tagLesbian SexHealthy Food Ch. 01

Healthy Food Ch. 01


Last summer, at the end of my first year at university, I took a job in a Health Food restaurant a few miles from Maidenhead. There were three other girls working there at the time, Jenny, Susan, and Tabitha. My name is Cathy. I had taken a restaurant job to raise extra cash and I thought that the tips that I received would help me through the next year at uni, and so they did - but they were not the sort of tips that I had in mind!

We started work at about 7 a.m. each day although we did not open until 11.30 a.m. This meant that we did not have to rush and could take a break whenever we wanted to. For the first couple of days after I started the other girls were rather quiet, though I noticed that they were giving me speculative looks when they thought that I wasn't looking. In addition, a couple of them would frequently be missing for half-an-hour at a time and come back looking like the cat that got the cream!

Naturally I wondered what was going on, and in my innocence I thought that they had some sort of fiddle going on, maybe selling off some of the stock on the quiet, but it turned out that I was quite wrong.

On the Wednesday, Sue and Tabby had been missing and Jenny, who was the manageress, told me to go up to the equipment storeroom on the second floor to fetch a new set of handling tongs. I had not been up there before so I took the opportunity of peeking into the other rooms on the way. As I reached the second floor, I heard some stifled cries coming from behind a door on the left. I quietly opened it a fraction and looked through the crack.

There, on a mattress on the floor was Sue, on all fours, with her overall and dress pulled up to her waist and Tabby was kneeling behind her pumping a large carrot into her quim. Neither of them heard me at the door and I was able to watch as the eight inch, hard, red carrot slid in and out of her love channel. Sue was squirming about and panting and uttering little squeaks of pleasure as the red rod did its work. Tabby was totally absorbed with her work and looked so exciting with her black hair tossing about her face and her breasts bouncing in time with her strokes that Islipped my hand into the front of my jeans and began to finger my clit.I was already beginning to ooze love juice and my slippery fingers soonstarted to raise me to the heights of pleasure.

I was so engrossed with my fingers and the scene of the floor that I did not realise that Jenny had come upstairs to look for me until her hand came round my waist and grabbed my wrist where it was pushed down the waistband of my jeans. "Got you!" she cried, "I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist a little feel when you saw Sue and Tabby up to their tricks!"

The two girls on the mattress looked up when they heard her and far from stopping what they were doing, they went at it with even more vigour, looking at me caught frigging myself. At this I felt myself blushing furiously because although I had masturbated regularly from the age of 13 I had been lucky in never having been caught at it, not in the cinema, on the bus or at home.

I tried to pull my hand out but Jenny was holding my wrist too tightly. Then to my surprise she put her other hand round my waist and pressed myfingers hard into my crotch and the hand holding my wrist began to pump itup and down and said, "Don't stop now, you must have been close to coming.I'll help you!" and to my surprise I was overpowered by a ferocious orgasmjust as Sue collapsed quivering on her face with a squeal of joy and Tabby pulled the carrot out of her pulsating quim.

By the time I had recovered my cool, Sue was standing, straightening her clothes and Tabby was licking the carrot as though it was an iced lolly. She looked at me with a grin and said "Would you like a lick? Sue tastes fantastic." She brought the carrot over to me and raised it to my lips. The sexy smell of Sue's cunt juice made me feel weak at the knees and I didn't resist as Tabby pushed the carrot between my lips. It was still hot from Sue's cunt and it felt and tasted just like a big, hard cock fresh out of a cunt. I sucked it hard and felt the end of it slide back to my tonsils. I had never thought a vegetable could taste so good!

"Don't keep it all for yourself," said Jenny, "we share and share alike here" and she leaned round and placed her lips around the other end of the carrot, slid them forward until they touched mine and then gave me the most amazing kiss that I had ever received. Can you imagine having a mouth full of hot, salty cock and then feel a tongue sliding into your mouth along the length of it?After a few moments Jenny broke the clinch and said "We should get back to work now. There is quite a lot to do before we open." She took the carrot from my mouth and handed it to Tabby. "Take this with you, it will go into the salad bowl."

I was amazed! "You can't use it surely?" I asked. "Not after Tabby andSue have been using it like that!"

Jenny grinned. "Why do you think we do such a good trade? Although the men who come in here don't realise it, it's the lingering smell and taste of ripe young cunt that makes the food so appetizing! I reckon that these little games put a good 25% on our profits. I hope that you will be able to make your contribution, now that you know what it's all about."

