tagSci-Fi & FantasyHealer's Touch Ch. 12

Healer's Touch Ch. 12


Elena watched passively as her new husband closed the door behind him. Once they had successfully left Earth, the captain had announced that they were free to move about. As soon as the announcement had come, Aric had opened his eyes and smiled at her wickedly before unbuckling his safety belt.

"Come on, let's go," he ordered as he reached over and unfastened her.

"Where are we going?" she asked as they floated towards the back of the cabin. He paused before a door. He opened it and gestured for her to go in. She floated into the room, before turning to watch him close and then lock the door behind him.. "Come here," he ordered as he loosened his belt. She quirked an eyebrow at him as she watched him unbutton his jeans.

"Why?" she whispered as his intent became obvious.

"I do believe you owe me something, Elena. I gave you your "ring". Now, I expect you to stand up to your end of the deal."

"Right now?" she squeaked as he came closer.

"You little tease. I've been wanting to fuck your tight little ass since we first met. But you've been slippery as an eel. You've been teasing me with it all along. Well, teasing time is over. It's time to deliver." He reached out and dragged her against his aroused body.

"But Aric...the people," she protested.

"Can't hear us in here," he growled before he fastened his mouth over hers. Elena moaned softly as desire flared. She shouldn't be surprised. He had always had that effect on her. She whimpered against his lips when he reached up and caressed the underside of her breast.

* * * * *

Charlie stood in the doorway to the bathroom. He could hear Kat singing as she washed. He stared hungrily as he watched her outline. The frosted doors kept him from seeing anything other than her movements. He nearly groaned out loud when he saw her run her hands over her stomach before slipping between her thighs. When she rinsed the body puff, he sighed in relief until her hand once again slipped between her thighs, this time without the puff. What was she doing? He barely noticed that she was no longer singing. She was still humming. Soon her humming stopped. If not for his acute hearing he would have missed her first gasp.

Intrigued, he inched closer to the shower door.

* * * * *

Kat savored the feel of the warm water against her sensitive skin. When she had awoke this morning the scent of Charlie had teased her. The last thing that she had remembered was dozing off in the stupid budget meeting that he had insisted she attend with him. And the next thing she knew she was back in her bed with the blankets tucked around her. Charlie must have carried her in after the meeting had finished.

As she washed herself, the body puff that scrapped over her arms and legs became Charlie's nimble fingers. She squirmed as pleasure pooled in her belly. She knew herself. It had been too long since she had release. She was accustomed to pleasuring herself at least once a day. She often wondered if nymphomania ran in her family. Charlie had given her release but that had been yesterday. Her body now hungered for his touch. But she was damned if she was going to go begging. And sure as anything, she would end up begging.

Just thinking about his touch sent another wave a desire through her. Hanging the body puff on the shower handle, she squeezed a bit of her favorite soap into her hand. Lathering her hands up, she slowly traced over her breasts, down her stomach and between her legs. She shivered as her fingers found her moist folds. Parting her folds, she slowly sank a finger into her sheath. And then a second and finally a third as she squirmed helplessly. A soft moan escaped her throat as she started thrusting her fingers in and out while using her thumb to rub her clit gently.

Her mind whirled as she remembered the feel of his tongue against her. Hot and wet against her aroused bud. The feeling of helplessness as she struggled against the bonds. The low growls of approval he made as he feasted on her wet flesh.

* * * * *

Charlie stood next to the shower and struggled with the desire to join her. He could hear his chosen's sounds of pleasure. They were enough to drive a man insane. When he heard her moan, his control snapped. He jerked his shirt off and tore his shoes off before flinging open the shower door.

* * * * *

Kat was on the verge of coming when she felt a cold draft hit her. Opening her eyes, she squealed as Charlie hauled her into his arms. He didn't seem to notice the water that immediately soaked his jeans. Lifting her easily, he pressed her wet body against the cold tile.

"You tease," he growled before he covered her mouth with his. She arched in his arms before she wrapped her arms around his neck. She moaned deeply as her nipples brushed across his chest. He continued to press her against the wall as he slid his hand between her thighs. He growled against her lips as he slowly explored her hot depths.

