tagSci-Fi & FantasyHealer's Touch Ch. 24

Healer's Touch Ch. 24


The long awaited bonding ceremony has finally arrived! It was a long time coming as far as the writer is concerned. But I finally finished it. I still have one final chapter to write to tie up some loose ends. Thanks to all that have followed this series. As usual my characters ran off with the story once more. I was expecting this to be as long as Magic Touch but I didn't expect it to be longer...lol. Anyway, let me know how I did.

After Kat had been recognized by the Aresericans as one of their own, the stage was set up for the Transfer of Power Ceremony. Kat watched as King Mica and Queen Aria prepared for the Transfer. There was a hushed awe as the people of Areseric waited for the ceremony to begin. Kat watched as Rand and Gracie once more returned to the stage. She watched them approach the small altar that had been draped with a beautiful brocade covering. She held her breath, as on one side Mica and Aria stood, while Rand and Gracie approached and then knelt, on the other side of the altar, facing Mica and Aria.

At her side, Charles traced his thumb across the palm of her right hand. She shivered as pleasure raced through her body. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. He grinned back at her.

Stop that!


It's rather distracting and I want to see this.

I'd rather see you naked...and riding me.

Kat scolded as heat flared even higher. She tried to concentrate on the ceremony occurring in front of her.

Can you imagine that, Hellkat? My naked skin rubbing against yours while you enjoy my entire body?

Charlie, stop it!

I can but I hope you are ready for our bonding, because I don't think I am going to be able to stop once I start. I want you that bad, Katrina. My body is telling me to claim you and it's not very happy about the delay.

Kat moaned softly as his deep growl filled her head.

"Quit teasing me, damnit." she whispered softly next to him.

Charlie brought her hand up to his lips and pressed a kiss to her palm. Kat nearly melted with pleasure as his lips parted and his tongue traced a wet pattern on her skin. She moaned softly again - the pleasure was so intense!

He smiled and shushed her as the ceremony began.

* * * * *

King Mica smiled reassuringly at his son as the ceremony to transfer the rule of Venus began. Arianna stood on one side of the altar while Clara stood on the other, as each woman represented a certain sect in the Venusian culture; Arianna represented the healer sect while Clara represented the precognitive sect. Their ceremonial duty was to give their blessings to the future King and Queen of Venus.

"I, King Mica deCarthwright, am honored on this day to relinquish my rule to my son, Randall, the Prince of Venus. He has proved himself to be a kind and generous leader to the people of Trila. He is strong in magic yet grounded in the belief that his people come first. He is husband, a father, and a powerful wizard. I am grateful to pass on the noble legacy of our family to him." Mica said in a deep and steady voice. As he did, he knelt down in front of Rand facing him on the other side of the altar.

"And, I, Queen Aria deCarthwright, am relieved to pass on the mantle of Queen, to my daughter by marriage, Grace deCarthwright. She is steady as a rock, while still managing to keep my son on his toes," she paused as laughter filled the amphitheater, "She will help guide Venus into the future with a strong and steady hand. She is a wife, mother and a witch that has no limits, other than the ones that she imposes on herself. She has shown with her love of Rand and her children that she is a kind and caring woman. She has also shown mercy for those that have scorned her, when no mercy should have ever been expected. I am proud to give my crown, this day, to her." Aria followed her husband's example and knelt down facing Gracie.

"I have seen many prophesies in my lifetime," Clara began in a strong voice. "but none that have left me shaking my head in amazement and disbelief, as has Grace and Randall's. From the very beginning they have been joined yet separate. I can testify to the fact that Randall is a very patient man - and that my niece is a very headstrong woman. But in the end, what was separate is now joined together and is much stronger for it. At this time and in this place - the future I see now is a good and strong one. There will be trials and tribulations for them; but in the end, they will overcome whatever comes their way with the same love and devotion that has kept them together for the last twenty years. From childhood - to young wizard and witch - to fully bonded chosens, they are your King and Queen." A cheer filled the air as Clara knelt down facing Arianna.

Arianna waited for the crowd to quiet once more before she rose and began to speak.

