tagIncest/TabooHealing Pt. 03

Healing Pt. 03


I like that time when I am not quite awake, but not quite asleep. Am I dreaming or do I feel Wolf cupping my breast as his erection is growing between my thighs? Maybe I am dreaming after reliving the night Wolf made me his cum slut. You can read Healing Pt. 2 if you don't remember the story.

Wolf created my lust for cum on my twenty-first birthday, but I was technically still a virgin. He promised to change that the next weekend. He stopped by my desk everyday spouting double entendres and innuendos. The other women in the office suspected I had succumbed to his charms, but they could not be certain. That was until Wolf left a Victoria's Secret shopping bag on my desk with a note attached, "For our Saturday night date."

Embarrassed, I nevertheless opened the bag when I returned to my desk. Inside was a sheer, red silk nightgown with a plunging neckline and the sides split to the waist, matching garter belt, and black silk stockings. A pair of 4 inch red heels consisting of little more than thin straps across the toes and a thin ankle strap. I grabbed the bag and marched down to Wolf's office.

I didn't bother to knock; rather I marched in and dropped the bag on his desk.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Your outfit for our date Saturday night."

I hesitated, torn between anticipation and anger. "Our date?"

"Yes, I asked you on the boat. You said yes."

I felt the tingling begin between my legs. He promised to complete my transformation to womanhood and I wanted it to happen.

"You bought me an outfit? What about the rest of it?"

"The rest of it?"

"Bra and panties. The rest of it."

"You have everything you need for our date. As for the rest of it, you only need what little you found in the bag. I intend to ravish your naked body and teach you how to fuck like a whore. You won't need the rest of it."

I didn't know whether to be offended or submit to him over his desk. Instead, I took the bag and quietly retreated to the office and my desk. The other women in the office smirked when I returned. One suggested out loud that Wolf was dining on fresh meat come the weekend.

Still half asleep, I remembered bathing and preening Friday night and Saturday. Gathering my courage, I slipped the nightgown over my head. Wolf called it an evening gown. I called it obscene. In the bright daylight, I could see my breasts, my pussy, and my ass. I convinced myself it would be more opaque in the evening darkness and subdued lighting in the restaurant.

I bathed, shaved myself smooth, and rubbed lotion into my skin, paying close attention to the parts I knew Wolf would soon be fondling. I donned the garter belt and eased the silk stockings up my legs and attached the to the garters. I examined myself in the mirror. I thought the image before me would arouse any man; at least that is what I told myself. I really remained naive despite my newfound lust for semen.

I slipped the silk garment over my head. Thin spaghetti straps tied in bows on my shoulder. The bodice was cut in a Vee to my navel. The material gathered below my tits, lifting them and pulling the material taut so that my nipples strained against the thin silk. The cut of the cleavage showed the underside of my breasts as well as my "side boob." The back of the "dress" was open to the top of butt, stopping at the point where my cheeks and the hollow of my back met. The material stopped short of my ankles so that my heels were visible. All well and good, but the gown was split up the sides to my waist, revealing the tops of my stockings and my lack of panties. Was I really going out in public dressed like a whore?

Wolf definitely liked what he saw when I opened my front door. He took me in his arms for a long, sensuous kiss. He stepped back, taking me in with one lingering glance from my head to my heels. He turned me around, slowly, assessing my nearly naked look.

"Beautiful," he declared. "Every man who sees you tonight will want to fuck you."

"That's because I am naked," I protested. "This nightgown is transparent and I am not wearing anything under it."

"Nonsense! It is the hottest evening wear on the market and you look amazing wearing it. Before the night is over you will know what it feels like to have every man desiring you. And when you think you could not be more aroused, I will fuck you into an orgasmic state that you will want to relive for the rest of your life."

I kept thinking I should wake up, but the memory of that night continued to play in my muddled mind. He took me to a small French restaurant where we were seated in view of all who came and went. The waiter seated me where a spotlight seemed to be directed to highlight my half naked form. The light turned the opaque material of my gown nearly transparent. My breasts were on full display and no one bothered to disguise the fact that they were staring at me.

After we ordered drinks and our meal, a young man, about my own age, approached Wolf and asked if he could dance with me. Wolf said yes without asking what I might desire, so I stood and allowed the man to lead me to a clear space in the center of the dining area. A quartet played slow, romantic music. Not really suitable for formal dancing, but perfect for swaying and making out while pretending to dance without moving much.

The young man intended to do just that, make out with me in front of the diners. I might as well have been naked as he moved me under another spotlight. My garter belt and stockings stood out and my bare butt appeared to be as naked as my exposed back. He ran his hands down my side and slipped them through the slits in my dress at my waist and began caressing my bare butt cheeks. Everyone could see what he was doing and I was too embarrassed to stop him.

