tagSci-Fi & FantasyHealer's Touch Ch. 07

Healer's Touch Ch. 07


Sorry about the wait. I am submitting both chapter seven and eight at the same time. Let's hope they post the same day. As always feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

Charles gazed down at the top of Kat's head, resting against his chest.. She had nodded off to sleep not long after they had set out for the day. He hoped that everything was all right with Gracie and Rand but at the moment he was more concerned about Kat. She had taken quite a hit from their attacker. His temper still stung from the fact that she had gotten hurt. He knew that if he could get his hands on him, the attacker would more than likely be dead. He hadn't felt this type of anger since his wife was shot. Heaven help him, he thought, if anything ever happens to Kat. He kept the zephti on a steady pace towards home while her colt trotted along behind them. He couldn't wait to take her to Arianna. Maybe she would know how to cure Kat's amnesia.

* * *

Phillip cursed softly. He had had a close escape. He had not expected Prince Rand to show up. He had delayed King Charles but he highly doubted that it was as long as Aric had hoped for. He hoped the little healer was all right. He had no ill will towards her. Rolling his tight shoulders, he moved quickly over the hot sand. His only goal was to put as much distance between him and Prince Rand as possible. Attacking Charles was one thing. He had no desire to challenge the Prince of Venus, a powerful wizard in his own right. He knew if he tangled with him, he more than likely would come out on the losing end.

He paused when he heard the sound of an approaching zephti. Quickly he conjured up a cloaking spell. As the zephti passed by he couldn't believe his luck. There, balanced precariously, was Princess Gracie, heavy with child. She very well could be the bargaining chip that he could use against Aric.

He waited until she passed by him before acting. He engulfed both her and zephti in a sleep spell and waited for the inevitable to happen. At first the zephti just slowed and Gracie grumbled in protest. Then as the animal came to a stop, before lowering it's body to the warm sand, it whinnied softly. At that point, Gracie swayed before falling forward and collapsing against the zephti's long neck, her swollen belly tucked safely between her and the zephti.

* * *

Arianna walked briskly down the hall, her mind elsewhere. After her conversation with Clara her mind was flowing with the possible outcomes of her son being engaged. Who knew - maybe she would be a grandma some day!

"Arianna, I need to talk to you." She stopped and sighed. She recognized that male voice. She had been avoiding him since the night that he had cornered her in her room. It looked like her reprieve was over.

"Councilor Dean, I am terribly busy today. Can it not wait til later?"

"No." He placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her towards him.

"Excuse me?" She arched an eyebrow at him.

"I'm tired of you running from me, Arianna. This isn't going to go away or die out just because you refuse to acknowledge it." He placed a fingertip under her chin and raised her face towards his. Leaning down, he lightly brushed his lips against hers.

Arianna held her breath as pleasure coursed through her. She refused to give him pleasure of responding to him. She was a grown woman and surely outgrown the physical demands of the flesh.


She looked up in surprise. How had he managed to project his thoughts to her?

"I've been able to do it for years, Arianna. I just respected the fact that we couldn't be together then and kept the ability to myself."

"Well, that's just wonderful," she muttered as she pulled out of his arms. "Running from me won't get you anywhere. In the middle of the night you will still long for me as I do for you."

"This is foolish talk, Councilor Dean. I am a grown woman who controls her body. I haven't let my body do my thinking – not now –not ever!" She spun around and started to leave.

"Does that foolish control keep you warm when you wake up reaching for me, only to find that I'm not there?"

"You are assuming that I wake up."

"Little liar. You are going to run me a merry chase before giving in, aren't you?"

"If you decide to chase me, that is your decision. I'm to old to be playing these games." Arianna decided to leave while she still could.

He smiled as he watched her scurry quickly away.

"Run while you can, sweetheart. It won't do any good."

* * *

Rand cursed softly as he looked for his wife. Why did she have to be such a hot-headed little witch. Now, where the hell did she get was she? Reaching for her through their bond, he realized that she was sleeping. Why would she be sleeping in the middle of the day?