"I have the grave but pleasant duty of blessing Prince Randall and Princess Grace as they assume their rightful places on the throne. As a healer I see into the person without any shields or barriers of any kind. I can see the deep love and devotion that Randall and Grace have for each other; but under that, I see an even deeper devotion to our planet. To the land itself. They will insure that our way of life continues on. That our land prospers even in time of need. They will be the 'fertilizer' that Venus needs to continue to thrive into the future. My blessing is given with great love and the deepest respect to these two young people who are and will be the life blood of our planet. Arise King Randall and Queen Grace! Your planet has accepted you as the beginning of the next phase of it's life." Arianna's voice swelled as a white light enveloped the altar and the couple that was kneeling in front of it. She, too, then knelt again facing Clara. The light intensified and the new King and Queen rose.

A gasp of wonderment filled the air as the light slowly faded and in its soft rays stood King Randall and Queen Grace. In front of them, Rand's parents knelt offering their oath to the new king and queen. On either side, both the healer and the oracle were offering their blessing. Tears of joy filled Kat's eyes as she watched Gracie walk around the altar and gently pull her mother by marriage to her feet.

"There is no need for that, QueenMother. Even as I am now Queen of Venus, you, Aria will always be Queen to me. As you will mold and guide me in the correct direction - for from this day forward - you will be the Advisor to the Queen of Venus." Gracie said in a firm and steady voice.

A gasp came from first Mica and then the crowd. The queen had never acknowledged her advisor in the past. The advisor had always worked behind closed doors. With Gracie's acknowlegment, she had just made Aria the first Official Queen's Advisor in the history of Venus.

"Gracie, you once more have stolen my thunder." Rand said. "But I cannot blame you. And, Dad, if you thought that you were going to fade into the background, I am sorry to tell you that I cannot allow that. I hope that you are here to help me and our planet for many years to come." Rand said as he embraced his father. The crowd roared it's approval as the new king and queen left the stage followed by his parents and then both Arianna and Clara. The First part of the Renewal Festival was over and the Second part would begin as the Moon began to rise.

* * * * *

As Arianna praised the moon for it's powerful influence - Kat was ready to shoot it out of the damn sky. As dusk approached the need to 'rape' her mate was growing ever stronger. Even standing ten feet away from him, she could smell his scent on the gentle breeze. It was unique to him...a scent of musk and a spice all his own. It teased her - it tempted her - it drove her mad until she was ready to drag him to the nearest closet and have her way with him.

Kat impatiently watched the ending of the Renewal Ceremony. In the center of the amphitheater, Arianna joined by several other healers, finished the ceremony by scattering a special blend of herbs and incense into the wind. It was tradition to have the healers bless the land for a fruitful harvest and the renewal of life that it brought.

The healers' voices rose one more time before falling silent. Kat gasped in awe as the Sun set and the first stars peeked out; and then watched, again impatiently, for the moon to appear. Since arriving on Venus, she had not understood this moon's existance. She knew that from Earth, no moon of Venus was visible; she had been deeply shocked when it had appeared on her first night's stay at the palace in Trila. Rand had tried to explain it to her, but the scientific jargon of 'it' was beyond her comprehension. Evidently the first wizards of Venus had captured a comet somehow, and trapped it between the land and the shield that protected the entire planet. But none of the wizards had expected the side effects of having a large comet in such a close proximity. The first mezclar and it's resulting bondings had been quite a shock to all of Venus. But they eventually had quit trying to examine 'why' or to truly explain the 'mystery' and accepted it as a part of their unique culture.

Arianna joined Kat as she watched the crew of men arrange around the elaborate altar a flower-bedecked trellis that gave the stage a beautiful setting. She locked eyes with Charlie who was supervising the process. Heat flared deep in his eyes and Kat caught her breath as she started to move towards him.

"Oh no you don't," Arianna scolded as she stepped between Kat and her son. "There will be none of that! If I have to wait - so do you."

Kat focused on her 'soon to be' mother in law. She could tell by the tense line of her shoulders that she too was feeling the overwhelming effects of the mezclar. As her grandfather joined the two women, Kat gave him a small smile. It was as much of a smile as her over-strung nerves would allow.

