tagIncest/TabooHealing Hands Ch. 02

Healing Hands Ch. 02


The next morning I woke up to the smell of frying bacon and coffee brewing. I got up, took my shower then walked in the kitchen and squeezed Mom from behind as she cooked.

"Mornin' Mom." She lay her head back turned her head and kissed my cheek.

"Good Morning honey, Sleep well?"

"Oh yeah, I don't remember when I've slept better."

I got some coffee and took it in to Aunt Tonya, "Good morning sleepy head, here you go, some good hot coffee for you Aunt Tonya."

She opened her eyes wiping them and took the coffee, taking a large drink.

"Now that's just what the Doctor ordered this morning, it's good."

I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her soft cheek. I decided I would feed her myself and slid the fork between her full lips. Watching them cling to it as I pulled it out. She has the sexiest mouth and lips I have ever seen. I jumped in surprise as she gave my nuts a light squeeze. Her eyes smiling as I jumped. I grinned at her, Giving her a bite of cantaloupe, her mouth opened to accept it. Grinning smugly as the juice ran down the side of her mouth. I leaned over and licked it off her chin and gave her a kiss. I got up and went to the door, looking back

"Wait until mom leaves, I have something for you Tonya."

"Good, I can't wait to find out what it is."

I went back and ate my breakfast while Mom dressed for work. I heard mom ready to leave, I ran out and hugged her bye.

"Thanks for last night Mom, I loved it."

"I did too honey, I'll see you this evening, Bye"

And she was gone, Now for Aunt Tonya's surprise. I went and got her plate took it to the dishwasher and turned it on. Then went to get her bathing supplies. I got the warm water and went to her bedside, helping her take off her nightgown.

"You're looking a lot better today Tonya, your bruises are clearing up nicely. But it looks like we need to shave your legs. I got her legs damp, then stared applying shaving cream to her long legs. Feeling the stubble actually turned me on as I wiped the cream on her, Now the tricky part. I never shaved anyone but myself so I knew I must be careful.

I started below her knees, working my way down slowly to her slim ankles. She put her leg over my shoulder so I could get behind her leg. When Tonya did that my hands started shaking, I was looking right at her gash, her puffy lips showing droplets of moisture on the edges.

"That feels so good Josh, you are a very special young man to do this for me. And all the other things you are not being able to do, having stay and baby-sit an old woman like me. I know you would rather be with your friends."

"It's OK Tonya, I enjoy being with you and after yesterday, I can't think of any place I would rather be."

A smile crept to her lips and I started on her upper thigh. I could see where her hairline met her pubic area and wasn't sure how far to go. Tonya let me know soon enough.

"I want you to shave my pussy too Josh."

I wasn't sure if I could do that with my hands shaking, and being so close to her sensitive pussy lips I was really worried. I went and got some scissors and trimmed her bush as close as I could get without snipping her skin. Then shaved my first pussy I took extra time and Aunt Tonya lay there like a Princess, her head on its side, eyes closed and a big smile on her face. It was a painstakingly slow progress, but when I finished she looked delicious, her lips appeared even thicker and her clit was standing out in her excitement. I leaned over and kissed her clit.

"Whoa Josh, You not finished yet. One more leg hun!"

I moved to the other side of her bed and began at the top this time. My hands had stopped shaking so this one went a little faster, even if I did touch her pussy now and then. Rubbing my finger along her slick slit as I finished her legs and wiped them off with a clean warm rag, then got baby oil and rubbed on her legs and bare pussy. Damn it smelled good, I've always loved the smell of baby oil and her legs shimmered in the light from it. Her pussy looked even wetter, so I bent over kissing it.

Aunt Tonya grabbed the back of my head as I licked her slit, the flat of my tongue opening her pussy lips wide. My tongue forced its way inside her and her juices flowed onto it. I felt her hips starting to move in circles as I sucked her clit in my hot mouth. Aunt Tonya was hot, she started to moan which only increased my desire to please her, My tongue shifted into high gear. I worked the sides of her pussy then nibbled her inner thighs as they clamped around my face. I pulled my face back then attacked her slit, fucking her with my tongue like it was my Dick.

"Oh Yes Josh, eat me baby, eat my pussy. Make me cum, do it now for me honey!"

I sucked her clit again when she came, her hips bucking so much I was afraid she would re-injure herself. Her fingers pulled my hair so much that it really hurt, but I kept on until her Orgasm left her shaking body. I watched as her breasts heaved on her chest her arms lay by her sides. I got up and put the bath supplies up, and went back in to her side.