We had a good day and when we closed at about 7 that evening Sue asked me if I would like to go upstairs with them and start preparing the 'goodies' for next day. I had been thinking about it all day and was so worked up that I had no hesitation at all in joining them.

Tabby carried up a box of assorted fruits, vegetables and packets of dried foods. Also a selection of small kitchen knives and scrapers and some bottles of olive, sesame seed, sunflower and rape seed oil. We emptied the box on a table in the corner and sorted out what we had. There were several root veggies, carrots, parsnips, baby turnips, radishes, corn-on-the-cob, a couple of hands of bananas, some large plums and six cucumbers. In addition there were packets of dried haricot beans and peas.

"Right," said Jenny, "let's see what artistic talent you have with this lot to work with." And we all got stuck in with the paring knives, peeling and modelling the veggies.

Tabby opened one of the packets of beans and stuffed a condom with them, making the most knobbly cock you ever saw! Sue took one of the cucumbers, a fifteen inch monster, peeled it and shaped both ends into very recognisable knob-heads. Meantime, Jenny took one of the parsnips, about twelve inches, long, scraped it smooth, and cut a hollow in the top end. Into this she fitted a large plum which she fixed by pushing a couple of hairpins down through the top into the parsnip. The final appearance was of a smooth yellow cock with a great big purple knob.

I took out some of the small turnips, about two to three inches in diameter, and was a bit puzzled what to do at first, but seeing some long wooden skewers in the box, I realised that four of them peeled and mounted in line on the skewer would make an incredible dildo so I got busy peeling them and then mounted them in size order, the biggest first, on a skewer.

"Are we all set now?" asked Jenny as we put our creations into the middle of the table. "Let me explain to you, Cathy, how we work this. You select one of these, but not the one that you made yourself, and then choose who you want to use it on. When you have given suitable satisfaction to your partner, she will choose something else and use it on you. Then we swap partners and start again. If you want to do a double-header with the cucumber, that's fine, but you will still have to use something else on your partner afterwards, and she on you. As you are the new girl, you take first pick."

Having seen how enthusiastic Tabby had been, using the carrot on Sue, I decided to take her as my partner and looked at the items on the table. I put my hand out and picked up the parsnip with the plum mounted on its tip and glanced over at Tabby. Her eyes grew round when she saw me looking at her and then she grinned and said "I'm game for it if you are," and took my hand and pulled me over to the end of the room to an old, but comfortable looking, easy chair.

She sat down and pulled me onto her lap, sliding her hand up my thigh towards my already damp pussy.

"Have you ever done anything like this with another girl?" she asked, and when I said no she said "Just follow my lead. It's great fun and I know that you will enjoy it!"

Tabby loooked into my eyes and then pulled my head toward her until our lips touched. I felt an electric thrill pass through me as her lips parted and her tongue snaked into my mouth. I had kisssed girl friends in greeting before, but that was just a gesture. This was lust! I pressed harder to her and slid my tongue between her lips and swirled it around her mouth. I felt my pussy juices start to flow and I brought my hand up to her breast and felt her nipple stiffening in my palm.

"Let's get out of these clothes," she murmured, starting to undo the buttons of my overall.

I looked round to see if the others were watching us, as I felt embarassed at the thought of people watching me, but Jenny and Sue were too busy undressing each other to take any notice of Tabby and me, so I stood up and helped her to take off my coat. Tabby stood too, and in a very short time we were both stripped down to our bra and pants.

Tabby slid her arms around me and unclipped my bra, letting my breasts spring free. She dropped the bra to the floor and lowered her head to my already stiff nipples, sucking them alternately into her hot, soft mouth. She slid her fingers down the front of my pants and began to play with my pussy lips, teasing them apart and slipping her middle finger lightly between them, moving up to my clit and down almost to my bottom hole."Stop!" I gasped, "I am supposed to be taking care of you first."

Tabby lifted her head and grinned. "I just thought I would get you really in the mood for this in case you were feeling a bit shy!"

"I was at first, but not any more - can I do this however I want, or are there some rules I should know about?"

"Do it however you want, but don't put anything back for use if it has been inside anyones ass-hole. That is dangerous to eat because of the bacteria. The last thing we want is to drive customers away, we want them to keep on comming back."

"O.K.," I said. "I will stand behind the chair and you must lie on the seat with your legs up over the back. You can hold on to the arms of the chair if you like. Pull your pants off but keep your bra on. I want to see your breasts tightly squeezed while I bring you off." I know that it always seems that I get a better orgasm if I put on one of my old bras that I have long grown out of and really squeezes my boobs tightly, before I start wanking.