"Are you ready to get married?" Jason asked her, before taking her arm and tucking it beneath his.

"I don't know if I am ready or not. But I'm running out of time here, Gramps. The moon is nearly full and this damn mezclar has me totally on edge. Is it possible for a healer to go crazy from extreme lust?"

"I don't think so," he chuckled as led her over to the spot where they would start the ceremony. "But I have faith in you, Kitty. Just hold it together for a little while longer. OK?"

"I sure hope it's not misplaced, Gramps. I feel like I am try to jump out of my skin! How long do I have to wait after we are married to leave?" she asked as Charlie took his place next to King Rand. She stared at him hungrily. He was mouthwatering in his ceremonial robes. She couldn't have asked for a better man, she realized as one of the altar boys came up to Charlie. Charlie leaned down to listen to the child, then he smiled at him, and dug a piece of candy out of his pocket - giving it to the child before rumpling the boy's hair. The boy ran off to join his friends, and Kat knew in that moment if she hadn't already been deeply, hopelessly in love with him, she would have fallen for him right then and there.

"I hope you plan on having a lot of children, Katrina. That boy loves kids." Jason commented as music began to play, signaling the beginning of the Joining Ceremony.

* * * * *

Charlie turned as the music swelled and he watched as his chosen was led towards him by Master Iason. He swallowed roughly as he took in the sight of her. She looked like a princess or the queen that she was becoming. Desire flooded his system until all he could think about was picking her up and impaling her on his cock binding them together for all eternity.

He knew logically it was the effect of the mezclar; but her image had him hard and ready. All day she had been in his thoughts until he imagined he was going to go out of his mind with need. He had been of diminishing use as the day progressed as he had barely managed to oversee the last-minute preparations for the final festival.

He smiled down at her, as she joined him in front of King Rand. She smiled back before turning her attention to Rand.

How long does this damn thing last? she asked him.

Patience, Hellkat. It will be done quickly. The actual bonding ceremony isn't very long. Unlike your Earth weddings, the bonding ceremony is very quick. The need that is experienced by the bonded couple doesn't allow for all the pomp and celebration that you are accustomed to. The celebration comes after.

After?...WHAT AFTER?

After we complete the bonding ritual and satifsy the demands of the mezclar

Rand's voice as he started the ceremony broke through to them and they both turned their attention to him. And as Charlie had promised - the actual ceremony was quick. Before Kat could comprehend it, Rand was asking for the binding cloth. As Arianna held it out to the King, she felt a surge in the powers of her chosen. She risked a quick glance at him, and nearly moaned. Once more his green eyes had gone silver and his power shown brightly under the combined but controlled desire and need.

"As King of Venus, I bless this cloth with bonds of the chosen," he said in a clear voice. He took Kat's right hand and Charlie's left one. Joining them together in front of him, he smiled reassuringly at Kat. He slowly wrapped the cloth around their wrists.

Charlie took a deep breath and nearly groaned. The nylon of the joining cloth that he had chosen was causing his powers to flair; and the scent of the 'mellitus sensus', in the small bouquet Kat was carrying, was already tugging on both of them and inflaming them even more.

"Relax," Rand said softly as he finished tying the nylon around their joined hands. "It's almost done."

Kat swallowed roughly as she nodded. She could feel the power that was surging wildly though Charlie -it mirrored the turmoil within her. Deep inside herself, she could feel her own new powers rising to meet his. They needed to hurry this up, she thought frantically. Her control over her own power was shaky at best. What was she going to do if Charlie lost control of his?

You won't loose control, Sister. I have faith in you.

Philip? How...

When I released your power, it forged a pathway for us to communicate. It's much like the one that you have with Charlie. Now, Sister, focus on Rand and you will be fine.

* * * * *

Philip stood at the edge of the crowd and watched as Rand completed the Joining Ceremony. He could already feel the back wash of their joining. Healer Arianna hadn't lied; he was going to be in for a long week. He had contracted a priestess that would be able to help him through the fall out; and although he hated the idea of having to pay a woman to sleep with him, he couldn't ask a complete stranger to let him use her in such a manner. Priestess Zarita had come highly recommended by certain people. Because of the urgency of this situation,in fact, he had an appointment with her in less than a hour.

