tagLoving WivesHeard it on the Radio Ch. 02

Heard it on the Radio Ch. 02


After his divorce, Jim spent a good deal of his time listening to the radio. His favourite broadcaster was a woman who had the sexiest voice that he had ever heard. She was on the popular 9 'til noon spot on WHOT and had by far the largest audience in the region.

He had fantasies about the voice on the radio, owned by KayCee Williams, but that was all. Jim didn't feel like dating, so when romance entered his life again, it came as something of a surprise.

The agency that he worked for was a small but highly successful boutique operation and they had pitched for, and won, the contract to work with for the town's radio station, WHOT.

They would write and edit the station's online magazine and blog, run their social media sites and write jingles and voice overs for a presenter to record.

And the voice they had chosen? KayCee Williams!

Jim and KayCee (for Katherine Charlotte she confided in him one day) worked together very well. They dined out a few times to get to know each other better and on one of these occasions the subject of their love lives came up.

Jim felt comfortable in the company of KayCee so it felt quite natural and safe for him to open up to her about his disastrous marriage to Rosie.

She listened patiently, only speaking to clarify any points that required it.

Eventually she said: "It sounds to me like she wasn't ready for marriage. I'm no expert, but maybe with her condition, she never will be ready for that level of commitment? Who knows? Maybe she'll cheat on her current husband, too?"

Jim shrugged and said: "It's funny, but I hadn't thought of that. Maybe she will? I hope she does! That'll teach the bastard not to go after married women!"

They dated for just over six months. Eventually, he plucked up the courage to have a serious talk with KayCee.

He explained that his bad experience with Rosie had left him somewhat gun shy. He wasn't certain that he had it in him to offer any woman the level of utter commitment that he had given to Rosie, only for her to toss it all back in his face.

KayCee looked thoughtful. She spoke with him at great length and eventually he nodded and smiled and kissed her lips, passionately. "I do love you, you know, KayCee? And soon I will prove it to you!"

Four days later, in their favourite restaurant, Jim went down on one knee and presented KayCee with a large diamond engagement ring, as he proposed to her.

In floods of joyous tears she accepted. The whole restaurant responded in applause and the management brought them out a glass of Champagne each, 'on the house.'

They apartments they were both renting were a little too cosy for two, so they decided to give up their leases and they rented a larger apartment in the same building were KayCee's apartment was.

Jim became a well known and popular face at the radio station. He would help with the cookouts, he launched KayCee's Fan Club and managed it for nothing, he would help out at the station fun days and pretty much ran the station's annual telethon events.

And they fucked like bunnies each and every occasion that they could.

Children? That subject was broached but they both decided that children was something to be considered in the future, because at the moment KayCee was more interested in concentrating on her career in radio. She had developed a strong desire to be in radio from the times when, as a little girl, she would listen to her late father's radio broadcasts.

Jim's career as a copywriter was also doing well. He was now the lead copywriter at the firm 'Write Now, the Stars,' which was owned by Dave Morris and his wife, Kathy.

The wedding was considered to be a family affair for the radio station. One of the broadcast staff was a part time minister of the Gospel, so station management asked if it would be OK for him to perform the wedding ceremony and for the station to broadcast it, live?

They both agreed and the wedding was not only broadcast live over the air, it was also live streamed on the stations' Youtube account.

Dave was the best man, Yolanda Brown, a friend of KayCee's from work was the bridesmaid and, as her father had died several years before, KayCee was given away by the station Manager, Bill Kingsley.

The wedding dress was a white/pearl creation that seemed to shimmer as she walked down the aisle.

The reception was at the restaurant where Jim had proposed and a great time was had by all, as they say.

They took to married life like the proverbial ducks to water.

A year later, someone at the corporate headquarters of the company that owned the radio station decided that a broadcaster of KayCee's undoubted calibre was being wasted in the small town station that currently employed her, so they made her an offer of the type that she'd have been mad to refuse.

They wanted her to move to a large metropolitan area 400 miles away. The package was to start at $500,000 a year, plus an apartment that the company would pay for.

