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We know that discipline is essential to a healthy marriage, but it can be beneficial to health in other ways too.

My wife has been a heavy smoker for many years. After a friend died from lung cancer she finally decided recently that she wanted to give up, but she didn't do anything about it. A few days after she had said that she was going to quit I told her that she had until the end of the week to stop smoking. After that she would receive one stroke of the cane for every cigarette she smoked.

I am retired and we are together all the time so I can monitor her smoking exactly. As I control the money and shopping I also know exactly haw many she has. If she gives any away to friends she still gets the stroke and if I catch her receiving a cigarette from anybody else, that is added on to the count.

She usually smokes about 30 a day so this was going to be a big deal from the very beginning. I issued the ultimatum on Wednesday. By Friday she had not reduced by more than one or two a day and I reminded her that she was going to get an almighty caning on Sunday if she didn't sort herself out very soon. She knows that I always mean what I say and that she always gets whatever punishment is coming to her, but until then I don't think she had really taken in the implications.

On Saturday she cut down to one pack of twenty and when we went to bed I gave her a last reminder that from midnight on each cig would be a cane stroke. She shuddered just a little and slid down the bed to fellate me before we went to sleep.

The first thing my wife did when we got up was light a cigarette as she normally did. I said nothing and started recording the numbers. By bedtime the count was sixteen.

I should explain that discipline is a normal part of our lives. I give my wife a maintenance spanking at least once a week with a leather slipper and for any misdemeanour's she is spanked with a belt, crop, paddle or cane according to the seriousness of the infringement. Canings are uncommon and when they do happen they are usually six strokes or twelve at most. I use a reasonably thick rattan cane. After a caning she always has very pronounced welts and is in tears.

I told her that she was due sixteen strokes and asked her if she agreed. There would never be any question of her doubting my word or my count, but the question serves to reinforce what is to come. I am sure it was only then that the reality sunk in and tears came to her eyes as she went to the bedroom and removed her clothes. I told her to get the cane and put herself in position over the edge of the bed.

It is a requirement of mine that she calls out the stoke numbers. After punishment she must immediately kneel before me and thank me for her discipline, then suck me to completion. If she misses a count or calls it incorrectly it is not counted.

For the first six strokes I took care to place the cane in a slightly different spot each time. By the end of that time she was uttering a little squeal after each stroke and sobbing quietly into the bedding. By the time we got to twelve, the welts were criss crossing and there was no fresh flesh for the cane to fall on. My wife was unable to suppress a stifled scream as she bit on the duvet, but she was still managing to keep the count. For the last four strokes, the screams were uncontrolled and I allowed her a moment to get her breath and call the count between strokes.

When I had finished, she struggled painfully to her knees and thanked me before taking me in her mouth. No doubt she was relieved to discover that I was quite aroused and deposited my load in her throat in a far shorter time and with less effort on her part than is usually required.

She crawled painfully into bed and, astonishingly, her first action the next morning was to light a cigarette. She certainly didn't sit down much during the day and definitely not when she was having a cigarette. At bedtime my count was seven. The smallest number of cigarettes that she had smoked in a day for as long as she could ever remember. I checked her cigarette packet to make sure that she had not sneaked any out of my sight and asked her how many strokes she was due.

Before giving me a number she started to plead that she could not take any more caning on her bruised bottom. I surprised her by saying that I agreed and that I would not cane her bottom this evening, but she must tell me how many cigarettes she had smoked and what punishment she was due. She said she was not sure, but that she had been trying very hard. I knew this was true, but even so I told her that she was to tell me how many she thought and if she underestimated the number I would double the difference in punishment. If she said too many I would simply accept it. After hesitating for a moment I made her answer

"Eight Sir. I think. Sorry Sir. I will do better tomorrow. Thank you for not caning me tonight Sir."

I explained that I had not promised not to cane her. Only that I would not cane her ass. She had failed and by her own count she was due eight strokes of the cane. I sent her to the bedroom to strip and present herself for punishment. I had her kneel before me and hold each tit up for me to cane it three times. I then had her lie on her back on the bed holding her ankles to receive two more strokes on her cunt.

With tears streaming down her face she got to her knees, thanked me for her correction and sucked me off. When we got into bed we had a good cuddle and then I had her suck me to an erection again before giving her swollen cunt a good fucking.

The next morning she went for her cigarette pack as she got out of bed. I asked her if she really thought she could take any more caning tonight because she was not going to be let off anything. She cried as she said that she just couldn't start the day without a cigarette. She did not know what to do. She was very bruised and sore. I gave her a merciful suggestion. Every time that she felt she needed a cigarette she could come and suck me off instead. After all the habit is not just about nicotine addiction. It has got a lot to do with habit and just needing to do the things you have always done. She was doubtful whether it was possible, but she gave me a grateful, enthusiastic blow job and went to her shower with the taste of cum in her mouth rather than cigarette for the first time in more than twenty years.

Things went well during the morning. Being retired I have plenty of time to do whatever I want so I had no problem making myself available for a cock sucking four times. It is a rule that she is always naked for any punishment, discipline or sex so she has been without clothes most of the morning. When it was nearly lunch time she came for a fifth go. I am pretty vigorous, but this was a bit much even for me. My dick was getting sore from all the mouth action and I had a job getting hard despite the expert sucking I was getting. Once she has started she is not allowed to stop until she brings me off and this time it took more than half an hour before I shot a few drops into her mouth. And then my lunch was late!

