tagNovels and NovellasHeart of Darkness Ch. 01

Heart of Darkness Ch. 01

byDeckard Kincaid©

As we last left Darla, she and Shelly had just received news from their hospital administrator that the Kukuana military had requested that they come to Kukuanaland to train their nurses. The request had been specifically been made by the father of their Congolese friend Mombassa, who was the general in charge of Kukunaland's military medical division.

The terms of their contract called for the two of them to live in Kukuanaland for up to five years, and for the Raelian hospital where they worked in Quebec City to receive $5,000,000 in return for the services of Darla and Shelly. The girls however, would receive just their standard hospital salary, but all of their expenses and housing would be paid for. The terms of their contract further called for them to travel first to Kinshasa, and then onto their final destination to an army hospital near the disputed border with Katanga, in an area called Virunga.

The day after they were offered and accepted their new assignments, Darla and Shelly met with Mombassa, who had to leave for Kukuanaland immediately and prepare for their arrival. Upon their acceptance, Mombassa provided the girls with their visas, and also $20,000 each for moving expenses, and any other expenses they would incur as a result of their new jobs. That night, as a way of saying "thank you" Darla and Shelly had a private threesome with Mombassa at an expensive hotel, only hours before he traveled back to Africa.

In addition to packing their belongings there were numerous other things that the girls had to take care of before they left for Africa. Fortunately working at the hospital was not one of them, as the hospital placed them on paid leave, as their salaries now would now be paid for by the hospital out of the endowment given to it by the Kukuana military. The contract the hospital had with the Kukuana military also called for an automatic five-year renewal if the girls chose to stay on.

However, despite the pay incentives and promise of adventure, Sofia and Shelly's parents all had extreme reservations about their girls going off to work in a third world country, yet there was no way that either girl, whose blood streams were now full of the Mahala, could be convinced not to go. For the girls, the hardest part of the move was leaving their new Raelian friends at the gym, even though Isabella and Bruno, as well as Louis and Lola, assured them that they were making the right decision.

The going away party that Isabella and Bruno hosted for them was an all-night orgy of sex. Darla and Shelly were fucked so thoroughly that night before they left for Montreal, by the time the party ended, everyone had a smile of complete satisfaction on their face, and the girls had to be carried to their apartments so that they could recuperate and rest, for the next day they had to visit a doctor, a specialist, from whom they would receive all their necessary shots and immunizations.

Among the immunizations Shelly and Darla received, were the newest AIDS vaccines, which were proven to forever keep a person AIDS and HIV free, as well as at least 100 other shots, and pills. All of which were designed and proven, by Hosaka Pharmaceuticals, to prevent the patient from catching malaria, as well as all known sexually transmitted diseases, and all known African diseases. The girls were also given a drug that not only temporarily sterilized them, but also caused their menstrual cycles to stop for at least the next five years.

Lastly, and unbeknownst to either Shelly or Darla, the doctor gave them a large mega dose of an experimental nano drug based on the African sex potion known in Swahili as Mahala. The Mutant Mahala potion, or 'M2', which was derived from the natural Mahala, was designed by rogue medical researchers at Hosaka Pharmaceuticals to actually alter the brain cells of women, so that their on/off switch, which controlled their sexual desires, was placed permanently in the 'on' position. The designer of the drug, Dr. Robert Lusaka designed it after years of searching the world for a female mind control drug for the American military.

The day before their departure the moving trucks arrived and loaded up everything, including the furniture. It would take approximately six or eight weeks for their belongings to clear customs in Kukuanaland and be delivered to the military base, near the Ugandan border, where they would both be assigned. Mombassa had arranged for each girl to have their own separate quarters in housing that was generally reserved for the highest-ranking generals and government officials.

That evening the girls stayed at the Hyatt near the Montreal airport, and made love all night long as they reminisced and talked about their recent past and their exciting future. Shelly was somewhat scared, but she took comfort in the fact that Darla was going with her, and that it was their skills as nurses, as well as their friendship with Mombassa, that had made this life changing opportunity possible.

