tagNonHumanHealing Rites of Passage Ch. 02

Healing Rites of Passage Ch. 02


"She likes you," said Aqurico softly to Adrian as they sat opposite each other in the latter's office.

"So, it seems brother. But I suspect there is more to her than meets the eye."

When Aqurico remained silent, Adrian continued. "I don't know if she is in collaborations with Olybrius or if he had manipulated her mind somehow to carry out his deeds..."

"Yet you don't think so."

"No I don't. Just the other day, she commanded Abben, in his comatose state to behave and it broke the enchantment bonding him and Aurora. She is a mere mortal Aqurico and no mortals could have done that!"

"Isabella can."

"That's different! Argh. Forget it. I'm stuck to this woman. No matter how many times I turn her away she's there somehow. She's supposed to fit into this equation. Fit her for me," said Adrian, almost exasperated.

"You are intrigued by her," Aqurico said matter-of-factly. He didn't bother to hide his amusement at his brother's inner turmoil but simply took his hand and held Adrian's hand to calm his brother down.

"Enough. I will not sit here discussing about my emotions when our brother and sister are in danger," said Adrian, back to his stoic self.

"Very well then. Get the first flight out to Rome. I and Raphael will meet you there. As the circumstances call for it, I cannot afford to leave him alone. We are short of manpower and brain power now."

With that, Aqurico disappeared from his office.


Adrian was not used to visiting women nor was he used to travelling with one. Heidi had packed modestly and was mostly excited about travelling. She had not asked him where they were going or why must she follow him. It made Adrian feel that he might have healed her too extensively until her personality was altered. Being the perfectionist, he had not stopped staring at her every once in a while to check on her health, making sure he had not made mistakes in his healing.

"Stop staring at me like that. You're making me feel as if you've seen me naked," she said as they passed through the security checks.

"Technically..." he said and they both started laughing.

Looking up at him with her eyes still reflecting her laughter, she clasped his hand in hers and smiled.

For a second, Adrian almost wanted to pull his hand away. No one but Aurora had held his hand like that, in such a playful way. He could hear her heart beat and feel her heat from that touch alone... reminding him of her warmth when he had buried himself in her hours before.

"I want you again, Heidi," he whispered into her ear, causing her eyes to widen in shock.

"Uh, here and now?" she asked as her cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

"I am a patient man," was all her replied as they started moving towards the taxi stand at the Leonardo da Vinci Airport. Adrian breathed in the air, having missed the smell of Rome since their move to America where Raphael raised Ella.

"You do know where you're going right?" whispered Heidi as they got into the line at the taxi stand.

"Depends. Do you want to have a view or don't mind blank walls?"

"Huh?" she replied, puzzled.

"Ah, well. I'll choose then," he said as he opened the door of the taxi for her. "Regina Hotel Baglioni please."

The plain off white façade of the exterior was nothing compared to the interior of the hotel. Heidi's mouth hung wide open as she stepped into the marble-floored lobby of the Regina Hotel Baglioni. Murano glass chandeliers hung at every prominent place and silk tapestry decorated the walls and clothed the various sofas on that level. If this was the view that Adrian was referring to, Heidi wasn't sure if she would be comfortable in it.

She was not brought up in riches and certainly did not have the opportunity to stay at such luxurious accommodations. Inching closer to Adrian who was leaning against the counter, she tried to hide her awe and focus on him instead.

He was speaking fluently to the receptionist at the counter, in what must be Italian. She had no idea that he was Italian or knew how to speak it. She wondered if he spoke German. She would try and test him later. She tried to pretend that she understood what he was saying, smiling and nodding as Adrian carried out his conversation with the lady.

"You see, my wife here, she does not understand much Italian, but we're on a honeymoon and so I was hoping you could give me one of your suites? Yes, a junior suite would be fine. We will be here for about one week or so but I will extend my reservations should the need arise."

Adrian ended his transaction with a smile and gently smiled at Heidi who smiled back, obviously unaware of what had just happened.

"First thing when you get past the door, don't stop to stare but please get to the bed," he said.

"Oh? Wait a minute. Are you telling me we're staying in one room?" she asked, exasperated.

"Yes we are," he replied her matter-of-factly.

"But we're not... I mean..."

"Right now, you are my wife and we are having a honeymoon. So you've got to play your part Heidi," he said. She didn't get to reply him as he had opened the door, revealing the intricate décor of their room.