Usually I go to my club on Tuesday afternoons to play cards with some old friends. Now I was running late and I had to decide what to do with her. I decided that my poor dick couldn't take any more sucking for a little while and so I gave her a choice. Either I would go off to the club as usual and she would get four strokes of the cane for each cigarette she smoked for the rest of the day or I would ring my friends and invite them round to play here.

I should say at this point that I am thirty years older than June. I did very well in business and when I sold the company to take early retirement I had plenty of money to last the rest of my life. Since being divorced many years ago I have lived a busy bachelor life and I fancied having some more stability in my life after retirement. June had been one of my favourite girlfriends for some time and I asked her if she would like to marry me on a set of terms that I gave her. They were very simple. She would be a disciplined wife receiving correction from me whenever and however I chose. In return I would protect and provide for her completely. June was submissive in our relationship and she jumped at the chance of marriage. I have never let anybody else fuck her, but on two or three occasions I have told her to 'please' a friend.

She knew that if my friends came round she would have to do something. I could see that she wanted to know what her choices were as she stumbled out

"Please Sir. I can't take so much caning."

"In that case you are going to have to do some good entertaining. We will have the card game here. Each time you feel the need for a cigarette, you will give a BJ to one of my friends. When they call you will greet them at the door naked, show them to their seats and ask them if there is anything you can do for them. If you give in and have a cigarette rather than a prick in your throat you will get four strokes of the cane straight after you finish it."

"Yes Sir." She replied.

I got on the phone right away and within twenty minutes the doorbell rang. I had told George that I had a very special game for him today if he came round to my place so he had expectations, but when my gorgeous naked wife opened the door his faced showed that this was better than his expectations. He stared at her cane marked tits as she smiled and invited him in. When he was seated and asked only for a beer in response to her request whether there was anything he would like, his jaw dropped open as she walked away to display her colourfully bruised ass.

"Jeez. What has been going on here?" He said to me.

"Well June has been a bit naughty, but you will find out more soon."

As soon as his drink was served the bell rang again and she answered the door to Jim and Henry.

They were chuckling as she showed them in. Jim is one of the friends that I have had June give some friendly service to in the past and when she asked him if there was anything she could do he didn't hesitate in saying

"Yes. You could let me have a feel of these marks of yours."

Immediately she spread here legs and stood before him with her hands clasped behind her head. As Jim began fondling her tits I motioned to the other two to come over. I explained that her cunt had been caned as well although it was not as obvious. Within seconds there were hands inside her feeling the swollen labia. I told the three guys the situation and when they had finished feeling June up I had them each draw a card from the pack Jim had the highest card, Henry second and George lowest. They would be blown in that order if and when June wanted a cigarette.

Before we started our game I shocked June further by telling her that she was now to be punished for my lunch being late. I ordered here to bend over the card table and grip the legs firmly. I took my leather slipper and gave her a good five minute spanking on her heavily welted ass. Tears were flowing very soon and she was crying loudly by the time I finished. I let the guys fondle her red hot ass before I let her get up.

By this time all the guys were pushing out the front of their pants so I suggested that it might be a good idea if we all got into the same state as June and played our game without any clothes. Everybody got off their clothing and June collected it up to hang tidily. Each of my friends is a smoker and I suggested that they should remove their cigarettes from their pockets and keep them close in case they wanted them.

As soon as we were seated, Jim took a cigarette from his packet and started to look around to light it. June rushed forward with a lighter. Immediately he took his first draw she dropped before him and took his prick in her mouth. The start to the game was delayed as Jim laid back, enjoyed his cigarette and rested his hand on he back of June's bobbing head while she worked him vigorously with her mouth. The others quickly worked out the way to a good time. Not much card playing took place before the cigarettes were lit up and June was back on her knees giving Henry a good blow. The guys smoked a lot and lost at the cards, but there isn't any doubt they enjoyed themselves.

As the evening went on June served the drinks between servicing my guests and she had quite a few drinks herself. It was getting a little late when Jim took a cigarette from his pack, offered them around to everybody and June took one. As soon as he had lit it and she took her first draw, she looked at me and realised what a mistake she had made. While she was smoking I went for a pee and came back with the cane. Being the reasonable man that I am I let her finish her smoke without interruption. When she doused the tab end in the ashtray I instructed her to take up her punishment position.

There was no hesitation as she knelt with her ass in the air and knees apart. I gave her a good hard swipe across both buttocks and handed the cane to Jim.

Before June's whimpers died down he gave her another good, hard stroke a fraction above mine and she farted loudly as she screamed. Amid the laughter, the cane was passed on and the remaining two strokes delivered. I gathered her into my arms and kissed her tear streaked face. It was obvious that embarrassment consumed her as much as pain when I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. I cuddled her tightly, moving down to kissing her shoulder and tits. As I did so I motioned to my friends to join me and soon my gorgeous wife had eager tongues on every part of her scorching, caned flesh. Within seconds they were licking her ass and cunt. My smile told her it was OK and she gave way to orgasm after orgasm.

June kissed the guys goodnight sore, satisfied and secure.

June has just about defeated smoking apart form an occasional lapse. Unfortunately she has put on some weight. She is 140 pounds and I require her to get down to 120. I have an effective regime in mind. She looks forward to being more trim.

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