That final night in Canada, as Darla slept in Shelly's arms, her mind drifted back to the dream of her rape and the men in the gas masks. She still could not recall what had happened after she was tied up and her clothes were torn off, but for some reason the images of the dream were becoming clearer, as she now remembered the hissing sound of snakes, and the feel of something slithering along her belly, while fingers probed her pussy, and needles pierced her skin. The images in her mind still were fuzzy, but the thought of the snake somehow made her wet.

However, before Darla could react to the warm feeling in her pussy, the alarm clock went off. The direct flight to Paris, which would connect to a flight to Kinshasa, was due to leave Montreal at 8 a.m., but they had to be at the airport by 6 a.m. Shelly and Darla quickly showered together, then dried their hair, and got their outfits ready for the long international trip. The girls each chose to wear simple white blouses, and semi tight fitting skirts, under which were their white bras and thong panties. Darla wore her short blue business skirt and matching blue pumps, while Shelly wore a black spandex skirt that ended just above her knee, and red pumps.

The flight to Paris was very uneventful, and both of the girls lost themselves in their books, as Shelly read Sidney Sheldon novel, and Darla delved into her new Lonely Planet Guide to Kukuanaland. Darla was a bit surprised to learn that Kukuanaland had recently been taken off the U.S. State Department's travel warning list. She was also amazed to learn that Kinshasa was one of the most dangerous places in Africa, and that in some parts of the city roving youth gangs were more powerful than the police. Yet, instead of feeling scared, Darla felt a familiar tingle underneath her skirt and deep inside of her. However, she thought it best to not tell Shelly about what she had just read, for fear of her wanting to return home.

Once at Paris, the girls checked their bags at the Trans Congo Air counter and headed off to the terminal. They were surprised to see that only them, and a few Mormon missionaries were the only white people booked for the 11-hour flight on board the ancient 747. The flight looked to be packed, and nearly everyone was giving them questioning looks as to why two young white women were traveling to Africa, especially black Africa. Fortunately for them, Mombassa had gotten them first class seats in an area of the plane normally reserved for government officials and businessmen.

Days before their flight, Mombassa had made a call to the pilot of the plane, who was an old friend of his, and informed him of who his two special passengers were, as well as the fact that they were now under the spell of Mutant Mahala . The pilot assured Mombassa that he and his head stewardess, Lulu, would take extra special care of their lovely passengers. The pilot then later explained to his copilot and engineer about what his old friend had told him on the phone. After which, he then called in the head stewardess, to whom he gave very explicit instructions regarding their white female passengers, both of whom were in first class.

The plane was packed, except for a handful of people in the first class area. Darla and Shelly settled themselves into the wide leather seats; where they were served coffee and cake, just prior to the plane taxiing for take-off. The plane looked relatively old, and Shelly wondered if it really was safe to fly; however, at this point there was nothing she or Darla could do, as the female flight attendant supervisor, who was dressed in traditional African dress, made the announcement that the plane was now departing the gate.

As the plane soared up into the sky, the memories of the group experience at the health club and other places, including the biker bar, suddenly played inside of Darla's mind. Watching the ground disappear, Darla quietly reminisced about what had happened between Bruno, Isabella, Lola, Louis, and her best friend Shelly. For the past weeks they both had enjoyed an incredible sexual escapade, bringing both of them to new levels of both pleasure and an of understanding of what pleasure a human body was capable of experiencing...given the right stimulation.

While having this experience, the girls had met Mombassa, a doctor and a member of the Kukuana military, as well as the son of an influential Kukuana general. Mombassa's sexual prowess and his incredible pleasure machine had made such an overwhelming impression upon Darla and Shelly that a bond had formed between them. Well, maybe it was not a bond, just the residual effects of their sexual addiction, which was now being fueled by the Mutant Mahala (M2) that she and Shelly had unknowingly been injected with.

The effects of their own sexual addiction, before being given a taste of natural Mahala, had been strong enough for both Darla and Shelly to accept an invitation to come to the military hospital in Kukuanaland where Mombassa had already returned, so that they could "train" new nurses. However, Darla, being the outstanding nurse that she was, was just as curious about the level of medical treatment which would be available there. Shelly, who knew Darla better than anyone else, just wanted to join in on the fun.

