tagNonHumanHeart of a Demon Ch. 05

Heart of a Demon Ch. 05


Disclaimer: This work of erotic fiction depicts consensual sex acts involving tickling, bondage, sadomasochism, and orgasm control. If such things make you uncomfortable, I would advise you not to continue reading. This story is not intended as relationship advice and the sex acts within are not guaranteed to be safe. Do not act out anything you read here unless you and your partner are both comfortable doing so, and you have done all necessary research to ensure your safety.


Lara awoke to find herself in Devicarth's bed, her body cleaned of all the sticky cum that had soaked her the night before. As she curled up beneath the soft covers, she allowed her mind to wander lazily. 'Life is... just wild,' she mused. She remembered when she was a young sorcery student contemplating her future. Who would've predicted she'd end up (willingly) living in Hell, deeply in love with one of the very demons she had trained to fight? The strangest thing was how perfect it all was: she could continue hunting hell-beasts without having to deal with boring rat infestations; she could maintain her friendship with Mellia; and she could spend eternity with a man who both loved her tenderly and indulged her darkest fantasies. Lara rolled over to wrap her arms around Devicarth.

"Good morning, Sweetheart," he planted a soft kiss on her lips.

"I'm so glad I summoned you," Lara purred.

"Me too, Baby. I going to love holding you, kissing you, and ravishing you forever and ever... not to mention spanking your pretty little ass," he tickled her firm behind with a pointed claw.

And so they passed the years in one another's arms. Lara's body slowly strengthened from Devicarth's influence. She no longer needed to sleep after he drained her energy and, once she was fully immortal, she became immune to serious injury. Of course, that allowed the demon to inflict such wonderfully painful torments on her body. When he drew his whip, Devicarth would thrash her with enough force to severely scar a mortal human. Needless to say, Lara loved every minute of it.

Over 500 years later, the couple was as passionately in love as the day they first met. They lounged in their favorite nook by the Lake of Fire (which was more like a sea of lava). Casting a protection spell on herself, Lara slid her body into the glowing pool of molten rock. Although she didn't need the spell to prevent damage, the lava would sting uncomfortably without it. She closed her eyes and dozed in the soothing bath.

After a few minutes, she heard a light chirping and the flutter of wings. She opened her eyes to watch as an elegant phoenix warmed itself in the lava barely three feet away. It soon fluttered off leaving one of its long, flame-proof tail feathers floating atop the pool. Lara snatched up the golden plume.

"Hmm, that feather gives me an idea," Devicarth mused, "Bring it over here, Pet."

When Lara climbed out of the pool, a thin layer of molten fluid clung to her skin. It hardened into dark rock and flaked off as she walked. Rising from under a shady tree, Devicarth took the feather brandished it like one of his whips. Then, he slowly traced it along the underside of Lara's soft breast. She giggled and pulled away by reflex.

"Hold still, Slave."

She locked onto his eyes. "Make me," she dared grinning with mock defiance.

Devicarth caressed her cheek, "That, my dear, can easily be arranged." He paused for effect before roughly grabbing Lara by the arm. With cruel force, the demon slammed her helpless body into the ground of solid rock. A wave of his hand directed smooth arches of stone to erupt from the earth and encircle Lara's limbs and body. The changeling was held immobile on her back with her legs spread for easy access...

Bearing a sadistic grin, Devicarth wriggled the fluffy plume all over her ticklish body. He started at the soles of her feet and worked slowly up each leg. Then, the demon tortured every inch of squirming belly. Of course, he made sure to linger mercilessly over the ticklish spots under her arms and beneath her ribs. Lara spiraled into fit of bucking and squealing. Yet, no matter how she twisted in her bonds, there was no escape from the feather's tormenting touch.

"No...please...Master...I'm SOOoo ticklish there!" she begged between spurts of laughter.

"Ah, yes I just love to hear you beg," his eyes glinted wickedly.

"Please...have mercy on this poor, helpless slave."

"That's a good girl. Now say, 'I'm a pretty little slut.'"

Lara just couldn't resist, "You're a pretty little slut."

He dropped the feather and yanked her by the hair. Bending to her ear, he spoke in a low, dangerous growl, "You are going to pay for that."

"Oohh, I hope so," she purred.