"Charlie, I can't...." she protested as she felt her orgasm creep closer.

"Oh yes you can, Kitty-Kat," he muttered against her lips as he pulled her legs up around his waist, placing his denim covered erection against her soft mound. Rocking his hips against hers, he continued to kiss her. Wrapping his arms around her, he turned and placed her directly in the spray of the water.

Kat moaned as she felt the hot water pelt against her sensitive skin. Between the heat of the water and the heat radiating off Charlie's huge body, she felt like she was being consumed by an inferno. And it only made her hotter. She reached up and lightly bit the muscle that ran along his shoulder, wanting to entice him into joining her. If she was going to go up and flames, so was he!

* * * * *

Charles stiffened as he felt her teeth against his skin. He growled deep in his throat as his cock hardened even further in his wet jeans. When her nimble fingers lowered his zipper, he drew a ragged breath. He shouldn't let her. Then all coherent thought fled his head as she reached inside and wrapped her fingers around his aching cock. His needy moan filled the shower stall as he surged powerfully between her fingers.

"Katrina!" came from between gritted teeth as he fought to control the urge to climax.

"Charlie," she whispered as she looked down between their bodies as she gently freed him.

* * * * *

Kat started hungrily at throbbing cock she held in her hand. She wanted to explore every facet of him. She rubbed her thumb over the head and was rewarded by a muffled groan. It seemed as if Charlie had all the same hot buttons that the men on Earth had. And for the first time in her life, she had the desire to actually taste a man - to take him in her mouth. What in the past had always been a chore or a punishment, she now realized she wanted to give Charlie - the same pleasure that he had so unselfishly given her.

She wiggled free of his embrace and dropped to her knees in front of him. She sighed when she realized that now she was too low to reach him. Damn aliens and their height!

"Kat, what are you..." Charlie asked as he realized that she had slipped away from him.

"Sit down," she urged as she gently pushed him back to the ledge that graced on corner of the shower. After he sat, she slipped away from him once again as he tried to pull her onto his lap.

"Kat..." he warned, his voice tight with desire and frustration.

"Let me..." she begged softly, pleading in her brown eyes. He nodded jerkily as he laced his hands behind his head. It was obvious to her that he didn't trust himself not to take what he wanted. She smiled at him before she knelt between his legs. She gently kissed the inside of his knee, while gently kneading his thighs. Sliding her fingers to the inside of his thigh she gently stroked the soft skin where his thigh met his torso. The back of her fingers brushed the leathery pouch of his scrotum.

She heard his hiss when she followed her fingers with her mouth, leaving small open mouthed kisses to the inside of each thigh before settling in the 'V' of his legs. She smiled up at him as she gently cradled his balls with one hand and wrapped the other around the base of him. She slowly ran her tongue up the underside of him until she reached his crest. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she slowly slid the head into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around him before slowly swallowing the crest and the first couple of inches of his shaft. A deep deep growl rumbled out of his chest.

"Kitty-kat..." he groaned as he broke eye contact and threw his head back. If she hadn't a mouthful, she would have smiled. She savored his unique taste and smell. He tasted exotic and his smell was a deep musky scent that was slowly driving her insane. It was nothing like the past. She could easily become addicted to him. She kept one hand cupping his sack while she gently pumped him with the other. As large as he was, she knew that there was no way that she would ever fit him all in her mouth. But she sure wished that she could. Bobbing her head up and down, she hummed softly, knowing that the vibrations would feel wonderful to him.

* * * * *

Charles gritted his teeth as his chosen continued to suck on his cock. He couldn't remember being this hot in his life. He thought he had known desire when he had been married to Deanna. But this was far surpassing any memories he had of his first wife. He could feel every lick and nibble that she was delivering to his aching cock. He fought the urge to haul her to her feet and bury himself in her wet sheath. He knew that he shouldn't consummate their joining yet. But he was sorely tempted. Keeping his hands behind his head was taking every scrap of self-control he had. Especially when he felt her slide her fingers beneath his sack and explore the sensitive skin behind them.

"Kitty-kat, please!" he moaned as he felt his balls draw up into his body. He was moments from releasing.

"Mmmmm..." she responded as she bobbed her head faster on him.

"Baby, I'm going to..." he groaned skating on the edge of release.

I know. she whispered in his head. Let go, Charlie

He groaned helpless as his hips arched off the ledge as his seed exploded from him. The pleasure washed over him continued as she nursed on the head of his cock. When she finally lifted her head, he yanked her up onto his lap.

"Bad Kitty-Kat!" he growled playfully.

"Don't you mean good kitty-kat?" she sassed as she rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat slow.

* * * * *

Charlie jerked awake. He desperately tried to focus on something and realized that the maid must have come in and dimmed the light in the conference room. Damn it! They had done it again, he thought wearily. Looking down at Kat, he realized that she was still slumbering in his arms. He could definitely become used to this. As he shifted slightly, he frowned when he felt a dampness on his lap. He slipped a hand between him and Kat and groaned.

"Son of a....I'm a grown man," he growled softly. "Hmmmm..." Kat mumbled as she shifted closer to his warmth. "Shhh," he soothed as he ran his hand over her back.

"Charlie, we really need to get out of here before we turn into prunes," she muttered as she fought to surface from slumber.

"Shh, we're not going to turn into prunes, Kat," he reassured as he slowly stood and carried her out of the room. He winced as he felt the stiff fabric of his jeans rub against him.

* * * * *

Stephan was still in his office, when Charles rapped on the door a little while later. He had taken Kat back to her room next to his and tucked her into bed. After changing his pants, he had immediately sought out the council of the closest man he had ever had to a father.

"Come in, Charles." Stephan sat down the paperwork that he had been working on.

"I..." Charles scowled as he tried to gather his thoughts. The little episode with Kat had scrambled his brains. If he had power, he would have said that she had just triggered the mezclar. But that would be impossible. He had no magical power yet so the mezclar was a mute issue.

"Sit down and tell me what's bothering you." Stephan stood and walked over to the door and shut it. Walking over to his small bar, he took out a bottle of imported rum and poured both him and Charles a small shot. He handed Charles a drink before sitting down next to him in the other chair.

"Something happened a little while ago. I don't know...I just don't understand..." he trailed off still trying to gather his thoughts.

"What happened, Charlie?"

"She has even you calling me that ridiculous name."

"Quit stalling, Charles." Stephan took a small sip of his drink.

"If I didn't know better, I would swear that she triggered the mezclar."

Stephan choked on the fiery liquid that he had just swallowed.

"What!" he gasped as he fought to clear his throat. Charles looked over at him and watched as his advisor coughed and wiped at his watering eyes.

"I know. I know. It just isn't possible."

"Oh, it's very possible." Stephan said after he had gotten his breath back. Walking over to the window, he threw open the curtains. He gestured to the full moon that was starting to rise. Charles joined him at the window.

"I know that the full moon starts the mezclar, Stephan. But it should not be happening between Kat and I. She's an Earthling. I'm a Vindexicis warrior."

"And you both have great power, Charlie." "I have no power!" he protested.

"Nonsense! Just because you haven't performed the Traiectus doesn't mean that you have no power. It lies dormant inside of you. One day soon, you will have no choice but to open yourself to it."

"I won't!" Charlie said angrily as he started pacing back and forth.

"This is more than just your fear of your power, Charlie. Do you really want to bond with Kat and only give her a small piece of you?"

"I won't give her more than that! No woman or healer will ever have that kind of control over me again!"

He heard a sharp intake of breath before spinning around to see Kat standing in the open door way. The hurt in her eyes was quickly replaced with fire.

"You egotistical prick! As if any woman would want to control you. You may think you are the catch of the century, Charlie but I have news for you, not many women would put up with your crap for longer than took to scratch their itch." She walked further into the room, wearing nothing but the flannel gown that he had dressed her in before tucking her into bed.

"Really? Well, I seem to remember you chasing me. Always trying to corner me every chance you could."

"I should have my head examined!" Kat growled as she grabbed his arm to stop his pacing.

He jerked free of her and glared at her.

"Keep your damn hands to yourself, Katrina. I'm not in the mood for it!"

"Really? Could have fooled me. Or was I just imagining the shower earlier?"

"No, it was your stupid dream!" he shot back.

"A dream?" she asked softly as her eyes burned. Every caress and touch had been nothing but a dream?

"A mediocre one at that!" he growled lashing out at her, furious at himself for his participation in it.

"You know, I almost wish I did have the same power Deanna had. At least then I could turn you into a mute. You are an asshole, Charles." she whispered before she turned to leave.

"Go ahead, run away, you coward! You never share anything with me anyways!" Charles roared as she made it to the door.

Kat stopped as if lightning had struck her.

"I don't think you should have..." Stephan warned just before Kat picked up the gold apple that sat on the stand next to door. Turning around, she held in her hand testing it's weight.

"Did I ever tell you that I was the pitcher of my softball team at ITS?" she asked sweetly.

"No, that's something else that you neglected telling me," he growled.

"Well, let me rectify that," she smiled sweetly at him before winding her arm up and throwing the apple at him as hard as she could. She smiled in satisfaction as he dropped to his knees when it hit him in the stomach. She walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "How's that for sharing?" she asked sarcastically before turning and leaving the room.

* * * * *

Kat made it all the way to the stables before the tears of anger and hurt broke loose. Sitting in the stall with the small zephti, she slowly stroked its' soft skin as the tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. She didn't know if she was more angry or hurt. Or was it because she was angry that his words had enough power to hurt her.

Indignantly she brushed away the tears as she heard the heavy footsteps of someone coming down the aisle towards the stall that she was hiding in. She was surprised to see Charlie standing next to the gate watching her with his "royal" stare. She glared at him and turned her back to him. Arrogant bastard, she fumed as she held the zephti close.

"Ah, come on, Kat. Don't be like that."

"Leave me alone, King Charles!" she hissed as she set down the zephti and ran from the stall. She darted under his arm quickly; but not quick enough to evade a Vindexicis warrior. She gasped as his arm wrapped around her waist and pinned her against the rough planks. She squeaked when he braced both arms on either side of her.

"Not so cocky now are we, Kat?" he asked with a mocking smile.

"Let go of me!" she said between clenched teeth.

"Make me!" he growled in response as he lowered his head intent on shutting her up. Just before his mouth reached hers, she twisted her head to the side. He growled at being denied his target. Then gazing at her exposed neck and shoulder, he decided that it was a much better target. He leaned down and covered the spot where neck met her shoulder. He licked the area before fastening his teeth on it and lightly biting her. Then he sucked on the flesh, a smile coming to his face when he lifted his head to stare at the spot. She had a bright strawberry colored mark. His mark, he gloated.

"Damn it, Charlie. You better not have given me a hickey!" Kat pushed hard at his chest trying to move him back far enough so she could check her shoulder.

"What are you going to do if I did?" he asked her arrogantly.

"This!" she hissed as reached behind her and grabbed the pail that was hanging on a hook. When she swung, his eyes widened and he ducked, barely avoiding the bucket.

"Such a violent little thing!" he taunted as he jumped back when she swung it again.

"I'll show you violent!" she screamed as her anger from earlier returned in force. Damn man didn't trust her as a woman or healer. He wasn't willing to give her even the smallest portion of himself. But he expected her to give her everything to him! Not a chance in hell, she fumed as she threw the pail at him. He ducked and started for her. She vaulted back into the stall and crawled out of the small opening at the back of the stall. She quickly ran around the side of the stables and slid the door closed, throwing the heavy locking bolt from the outside.


She laughed as she ran away from the stables. Maybe a night in the stables would cool him off. As she passed one shocked guard, she smiled sweetly.

* * * * *

King Mica, watched as Katrina ran into the main hall, a pleased little smile on her face, even though her clothes were a bit dusty and she had pieces of hay clinging to her.

"Katrina, what's the hurry?" he asked as she rushed by him.

"Nothing. I need to use the bathroom," she said quickly before disappearing around the corner. King Mica scratched his head. A few minutes later a very irate Charles stomped into the hall.

"Where is she?" he growled.

"She? You need to be more specific, Charles." Mica replied with a straight face.

"That little, ungrateful, unpredictable, VIOLENT woman that is suppose to be my chosen!" he roared.

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