She discussed the news with Jim. "Jim, what'll I do? I wasn't expecting to ever be earning that kind of money. And the fact that Dynamic Radio wants me to be the voice of one of their biggest stations outside San Francisco or New York City is a fantastic thing for me! I feel like I've arrived! Like my ship has come in and I have won the lottery all at the same time!"

Jim looked at her. "OK, so, you'd move to the city. Where does that leave us?"

She looked a him and a frown clouded her face momentarily. "Well, I'd leave the city on Friday lunchtime, get a flight to the airport and we'd spend the whole weekend together and I'd get a late flight on Sunday for my first show of the week, on Monday morning. How'd that work for you, honey?"

He shook his head. "I have a better idea. What if I move with you?"

She gasped. "What? But you love being a copywriter with Dave's outfit! You are willing give that up? For me?"

He looked at her, smiled and nodded, saying: "I'd give anything up for you. You do know that, right?"

She grabbed him and hugged him. "Oh, that's so great of you, Jim! You have made me the happiest woman in the world!"

When corporate HQ heard that Jim would be moving with his wife and their star turn, they thought that was a great PR opportunity. They used the fact that Jim would be moving with his wife to allow her to pursue her dream of being a top radio presenter to its full advantage.

Dave was sorry to see Jim go, but was very understanding. He asked Jim to do some freelance work for him and Jim, was happy to oblige. "And if you ever find your way back home," said Dave, there'll always be a job here for you."

The small office of the boutique copywriting agency gave Jim and KayCee a going away party and a present of a gift voucher for a well-known chain store.

The one thing that Jim owned that could cause a problem was his Motorhome. It was a monster. Based on a coach design, it had expandable pods at either side and had two bedrooms (one with a King sized mattress) convertible sofa beds in the lounge, a fridge freezer, cooker, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine in the kitchen and an integral automated vacuum cleaning system.

It had been ordered by a local businessman as a surprise present for his wife. What really came as a surprise was the fact that they were both subsequently jailed for 15 years each (a tax fraud scheme) so the government seized all of their assets, including the new, unused mnotorhome, and Jim, who'd always wanted one, was able to win it under a sealed bid auction.

His bid had been a derisory one, in effect, Cents on the Dollar, but due to what he could only think was a mistake by the government auctioneers, his bid was the successful one and he ended up owning one of the best and largest luxury motorhomes ever built in the world, let only the USA!

All of the belongings would go in a removal truck, KayCee would take a flight to meet up with the managers at her new station and Jim would drive his motohome the 400 miles, stopping off at a parking ground that was about half way.

It all worked splendidly, and there was even a large secure parking area at the back of the apartments where Jim could store his motorhome.

Almost immediately the decision to bring KayCee to the station paid dividends, as the listenership to the 8 'til 11 Morning slot grew by 25%, and kept on growing, week-by-week.

Jim became a sort of househusband. He looked after the apartment, but he also recorded each day's broadcast. He would listen back to it and make notes later on his Galaxy Tablet and share the analysis with KayCee. This was immensely helpful to her as Jim would spot trends well before the official monitoring reported anything, so KayCee was always at least one or two jumps ahead.

He was also earning a good salary by freelance writing for Dave and for several new local clients he had picked up.

Jim was also making himself useful in other ways, too. He shared cooking duties at radio station BBQs for staff and specially invited listeners and he ran KayCee's fan club, which was growing in numbers, which still included some members from the original club he had launched.

He also helped run the telethons at the new station, too.

Sometimes he would host dinner parties at the apartment which was mainly for colleagues from the station. One who stuck in his mind, if only due to his size, he was a shade over 6 foot and fairly well built, was Chuck, who was a broadcast engineer and also a part time radio presenter at the station.

Almost two years in to their time there, things began to get a little trying. KayCee began to suffer from migraine attacks. This was, he thought, due to the fact that she was having to put more hours in at work. She would sometimes arrive home as late as 5pm and she would be pale and looked washed out. Sometimes the migraines would make her vomit and Jim would solicitously massage her head and kiss her hair.

Of course, sex was becoming out of the question. After all, when your partner is busy throwing up, having sex is the last thing on anyone's minds!

This situation lasted for several months, but one morning, Jim was awoken by the sensation of his lovely wife sucking his cock to hardness.

He said nothing as she worked on him. She looked up at him, took her mouth from his glans, grinned, and said: "Guess what, honey? No headache!"