"Oh... my... Am I dreaming? This is so beautiful..." she gasps the moment she stepped into the suite.

"On the bed Heidi," he warned.

"No, please... I need to absorb this beautiful place... I..."

Not letting her complete her sentence, he lifted her off her feet and hauled her on his left shoulder as he pulled their luggage in with the other.

"Oh! Oh! Doctor Martin, let me down this instance!" she yelled, kicking her feet in the air.

Throwing her on the bed, he began to unbutton his shirt.

"There, I've let you down," he said. Taking off his shirt, he started working on the belt on his trousers.

Heidi sat up on the bed and watched in fascination as the man before her started to undress. Their first sexual experience had been abrupt and a little painful for her and she wasn't sure if she wanted another one like that. Still clothed in her plain skirt and blouse, she simply watched him.

Already down to his boxers, Adrian moved towards her, pinning her down under him. He buried his face at her neck and started kissing her there, eliciting sighs from her. Tiny shivers washed over her as she felt him take tiny bites on her neck and sucking on the tender skin. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her thigh. She didn't need to touch it to know how big it was and how hungry it was for its meal.

Adrian unzipped her skirt and pulled it off her hips in one quick move. His fingers toyed with her panties; slipping one finger at a time down the waistband, teasing her. Her breathing started becoming heavier and heavier and he knew that she was trying to fight her rising desires.

"Tell me what you want me to do Heidi," he asked her, even as his fingers traced the shape of her plump pussy lips from outside her panties.

"Uh... uh... yes, like that..." she moaned as his fingers pushed in a little into her wetness from outside her panty.

"You're not answering the question Heidi," he said sternly and instantly withdrew his fingers and started to get up.

Staring at him and at his eyes which had the look of a dare on it, she smiled. Pulling her blouse off slowly up her head she made sure he was watching her as she unclasped her bra, letting free her firm round breasts from its confines. Standing up to face him, she tiptoed to give a fleeting kiss on his lips. Adrian growled as a reply.

Making sure he was still watching her, Heidi walked back towards the bed, turned around and pushed down her soaked panty to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she bent at the waist, giving Adrian a good show of her wet, dripping pussy. With her fingers, she gently caressed the outer lips and inserted a finger at a time into her wet pussy. She started moaning as two fingers now entered her pussy, buried deep inside her.

Adrian watched; his cock hardening as she fingered herself to an orgasm, shaking violently as she came- her juices flowing down her thighs. Unable to hold back anymore, he grabbed her hips and brought his lips to her pussy. Licking at the folds, he removed her fingers and replaced them with his fingers. Heidi gasped as she felt the thickness of his fingers penetrating her. Her two fingers were nothing compared to his fingers. They were bigger and were stretching her pussy, making her feel so filled up. The combination of his tongue, now licking vigorously at her clitoris and his fingers drilling itself inside her, made her unable to control her second orgasm.

Feeling the rush of hot liquid from her pussy, Adrian removed his fingers and got up. Heidi was still shaking from her orgasm and Adrian was certain that she would be more than ready this time for him. Taking his cock, he stroked it hard again and positioned himself behind her. Pushing her down to face the bed, he took her from behind, thrusting his cock deep into her pussy.

From that position, his cock felt even bigger than from the front and Heidi was moaning aloud as she felt her pussy stretch wider to accommodate his girth. Even his fingers were no match for the hard cock that was now pounding into her- like a beast in heat.

And that was exactly how he felt. He wanted to brand her; wanted to have all of her. His thrusts became faster and harder and soon he was breathing out hard as he felt his own climax reaching. Slowing down to catch his breath, he withdrew and lay on the bed beside her.

"Get on top of me, Heidi," he said gently. He could see the flush on her face from the heat from her previous orgasms.

Looking at him, unsure, Heidi placed her thighs at either side of his body and sat on his stomach. Holding her hips, he guided her pussy to meet his cock. The sudden contact of his cock in her warm pussy made him moan. Spurred on by his encouraging reaction, Heidi started to move her hips slowly, in circles. Adrian was moaning, trying to hold back his rising climax but Heidi was gaining rhythm, grinding her pussy on his cock, impaling him deeper and deeper into her.

"Yes, fuck me more Heidi... more... yes, yes!" he moaned.