"Lay down by me Josh, I want to hold you."

I lay beside her and she gave me a hug, her hand running down my chest to my throbbing erection. It felt wonderful as she gently massaged it through my pants, then she unzipped them. Reaching in she grasped my hard on, in her soft fingers. Pulling it some trying to get it out. I stood and undressed then lay back down. I nibbled on her neck as she held me close to her breasts. My throbbing erection was warm against her soft skin, her fingers tickling my back.

I wanted to fuck her, but was not sure just how well her hip was healing from the car accident. I put one leg over her good hip and Aunt Tonya rubbed the head of my dick along her slick puffy pussy, Teasing me with her sliding it up and back down the length of her slit, putting pressure on her clit when my dick was near it. Then inserting it in her gently, I eased into her filling her with my hot thick cock. Her heavy sigh gave me the confidence to begin slowly moving in her.

Aunt Tonya must have gone without sex for awhile, because her pussy was gripping my entire cock, from the base to the tip as my hips pumped. She bit my shoulder, her passion was beginning to build, her hand slid between our bodies and Tonya began to diddle her erect clit. I felt her hand as she did, adding to my excitement knowing that I had made her feel this way. I was on my extended arms to keep my weight off her still recovering body and looked to watch her play with her pussy while I fucked her.

That is such an erotic sight to me, watching a woman help herself get off while fucking. And she knew exactly what to do, for in a few minutes she began to have her next Orgasm of the morning. I fucked her very slowly, almost painfully so while she came on me. Her eyes got a far away look in them, her Orgasm built from within her inner being. I could feel her pussy quivering on my cock as she came, her crying out as she did.

"Fuck me Josh, Oh yes honey make it happen. Oh Fuck it's so good, don't stop baby, make your Aunt Tonya cum."

I continued to pump my hips slowly feeling my Orgasm building also, my stomach feeling the butterflies as it built. "I'm cumming Aunt Tonya, oh shit, I'm cumming right now!"

And I felt her pussy clamp on my cock as it shot a thick load of my sperm into her womb. I did not think about the chance that she could become pregnant, only of how great she felt. Almost like Mom's pussy but different, I leaned over and sucked a nipple into my mouth. Her hand pulled my face to it as I inhaled it in my hot mouth, sucking it like a baby would as we both climaxed. I wanted to lie on top of her but could not, so I lay next to her, gasping for air as my breathing slowly returned to normal. Her hand running circles on my chest, tickling my sensitive nipples.

I rolling out of bed when I looked towards the door and saw a shadow moving away. Grabbing my clothes I ran out and saw Mom, backing away from me.

"Mom, what are you doing back here? I thought you were on your way to work!"

"I see that Josh, I didn't mean to interrupt you but I forgot the papers I need for today. And when I heard the two of you, I had to see for myself." Tears forming in her beautiful blue eyes. "I know you owe me nothing Josh, but it does hurt me knowing that just last night you made love to me and now you fuck my sister."

"Oh Mom don't cry. Come here!" and I held my arms open to her, she rushed to me her shoulders heaving as she cried.

"The only reason I am upset is Tonya always took my boyfriends when we were growing up. She even fucked your father before we married, I was hoping that she had grown out of it by now."

"Mom, why don't you just take today off, if you feel we should all have a talk then we can, What ever it takes to make you feel better about this."

Mom called her office and let them know she would not show today. Then took me by the hand into Aunt Tonya's room. Tonya's eyes got wide and her face lost its color, when she saw the look on Mothers face. Mom sat on the chair next to the bed and I stood there like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Tonya, when you are well I want you out of my house! I will not have you here fucking my son, he is young and he doesn't need your help to corrupt him."

"Oh no Sis, he has you to do that doesn't he! I heard you two last night, so don't try to play innocent with me. I can't believe that you would stoop so low as to fuck your Son. And you say I'm a whore!"

I saw this was going to get out of hand soon if I did not step in and stop it. "Mom, Aunt Tonya, Stop this shit now!" They both turned, finally remembering that I was actually in the room. "We are all adults here, what Mom and I did, we did as adults. The same with you Aunt Tonya! So stop the bickering, we can't turn back time and I really don't wish too. I love you both and we all enjoyed the sex so why fight?"

