tagMind ControlHeart of the Plan Ch. 03

Heart of the Plan Ch. 03


Chapter 3

Dawn Sterner's apartment, Friday evening

"Oof, I can't take another bite," Dawn said as she leaned back in her chair. "I can't believe I ate so much. It was delicious, don't get me wrong, but it felt like this was my first meal of the day!"

Across the dinner table, Emily smiled at the compliment as she got up and started to clear the table. Dawn thought of getting up and helping her, but it was simply too tempting to let her roommate take care of everything. So the superheroine contended herself with simply watching the blonde work.

"You're sure you told the doctor we hung out?" Emily asked after she came back from the kitchen. Instead of taking her old seat, though, she sat down on the one right next to Dawn.

Sterner rolled her eyes. "That's the third time you asked me that and the answer's the same. Don't know why I told you in the first place, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't tell you what I'm telling the Doc about you."

The superheroine frowned as she thought that over. 'I really shouldn't have. And why did I only talk about that? Why not mention that dream I had about Mesmeri?'

Emily beamed a smile at her. "You told me because I asked, silly. And you told the good doctor what I told you to perfectly. She doesn't suspect a thing!"

"Huh?" If that was a joke, Dawn didn't get it.

The blonde moved her hand to the table, the motion catching Dawn's eye so that she glanced at it. Emily didn't do anything with it, though, simply laid it there palm-up. So the superheroine returned her attention to her roommate's face. Dawn wanted to look her in the eyes when she asked what she meant by that.

Emily didn't give her the chance. "Surrender to the light," she said still smiling.

The words weren't loud, yet they drowned out everything else. Dawn blinked, forgetting what she wanted to ask the blonde. 'Something about words, I think? Surrender No, what she said before.' Her eyes kept sliding away and down to the table, she had to force them back up. 'Surrender to the Light What did she say before that? Surrender She told someone? Surrender to the light I told someone?'

Dawn's face slowly scrunched up as she tried to remember, tried to think. It was so difficult to think about anything but Emily's order. 'And what did she mean by surrender to the light? Surrender It feels like I know, but I can't ... Surrender to the light ... can't put it ... Surrender ... into words.'

"What-What did you say?" Dawn managed to wrench the words out as she forced herself to look into Emily's eyes and nowhere else. It was important not to look away. 'Why is ... Surrender to the light ... that important? Surrender'

"Shhhh. Don't speak, simply surrender to the light." This time the words left no room to think. Dawn's head swiveled away while her eyes zeroed in on Emily's empty hand and stayed there. Her mind was as empty as the hand and there was nothing wrong with that. An orb of light blazed into life and solved the riddle Dawn no longer remembered or cared about. All she wanted was stare into it and surrender.


"It was cute seeing you fight the compulsion," a voice said. "But we really can't have you fight your training like that. This operation is too important to Mistress to let anything go wrong. So I think it's time you dream of surrender again. Dream of Mistress, Dawn. Dream of becoming Hers."



Dressed in her black-and-white catsuit that covered every part of her, Mesmeri sat on her throne before Dawn. Dawnstar cried out, her bosom heaving as she gasped for breath while her hand circled her clit. She knelt naked before the villainess, closer than before-'Before?'-her skin slick and shining from sweat. Mesmeri watched as Dawn debased herself before the regal figure.

'This ... This feels familiar. It shouldn't, ugh, it's not supposed to, oooh, feel sooo right. So close, hmmm, getting close to cumming right in front of Her eyes.'

But nothing happened. The pleasure just built and Dawn couldn't remove her eyes from the woman on the throne. She kept silently begging for release, but She said nothing. All Mesmeri did was sit and watch the show Dawn was giving her, daring the brunette to say the word that was already on the tip of her tongue, the word that would set her free, The word that would bind her to Mistress.

"Surrender," Dawn hissed when she gave in at last. "Surrender, surrender, surrender," she chanted as she timed her self-pleasuring to coincide with that repetition. "Surrender. Surrender, surrender, surrender." A plea, a vow, a need, it was all those things. But Dawn realized she was one thing more.

"Yours!" Dawn cried out as her body tensed as it surrendered to pleasure completely.

Dawn Sterner's apartment, Saturday morning

Dawn kept her face under the hot spray, trying to wash last night's dream away. It didn't work, though; even now it roamed through her brain. It wouldn't be so bad if it was simply a dream. More insidious than the dream were the thoughts and emotions that came with it. