tagSci-Fi & FantasyHealer's Touch Ch. 19

Healer's Touch Ch. 19


This chapter pulls together several threads, but the main break through is with Charlie and Kat. I hope everyone is enjoying the story and all feedback is welcome.

Arianna rode comfortably on her zephti. She knew that Stephan was just biding his time before he tried to "convince" her of their bonding. Now that they were alone, she knew that he would use the opportunity to his advantage.

"Such heavy thoughts, Ari." Stephan teased. "One would think you are waiting for me to do something. Is that so?

"Dean, I wouldn't wait on you for anything." she retorted as she urged her mount into a faster gait.

"Oh, what's wrong, Ari. Did you miss me last night." He taunted.

"As much as a headache." she said over her shoulder, irritated that he was easily keeping pace with her.

"Oh, you wound me, love." He said with a mock pout and his hands clasped over his heart.

"You are such a fool." She laughed.

"Over you." he agreed as he reached over and yanked her off her zephti.

"Dean!" she shrieked before finding herself plastered against him, her robes tangled around their legs and his mouth swallowing whatever protest she had been about to make.

Arianna wrapped her arms around him - as he deepened the kiss while he reached inside her robes to cup her breast. She moaned softly as he teased the tip of it with his thumb. She ripped her mouth away from him, when he started yanking on her robes up past her thighs.

"What are you doing?" she gasped as she fought for breath.

"Isn't it obvious?" he whispered into her ear as he accomplished pulling her robes up. He shifted and lifted her to straddle him, before wrapping her long legs around his trim waist.

"We are not making love when we are on top of a zephti."

"Wanna bet?" he growled as he cupped her ass and pulled her against him. She could feel the hard length of him pressing against her through the soft material of his pants and her underwear.

"We can't." she moaned as he nipped her ear. Then he whispered a soft spell in her ear. She arched in his embrace as she felt her vibrator fill her snug folds. "You bastard." she moaned as it flared to life.

"Now is that anyway to talk to your chosen." He scolded as he leaned her back to watch the vibrator pleasure her. The spell that had brought her vibrator from her bedside table had also made her panties mysteriously disappear. He could see the end of it resting at the edge of her labial opening. He smiled as her thighs started to tremble. "Damn, I wish I could reach down there with my tongue, Ari. I know how sweet you taste...but since it's not physically possible, I'll have to give you the next best thing."

Ari cried out as his power caressed her clitoris. Inside her the vibrator picked up speed. She was going to make him pay, she vowed as her orgasm crept closer. There was no way she was going to let him make her come while they were astride a zephti.

"You're not riding the zephti, Ari. You are riding me. And if we were already bonded I would have my cock buried deep inside of you, fucking your tight pussy." he growled before yanking her back up to capture her nipple in his mouth.

"DEAN!" she screamed as she flew over the edge and climaxed helplessly in his arms.

* * * * *

"Oh, God, let me come, Hell-kat!" Charlie pleaded as he struggled against his bonds.

Kat smiled as she climbed back up his body.

"Are you going to talk?" she asked as she leaned over him, her breasts dangling inches from his open mouth. "Talk? I don't wanna talk...I want to mate! Damn you!" he growled angrily as he leaned up and tugged one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Such a big bad man, begging for release. All I wanted was to talk." she gasped before leaning closer to feed more of her breast into his mouth. Charlie growled around her flesh as he tongued the end of her nipple.

You started this little war, Kat. And I intend to finish his voice whispered through her head.

Finally. she responded, euphoria sliding through her. It was the first time he had used their special mental path since he had found out that she was a Vindexcis healer . It was a relief to feel his presence again.

Charlie stilled under her. He released her breast with an audible pop!

"All this was to get me to talk to you?" he growled, anger flashing in his silver eyes.

Kat drew a deep breath before sitting back up.

"You don't understand how lonely I've been, Charlie. You are a part of me now...even if we don't marry or formally bond. You are there. I can feel you. And it hurts when you stay silent. Even when I hadn't met you, you were always there. I wasn't kidding when I told you that you were the one reason I made it through school." Kat crawled off of him and stood. She pulled the edges of her robe together.

"How the hell can you say that you used me, a man that you had never met, as your reason for being?"

"I don't know, Charlie, I just know that I drew strength from you when I was locked up being punished for not doing what the headmistress told me to do. When she gave me to the guards to rape, it was your eyes I saw, your hands I felt. And now that I that I've met you, it's grown stronger."

He stared at her shocked.

"So now you know, Charlie. I can no sooner let you go than I could quit breathing. For Christ's sakes, I traveled to another planet to find you." She turned and went to his desk. Pulling open the drawers, she found his letter opener. She tested its' edge. She walked back towards him. She knelt down beside him. As she leaned towards him, her robe parted. He was given a clear view of her naked body.

"So this is it? You're going to run away? Isn't that what you accused me of doing, Katrina?" he asked as she reached up with the letter opener.

She paused with the letter opener poised to sever the ties.

"I got what I wanted. The rest of it will take care of itself. I wanted to remind you of our very strong bond. The bond that won't go away, no matter how much you deny it."

"I can't believe that you tied me up and tormented my body to..." he shook his head in amazement.

"Don't underestimate me, Charlie. Just because I'm smaller than you, doesn't mean that I can't hold my own against you." She slid the letter opener under the tie wrapped around the leg of the table. With a quick upward jerk, she severed the tie.

* * * * * Charlie narrowed his eyes as she leaned over him and severed the tie that was holding him to the table. Before she could draw back, he jerked his arms down and over her head, effectively trapping her against his chest. Rolling with her, he placed her under him.

"Charlie!" she gasped as his weight settled over her soft body.

"Not so cocky now are we?" he growled against her neck. He settled deep in the vee of her legs. They both groaned as he flexed against her.

"I..." she started to protest. It was lost in his kiss. As their tongues tangled, Kat wrapped her legs around his waist. He growled as he broke their kiss.

"Do you realize how close I am to saying fuck it?" he said leaning his forehead against hers.

She shook her head.

"Damn it, Kitty Kat, I am trying to do what is right here. And you aren't make this any easier."

"And what's the right thing?" she taunted as she rubbed her hips against his stomach.

"You are a healer, Kat. As a Vindexcis warrior, I was taught that our healers are sacred. They're so sacred that they are to be revered and placed upon a pedestal. They are above a warrior's reach." He looked deep into her eyes.

"Like hell. The first time you try to put me on pedestal, Charlie, I will use it to box your ears. I may have healing abilities but I am not going to walk away from you because of them." She noticed that he once again had control of his desire. His eyes were green once more.


"Listen to me you stubborn man, I love you. I am not going to walk away from you. EVER! Just trust me." she vowed as she watched his green eyes turn to silver again.

"I'm not going to win am I?" he asked.

"No. I won't ever give up on you, Charlie. Even when you try to drive me away; we will find a way."

"You win." Charlie said after a moment. "But there is no place you can hide if you change your mind, Katrina."

"I won't change my mind." she vowed.

* * * * *

Jonathan entered the study to find Master Jason and Charlie discussing the issue of Charlie's powers.

"I understand your concern, Master Iason, but I don't want my powers. I am content with the way things are." Charlie explained. He was one more dressed and looking every inch the king.

"Really. And what of Kat? Does she realize that you are not going to bond with her magically." Jason asked.

"We have an agreement." Charlie said not meeting Jason's eye.

Jason studied him for a moment. Then he shook his head.

"Heaven help you, Charles."

"Why?" Charles asked finally looking at him.

"Because I won't when Kat finds out that you are holding back."

"She has nothing to say about this. This is something that doesn't involve her."

"Really? And when the bonding ceremony pulls on your powers, how are you going to explain to Kat that all the pain you are in could have been avoided if you had simply performed the ritual?"

"What are you talking about?" Charles growled.

"This isn't going to be anything like the last time you bonded, Charles. This time you are a grown warrior. Regardless of whether or not I have released the binds that are on your power, they are going to demand to bond with Kat's. It will be severely painful for you if we don't remove the bindings."

"Fuck!" Charles growled before storming out of the room. Jason turned towards Jonathan.

"Are you sure you want to take part in this ritual?" l "Oh course, Master Iason. It would be an honor, even if he's being a hard-headed fool."

"Then prepare yourself. We will have to perform the ritual tomorrow before the Renewal Festival activities are scheduled to begin. He's going to need at least a day to recover from the ritual."

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