Gracie, sweetheart, it really isn't all the safe to sleep on top of a zephti without me to keep you from falling.

Zephti is sleeping too,
the sleepy reply drifted to him.

Where are you? He scowled when there was no response. Gracie, answer me, woman. Where are you sweetheart?

In desert.

"Well, hell. That doesn't help me, woman!" His voice startled the zephti under him. He automatically reassured the animal.

"I'm not mad at you, girl. Just frustrated with my wife."

* * *

Charles shifted his bundle a bit closer to his chest. She was snoring softly. She was obviously tired. It had been two hours since they had the attack. He had gently rousted her every hour to make sure she was 'okay'. He had read somewhere that concussions were nothing to play around with. Kat had hit her head pretty hard. She had groaned and then grouched at him the first time that he had awakened her. He smiled, remembering, as he pulled her closer to him.

For the last two hours, as the zephti ambled slowly onward, he had had nothing to do but think about what his people were going to say when they found out he was engaged. Even though Rand was a close friend and had helped him in a time a need, he still resented the predicament that he had left him in. And what would Kat do when she got her memory back and realized that she was bonded to him?

He imagined that she would be overjoyed at the thought of sharing his bed but would she to resent the position that Rand had placed them in. Or would she be angry at him? Because sure as the dry wind blew across Areseric, he wouldn't let his chosen practice magic. Could she be happy without using her gift?

It was enough to give him a headache.


"Hmm..." He shifted her so she could see him.

"My head hurts." Looking down into her eyes, he could see the pain in them. He brushed a lock of hair off her forehead.

"I know, Kitty-kat. I wish I could take away the pain. We'll be to my home soon and I'll summon the healer for you. She'll make your head better."

"I'm so sleepy."

"Then rest. I'll wake you when it is time to make camp for the night." He tucked her head under his shoulder and did his best not to examine the feeling of protectiveness that had flooded him. * * *

Aric sighed as he watched his lover across the table. She was still gasping from their last coupling on the kitchen table, not even ten minutes ago. His blood still sang from the incredible release. He had cornered her in the kitchen.....

"Aric, we can't do this here..." Ellen protested as she swatted away his roving hands. He had her pressed against the counter and was squeezing her butt with one hand while he caressed her hard nipple through the cotton t-shirt she wore.

"Sure we can, Ellen," he whispered into her ear. "You just have to be quiet. No screaming or moaning."

"Aric....please my father is in the living room."

"Then I suggest you be extra quiet." He spun her around and bent her over the kitchen table. Lifting the cotton shirt, he rubbed his fingers over the wet crotch of her underwear.

"Ohhhh..." she gasped as she pushed back against his fingers.

"That's right, baby. You're already soaked for me. This shouldn't take long," he growled as the sound of his zipper filled the silence of the room. Ellen panted as the rustle of cloth behind her, let her know that he was shoving aside the necessary garments. She stuffed her fist into her mouth as she felt him rip her underwear.

The moan still escaped around her fist, when he grasped her hips in his hands and buried himself to the hilt.

"YES! Such a tight little pussy. Now wiggle that ass for me," he ordered as he started to pull out of her. Before the head could escape, he slammed back into her welcoming depths. He smiled as she wiggled and arched against his pinning hold. Leaning over her back, he started thrusting against her ass.

"Mmmmm..." He could hear her muffled cry.

"Yes. Feels good doesn't it, baby? I bet it makes you hot to think that your dad is right down the hall watching the game while I plow his little girl's pussy in his kitchen. You're such a naughty little girl. Better come quick before Daddy starts wondering what's taking his girl so long to get that bag of popcorn." Aric taunted as he reached under her and groped her breasts as he continued to pound in and out of her willing body.

"Please," she gasped moving her hand away from her mouth.

"Please, what?" he taunted as he slowed.

"Make me come..."

"Oh, so now you want to come. Come all over my hard cock?" Aric breathed into her ear.


"Then give me what I want, Ellen. Buy the tickets for me," he bartered as he licked the inside of her ear. He thrust furiously against her for a moment until he could tell she was on the verge of climaxing. Just as she started to peak, he stopped once more and gripped her hips to keep her still.