I remember how good it felt. I think the fact that it was so wrong turned me on even more. Without thinking, I began to grind my pelvis into his. Then I felt his penis begin to grow and I pressed my stomach into his trying to work myself against him. I wanted to feel his arousal. OMG, Wolf was right. I was becoming aroused as a stranger tried to seduce me on the dance floor.

When the song ended, I stuttered out a Thank You and rushed back to my table. Wolf asked if I enjoyed myself and I nodded yes.

"Did he have a big cock?"

"What?" Did I hear him right I thought to myself?

"Did he have a big cock?" Wolf asked. "He was rubbing you into an orgasm while everyone watched. Did you return the favor and rub his cock."

"No," I replied and hung my head in shame. "Was I supposed to?"

"If you liked the way he made you feel, then yes. You should return the favor."

I sipped my drink and another young man appeared at our table. He didn't have a chance to stammer out his request for a dance before I jumped up with a yes. And, yes, he had watched my last dance and his hands quickly slipped beneath my dress.

Before I could get lost in my partner's caresses, I looked around to see if Wolf was watching us. That is when I became aware of the other couples at the tables, on the dance floor, and the young men standing at the bar. All the women were young, as was I. All the men with them at the tables were older, as was Wolf. All the young women were dresses as scantily as myself, some more so. The young men dancing were all taking liberties with their partners and the women seemed to enjoy the open groping from the men. When the music ended, the other women were returned to a table with an older man, as was I.

"What is this place?" I asked Wolf.

"Sugar's," he replied.

He went on to explain it was a private club for older men, Sugar Daddies, and their younger women, Sugar Babies. Sugar Daddies were mostly successful businessmen who enjoyed the company of young women. Most of the women were coeds at the university who had their school costs paid for by their Sugar Daddies. Some lived with their patron, but most lived near campus and were available for companionship and entertainment on the weekends. Others were older men and younger women who desired each other much as Wolf and myself.

The young women were sexually aroused by being displayed in public and desired by the young men hanging around at the bar. The older men enjoyed showing off their women, fucking them, and sharing them with others at the club. Many of the young men worked for the older men in their businesses. The young women were rewards for loyal, productive employees and some became wives when it was time for them to move out on their own. When they married an employee, the boss had future access to his former mistress when he desired.

My head was swimming. Young sluts and whores surrounded me. Then it dawned on me.

"Am I your Sugar Baby?"

"No, but tonight you become my slut."

"Do I have a choice?"

I already knew the answer. I was aroused and wet from being on display and fondled in public. The waiter brought our dinner, and I allowed a strap to slip off my shoulder fully exposing my breast.

Wolf smiled and explained the evening was my debutant coming out party and that later he would be taking my virginity. I blushed, but I pulled the waiter's hand to my breast and told him I was also working up my courage to be my master's slut.

After we ate, Wolf took me to the dance floor. As we swayed, he loosed my bows and allowed my dress to slip to the floor. I stepped out of it and our waiter rushed to retrieve it. Wolf turned to display my nearly naked form to the room. The garter straps framed my naked butt and drew everyone's eyes to my shaved vulva. I was on fire and then I heard Wolf announce that tonight he would be taking my virginity and he wanted me ready to submit to his depraved desires. He invited anyone who desired me to help fuel my arousal before we left.

Several of the young men and a few Sugar Babies took their turns rubbing my nipples and shoving fingers in my pussy. All kissed and probed me with their tongues before passing me on to the next person.

I was lost in stroking hard cocks and rubbing naked breasts when a Wolf took my hand and led me to the door.

"My dress," I panted.

"No, your are my slut. You want everyone to know I am going to fuck you tonight. You are going to walk to the car knowing everyone who sees you will know you are a slut."

Wolf was right. I would have fucked there on the street if he told me to.

My head began to spin. Did I black out? Confusion set in. I was remembering how I surrendered my virginity to Wolf's cock plunging into my cunt. I was begging him to fuck me harder. Stars swirled before my eyes as I fell into an ecstatic fog.

The fog began clearing as my mind focused on the hand gently cupping my breast, the thumb lightly brushing my nipple. The hard cock parting my legs was just parting my labia, tentatively probing me. I remembered now that it was my brother spooning me from behind. My introduction to sexual pleasure in the arms of Wolf was an erotic memory from years ago, still vivid enough to spark an orgasm.

My brother. I wanted to wait for intercourse until my stories caught up with my sexual desire, but today was his turn at storytelling. I closed my eyes and slipped back into the fog as I arched my him back into his thrust forcing him deeper into me. I moved my hand over his, urging him to knead my breast.

"I love you Doug," I moaned as his slow thrusting coaxed pleasurable sensations to pulse through my groin.

"Good morning Sis. You kept urging someone to fuck you harder. Did you know you talk in your sleep?"

"Ummm, that is a story for another night. Don't stop what you are doing. It feels so good."

