tagNonHumanHeart of a Demon Ch. 04

Heart of a Demon Ch. 04


Disclaimer: This work of erotic fiction depicts consensual sex acts involving vampires, demons, gang banging, and sadomasochism. If such things make you uncomfortable, I would advise you not to continue reading. This story is not intended as relationship advice and the sex acts within are not guaranteed to be safe. Do not act out anything you read here unless you and your partner are both comfortable doing so, and you have done all necessary research to ensure your safety.


"Mellia sent me a letter?" Lara snatched the paper envelope from her demon master.

"You don't seem at all surprised to find mail suddenly popping up in the middle of my bedroom," Devicarth muttered.

"Relax, Devi. No one's been invading your lair. Mellia is a witch like me. She can command letters to teleport to my home, even without knowing where that home is."

"You know I'm going to hurt you if you keep calling me 'Devi'."

Lara grinned, "That's precisely the point, Devi."

The incubus mirrored her mischievous smile, "Read your letter first."

She tore open the envelope and read:

'Dear Lara,

I can't believe you have to leave so suddenly! I miss you already. Still, I know you weren't really happy here and I wouldn't want to hold you back. I hope you find the excitement you've been looking for on your new mission. You know, you never actually mentioned where you were moving to. Is it too far for me to visit?

Hope to hear from you soon,


Lara sighed with nostalgia and guilt. She hated lying to her best friend; they used to share all of their secrets. Of course, she doubted that even Mellia would understand if she said she was going to volunteer her soul to an incubus and become a hell-bound sex slave. But still... now she would have to come up with another lie to explain why they couldn't visit each other.

"You miss your friend, don't you?" Devicarth brought her out the reverie.


"If it would make you feel better, I'm sure I could find a way to distract you," he traced his claws over her breast.

"Don't you ever think about anything besides sex?" she snapped, though her nipple couldn't help but harden under his touch.

He considered reminding her that a demon of lust would tend to have sex on his mind, but he thought better of it. "I'll try," he responded with sympathy.

"It's just so weird to think that I'll never see anything from my old life again. Mellia, the townsfolk, my little stone house..."

"It's forbidden by demon law but," he hesitated, "I could return you to Earth, if that's what you really want."

She considered it for a moment, "No, I just need time to adjust. I wasn't happy on Earth; even Mellia could see that. But here, with you, I feel like I've finally found the place where I belong, even if I am nostalgic right now." She chuckled, "Can you imagine? I need to go to Hell to feel like I belong! What kind of nut-bar does THAT make me?"

Devicarth couldn't resist responding, "It makes you a lust-ridden little sinner."

"Yeah, I know," she grinned.

He kissed her tenderly, "Do you want me to hold you?"

"No, I think I need to be alone for a while."

"I understand. I'll just relax in the reading room." He meandered through the stone hallways to a cavern lined wall to wall with book cases. And of course, most of the books were erotic. He picked one out and tried to read without worrying about Lara. It was perfectly natural that she would need some time to herself, especially when she was trying to get used to this whole new world. And she was his soul mate after all. Still, he couldn't put aside the nagging worry that she would change her mind and decide to go back to the surface world.

Meanwhile, Lara absently fingered the page as she considered how to respond. She didn't want Mellia to think that Lara was avoiding her. On the other hand, telling the truth was out of the question. She had to come up with an excuse—and a pen and paper. If demons kept writing utensils in their lairs, Lara didn't know her way around well enough to find them. However, she did manage to find her way back out the cave's entrance. Lara plucked a large, pale leaf for use as paper and, inking a sharpened twig with the black nectar from a flower, she scrawled her response. Lara wrote that she was staying in a camp within the eastern wilderness, a particularly hostile woodland far from their home village. She explained that her mission was to hunt a pack of werewolves so she wouldn't be able to camp in one place for very long. That should keep Mellia from coming to visit. Folding the leaf into a roughly rectangular shape, she magically sent it off. Lara then settled for a nap in the shade of a thorn covered tree.

After what felt like an hour or two, Lara yawned and opened her bleary eyes to see a very sexy blur hovering above her. "Are you feeling better, sweetheart?" Devicarth stroked her hair tenderly.

"Yeah, it's just taking me some time to get used to this place."

"You're sure you don't want to go back to Earth?"

She smirked, "No way in Hell."

