife's anger.

I have a bone to pick with you, Your Highness.

Rand stopped. He smiled ironically. It seemed that more and more often these days she had a bone to pick with him.

Gracie, my love, where are you? Are you in our bathroom, taking a bubble bath? he teased.

No! I'm following your stubborn ass. Did you really think you could leave without me?

"Son of bitch!" Rand dropped Kat's bedroll that he had been rolling up. Charlie looked over in surprise.

"Is everything okay?"

"No, it isn't. Gracie's following me." Rand looked around quickly, assuming that his wife was in the immediate area. When he didn't spot her, he groaned.

When did you leave the palace?

At dawn this morning, you jerk. You left me alone. You know I can't sleep without you.

Guilt consumed Rand. He knew better than to leave his Chosen. Chosens could not tolerate long separations. And he had most deliberately not taken time to merge with her, because he had known she would realize that he was going away and why. He felt like an utter ass for treating his beloved wife that way.

"I'm coming to meet you, Gracie. Be careful. There is a wizard that has just attacked Charles and Kat in the area. He ran off and I am not sure which direction he took."

"He doesn't want to cross me in the mood I'm in!"

Her voice was showing the strain of anger and frustration. Rand hoped in a way that the wizard would cross his wife's path. Maybe if she worked some of her anger out fighting one defeated wizard, she wouldn't be as angry with him when he finally did show up.

"I have to head back to Trila, Charles. I'm sorry. Gracie is headed this way and she is alone! I need to join her."

Charles could see the sincere apology in his friend's eyes. The older wizard didn't want to leave either of them there.

"I understand. Your first duty is to your wife." Rand nodded and turned to leave, glad that his friend understood.

"Just one question before you go, Your Highness." Charles waited for the stiffening of his friend's shoulders. He didn't have long to wait. When titles were used between friends it meant "trouble".

"What?" Rand growled as he slowly turned back to him.

"Can I expect you and Gracie at my upcoming wedding?" Charles made the question sound innocent but Rand could see the anger in his friend's eyes. He was not hiding the fact that he was unhappy with Rand. Rand was glad that Kat couldn't see the daggers that Charles was shooting his way.

"Wouldn't miss it for anything, Charles. You and Katrina are well suited, Charles. I wouldn't miss the chance to place the bindings on myself." Rand then headed back to the zephti that he had ridden, his thoughts now focused on finding his most upset and wayward wife.

* * *

Charles watched as Rand disappeared. Behind him he could hear the rustle of Kat as she packed up her meager belongs. Rand had put him in a hell of spot. How was he going to explain to his people that he was bonded to an Earthling and worse - that he hadn't even bothered to consult with them as tradition required. And more than that ... that he was replacing Deanna with a woman who couldn't even begin to control her healing abilities.


He turned back to Kat. It nearly broke his heart to see her so vulnerable. He didn't know what to make of her -- this new and almost withdrawn Katrina. He was used to a much more fiery version of Kat.

"Yes, Kitty-Kat."

He smiled when he saw her back stiffen. He could recall the first time that he had called her that. If looks could have killed - he would have been dead. Even without her memory, it was obvious that she still objected to his pet name for her.

"Somehow, I don't think I have ever liked being called that, Charlie." Kat said as she approached him with her bedroll and bag.

"About as much as I like being called Charlie.", he admitted as he took the bag from her.

* * *

Clara snuck into the king's study. She needed a private line to make a call on. She didn't need anyone overhearing her conversation. The king's private line was the only one that security couldn't listen in on. Walking briskly to the communications console, she dialed a number she knew by heart. She waited impatiently for it to ring. She smiled when she heard the grating voice on the other end of the phone.

"Winston, I need to talk to Arianna. And don't give me any of your "my lady is busy" crap." Clara said briskly as the butler sputtered. She loved harassing the poor man. He was much too uptight.

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