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Health 101 -- Dean Fuck


Health 101 -- Dean Fuck

After getting a good look at what I'm sure he thought was my fresh-fucked body, the Dean backed out of my office, closing the door gently behind him. I cursed him viciously under my breath. Then I started on myself. Why, oh why, was I always forgetting to lock doors?

I stumbled to my private bathroom, soaked a washcloth in warm water, and returned to my office to clean Michael up. I did a quick swabbing on his sticky body, helped him get dressed, reassured him hurriedly that this interruption was not going to get him into trouble, and ushered him out. I wiped myself off as well, more or less. Difficult to do thoroughly with Michael's come still dripping out of my unsatisfied pussy, but I did try. I rummaged around for some underwear and had to settle for the panties Michael had been sniffing. And chewing on, from the looks of them. Oh well. Where the hell had I left my clothes, anyway? I pulled on my lab coat and buttoned it up enough to cover. OK; the Dean wanted an interview? I was ready.

Shoes. Damn. Seems like I had an extra pair in my office closet...oh god. A pair of 4" spike heels that had gotten so painful during the Christmas party that I had left them here. Guess they will have to do. I'm going to have it out with him before I have time to think about it.

I stalked down the halls to the Dean's office. Past the secretary. She was obviously startled. "I'll see if he's in...."

"I already know that, Theresa," I snarled, going straight for his walnut panel door. I didn't even bother to knock. Grabbed the doorknob, twisted, and yanked it open.

"Dean," I began before I had a chance to register the data my eyes were collecting, "I absolutely will NOT tolerate --" Oh my god. Old Dean was having himself a nice wank right there behind his desk. Trying to cover it up by sliding his chair forward. I approached his wide desk. "...interference with my scheduled classes or counseling sessions. There are other times when I am available to you, and I would appreciate it if you would extend me the courtesy of advance notice..."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry." He waved a hand weakly at me. The one he had just been using to beat his meat, I noticed. "I had just received some very exciting news regarding a new source of funding for your department..."

"Funding," I sniffed. But he had my attention, and he knew it. Funding is always a problem, especially for programs as controversial as my own. "Well, I'm here now, so let's hear about it."

"Sit, Samantha, sit." He gestured vaguely toward a visitor's chair. I sat. The lab coat rode up, of course, and I didn't bother trying to pull it down. Let him have a good look at my damp panties.

"First of all, I need an update on the situation with your student, uh, Andrew --" The Dean was obviously embarrassed. Of course he was also embarrassed to be sitting there behind his desk with his pants down around his ankles, and he was embarrassed about staring at my panties, and knowing that I knew what he was doing...but more than that.

"Andy," I said evenly, "is on probation as far as I am concerned. He has been rude and abusive to me and to others on occasion. His attitudes toward women in general are negative. His inhibitions are ingrained and problematic, and while individual attention has been effective, I doubt that I will have sufficient time to nurse him through this --"

"I strongly suggest that you make time," the Dean said, looking into my eyes rather than at my crotch for the first time, "since his father is proposing to fund a Chair which would, of course, be filled by you personally."

"A Chair," I repeated foolishly. Samantha Crumpet, Chairperson of the Department of Human Sexuality. First in the nation. First in the world, for all I knew.

"A two million dollar Chair," the Dean continued reverently. "For a start...."

Suspicion flooded over me like an August heat wave. Two MILLION dollars? For a start? I'm not getting it. From what I have heard, Andy Senior is an even bigger jerk than his kid. Why would he bother? "So what strings are attached to this?" I demanded. "I can just about imagine. Maybe something like, 'Abstinence First?' Or 'Just Say No?'"

"No, no; nothing like that," the Dean began eagerly. "Obviously you have to keep his kid happy, although he didn't specifically demand that. Well, he did say something about young Andrew being, uh, rather inept socially. 'Kid couldn't get laid in a whorehouse' was the exact quote, I believe. Naturally I made it quite clear that he would not be entitled to interfere with your program in any way --"

"And of course he wasn't thinking of anything like that," I broke in. "He just likes to give money away, humbly and without thought of benefit to himself. Two million. Just like that. Where is that turnip truck I just fell off of? I want to get back on it."

The Dean sighed theatrically. "Samantha, I have been doing this job for a rather long time. Of course I was suspicious as well. It seems that the man is in a position to direct certain government funds to worthy research projects --"

"GOVERNMENT?!!!" I shrieked, leaping out of my chair. "You think I would let the Government get involved in my work? Forget it!"

The Dean's face reddened further and he started to rise from his desk chair before he remembered his pants problem. "Samantha, I've had just about enough of your attitude for one day," he warned. "I've given you, perhaps, too much leeway in the past, but the time comes when--"

"Oh, please don't spank me, Daddy," I begged sarcastically. To emphasize the point, I turned my back on him, bent over, and lifted my lab coat. "I'm such a BAD girl..."