They rested in each other's arms for a while longer when a blood-colored blossom floated from the tree and landed on the demon's chest. Lara brushed it off, inadvertently causing him to laugh. "I didn't know incubi were ticklish," she bared an impish grin continued tickling him.

"Stop it," he laughed, "You will NOT tickle your demonic overlord!" When he had enough, Devicarth forcefully grabbed her hands, "I'm going to have to teach you some respect." He snapped a flexible, spiked branch from the thorn tree, "Hold still, slut. This is going to hurt."

Lara beamed, "Promise?"

The demon chuckled as he shoved her into the soft, blue ash. With a cruel flourish, he snapped the thorn covered switch over her slender body, just hard enough for the spines to draw tiny beads of blood. She couldn't help but arch her little round ass upward toward her beloved tormenter.

"I thought I told you to stay still. It's almost like you're TRYING to increase your punishment."

"Yes! Hurt me, Master!" she moaned.

"Filthy pain-slut, you don't give the orders here," he punctuated his words with another crack of the makeshift weapon.

A soft whimper escaped her throat.

"Yes, you do like that, don't you?" another strike, "I'll bet you're all wet and slippery in there." The incubus slid a clawed finger through her pink folds. Slowly, oh sooo slowly, he swirled it inside her before withdrawing to lick the juices off his hand. "You little whore; I'm going to make you scream."

And he did. He thrashed her brutally from her shoulders to her ass to her well toned calves. She squealed with abandon, not knowing whether she was crying out in glee or in agony. For her, when she was this horny, there wasn't a difference. "You have a beautiful voice," he purred, caressing her cheek before beating her even harder. He didn't stop until the poor woman was dizzy with lust and pain. "Aw, have you had enough, little slave-slut?"

"Yes, Master," she mewed weakly.

"That's a good girl," he set aside his weapon. Crouching above the entranced masochist, Devicarth tenderly kissed away the ruby droplets of glistening blood. Healing magic coursed through his lips and closed the tiny wounds on contact. "Just delectable," growled the seductive demon, "My dear, your blood is the second sweetest thing I've ever tasted."

"What's the sweetest?"

"Oh, I think you know...," he paused to lick his lips before wrestling the already weakened woman onto her back. He knelt between her legs and slinked his tongue deep into her wet cunt. With long, slow strokes the demon tongue-fucked her until she was out of her mind with lust. For every drop he lapped away, Lara's wet hole dripped ever more of her delicious fluid. Devicarth dragged his slithering tongue over her clit just slowly enough to keep her from cumming; no matter how hard she tried.

"Please...Master," she pleaded between gasps.

"Oh, did you want something?" he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Lara's soul ached with lust, "Please...I need to cum sooo bad, Master."

"Hmm," he pondered in between licks, "You don't deserve it, you know. You were a naughty, disrespectful slave. I should just tie you down and leave you here."

"No, please have mercy! I...I'll do anything!"

"Oh, will you now?" his eyes sparkled with pure evil, "In that case, I won't leave you wanting. Because I can do so much worse..." He plucked a fat purple cucumber from a low-growing vine and charged it with his demonic powers. Then, just when she thought (and prayed) that Devicarth would ram the vegetable up her cunt, the demon simply handed it to her and grinned, "Have fun." Little sparks hopped across its bumpy skin as Lara held the makeshift dildo. As soon as it contacted her moist flower, a jolt of pain shot through her core. Lara jerked backward in shock.

A menacing chuckle passed through the demon's lips, "Why so surprised, kitten? You know that electricity and wetness don't mix..."

Lara wrenched that damned, evil vegetable away from her hole but couldn't bring herself to drop it. Lust gripped her like an invisible hand, drawing the device back toward her body. She struggled desperately to resist.

"Oh, now that's cute. But you can't possibly think you can fight it, my little nympho. You said it yourself; you'll do anything."

As predicted, Lara soon plunged the cucumber deep into her soft cunt. The purple plant was so thick that it would've hurt even without the electrifying curse. With it, the poor sex-crazed woman was charged with blissful agony. Lightning streaked up her womb spreading its electric sting throughout her entire being. In lust ridden fervor, Lara mindlessly fucked herself until the brutal orgasms left her squealing and writhing in the dirt. Devicarth paused to enjoy his beautiful slave's self-inflicted torment. When she opened her mouth to scream, he pounced, ramming his cock down her throat.