"No!" she fought against his hands, wanting to come so badly.

"The tickets, Ellen." He growled in her ear as he teased her tight nipples with one hand.

"I...I...I..." She tossed her head wildly as she twisted under his tightening grip.

"You want to come?" he growled into her ear, "then you'll get me the damn tickets!" He made to pull out of her folds. He got the response that he expected.

"Yes, anything. I'll get the tickets! Just let me come!" she pleaded as she arched under him.

"Good girl." he said, smug that he had gotten what he wanted from her. Using his magic, he brought the phone to her. Dialing the number that he needed, he handed her the phone. "What..." she asked in a daze.

"Order them. NOW."

"Now?" Her eyes widened in disbelief. She gasped as he thrust deep inside of her, giving her the incentive she needed.

"Yes, now."

"Okay..." she stuttered as she gripped the receiver tightly.

When the transaction was completed she disconnected the phone. Aric smiled wickedly as she set it down on the table next to her.

"Ready for your reward, baby?" he growled as he flexed inside of her.

"Yes." she hissed as she gripped the edge of the counter with her fingers.

"Good girl. Now!" He grasped her hips and thrust brutally against her ass. Ellen shoved her fist in her mouth as she arched wildly under him. He growled in pleasure as she fought for her orgasm. She didn't seem to care that her father was just a room away. As he felt his balls tighten, he knew that he wouldn't last much longer. He was almost at his peak when he heard her dad call out from the other room.

"Ellen, where's that popcorn at?" he bellowed.

"Coming!" she yelled as her body exploded around him.

"Fuck, yeah!" Aric growled as he buried himself as deep as he could before unloading his seed inside of her....

Aric jerked back to the present as Ellen's voice berated him.

"I can't believe you did that, Aric." she scolded as tried to control the fine tremors that gripped her small hands.

"Why? You loved every minute of it, Ellen. You can't lie to me. You might be the proper lady in public but it's just a facade. You are a hot slut underneath. You want to be dominated and I am more than willing to be the man to doing it."

"You know, you can be a real asshole at times, Aric!" Ellen cursed as she stood up and turned to leave the kitchen carrying the popcorn. When she reached the door, she was stopped by his magic.

"And you wouldn't want me any other way." He caressed her swollen nipples with his magic. She moaned softly as the passion returned, even hotter than before.

* * *

Charlie woke with a jerk. Rolling over, he opened his eyes to see what had awoken him. His gaze immediately landed on the small woman that was huddled next to his bedroll. He could tell by the way she was shivering that she was cold.

"Kitty-kat, what are you doing? Why aren't you in your warm bedroll?" he asked softly as he sat up.

"Can I sleep with you, Charlie?" She asked, her eyes were sad and desperate.

"Kat, baby..." he protested softly.

"Please, Charlie. I'm cold and scared."

Knowing that it could very well be his undoing, he parted his bedroll enough for her to crawl inside it with him. He gasped as he felt her cold feet press against his warm calves.

"Christ Almighty, woman! Your feet are like ice cubes."

"I"m sorry." Kat whispered against his throat. Charles closed his eyes tightly as he fought the surge of desire that gripped his lower body. He tightened his arms around her and sighed. It was going to be a long night.

* * * Kat gasped in pleasure before moaning softly. She had her fingers threaded through the auburn hair of her chosen. He was licking and sucking on one hard nipple while he squeezed and pulled on the other. If she had ever felt desire like this before, she was glad she couldn't remember. She wanted to think of him as her first lover. One that had been waiting for her – just for her.

"Please." She arched her back wanting his moist mouth on her other nipple.

"Relax, Kitty-Kat. I'll get there. Such an impatient little cat," he growled as he lifted his head to stare at her flushed face. He leaned down and licked her other nipple before trailing open mouth kisses down her stomach. She gasped and clenched at the bedding under her. Was he going to.....oh yes, he was, she thought as she felt his lips fasten on the tender skin on the inside of her thigh. Sucking on her flesh, he growled deep in his throat. She would have a hickey for sure, she thought in a daze.