Mom and Tonya looked at each other and a smile crept to their faces, both realizing that what they had said made no sense since they had both had incestuous sex with me. "Now you two kiss and make up!" they looked at each other then Mom bent over hugged and kissed Aunt Tonya,

"Tonya I'm sorry, it's just that you have always done this to me. When I found a man you always ended up in bed with him. I wanted Josh for me, not to share!"

"I'm sorry too Sis, and he is a good fuck though, isn't he!" with a smirk.

I went to them hugging them both, kissing both sets of full lips as they faced me. My tongue slipping into each mouth as it got a turn. Tonya put her hand on my Dick then Mom did the same, they had me hard in no time. I jumped up and took off my pants again.I stuck my hand up Mom's dress and felt her hot pussy though her silky panties, I felt the moisture on them so I knew it had excited her watching me fuck her sister regardless of her actions afterwards. I pushed her panties in her slit as I tried to finger fuck her and her eyes rolled back in her head.

I lay back beside Aunt Tonya,

"Take your clothes of for us Mom, do s strip tease for us!"

She looked embarrassed, but slowly started taking her clothes off. Undoing her the dress buttons slowly, holding one side open showing us her nice firm breast top. The white of her soft skin contrasting against the purple color of her bra. Then she took it off and dropped it to the floor, her purple panites showing her wetness while she did a slow turn, showing her beautiful ass to us, her hands ran up her sides then to her front. When she turned around her fingers were pulling on the nipples under her bra.

Her bra came off, her tits standing proud for our viewing pleasure, then she dropped her pretty panties and her thick bush came out in the open. She ran her hand along its length rubbing her thick pussy lips, spreading her wetness along her palm. I took her hand and licked it clean, sucking her fingers into my mouth. Aunt Tonya was jacking me off, her eyes never leaving her sister's show that she was putting on for us.

Mom laid beside me and started kissing my neck, nibbling on my ear as her hand went to my hard cock. They both were sharing it with each other, one tickling and squeezing my hairy balls, the other jacking me off. I would kiss one then the other, My hands each had a hot wet pussy in it, One bare as new borns the other so hairy I had to fight to get my finger inside it.

I was amazed at the difference in them, the texture's and even the thickness of their pussy juice was not the same. Not that I was going to complain, how many people get this opportunity to have two beautiful women together at the same time, family or not. Mom crawled down and began to lick my cock, so I turned to Aunt Tonya and sucked her nipple in my mouth.

They both were sighing and moaning, making me harder and hotter by the minute. Moms mouth sucked me in and her head began to bounce as she swallowed my throbbing cock down. Her sharp fingernails rubbing my asshole, driving me insane. I bit Aunt Tonyas tit a little harder than I had meant to when Mom stuck her finger in my asshole up to her first knuckle. But she only grabbed my head pulling me closer to her bosom, her breath coming in gasps. I placed Aunt Tonyas hand on Mothers head and felt her fingers wrapped in her hair, her hand forcing Mom to suck me deeper. My finger was soaking wet from her pussy.

Fortunately, she had a Queen size bed, or we would have had a little trouble fitting in it together. I moved Moms face away and slid down to eat Aunt Tonya's pussy for her, when I did I stuck my wet finger tip in moms mouth and she sucked her sisters pussy off it. Then she went back to sucking me off. Aunt Tonya grabbed my hair and shoved my face between her fresh shaved legs and held it down against he bald pussy as I licked her thick clit roughly.

I knew she would cum soon since she was breathing as hard as she was and the pressure of her hands pushing me into her dripping pussy. Mom was getting more excited to and I heard her moaning, she must have been fingering her pussy as she sucked my cock. I started to hump my hips against her face, forcing my cock deeper in her hot wet mouth as her tongue wrapped around the base of it.

Autn Tonya cried out my name as she came on my face, her pussy smashing my face against her clit. I bit it lightly for good measure and she shot her load of woman cum in my mouth as I swallowed it down. She ran her fingers through my hair as she calmed down, Then I got up and kissed her, letting her taste herself on my lips.

"Get on your hands and knees Mom, I want to fuck you doggy style."

She did and I eased behind her wide hips, teasing her hairy pussy lips with my spit wet cock then slowly pushed it in her hot pussy. She took a deep breath as she grew accustomed to my size again, I could not believe she was as tight or tighter than she had been last night when I took her, but she was. My hips shoved into her ass cheeks and she began to fuck me as Aunt Tonya watched her little sister fuck her loving son. I knew it got her excited by the way she would lick her thick lips as my cock slid in Moms hairy pussy.