All of a sudden, he felt the cool air on his cock and opened his eyes to search for Heidi. She had already turned her body around and placed her pussy directly in line with his mouth, while her lips kissed his cock softly.

When she enveloped his cock with her warm mouth, Adrian moaned and started licking at her pussy, lapping at the wetness that was now dripping into his mouth. He was greedily licking and sucking at her pussy lips, moaning now and then when she tightened her lips over his cock. He could feel her tongue swirling around the head of his cock before bringing it back into her mouth again. To return her the favour, he inserted a finger into her pussy and pushed it in and out as he sucked on her clitoris. Within moments, she was cumming again all over his face. This time, her juices spurted out like a leaking pipe and Adrian greedily licked them all up.

"Heidi... I want you now baby..." he whimpered. When she sat up on the bed and looked at him, Adrian felt a strange tug in his chest. He was glad that his eyes, dark as coal did not reveal much emotions to her. Pushing her back down to face him, he raised her legs, placed them on his shoulders and positioned his cock at her pussy lips.

Rubbing the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy, teasing her, he whispered, "Tell me what you want Heidi..."

Squirming under him, she tried to push her hips upwards but Adrian was strong and held her down, still teasing her by rubbing her pussy lips with his cock.

"Fuck me Doctor, Fuck me hard and fast and deep!Oh my god.... Please!" she begged as the teasing became too much to bear.

"You asked for it, Nurse Lang..." he growled as he gave a deep thrust into her pussy, burying his cock so deep inside of her. She could feel him hardening even more inside of her, growing bigger and stretching her so much. Already in throes of pleasure, Heidi moaned and humped her hips upwards in an attempt to grip more of his cock inside of her.

"Greedy aren't we?" he teased. Leaning onto her till her ankles were in line with her face, Adrian pressed his cock till it reached the hilt of her pussy. He could feel her pussy muscles clenching hard, pushing him to the edge. His hips started pounding her relentlessly, faster and faster and harder until he could no longer hold back anymore.

"Oh god, Heidi..." he moaned as he kissed her. He felt for the first time, his cum rising to his cock and emptying itself into her hot pussy. Jet after jet of cum came gushing out of his cock into her pussy, filling her up. She was milking him, clenching her pussy muscles as if to squeeze every single drop out of him.

Later on, limbs still tangled on the bed, Heidi looked up to see Adrian fast asleep. They had fallen asleep in that position- him above her; almost crushing her lungs if she had not struggled to roll him to her side.

Now that she could get a closer look at his body, Heidi was impressed at how lean he was- it was not muscles obtained from long hours at the gym. He had strong thighs- she traced them visually with her eyes from his glutes down to his calves and ankles. They were firm and well defined- very much like hers. Did he ride horses too?

Her eyes travelled up his legs until it rested on the male organ that had just ploughed her mercilessly a while ago. A warm blush crept up her face and Heidi chided herself. Shifting her gaze away from his softened member, she focused instead on his face. She knew Adrian had coal for eyes. His black eyebrows framed his eyes perfectly in this sleeping state. Or else, they always looked as if they had a permanent frown on it. Chuckling softly, she got up to search for her toiletries so she could take a bath.

It was then that she realised that she had brought her toothbrush but not her toothpaste. She was always so clumsy and forgetful! Not wanting to have bad breath in case Adrian decided to kiss her again, she rummaged through his luggage, hoping to find a tube of toothpaste.

He didn't bring much clothes, she noted. A pair of jeans- was that an Armani? Yes... and a similar designer pants with two pairs of plain white shirt. This man smells of money and she wasn't sure if she liked it. Continuing to search his luggage, she found a small pouch.

"This must be his toiletries," she said. Pulling at the string holding the pouch, she placed her hand in to feel for a tube-like object. She did feel something long but it was hard, almost like wood. Pulling it out, out of curiosity, Heidi saw a beautiful piece of carved bracelet. It looked really old but had a special look to it. She wondered if it belonged to someone special to Adrian. Perhaps she should put it back.

But... curiosity took the better of her and she turned it over to examine the intricate details of the bracelet. It was then she noticed some small letterings carved at the back of the bracelet. Oh? It's in German. Guardian Horse Rider of Margaret? Was this some kind of amulet perhaps for Adrian?