He smiled wickedly at her after releasing her thigh with an audible pop!

"I have to taste you, Kitty. I've been dying to know if you are sweet as you look."

"Charlie?" she tried to protest.

"Shh. I want to please you, Kat. Even if I can't give you anything else, I want to give you pleasure. I want to feel you come against my face. I want to know that I am the first to give you that pleasure."

"How do you know that..." she gasped as he trailed his fingers over her wet folds.

"We are chosens. I know." he said as if that was all the explanation needed. She moaned as he parted her wet folds with his fingers.

Looking down between her legs, he growled hungrily. She watched as he licked his lips.

"Please, baby, let me taste you. You won't regret it."

She saw the desire and the pleading in his green eyes and gave in.

"Okay." she whispered.

"Watch me." He cupped her bottom in his hands before lifting her to his mouth like a man who was thirsty would cup water. She cried out as she saw him extend his tongue. She watched as it slowly licked her folds before sliding between them. She cried out when the tip of his tongue touched her most sensitive spot.

"There?" he asked, lifting his head.

"Oh, yeah." she panted as he returned to the same spot. He paused for a moment.

"I want you to hold your lips open for me."

"What?" she asked puzzled – even a bit confused.

He continued to hold her bottom with one hand while he took her hand with his other and guided it to where he wanted it. She quickly understood what he wanted when he opened her pussy lips, placed her fingers to keep them open so her swollen clit exposed to his hot gaze and wet tongue. After he was assured that she would obey him, he lowered his head once more and licked at her. She squirmed helplessly under the assault on her most private area.

"Damn, you're wet." he growled before lapping up a trickle of desire that had pooled at her moist opening. "Yum...." He buried his tongue inside of her, in search for more of her flavor.

"Charlie!" she gasped as she fought to hang onto her senses.

"Hmmm," vibrated against her. She tensed as she felt the beginning of something build deep inside of her. Her legs tensed where they lay over his shoulders as she fought with the unfamiliar sensations.

She whimpered when he backed off for a moment to examine her once again.

"So pretty," he commented as he slowly slid a finger into her folds. She squealed as the intruder sent streaks of pleasure down her spine. "Such a hard little clit." he murmured before latching onto it. This time she screamed helplessly as the coil wound tighter and tighter in her womb.

"Shhh...." he growled, just barely lifting his head. "Not yet. I want you to scream when you come for me. Not before. Understand?"

"Yes..." she panted. He lowered his head again and captured his prize between his lips. This time he merely held it captive. Kat held her breath as she felt just the warmth of his mouth and the heat of his breath against her aroused clit. She was on the edge of coming. All it would take is one little nudge and she would shatter. And he was being a bastard. She waited for seconds that seemed like hours. He seemed to be waiting for something.

She finally snapped and gripped his hair in her free hand, pressing him closer.

"Lick it please! Make me come!" she begged. She got her answer as his tongue reached out and lashed at her clit mercilessly. She drew a deep breath before she screamed as the pleasure shot through her body.

Charlie growled as he wrapped his arms around her hips and buried his face deeper in the vee at the top of her legs, licking and slurping nosily as her cream dripped from her wet folds. Kat cried out hoarsely as her pleasure peaked and shook her hard.

* * *

Charlie groaned low in his throat as he lowered her back to the bedding. He was aware that they were sharing a dream. He wanted to bury himself deep inside of her. He knew that he couldn't take advantage of her. He was a bastard but he wasn't that big of one. He knew that once her memory came back that their relationship would change and she would remember everything that happened before the fight.

He was hoping that the old earthling expression of hell had no fury like a woman scorned proved to be untrue. Because if it didn't he was going to wish he was in hell. He would rather be there than watch her eyes cloud over in pain as she remembered his earlier taunt of how he had been dreaming about his former wife. It had been a lie that he had told to protect himself from her getting to close to him. One terrible lie that he was afraid was going to come back to haunt him.

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