She kissed him passionately, their tongues entwined and Jim revelled in the thought of where her mouth had previously been...

"Jim! Please! Take me! Now!" He wasted no time and took her in the missionary position, with her legs draped over his shoulders. They came at the same time.

She immediately took his cock in her mouth again, his cock that was gooey and slick with their combined juices and she quickly brought him to hardness, again. This time she made him take her doggy style. And then, damn it, she got him hard again and straddled him, looking directly into his eyes as she fucked him for the third time.

They kissed and cuddled for a while until, with a display of reluctance, she disengaged herself and said: "Sorry, Jim! I still have to get to the studio in time for my broadcast! Gotta shower, after all, I don't want to stink up the whole station with what we did! Mind you, with it being Labor Day, there's only a skeleton crew on today! Maybe nobody would notice?"

He laughed and said: "Sure! I know what you mean! Look, I'll shower after you. I'll get some coffee brewing and get you some toast."

She kissed him on the lips before she left for work. "You'll be here at 4.30, right?" she asked him. He said he would. Then she left for work and after his shower, he got to work on the apartment. Bedding in the washing machine, floors vacuumed and he got himself another cup of coffee.

He was still smiling and his cock still felt a little raw from its early morning workout. He couldn't remember the last time they'd had sex that good. In fact, thinking about it, he couldn't actually remember the last time they'd had sex of any kind. He hoped this morning's session was a sample of what was to come.


The owners of the radio station had decided that, with the extra income generated by the vast increase in the mid-morning show and other scheduling changes that the station deserved to have some money spent on it.

They added a new audio processing unit to the feed to the transmitter to boost the quality of the signal and they had a new Central Control Unit, which was basically a computer operated desk that 'flew' the station.

Although it had worked well during the trials, the chief engineer of the station, Don McLure, a bluff no nonsense Scotsman who had lived much of his life in the USA, was not entirely sure about it. The mixer desk in the main studio had been replaced with something that would not have looked out of place on the set of the old Star Trek: Voyager TV show, with virtual reality sliders and faders, images on a black glass screen, rather than the ones on the older desk that it had replaced, which used physical controls.

Don preferred real, physical sliders, and real physical rotary knobs. He had smiled at that. Perhaps he was just getting a little too old for these technological advances?

It was just after 11am later that morning and KayCee and her radio programme sidekick and best buddy Claire Kitson had just finished another one of their highly successful mid-morning shows. The news bulletin from their Washington-based all news affiliate had just finished and it was now time to go over to a syndicated show called 'The Hollywood Housewife.'

It was supposed to be the musings of an 'ordinary' housewife who lived in Hollywood, who would offer her thoughts on the doings of her celebrity neighbours. It was all nonsense, as it was actually broadcast from the home studio of a woman who lived in Hoboken, New Jersey. But it was a very popular show and had the knack of, somehow, being more real than the celebrity gossip shows that really did come out of Hollywood, USA!

Don sampled the first minute of the broadcast and then headed for the restroom. He had eaten out with some of the guys from the station the evening before and his stomach was playing up.

Almost as soon as Don left the studio and the door noiselessly shut, the CCU failed. There were several seconds of dead air. Back at home Jim thought: "Shit! This can't be good! I'd best phone the private line to Don and let him know what's happening!"

But the line to the station wasn't working.

From the radio there came a series of staccato electronic bleeps like an old style dial-up modem and the CCU found what it had been seeking, an audio signal to transmit.

Claire: "Well, that broadcast went well, huh, KayCee?"

KayCee: "It certainly did! I think everyone will be pleased about that one!"

Claire: "Are you really going to go through with it?"

KayCee: "Go through with what?"

Claire: "Telling your husband Jim that you are going to divorce him?"

KayCee: "Yes. I asked him this morning to make sure he is at home at 4.30 this afternoon. Then, well, then, I have to tell my poor, unsuspecting husband that I want a divorce from him. I won't tell Jim this, but Chuck has said that as soon as my divorce is through, he'll propose to me!"

Claire: "Well, are you going to tell him you have been having an affair with Chuck for the past three months?"

