tagNovels and NovellasHeart of Darkness Ch. 06

Heart of Darkness Ch. 06

byDeckard Kincaid©

That night, as Darla slept, like nearly every other time she had fallen into a deep sleep, she had a very strange and erotic dream. In this dream, Darla found herself, with Robert, next to an ocean on an alien planet.

The two of them had walked along the shore of the warm green ocean, which was illuminated by the planets and moons that filled up the night sky. As they came out of the water, Robert carried Darla back into a cave, sat her down on a thick, brown fell, and knelt in front of her. He then took one of her little hands in his big hand, brought it to his lips and softly kissed each of the four knuckles on it, then looked up and asked, "Will you be my guest here tonight?"

"Yes," Darla breathed.

Upon her reply, Robert inched closer to Darla, then leaned forward and kissed her. This kiss started out just like the previous, soft and gentle, but it quickly grew more intense. Soon Darla parted her lips, accepting Robert's tongue into her. Their tongues danced a slow dance in the miniature ballroom of her mouth, as Robert's hands moved around Darla's back, pressing her tightly against him.

Robert soon, however, broke the kiss and looked deeply into her eyes, caressing Darla's cheek with the back of his hand, and said, "Even your taste is delightful."

Darla's heart was melting rapidly and - it seemed - running through her body down to her opening - for it was starting to fill with warm fluids. She didn't say anything however; she just beckoned him to kiss her again with her eyes. He did. This time it was Darla's turn go exploring with her tongue. As she probed into his mouth she let her hands roam over his black naked body.

Darla then pulled back, and swiftly removed her sweater and the T-shirt she was wearing under it, then gently pushed her lover away from her so that she could stand up and get out of her jeans.

As she stripped, Robert sat back, watching with a smile, as she took off everything but her bra and panties.

"Would you like to do the honors?" she asked, indicating her underwear.

"I would," Robert answered and stood up.

Robert then embraced her and reached behind her back for the clasp of her bra. After a few seconds of struggling, it came off. Robert then pressed her against him, her warm breasts mashing into his chest, her erect nipples poking him. He then planted dozens of kisses on her face, forehead, eyebrow, eyelid, nose, lips, and cheek. Robert then continued down, from her cheek to her neck, causing Darla to shudder, then to the top of her shoulder and her collarbone. His trail of kisses kept going lower, to the upper swell of her left breast. He paused there for a moment, then took the nipple between his lips and sucked gently, drawing a moan from Darla's lips, as his hand went to her other breast, cupping it and pinching the nipple with his fingers.

In this dream, Darla was tremendously turned on. The crotch of her imaginary cotton panty was getting moist from her lubrication, letting out little mewling noises as Robert worked on her breasts. Soon however, she could not bear to wait any longer, as she put her hands on top of Robert's head and pushed him downward.

As he went down on Darla, Robert planted a new trail of kisses, down her chest, then her belly - paying extra attention to her bellybutton - and finally along the top line of her panties. When he reached her waistband, Robert hooked his fingers, and then looked up at her.

As she met his gaze, Darla whispered, "Yes, take them off," in a husky voice.

Upon her command, Robert slipped her panties down around her feet, revealing her bush of red pubic hair. She then stepped out of them, spreading her legs slightly in the process, as Robert leaned in closer and drew in a long breath through his nose, and then dove right in. As he pleasured her, Robert kissed and sucked on her pussy's nether lips, licking between them and pushing his tongue inside of her opening.

Soon, Darla's already weak and trembling legs rapidly got even weaker. However, when Robert's tongue brushed over her clitoris she just couldn't stand any longer, and then slumped down on the fell. Robert followed her down, still licking her, even as her hips bucked weakly against his face.

"Oh, that is so good," Darla managed between a moan and a gasp, "but I want you inside of me, now."

Upon her request, Robert removed his face from between her legs and got into position on top of her. Darla could feel his throbbing cock brush against her thigh, spreading her legs wide apart, and inviting him to penetrate her. He then reached down between their bodies and guided the head of his manhood to her opening, and then pushed hard.

Darla gasped loudly as Robert's cock entered her. It felt huge, and she relaxed as best she could, as he kept pushing until soon he was buried to the hilt inside of her.

In her dream, Darla had never felt so filled - it was exquisite.

They then maintained that position for a little while, until Darla hissed, "Fuck me."

Robert then slowly withdrew from her, leaving Darla with a feeling of emptiness. When he was almost all the way out he stopped and started pushing in again. He did this a couple of times, until he struck up a slow and steady rhythm, as they kissed, eagerly sucking on each other's tongues, while Darla moaned into Robert's mouth.

Quickly, Darla's vaginal muscles clenched in reaction to the stimulation. To which Robert replied by repositioning himself and increasing the tempo of his thrusting. For several long moments after, Darla closed her eyes, letting herself climb towards a climax. Then, as her hands went around his neck and down his back, with a start she realized that the muscles on his back were growing thicker by the second.

Upon noticing that something was amiss, Darla's eyes flew open and began to witness the changes in Robert's face and body. His jaw was extending, merging with his nose, his muscled body seemed to grow even more hard muscles, and lots more hair, while from his waist two cock like tentacles emerged and now hovered above her, as his bright blue eyes, which remained the same, burned with lust. Unlike the man whom she thought he was, Robert had transformed into a reptilian alien monster.