Darla had only flown once before; however, she had taken many long train rides, and the one thing which she always had difficulty in getting used to was the boredom that she usually experienced on those long journeys. As the hours rolled by uneventfully, Darla slipped into a series or dreams (or were they remembrances) of her mysterious rape dream. She vividly recalled the men in gas masks who rubbed lotion on her bare skin with their rough leather gloves. She also remembered dreaming about being laid out on a medical table where she was inspected and examined. While another memory of the dream consisted of snakes and insects crawling over her breasts, while the masked men all watched in silence as she fought in her bonds, and moaned in desire, as the creatures pinched and pleasured her nipples.

Ironically, since that dream, both her and Shelly's breasts seemed to have become slightly bigger and firmer. Darla's bra now barely covered her pink nipples, while at the same time all of her fears, like her phobia of spiders and snakes, now only served to sexually excite her the more she thought about Africa. Even Shelly had commented during their love making the night before at the hotel that she could tell that Darla's breasts felt and even tasted different. Yet, for some reason, Darla could not explain away the physical changes in her body, or the nagging feeling that somehow her body felt different.

After about seven hours, Darla and Shelly were both wide awake, yet everyone around them slept soundly. They had already seen two movies, and read nearly every magazine in first class. As Darla was thumbing through an old issue of Jet, she turned to Shelly, and said, "I'm bored stiff, there has got to be a better way to pass the time than in-flight movies and magazines". "Me too," Shelly replied, who then smiled and pressed the alert button to call the stewardess. "What do you expect the stewardess to do?" Darla asked. "We'll see if she really moves her tail for us," Shelly replied with a laugh.

The head stewardess soon arrived, and both women found themselves looking up at the very statuesque, and strikingly beautiful head stewardess, Lulu, who possessed nearly flawless ebony skin. Her hair was tied back in typical stewardess fashion, and she was dressed in a white and semi transparent uniform, which was the new Trans Congo Air flight attendant uniform. However, the tight dress did nothing to hide the obvious fullness of her breasts and nipples, flared hips and round ass. The stewardess then smiled a broad knowing smile, showing her beautiful white teeth, and asked the girls, "How may I help you?"

However, before Darla could verbalize her first thoughts, Shelly asked for two blankets. The stewardess then turned to retrieve them, as both women were mesmerized by the movement of her dark ass, that was clearly visibly through her white dress, as she negotiated down the aisle.

"Blankets?" Darla asked.

"Just wait", said Shelly, as the stewardess returned with the blankets..

"Were those top two buttons of her dress unbuttoned before?" Darla asked herself, as the stewardess opened each blanket for them and placed them upon their laps, smoothing them out evenly.

The stewardess had to lean forward to do so, forcing Darla and Shelly to catch a glimpse of this ebony goddess' generous cleavage and the scent of her arousing perfume.

The stewardess then took time to stare both women in the eye, with just the hint of a smile upon her lips, as she said, "I'll be back if you want me", and then slowly walked away and entered the cockpit.

Darla then turned to Shelly and whispered, "Whew, it is too warm for a blanket now."

"Not yet it isn't", said Shelly, as she slipped her hand under Darla's blanket towards the hem of her dress.

Darla just closed her eyes, smiled and thought to herself, "Maybe long flights are not a bad thing after all. I have a sensation that this one surely won't be boring."

Darla then let out a small sigh as Shelly's hand slid under her dress and worked its way up towards her crotch, caressing her inner thigh as she went. Darla exhaled slowly and kept her eyes closed, as she knew that she really needed some sexual release. Soon Shelly's hand was doing wonderful things, as her fingers maneuvered under Darla's thong and began to massage her now moist pussy lips.

Darla's legs quickly parted to permit Shelly more access, the invitation of which she accepted, as she slid her fingers towards Darla's now trembling clit. As her fingers found their mark, Darla let out a series of loud gasps, as her gentle pinches and strokes began to make Darla squirm in her first class seat. As the stewardess passed she gave them both a wide grin, with Shelly returning a smile of her own, as she continued on administering to Darla's ministrations.