Doug slipped deeper into me as he ground his hips against my naked ass. I groaned when he released my breast, but his hand found the bundle of muscle and tissue cradling my clitoris. I orgasmed as his fingers massaged my clit. I felt the jolt of electricity trigger the next orgasm as he flicked my clit. He massaged my pleasure center again as he ran his fingers around my clit, cradling and squeezing me in the v-shaped grip of his fingers.

I could only moan as my brother continued his slow strokes in and out of my pussy. "Oh my god," I thought. "How many times could I cum before I passed out?"

Light slowly poured into my eyes once again. Had I really passed out or was it just a momentary lapse as my orgasm jolted through my body. A shower and then breakfast, but then I remembered I had not sent my husband the pictures from last night. My phone was on the nightstand in reach, so I proceeded to send the pictures of me coming to my brother's bed and the after picture of me bathed in his cum.

I could hear Doug making breakfast in the kitchen while I stepped into the hot shower. Refreshed, I walked into the kitchen wearing just a towel wrapped around my head. I stopped short, Doug was naked but he was also on FaceTime with my husband. Of course he turned his iPad camera to catch me in all my naked glory.

"Good morning my naked slut," my husband said in greeting. "I was hoping you would still be covered in cum. Your picture was so hot."

"Bastard, I am living out your fantasy, be nice."

"Hey," Doug chimed in. "I thought this was your fantasy."

"Don't be stupid," I responded. "I've wanted to fuck you for some time. I didn't want to piss off your wife."

Preparing to extend my lecture, I noticed for the first time that my husband was naked and a pair of feminine legs draped across his lap. Whoever it was, she also appeared to be naked.


Jenny, Jennifer, is Wolf's niece. Her mother sent her to Wolf on her 21st birthday for much the same introduction to sex that I experienced with him. That was two years before my introduction. She moved in with Wolf and I not long after I moved in. She taught me the pleasures of having a man's cum licked off your body by a sexy female. She taught me the thrill of still warm cum dripping into my mouth from the lips of a naked female rubbing her bare breasts against my own. I experience the taste of another woman while lapping Wolf's cum from her pussy. My god, we made passionate love while Wolf lay spent beside us.

"How do you know...? What are you doing with Frank?"

My husband started laughing. "Who do you think first pointed you out to me?"

"But, my past was a secret from you. You were never supposed to know what a filthy slut I had been."

Frank laughed harder. "I knew and watched you long before I ever introduced myself. Jenny thought you would be perfect for me when she refused my proposal."

"You were fucking Jenny? You proposed?"

"Yes, but she thought she was too promiscuous to settled down. She suggested you were the perfect slut with a repressed desire to be a demure young wife. I was hoping for demure during the day and slut at night. I got the first and now I am hoping to reawaken the latter. It looks like it might be working judging by your pictures this morning."

"And Jenny?"

"She's willing to join our household."

Jenny interrupted, "I've missed the taste of your sweet lips and pussy, the touch of your breast, not to mention Frank's cock. I want to move in with the two of you if you will have me."

My head was spinning. Laughter from the screen brought me back to my senses and Doug's erection poking at my lips.

"It looks like you aroused your brother," Frank said.

I looked at the screen and Jenny had taken Frank's cock in her mouth, coaxing an erection from my husband as well. "It looks like we both are preoccupied," I giggled and hit disconnect on the iPad.

"You like me covered in cum?" I mumbled with my lips around my brother's hard cock. "Give me your best shot."

I pulled Doug's erection deep into my throat as I swallowed around his shaft. My brother grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my face. I moaned in passion as he assaulted my mouth. I surrendered myself to his needs and thrusting, waiting for the shower of cum that would soon follow.

Doug offered a towel for me to clean my face when he was spent.

"No, leave it. I want to feel like your slut today. I want you to use me for your pleasure before you send me back to Frank a freshly aroused cum slut ready to be used for his pleasure."

Later that night, Doug fucked me doggie style as his video played. On the screen, he was fucking his wife from behind as she gazed into the camera lens and moaned in pleasure. From the sounds, it was clear my brother came before she was ready. I could see my brother reaching for the camera as he pulled out. Janice quickly lay back on the bed with her legs open as the camera zoomed in on her gaping cunt.

"Eat me," Janice was begging. "Make me cum."

A naked woman entered the picture crawling between her legs ready to perform as commanded. The woman turned to smile at the camera before turning to lap at the pussy offered before her.

"Oh, my god," I exclaimed. "That's my sister Mary!"

I began cumming and felt my brother's cock erupt inside me. I blacked out again. My god, my brother knew how to fuck me senseless. When I regained consciousness, there was my sister licking my sister-in-law to orgasm. My mind reeled in confusion.

"That was Mary's twenty-first birthday. Now you know what you missed when you moved away, although it seems your birthday may have been even more exciting than Mary's. I know tomorrow night is your turn to share a fantasy, but I hope you won't Ming that I asked her to join us tomorrow. She plans to spend the night."

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