KayCee: "Oh, my god, no! Of course not! Knowing I want a divorce from him will be enough of a kick in the guts for Jim. He doesn't deserve the added heartbreak of knowing I was cheating on him!"

Claire: "So, you're not going to be honest with him?"

KayCee: "Not if I know that too much 'honesty' would hurt him."

Claire: "What are you going to tell him?"

KayCee: "I'll tell him that we have grown apart, that although I still love him very much, that I am no longer in love with him. That I need time and space to find myself, that sort of stuff."

Claire: (Laughing) "So, you ARE going to lie to him?"

KayCee: "Well, yes, but you make it sound like that's a bad thing! And it isn't. Well, not in this case, as I just don't want Jim to feel bad about himself. If he knows I have taken a lover, he'll think that he isn't man enough and that'd hurt him."

Claire: "Well, if he were man enough, you wouldn't have cheated on him, would you?"

KayCee: Well, I guess not."

Claire: "So... is Jim a wimp?"

KayCee: "God, no! He's nowhere near a wimp. It's just that I found out how good Chuck is in bed and, well, what started out as just sex has grown into a full-blooded love affair."

Claire: "So, there's no place in your life for Jim any more?"

KayCee: "No. Sadly, there isn't. Jim would never accept being a cuckold and I'd never want him to be one. So with my feelings for Chuck so powerful, I'm sorry to say there's no place in my life for Jim, any longer."

Claire: "So, you have no feelings for Jim at all, now? Gee, that's too bad."

KayCee: "That's not true, Claire. I DO still have feelings for Jim. And pretty strong ones at that. It's just they're not enough any more, not enough to make me give up seeing Chuck."

Claire: "You going to throw Jim out tonight?"

KayCee? "Now, why would I do that, Claire? I can't be that cruel. I won't be that cruel! Not to... to my... to the man who is still my husband, at the moment.

"By the way, the divorce papers are waiting in the top drawer of my desk at home. I have even placed Post-it notes on the sections he needs to sign. Just to make it easier for him."

Claire: "What if he doesn't want to sign? What if he suggests counselling, instead?"

KayCee: Yes, counselling is the kind of sensible idea he'd suggest. If he suggests it, I'd fake going along with it, pretend to be counselled and then still ask him for a divorce after the 'counselling' is over."

Claire: "What do you want to happen to Jim?"

KayCee: I hope he can move on, find someone else and have a happy life with that someone else. I really do want him to be happy, you know."

Claire: "Just not with you, huh?"

KayCee: "Pretty much, yeah."

Claire: "How will he do in the divorce?"

KayCee: "Quite well, actually. I don't intend for him to become homeless and poor. I can't forget that so I could pursue my dream career, he gave up his own career for me. So under the divorce settlement I worked out with my lawyer, I will allow Jim to stay in the second bedroom of the apartment until he can find himself a job and a place to live for himself.

"And so as he will not lose out financially, I'll give him a one off lump sum payment of $100,000. That should tide him over until he can get a job and an apartment."

Claire: "Didn't you tell me that his first wife cheated on him?"

KayCee: "Ouch! Yeah, that's actually the thing about this I'm most uncomfortable with. The fact he was cheated on by his first wife."

Claire: "Won't that make him feel like a two-time loser?" Someone who can't keep his woman?"

KayCee: "Oh, shit! I hope not!"

Claire: "How will you handle the affair with Chuck whilst you are allowing Jim to live in your second bedroom?"

KayCee: "I'll be as discrete as I can. I won't bring Chuck back there. I certainly don't intend to rub Jim's nose in it. Eventually I might sort of let it slip to Jim that I have got over it enough to start dating. Maybe that would help to encourage Jim to start dating again?"

Claire: If he wants to date again. Maybe he'll decide to live by himself, instead?"

KayCee: "Christ! That'd be such a waste. He's a good catch, for the right woman. I guess I'm just not the right woman for him. At least, not any longer."

Claire: "What's it like? I mean having sex with your lover and your husband? Have you ever taken a load of Chuck's cum home for Jim?"

KayCee: "Claire! That's just NOT funny! I'd never do that to Jim! The truth is that not long after my affair with Chuck got physical, I stopped having sex with Jim. It was as if I were cheating on Chuck, whenever I had sex with Jim.

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