Nearby, Devicarth noticed a pool filled entirely with molten gold. He dipped the phoenix tail inside and taunted his bound pet. "Now then, remove that pesky little defense spell so I can hurt you properly."

His willing victim obeyed with enthusiasm, "Ignis mihi nocere potest!"

The demon held the fiery paintbrush just inches above his now-vulnerable plaything, allowing the heat to warm her body. Then, he ever so lightly touched the glowing tip against Lara's stomach. Searing bolts of pain shot through her. Even though her skin was invulnerable to burning, Lara felt like she was on fire. A cruel grin darkened his face as the incubus painted the liquid metal over her nude body. His hand crept slowly to draw maximum pain from the writhing slut. He made certain she felt every last drop as it slid over her skin.

Delicious torment mingled with searing orgasm until Lara couldn't tell the difference. So flooded with passion, all she could do was throw back her head and scream. Devicarth just laughed at the little masochist, not breaking his rhythm for a second, "That's right; scream your little heart out. I love the sweet music of your pain."

The demon continued to mark her body with the words already emblazoned on her soul: Property of Lord Devicarth. Her pain soothed as the glowing metal cooled to a golden shine. "Oh...oh, Master," she panted, "I love being your helpless plaything. Please... take your pleasure from my body." Lara lifted her hips as much as the bonds would allow and offered her dripping pussy.

"Hmm, since you begged so nicely, I don't mind if I do," the demon stroked his massive rod. He mounted her so fiercely that she almost orgasmed on his first stroke. "Oh, and by the way, slave, I forbid you to cum."

"But Master!" she squealed.

"No 'but's; I own you and you WILL obey me."

"Yes, my lord," Lara whimpered.

While Devicarth pounded her wet entrance, the pleasure built up inside her. Yet, she valiantly resisted her body's need... even though it would feel sooo good... No, she would be a good slave and resist the urge to clamp down on the thick cock that slid deliciously against her walls. With impossible strength of will, she resisted... until she felt Devicarth's power wash over her. The cruel incubus hit her with an orgasm spell that could overwhelm any will. It reached down inside her and FORCED the crushing pleasure from her shuddering body. Lara couldn't help but squeal and rub herself against the stony bonds.

"No fair..." she gasped.

"Now, did you really expect a demon to play fair? Besides, it's not MY fault you can't control your own body," Devicarth sighed with feigned disappointment, "I guess I'll just have to control it for you."

"No, please! Anything but that!" Lara pleaded.

"Sorry, but you know the rules; slut disobeys, slut gets punished." The demon's eyes glowed as he cast the lust spell on his beautiful victim. It started with a gentle warmth between her legs. However, the sensation deepened and intensified until it felt like a thousand tiny fingers and slippery tongues probing her cunt and swirling over her clit. Yet, no matter how she squirmed or clenched her pussy, Lara couldn't cum. There would be no relief from this unbearable, all-consuming lust until her master commanded it.

Devicarth allowed the stone bonds to unclasp and recede into the earth. At the moment of her release, the sex-crazed whore leapt to her feet and began mindlessly humping her master's body.

The demon just laughed, "How cute."

"Please... merciful overlord... I need you," she begged.

"That's right; feel the need burning inside you. You like it don't you, my toy."

She nodded with a wordless whimper, her eyes shining with pure desperation.

"Well, since you're such a cute little whore, I'll make a deal with you. Get on your knees and show me what a good little cocksucker you are and then I'll give you the orgasm of a lifetime."

"Oh, thank you, Master," she purred. Lara knelt at his feet and nuzzled Devicarth's hardening cock. Fueled by raw animal desire, she furiously slurped and lapped at her Master's rigid rod. The beautiful changeling alternated between taking his length deep into her throat and pleasuring the head with a skilled and eager tongue. She quickly brought the demon to orgasm, although it still felt like an agonizing wait for Lara, her cunt dripping with unimaginable lust. She gulped his creamy seed as if Devicarth's cock were the font of life itself. Once she swallowed every last drop, the woman gazed longingly into his eyes.

"Master...please...!" she pleaded in a needful whisper.

"Don't worry, little slut," he grabbed her by the hair and yanked upward painfully, forcing Lara to scramble to her feet. "I promised I'd make you cum and I will," his eyes glittered with cruelty, "...eventually."

To be continued.

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