"I, now, am happy to present to the people of Areseric, your King Charles and his new chosen, Queen Katrina." Rand said in a loud voice. The crowd all fell to their knees in respect as Charlie led Kat back down the aisle. They paused next to Councilman Dean. Philip couldn't tell what Charlie had said to him; but he stood and tugged Arianna to the aisle and then up to the altar. Philip shook his head and laughed as the Joining Ceremony for the King's advisor and his mother started.

"What's so funny?" Kat asked Phillip as she and Charlie stopped next to him.

"Nothing really. You had to make sure that he made an honest woman out of her?" Philip asked Charlie.

"Yep. My mother has been running from him for a long time. I wanted to make sure that she didn't slip through his fingers again." Charlie said hoarsely as his body cotinued to tremble. It was obvious his longing to see his mother bonded was fighting with the stronger desire for his chosen.

Fortunately for them, Arianna and Dean's joining was as quick as Kat's and Charlie's; and very soon the older couple were hurrying down the aisle towards them. It seemed that Dean was even less patient than Charlie, or he simply wasn't resisting the mezclar.

"Charlie what are you doing here - why are you waiting?" Arianna asked as they joined her son and new daughter in law.

"I just wanted to make sure that you did it. Congratulations Mom." Charlie said deeply as he briefly hugged his mother, before she moved onto Kat.

"Welcome to the family, Katrina." Arianna whispered as she hugged her. "Now, take that stubborn son of mine and put him out of his misery." she joked as Stephan pulled on their joined hands. It was obvious that he was more than ready to put Arianna out of her "misery". "I'm coming, I'm coming." she laughed.

"Not yet you're not. But soon," Stephan promised as he dragged Arianna off toward his palace quarters.

Kat giggled and just shook her head until Charlie leaned down and scooped her up in a fireman's carry and started back to the second floor of the palace where his suite was located. She shrieked in a very unlady-like manner as her right arm was pulled back slightly while his left arm was holding her legs against his chest.

"Put me down, you fool! I can walk." She protested, wiggling and trying to slide back down him. The people around them cheered with great understanding as they left.

"I'll put you down when we reach our suite," he said before he slapped her backside with his free hand and kept it there to still her wiggling.

* * * * *

Arianna giggled as Stephan pinned her to the closed door. Her giggles turned into moans as he grabbed a handful of her robes,pulled them up to her waist, then buried his fingers in her wet slippery folds.

"Stephan!" she cried as his fingers pushed her closer to the edge. She had been on the verge of coming all day. She sailed over the edge as his thumb brushed over her aching clit. Her climax shook them both as they braced against the doors.

"That's right, Ari. Come for me baby," he growled against the side of her neck. He kept toying with her clit while he whispered a soft spell that caused all of their clothes, other than the cloth binding their wrists, to disappear. "This first time is going to be fast, Ari. I can't wait." he said between gritted teeth. Lifting her leg, he hooked it over his free arm as he positioned himself at her entrance and then paused for a moment as he fought for control.

"Dean!" she wailed as he held himself poised on the verge of entering her.

"I love you, Ari!" he hissed as he slid deep inside her with one thrust. They both cried out in reaction. "Lift!" He said as he tried to reach down with their joined hands to pull her other thigh up. She eagerly wrapped her other leg around him as he began to move. He moaned raggedly as he moved strongly between her thighs. He smiled tightly as he listened her gasps and moans.

"Stephan, I need..." she panted as she fought for her release.

"What? What do you need?" He asked his eyes dark with desire as he surged rhythmically inside of her.

"More!" She cried as she wrapped her free arm around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. She frantically thrust her tongue inside, to tangle with his.

Stephan growled and returned her deep kiss as he moved away from the door. Holding her steady - he backed towards the bed. Falling back on it, he kept her impaled and continued to thrust up inside of her delicate body.

Arianna tore her mouth away from his and cried out.

"Sit up," he growled as he used their joined hands to gently press her into an upright position. She drew a deep breath as he slid deeper. "Yes!" he groaned and pressed his head back against the bed.

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