Seized with fear, laying underneath her lover and watching him transform, Darla thought she was going to die. However, when she opened her mouth to scream out in terror, the cry that came was instead one of ecstasy, as her orgasm exploded wildly, at the same time one of Robert's tentacles forced its way around her throat. Then, as she writhed in orgasmic convulsions, other tentacles grabbed her ankles and wrists, spreading her open wide for the cock-like tentacles that now rose up over her, dripped of pre cum, and prepared to enter all three of her vulnerable orifices.

As she came, and watched the tentacles rise above her, the sudden fear that Darla had felt when she saw Robert changing into a lizard was suddenly replaced by something else, lust. For, as she watched the cock like tentacles hover above and then wrap around her jiggling breasts, Darla became even more turned on. Then, as Robert sensed her growing her, he snarled and growled, and then proceeded to fuck her faster and faster, with his cock, which had now grown to a length of several feet, while below him, Darla, who had hardly recovered from her first orgasm, shook wildly when the second one thundered down upon her.

As she came, Darla's mouth was wide open and her screams of intense pleasure pulsated like a siren from his hard thrusts. However, her cries of ecstasy were quickly muted has one of the tentacles slammed into her throat, while at the same time, beneath her, another tentacle pressed at the entrance of her asshole, and then slowly slid in, while in her pussy Robert continued to pound and piston in and out of her at an insane pace. Even in her dreams, Darla didn't think she could take much more of this, when suddenly her back arched to the point of breaking, and her breathing labored and shuddered as she began to feel faint.

Yet, despite it all, Robert just kept going, faster yet, as if nothing else mattered in the world other than satisfying his alien lust and planting his seed in Darla, who by now was rocketing towards her third orgasm when the thrusting of Robert's tentacles suddenly jerked wildly, and his body seemed to stiffen up, when, without warning, his three tentacle cocks exploded inside of Darla like a fire hose.

Feeling the warmth of Robert's alien seed pour into her, Darla wasn't sure whether she was felt relieved or disappointed, for she was so close to yet another climax. However, despite it all, Robert didn't stop, as he continued to cum what likely amounted to over a gallon of fluid, even as he continued to thrusting wildly into Darla. The force of the spunk coming out of Robert was like the flow of an uncorked bottle of champagne, the remnants of which flowed out of her and onto the cave floor. Luxuriating in the life force that flowed from Roberts three cocks, the bound Darla savored spurt after spurt of the hot fluid that continued to shoot into her, until finally, the force of it all made her cum again. However, because of the tentacle in her throat, she couldn't even scream out this time, all that came out was a choked gasp.

Then, finally, as she convulsed and shook, Darla's eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she left her dreamland body behind, coming out from the darkness of unconsciousness, finally opening her eyes to see her savior on top of her, his cock in her pussy, and his fingers in her ass, continuing to pleasure her, just as he had in her dream.

When she came to her senses, Robert rolled off of her, lying next her, panting, and looking at her with a worried expression on his face. To which, she smiled at him and then gave him a long deep kiss. Upon receiving her kiss, Robert, who now looked relieved, smiled back and then licked up the sweat on her breasts, as she simply laid there, and stroked his muscular shoulders, which had now changed back, and looked more human than the beast he had been. Finally, after Robert had lapped up the juices and cum that leaked from her pussy, he returned to her and held her, as Darla snuggled up to him and pressed her face against his hairy chest. She now felt, thanks to her dream, totally fulfilled and utterly drained, for soon she was sleeping like a log.

When she woke up later that the next day, to the sounds of thunder and rain, Robert was sitting beside her on the bed, softly stroking her hair. During the early morning, as the two of them slept, a ferocious tropical storm had suddenly appeared, and which, was not expected to stop for at least the next 24 hours. During which time, Robert knew, the search for the beautiful nurse would pause, giving him enough time to satisfy as many of his carnal desires as he would be able to imagine, in such a short period of time, during which time the two of them, would form an unspoken bond of spiritual, emotional and physical love.

To Darla, their love making was much more than sex, for she somehow knew in her heart that Robert was 'the one.' In just one day she gave more to Robert, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, than she ever had with any man before. As the two of them wordlessly made love, in nearly every conceivable position, in the lake, in the trees, and in their bed, Darla and Robert, through their pleasure, became one emotionally and spiritually. However, despite their non-stop love making, neither one spoke, for their words were their actions, and as the rain finally stopped, as they made love under a nearby water-fall, under the watchful eyes of the creatures of the lake, they both knew that their emotional and spiritual paradise must soon come to an end, as they heard above them the sound of the resumed search.

Later, underneath the stars, Robert and Darla made long and slow love, crying as they did, with the knowledge that soon they would have to say goodbye. Finally, after a full day of making love continuously, as soft mists of warm rain poured down on them, as they lay on a cotton hammock cot, Darla and Robert, finally fell asleep, but not before the two of them finally spoke, through tears of joy and regret, "I love you." After which they entered into each other's foretelling dream, which for both of them lay just right behind The Green Door... However, before they could see their future, the sounds of the tropical rain forest slowly awoke the two of them to the reality that their dreams were nothing more than just wishes, which may, or may not, ever be destined to cum true....

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