Tabby did as I asked and the sight of her curly mound, already glistening with her love juice, really got me turned on. This was all mine to do whatever I wanted with. I had never really thought before about doing anything sexy with another girl, but I was finding it incredibly exciting.I pulled her higher up the back of the chair until her legs were hooked over the top and spread them as far apart as she could take. Her pussy was fully exposed to me and I could feel the heat of it rising to my face. I was overcome with an enormous urge to taste her and so I leaned over and sliped my tongue gently in between her pussy lips. Tabby squealed with delight as I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her channel. The taste was unbelievably sexy and the smell of her juices filled me with pure lust. I could feel myself getting dangerously near to cumming as my swollen clit brushed against the back of the chair.

I reluctantly pulled my tongue out of her and took up the parsnip with its big, purple head. I lowered it until the plum was resting between her slippery pussy lips and then began to twist it back and forth as I gently pressed it down into her love channel.

Tabby had her eyes fixed on the fruit as it began to slide into her and she began to breath in short gasps as the walls of her pussy stretched to accommodate it.

When the plum was completely into her I began to pump it up and down, going a little deeper each time. The whole thing was about ten inches long, so I knew that she would not take all of it. I needed to have something to hold on to anyway! On each stroke I pulled until the plum was nearly half-way out of her quim and then drove it down again into her depths. Her pussy lips were clenching tightly at the base of the plum and then spreading widely to take the top of the parsnip, then closing in as the parsnip tapered down to its tip. I kept giving a twist as I pushed it in and Tabby gave a little whimper as I went deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her love juice was slopping out with every stroke and was running down her tight little body, through her curly bush, into and past her navel and between her breasts to finally puddle in the hollow of her throat.

Suddenly I hit bottom as the plum reached the tip of her womb and she shuddered and bucked her hips up towards me. There was only about four inches of the parsnip left outside but that was plenty for me to hold it between the flats of my palms and start to roll it around in her hot, slippery quim. I felt like a boy scout trying to start a fire by twirling a stick and believe me, I was starting a fire in Tabby!

Her whimpers turned to squeals as the plum rubbed against her cervix and then after only a couple of minutes she screamed aloud and pumped her hips furiously as she hit a monstrous orgasm!

"Oh God!" she screamed, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" and she trembled all over as the sensations flooded through her body, her pussy clenching spasmodically and literally squirting juice into my face!

I managed to catch some of the pussy juice in my mouth and it tasted like nectar. Tabby continued squealing as I rotated the veggy dildo faster and faster in the depths of her cunt.

The sight of her beautiful little body convulsing, the fragrance and taste of her juices and the friction between my clit and the back of the chair were too much for me to take and I too convulsed with an amazingly powerful orgasm and I had to leave the veggy buried in her cunt while I supported myself on the back of the chair.

Tabby came down from the heights and closed her legs around my neck then pulled me down until my lips were touching the end of the parsnip. I opened my mouth and bit down into the veggy and bobbed my head a few times, pulling it part way out of her fragrant cunt, then dipping it back in till it touched bottom again. Each time brought breathless moans from her lips until she begged me to stop. I released the end and Tabby relaxed her legs so that I could stand upright again. She reached between her legs and gently pulled the parsnip frm her juicy hole.

To my horror, that was all that came out - the plum was still deep down at the bottom of her cunt. "Oh God!" I said, "What are we going to do?" Tabby grinned and said "Just watch me!" As I looked down at her she shut her eyes and concentrated and I could see her tummy muscles tightening. Suddenly, as though it was alive, the plum came oozing out between the rosy lips of her cunt. It fascinated me, the way her lips spread open and this purple ovoid slipped out. She reached down (up?) and took it in her hand the popped it into her mouth. She mumbled something around it - "ont um?" and I guessed that she wanted to share it. I stepped around to the front of the chair and, bending down, planted my lips (those around my mouth!) firmly onto hers and felt her pushing the fruit into my mouth. When it was shared between us we both bit down on it and took a peice. The tangy taste of her juice combined with the sweetness of the plum juice was like nothing I haad ever experienced before.

"If we could bottle this and sell it we would make a fortune" I said. Tabby laughed. "I'm afraid that I couldn't produce more than half-a-pint a day, more would kill me!" I took her hands and helped her to get to her feet, but not before I had dipped my tongue into the puddle of juice in the hollow of her neck and lapped it up. I don't believe in letting good things go to waste!

"Right," said Tabby, "your turn now. What shall I use?"

To be continued.

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