Darla then felt Shelly's hand gain entry into her waiting dampness, as she slowly moved her hand under Shelly's blanket to begin pleasing her in return. Shelly then pulled up the hem of her dress with her free hand so now they could both squirm, as Darla's fingers found their mark. Their hips gently gyrated as their mutual rhythms continued, and they were both in oblivion, as the ecstasy flowed through them, when they heard a familiar voice say, "If either of you would like to use the rest room, one is free now. You should move quickly before someone else takes it."

Their eyes opened with a start, as Darla quickly said, "Thank you, the room could come in handy now." They stopped their actions and removed their blankets, and then adjusted their skirts as they slid out of their assigned seats, and walked to the rest room without attracting the attention of any of the sleeping passengers. Once inside the cramped stall, they pulled themselves to each other with a passion, as their hot lips parted and their tongues intertwined with a deep sucking French kiss.

They then unbuttoned and unzipped their dresses with incredible speed, as their skirts and blouses fell to the floor, exposing their barely concealed bra covered breasts and hard nipples. Their mouths separated only to find other body parts... a nipple, a neck, while their hands probed to find and massage each others heavily moistened lips, while their hips gyrated in response.

Darla then sat Shelly down on the toilet seat and lifted one foot onto the sink, using her left hand to pull her thong aside. Shelly's mouth quickly found her home and began to lick and suck, while she used her two thumbs to spread Darla's cunt lips wide, which allowed her tongue to gain full entry. Darla then leaned forward and braced herself, with her free hand, against the wall, as she arched her back without pulling away from Shelly's passionate tongue fuck of her pussy. Darla was now totally exposed, and open to whatever Shelly wanted to do.

However, neither could react when the locked rest room door opened and then closed. "Room for one more I see", a familiar voice said. It was the stewardess, Lulu, who was now smiling and holding up her key to lavatory. She then unbuttoned her top completely and slid out of her sheer white native African dress.

The stewardess then squatted down and braced herself next to the door and said, "One more tongue for one more hole." Then, to Darla's surprise, Lulu's strong and rough feminine hands separated her ass cheeks widely, then sniffed tentatively and, now satisfied, snaked out her tongue and began making moist paths up and down Darla's crack. After a few minutes of this, the stewardess then made small circles around Darla's anus, causing her to first tighten, and then relax her sphincter, as she became lost in the moment.

Unexpectedly, the stewardess' tongue entered her asshole and slowly moved around the inside of the rim. As their tongues moved in unison, Darla gasped loudly and bit down on her index finger to stifle her moans. This was much more than she had ever expected when she and Shelly boarded the aging and rusting jet in Paris. The stewardess' lips quickly circled her ass as her tongue delved deeper inside of her. A gentle sucking soon ensued, which slowly grew in strength on both sides of her body, as both Shelly and the stewardess pulled her flesh deeper into their mouths, as Darla moaned loudly enough to wake up the American ambassador sleeping right outside of the stall.

This was something new for Darla, as her body trembled with the sensation of her first "mile high" orgasm. The stewardess' hand then moved toward Shelly, where she ripped off her flimsy g-string with a loud snap, found her dripping pussy and slowly entered her with her free hand. Shelly was now spread so wide, and she was now so wet, that soon the stewardess' entire hand was inside and tickling areas never before touched, as she groaned with pleasure.

The stewardess then placed her other hand behind her and used two fingers to enter her own ass, slowly easing them in and out. For the next 20 minutes all three women continued their ministrations, only faster. They each were now experiencing new sensations, with each being driven to different levels of excitement and pleasure. Then, as their new heights were being reached, three waves soon formed and came crashing together, as each began their orgasms with loud moans.

The ministrations continued until their involuntary spasms stopped. Shelly knew what the stewardess had done and how Darla reacted. When Darla lowered her leg and turned to the stewardess, Shelly's lips found Darla's wet asshole, and began to duplicate the stewardess's actions. Darla's head then snapped back and her mouth opened in an expression of soundless ecstasy.

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