tagNovels and NovellasHealth 101 -- Professor's Interlude

Health 101 -- Professor's Interlude


I sat in my office, pretending to grade papers. I had a big pile of student reports describing their experiences with masturbation, kissing, and oral sex. They were all progressing. But was I giving them what they needed? Was anyone being left behind due to lack of individual attention? It would be so much better if I could work with just one couple at a time....I buried my face in my hands. I had done this many times before, yet at this point in every semester I was assailed by the same doubts. And I had my own needs, dammit. "Face it, Professor," I mumbled to myself. "You need to get yourself laid or you are not going to be any good to anyone." For although I piously told my students that intercourse was not necessary for sexual satisfaction, I knew very well that if I didn't get a good reaming by a hard cock on a regular basis my general attitude would suffer. But they were just not ready yet, and if they could wait, I should be able to do the same, right?

Wrong. I enjoyed playing with myself, I enjoyed sucking dicks and eating pussies, but I also needed to get fucked. No way around it. And I had almost made a grave mistake with Michael a few days ago. After his less than satisfactory experience with Pamela during the mutual masturbation lab exercise, I had decided to reward him. And had very nearly ended up fucking him.

I had sent him to my office to wait for me while I attended to Pamela's anorgasmia problem, which I'm happy to say was quickly solved with a little kindness and the gift of an excellent vibrator. When I made it back to Michael, I had caught him beating his meat and sniffing a pair of my damp panties which he had stolen. Of course I was not at all upset by this, but he was momentarily humiliated and I had to make up for that too. Business first, of course; I had treated him to a private viewing of my personal masturbation techniques, but then things began to get out of hand. I started out by sitting naked on the leather couch in my office and inviting him to kneel in front of me for a close-up view of my pussy. I showed him all the components and invited him to explore on his own using his fingers. He was very gentle and obviously quite excited by it. I leaned back and relaxed as he caressed and stroked my sopping snatch.

"You liked the smell of my panties, didn't you, Michael?" I said. "Why don't you get a little closer so you can smell my pussy?"

He looked up at me inquiringly, a ray of sunlight illuminating his golden curls. My randy cunt contracted involuntarily, and I felt a surge of fragrant juice flood my already thoroughly lubricated snatch. "It's OK," I encouraged him.

He lowered his angelic head until his nose grazed my pussy lips and inhaled deeply. I combed my fingers through his pretty hair. "It's a little early for this, but we will be getting to it soon anyway, so you may kiss it if you like, Michael," I murmured.

I didn't have to suggest more than once. He kissed my slippery pussy lips gently once, then again, and before I knew it he was delving into my sopping cunt with his rather long tongue. I moaned. So hot....He found my clit with his fingers and was rubbing it rather too roughly. I pushed his head away and put my hand over his. "That's a little too much, dear," I told him.

Michael hung his head. "I'm sorry," he apologized. "I know I'm not good at it, but I want to learn...."

I sat up and hugged him. "You're doing fine, really. All we're supposed to be doing right now is learning about masturbation. Now why don't you take your clothes off and get up here with me, and we'll do it together?"

Without hesitation Michael tore his clothes off and sat beside me on the couch. I smiled at him encouragingly and began stroking my own clit. His cock was already as hard as it could be, and he began pumping away at it while he gazed into my eyes. Perhaps that's what got to me; I had expected him to be fixated on my pussy. I knew I shouldn't, but I wanted more.

I picked up a handy tube of KY lubricant off the end table and put a generous amount on my hand. "Let me just do that for you," I said. "And you can do me too. Now I'll just lie down and rest my head in your lap while I do this, and you can touch my body any way you like. Isn't this more comfortable?"

My face was inches from his throbbing cock, and a very nice one it was, too. Perhaps a little larger than average, his cock was nicely shaped with a large head, and his balls were heavily furred with pure gold. I wrapped my hand around his cock. My fingers could barely reach around it. I began to stroke with agonizing slowness, making sure to twist my wrist as his cock head came into my grasp. The lubricant made a slurping noise when the wide crown of his cock head popped out of my grip on each stroke.

Michael was caressing my body tenderly, running his fingers through my hair, gently touching my ears, my neck, across my shoulders, spent some time with the breast he could reach, then luxuriated in the curve of my waist and hip. His cock swelled even further in my hand, and I could feel his orgasm building. I slid one foot up to raise my leg, giving him access to my wanton pussy, which he petted gently. His breathing became ragged, and I knew his hot load of spunk was in my absolute control. I began teasing him cruelly, bringing him to the very edge, then relaxing my grip, then a few quick strokes until I felt his thighs tense painfully, then stopping to refresh the lubricant supply....I began to sense that he was in pain. Undoubtedly I had held him off too long, and now he was suffering because of my selfish delight in the sight of his rampant cock just on the verge of spurting off.

"I hear you think you would like to fuck me," I told him with a devilish glint on my eye. He groaned and blushed deep crimson until his face was nearly the color of his aching cock head. "Maybe some day you will....but for now I'll just give you something to dream about." That's when I should have just let him come all over my face, but I didn't.

I rolled off his lap onto the floor. "Come and lie down here next to me," I instructed him. He joined me on the floor, his cock jutting straight up from his muscular body. A thin sheen of sweat served to highlight every ripple, and I licked my lips as I swung one leg over him to sit astride his thighs. "Watch me jerk you off, now," I said. "And think about this when you do it to yourself later tonight." I resumed my hand job, coaxing him slowly toward the violent explosion that was building within him. My dripping cunt was inches from his hard prick, and I rubbed myself at the same tempo as I used on his thick pole. I wanted to come, but I was tired of my own fingers. When I felt the first urgent spasm in Michael's suffering cock, I slid forward until the length of his cock rode along my hot slit. Bending down, I dangled my tits in his face. "Suck my nipples, Michael," I gasped. "I'm going to jack you off with my hot pussy, and come all over your hard cock!"

Michael began thrusting his hips along with me, somewhat clumsily, but effectively enough, because in short order I felt his cock jerk between my pussy lips and a lovely hot wad of spunk splattered my belly. I gasped and increased the friction between us by pressing him further between my folds. Another energetic splooge hit my clitty dead on, and I screamed as my orgasm ravaged my loins. Stiffening, I hesitated in my rocking motion, but Michael continued to thrust his hips. I was dimly aware of a hot gush of jism blasting directly into my cunt and realized that his fat cock head was lodged right at the opening of my convulsing cunny. All I would have to do was allow my hips to fall back against him, and that beautiful cock would fill me, stretch me, and finish spurting its sweet load deep within me....

I groaned, sobbed, and rolled off him. I cuddled against his overheated body, burrowing my nose into the sweaty hollow between his neck and shoulder as I finished milking out the last of his come with one trembling hand.

We both lay back, gasping for breath. I felt his come leaking out of me and running down the crack of my ass. Damn! I wanted more!

"Now, Michael," I began, when I had the breath to talk again, "this probably went a little too far, and it's all my fault. I should have more control than that. But you see how things can get out of hand --"

Rap, RAP, RAP! Oh, damn, Damn, DAMN! Someone was knocking on my office door, and if I wasn't mistaken, the only person who used that annoying official/authoritative knock was our esteemed Dean --

The door banged open, and, sure enough, there stood the Dean himself. And what a sight I was. Stark naked, rumpled hair, and soaked with cooling sweat and spunk. Lying on my office floor next to a semi-comatose student in a similar state of disarray. I sat up, folded my arms across my blushing breasts, and tried to look haughty. "I would appreciate the courtesy of an advance telephone call in the future," I spat. "Now would you please close that door?"

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