The incubus plundered her almost as cruelly as she pummeled herself. As he soaked her throat in creamy demon cum, he drained her energy and the influence of his powers intensified her orgasm to unbearable levels. Every muscle in her body tensed in pure ecstasy while her mind reeled, awestruck that she could endure such pleasure without passing out. Finally, once her body was utterly drained, Lara collapsed in the claws of a very well-fed incubus.

"Was I good girl, Master?" mewed Lara as her lover carried her back into his lair.

"Yes, my pet; but you'd better make sure you stay that way. If you disobey me again I don't know what I'll have to do to you..."

"Yes, Master," she smiled—perhaps a little too widely.

For now however, the pair relaxed together in bed with twin chalices of unholy water. Devicarth fed Lara the seeds from a ripe pomegranate to help recover her strength. Entwined in one another's arms, they lounged in their cozy cave until Lara was re-energized. On Earth it would've been far past nightfall but the alternating sex and napping had shifted her sleep schedule.

"That's the last of the food. Would you like to go hunting with me, Sweetheart?" asked Devicarth.

"That sounds like fun."

To disguise their scent, the demon gathered some clothing made from the black leather of demon unicorns. The contrast between the sexy leather jacket and Devicarth's muscular chest make Lara want to rip the skintight pants straight off of him.

Devicarth noticed the glint in her eye, "Heh, is my little slut having naughty thoughts?"

"Am I that predictable?"

"Is your cunt pink?" he retorted, handing her a halter top and pair of pants.

Devicarth had made clothing for her in advance but, since he hadn't met her at the time, the sizing was a bit loose. However, a quick enchantment allowed the leather to tighten around her body like a second skin. The unicorn leather was surprisingly comfortable; it hugged her curves and firm muscles without tugging as she moved. Running a claw over her exposed midriff, her demon master smiled his approval, "You look positively delicious."

Devicarth summoned Bastet and the couple rode their feline steed through the jungle to a plain dotted with pitch black grasses. The hellcat paused mid-step and swiveled her ears in the direction of a low rustle. Coiled among the shrubbery, a great black serpent rested. It was a basilisk; a giant demon snake that could paralyze with a single glare. The young witch knew that the only way to protect themselves would be to blind the beast with a spell. "Hostis, non videre potes!" shouted the enchantress. However, the venomous monster was still dangerous; it flailed in roaring fury at having been blinded.

"Don't make a sound," whispered Devicarth.

As it began to exhaust itself, the serpent slowed. The hunters saw their chance. Obsidian spears at the ready, they dismounted the hellcat and raced forward. Devicarth thrust the weapon straight through the beast's writhing head. Though he failed to pierce its walnut-sized brain, the spear effectively nailed its jaw to the ground. Lara took the opportunity to stab the serpent in its beating heart. Blackened bile gushed from the wound and the basilisk fell limp onto ground. Once he was sure it wouldn't get up again, Devicarth teleported their prey back to the lair. He could've used the same spell on himself and Lara, but they decided they'd rather ride home to admire the scenery.

However, just as they were about to climb onto Bastet's saddle, a shriek rang out from the shrubbery, "Leave my friend alone!" Devicarth barely managed to dodge a gleaming purple energy bolt.

"Mellia?!" Lara gaped.

"Stand back! I'll take care of that demon!" Mellia readied another energy bolt.

"No, wait!" Lara sidestepped to protect her mate, "This demon is my lover."

"I was afraid of this; the incubus has you brainwashed. You have to fight it, Lara!"

"No, really, I came here of my own free will. Devicarth is my soul mate," Lara insisted.

"Are you crazy? You've read the books. You know how rare it is for a demon to have a soul," Mellia scolded, "I'm going to need proof." Mellia turned toward the incubus and shouted, "veritas dices," the same truth spell that Lara had used the day before.

"Go on, sweetheart, tell her," Lara encouraged.

"It's true," he confirmed, "Lara really is my soul mate and I would never brainwash her."

Since Bastet couldn't seat three riders, Devicarth teleported everyone to the lair. There, Devicarth introduced himself properly and Lara explained everything. "I'm sorry I lied. It's just so embarrassing," Lara blushed as she finished talking. She silently thanked her lucky stars that Mellia had shown up during the one time she was wearing clothes.

"It's so like you to get all guilty about this sort of thing," Mellia rolled her eyes playfully, "We all have our secrets. I understand that."

Once Mellia realized that her friend wasn't kidnapped, she took the news of Lara's new life surprisingly well. Lara was beginning to wonder what kind of secrets Mellia must have, if she didn't consider this outrageous. Of course, Lara was too polite to ask. Instead, she changed the subject, "So, how did you find me here anyway?"