Moms head was hanging low as I grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and pulled her to me with them. Her breathing becoming faster as her passion built. I put my hand under her and played with her wet clit making her slam her hips to me. I buried my cock as deep as it would inside my Moms hot pussy, enjoying the sight of Aunt Tonya as she had started playing with her own pussy as I fucked Mom.

I had a wicked idea form in my head and I grabbed Aunt Tonya's hand, pulling it under Mom and placed it on Moms Pussy. She never hesitated as I felt her finger touching Moms clit when my cock was fully in. Mom came as soon as she did that, her ass bucking wildly against mine, She had to know it wasn't my finger since both my hands were on her shoulders now pulling her tightly to me as I fucked her.

"Oh Yes baby, fuck momma, use your beautiful cock on me honey. Oh God I love you so much right now, fuck me hard. Tonya don't stop playing with my pussy, do it like you did when we were young, make me cum for you Tonya."

I was shocked to hear Mom say that, I mean it's shocking enough to have fucked your own Mother and be fucking her again, but to hear that she and her sister had lesbian sex when they were younger really shocked the shit out of me.

Then Mother moved over and kissed Aunt Tonya on her full lips and Aunt Tonya pulled her face to her. It was too much for my young mind and body.

"Oh Fuck Mom, I'm fucking cumming. Do it now momma, make me cum in you now!'

And my load shot out deep and hard in her hot pussy, hitting her womb with such force that she cried out she was cumming also.

"Yes baby, fill me up with your hot cum, Oh baby I feel it hitting inside me. Oh god I'm Cumming so hard baby now, Now, Fuck me NOW!"

My balls pumped out everything they had into Moms bucking pussy as I grabbed a hand full of her thick hair and pulled her head back as I shot the last of my load in her. I fell on her back, as sweaty as if I had run a 100 yard dash in the middle of Summer. Our hot bodies slick with our sweat when I slid off her trying to catch my breath.

Aunt Tonya grabbed Moms wrist and pulled her to her,

"I love you so much Sis."

She kissed her and pulled her up so Mom could mount her face. I lay back watching the erotic sight of Moms hairy gash lowering on Aunt Tonyas face, her fingers holding her pussy lips open and Aunt Tonya stuck her tongue inside Mom, licking and sucking my fresh sperm out of her. Moms hands holding the back of her sisters head pulling her closer to her inner depths. I saw mom pushing her hips against Aunt tonyas full lips as her tongue went deep inside her pussy. My dick never went soft while I watched them, so I moved between Aunt Tonyas legs and held her slit open while I stuck my cock in her

I felt her shiver as I shoved the entire length of my hard cock inside, my finger pinching her thick clit as I started fucking her. Moms moans were getting louder as she neared her Orgasm. And Aunt Tonya's hips moved against me knowing she was making her little sister cum in her mouth again after all these years.

Mother started cumming then, her pussy smashing Tonya's face, if Aunt Tonya had any hair I believe Mom would have pulled it out in her ecstasy as she came. I loved the way Aunt Tonya's breast were flattened by Moms ass as she fucked her older sisters face, I was wondering if she could breath under Mom, but she never tried to get away.

I wanted to grab one of Moms tits and one of Tonyas but was more cencerned about keeping my body off Aunt Tonya, I guess perhaps when she is better I can. So for now I was content just fucking her and watching Moms ass cheeks flatten as she pushed her hips down.

Mother got up after she had cum and I fell on Aunt Tonyas face kissing her wet lips and chin, tasting my Moms cum on her face. I felt Tonyas hand reach her pussy and she was cumming as soon as she touched her clit. I was not far behind her, Perhaps I'm strange, but I love to watch or feel a woman touch herself when having sex. And Tonya knew just how to make herself cum with my cock in her.

"I'm going to cum Tonya, work your pussy baby, make me cum for you. Make me cum in your hot pussy baby!"

The words seemed to inspire her to fuck me even harder as I felt her pussy grip my pulsing cock. I felt the familiar tingling in my belly and knew I was close to shooting my wad.

"Now honey, cum in Aunt Tonya, come on baby, you can do it for me. Cum for me now!" And I shot off my load in her gripping pussy with her cumming with me as I did. We held each other for a few minutes, until my dick flopped out of her as it softened. I rolled off her and lay on my back smiling. Thinking of how this had all started and it didn't look like it would end soon.

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