Perhaps that maneuver was a little extreme even for me. The Dean was out from behind his desk quicker than I would have imagined possible, stumbling over his wadded pants, crashing into me from behind, forcing my head down into the chair I had recently vacated. "Maybe that's just what you need," he said between clenched teeth, as he administered a hearty smack to my backside.

"OWWWW!" I exclaimed, struggling to stand up. He grasped my neck with the other hand and forced my head back down. Smack! And again...this was getting ridiculous. He grabbed the waistband of my panties and tried to rip them off my tingling fanny. No dice. Victoria's Secret makes a quality product. He settled for dragging them down to expose my reddening cheeks, and proceeded to slap them soundly, left-right, left right. Hmmmm....I do like a man who takes control on occasion....

He stopped slapping before it became tiresome and ran a finger along my sopping slit and into my wanton cunny. Not surprisingly, his hot cockhead soon replaced his finger at my entrance. "I will NOT let him think I am enjoying this," I told myself sternly. But of course my body betrayed me, and I moaned with pleasure as he slammed his thick cock into me to the hilt, his furry balls bouncing against my mound. I squirmed as his cockhead nudged my cervix; pleasure mixed with pain....I surreptitiously pushed my panties down and stepped out of them so I could get my legs farther apart. I was pretty sure I was about to get a thorough fucking, and I intended to enjoy it.

The Dean grasped my hips firmly and began to administer long, deep strokes to my needy pussy. Mmmmmm....it had been a long time. I fingered my clit, slick with a mixture of my own hot juice and what was left of Michael's lucky shot into my snatch. Very wet. I squirmed my hips as he thrust into me, milking his rigid cock with my cunt muscles. His cock got harder, longer...he wasn't going to last long at this rate...

I scooped up some of the slippery mixture he had reamed out of me and reached back to smear it around my crinkly asshole, hoping he would get the idea that there were other places he might like to visit...Oh God, I'm such a nasty thing...would he take the hint? His thrusting became faster, more violent; I began to come. My cunt gaped and snapped shut as waves of pure pleasure washed over me. "I'm coming!" I shrieked. "Fuck me, oh fuck me!"

And so he did. As the waves of my orgasm diminished, receded, and prepared to build again his rampant prick slipped out of my cunt and prodded against my starfish. I consciously relaxed as that big mushroom head nudged its way into my asshole. He gave me a moment to get used to the idea (as if it weren't my idea in the first place!) and then firmly pressed on until he had himself fully sheathed in my rectum. I began rubbing my clit frantically, slipping a finger into my cunt to feel him filling me on the other side of the thin membrane. He pulled back slowly until he was almost out, hesitated, was he leaving already? I wailed, "NO!" and pushed back against him. Not to worry. He slowly thrust back in, churning my insides gloriously. Time slowed, then stopped. My ass was stuffed with hard cock, and I was in heaven.

My head swirled as he fucked my ass brutally, his balls slapping on my drooling pussy. I wanted it to last forever. Hot and cold flashes ravaged my body as he slammed into me over and over. I couldn't tell if I was still coming, about to come, or both...I concentrated on the feel of his long, hot tool ravaging my asshole. After an eternity I felt it swell, pulse, and finally erupt deep within my bowels. As his hot spunk spewed into me, shot after steaming shot, my knees shook so violently that I nearly collapsed. He wrapped an arm around my waist to hold me up as he finished pumping his load into my ass. His cock slipped out of me, allowing cold air to invade me uncomfortably where I had just been wonderfully packed full of hard cock, and for a long moment we stayed in that awkward position. I realized that he must be staring at my dilated asshole, and I weakly flexed my pelvic muscles to let him see some of his come dribble out of my gaping hole.

Still masterful, although considerably weakened by his efforts, the Dean somehow managed to swing me around so that he could sit in the chair and I was kneeling in front of him. His cock had begun to droop, but seemed to still have some life to it. He entwined his fingers in my rumpled hair and directed my face toward his come-soaked prick. I delicately took the head of it into my mouth, looking directly into his eyes as I sucked the last of his spunk out of it. Then I thoroughly cleaned it off, including the come, sweat and pussy juice that had clotted in the hair around his balls. By the time I was finished, he was hard enough to start over.

I rocked back on my heels while slowly stroking his cock with one hand. Perhaps there was one more fuck left in it...and since I was already somewhat compromised...oh, what the hell. I reached for his hand and pulled him out of the chair to kneel above me as I lay back on the carpet. "We're going to have to hammer out the details of this later," I told him weakly, as we both fumbled at the buttons of my lab coat. "Right after you fuck me one more time."

Which he did, of course. It's really good therapy for him.

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