Mellia retrieved Lara's letter from the pocket of her plum colored robe, "This leaf you wrote on only grows in the jungle of Infernus. I just assumed a demon kidnapped you and forced you to keep it secret."

Lara laughed, "You should've known better. No demon could control me."

Devicarth shot her a look.

She smiled back, "Not against my will, I mean." Turning to Mellia, she added, "But you haven't explained how you managed to get here. You'd need to be a ninth level sorceress to cast a portal to hell."

"You're assuming I'm a human sorceress," Mellia grinned, allowing her canines to extend and sharpen into fangs.

"You're a vampire? And you never told me!?"

"We all have our secrets," she repeated blithely.

It made sense; vampires had the demonic power to access hell at will. Still, Mellia was the last person she'd expect to be a vampire. "How long have you been hiding this?" Lara gasped.

"About two years. Remember the time we went on that mission to subdue a rogue vampire? Well, I secretly drank some blood from a scratch on her arm."

"I remember. You were acting pretty strangely for a couple of weeks. I was worried about you."

"Yeah, sorry about that, I had to avoid everyone for a while. I couldn't go out in daylight until I perfected my shielding ability," Mellia explained, "Anyway, I completely understand your need for a more 'exciting' sex life. Believe it or not, I lead a coven of the sexiest twelve vampires you've ever met." She admired Lara's skintight leather outfit, "You know, I think you'd like them. You DO like vampires, don't you?"

Lara flushed the deepest shade of red yet. "No offense, Mellia. We're close friends," she stammered, "but I don't like women. I didn't think you did either...or is that another secret you haven't told me?"

Her friend laughed out loud, "No, silly. I don't want you to JOIN my coven. I know you have an... erm, boyfriend." She eyed Devicarth. As tolerant as Mellia was, she still wasn't entirely comfortable with the word 'master'. "What I meant was there are so many men in my coven that I sometimes can't satisfy them all. I was just wondering (as long as you're both okay with it) if you would like to 'help'."

Lara blushed again as she imagined herself impaled by wicked fangs and rigid cocks. The demon sensed her pulse quicken, "You want to do it; don't you, Pet?"

"Umm, I'm not sure," she pondered, "Mellia, can Devicarth and I discuss this in private?"

"No problem."

They stepped out into the nearby reading room. "Why do you hesitate, my love?" Devicarth asked with genuine compassion, "Are you still shy about discussing this with Mellia?"

"A little. I mean, how could I not be? This is all moving so fast. But I'm more worried about what effect it would have on our relationship. I wouldn't want to hurt you or make you jealous."

He chuckled, "You really are a treasure. But there's no need to worry about me; I have no need for jealousy. No other being can threaten my power over you. You're mine."

When he caught Lara's eyes, a wave of passion overwhelmed her. Between her natural attraction and the demon's dark powers, Lara could feel the truth, "I'm yours." She kissed him deeply and surrendered to her master's embrace.

"That's right, Pet. In fact," he whispered evilly, "I'd rather enjoy watching those vamps use my little whore."

Lara beamed, "Anything to please my master!"

She returned to Mellia, and managed to agree to her offer without too much blushing. In a haze of purple smoke, Mellia transported everyone to Pandaemonium, the largest city in Hell. For miles in every direction, towers of black obsidian bent at odd angles as if warped by the evil that dwelt within. The nearest of which was a tremendous citadel whose spires pierced the sky like jagged needles.

"Welcome to my home away from home," Mellia held open the charred metal gate.

Lara gasped, "It's enormous!"

"Hey, I can't very well keep my underlings in that little cottage in our village."

Mellia lead them to a lounge whose ceiling glowed with false moonlight. For a split second, Lara caught sight of a nude man relaxing on a luxurious blood-red couch. Before she even had time to turn her eyes, he darted with a whoosh to Mellia and knelt at her feet. "My queen, you have returned. And you brought...guests."

The vampire briefly acknowledged Devicarth but when his sight shifted to Lara, his eyes glowed red with hunger. She could feel the creature's gaze bore into her body, as if he could see straight through to the very blood he craved. With agility that would make ninjas burn with envy, eleven more shadowy figures greeted their leader. They were all shapes and sizes with two things in common: they were all unbelievably sexy and they all extended their glistening fangs at the sight of Lara.

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