Putting the pouch and its contents back in the luggage bag, Heidi went to the bathroom and was surprised to see how well equipped it was. Bars of scented soap, facial towels, bath robes and.... even toothpaste was all provided for. Laughing at herself, she filled the bath tub with warm water and prepared to enjoy a hot soak in the bath. Her loins had a tender ache and she hoped that the warm water would calm the tremors away.


Later that evening, Adrian told Heidi that they were going to meet his brother and a family friend for dinner.

"Where will we be going for dinner then?" she asked.

"It does not matter where we go, Heidi, but how we go there."

"What do you mean 'how'?" she asked, sounding puzzled.

She soon found her answer when he dragged her along Via Tornabuoni into a Gucci boutique.

Heidi's mouth was slightly agape as she stepped into the boutique, not sure exactly what to do or expect.

Adrian was swift in his explanation to the lady who attended to them. Heidi almost felt a headache coming through as she listened to them converse so rapidly in Italian.

"Heidi... everything will be alright. Just breathe," said Adrian, holding her wrist. He had felt that slight twinge of headache approaching her and he didn't want it to spoil their mood for the night. "I won't make it hard on you. Choose what you like and wear it."

"Oh, sure, that makes things easier for me," said Heidi under her breath as she was ushered into the changing room. She wasn't sure what the lady was trying to tell her because she was muttering away in Italian. So being polite, she merely smiled and nodded to everything that she said. Somehow the lady looked exasperated and even annoyed because she soon left Heidi alone.

Unsure what to do next, Heidi stared at the various clothes hanging in front of her and sat on the plush cushion facing them. She was a simple girl- who grew up with overalls and muddied boots. Was Gucci something she would wear? Sighing, she took one of the skinny pants and proceeded to wear it.

Standing in front of the mirror in her skinny pants and only her bra on, Heidi gauged herself.

"Skinny wash board you are!" she laughed as she posed, albeit like a model.

"That's sexy. Aren't you going to be cold?" a male voice interrupted her from her musings.

"Adrian! You aren't allowed in here!"

"Well, the lady gave up trying to talk to you. So I'll do the talking... unless you want me to do something else besides talking?"

Heidi would have caught his humour if she wasn't busy trying to salvage some modesty by holding up her clothes to her chest.

"I've seen everything Heidi," he said, as though reading her mind. "Why don't you try that stripped shirt over there? And those suede boots?"

Slanting her eyes at him, she grabbed the shirt and put it on. The black and silver combination looked very elegant to her- almost like she was dressed as a doctor, not a nurse.

"Very nice... Let's see... How about that long cashmere coat over there? Take that, and come out okay Heidi. I'll let you choose your bag to hide those uh... clothes of yours."

Sticking out her tongue as he walked out, she proceeded to fold her used clothes neatly and walked... or wobbled rather on those 4 inched heels out of the changing room.

30 minutes later,

Heidi was still feeling self conscious of herself as they got out of the taxi and walked to the restaurant where they were having dinner. She was clad from head to toe in what totalled to almost $8000! She didn't dare to walk near the grass for fear she'd stain the shoes or clutch her bag too tightly less she would put a scratch on her new leather handbag.

"Ah... Adrian... how lovely of you to join us... with..." trailed Raphael, inviting an introduction from Adrian.

"This is Heidi Lang. She's our guest for tonight. Heidi, this is Raphael, an old family friend of ours. And this, is my brother, Aqurico."

Heidi nodded and smiled at the two men as she was introduced.

Once dinner was served, Heidi ate in silence, observing, as the men began their conversations:

"So, what is our first course of action brother?" Adrian asked Aqurico.

"It seems, that we have no other place to start searching. I had suggested we return to the Chiesa di Santa Margherita de' Cerchi to ask the priest. I cannot sit around in libraries reading Adrian... my heart is breaking," Raphael answered instead.

"I know Raphael. He has been tracking the internet, I am sure of that. Aurora had mentioned that he had geographical locators for high frequency searches related to him," said Aqurico.

Heidi watched the men speak to each other and smiled but kept mostly to herself. They were confusing her with their mixture of English and Italian and she was starting to wonder why she had agreed to follow Adrian in the first place. It was as if she just woke up from a dream but couldn't remember what it was about. It hurt to think about it and as she closed her eyes, she felt herself going giddy. As she stood up to excuse herself to go to the ladies, Adrian held onto her wrist rather tightly then let her go.

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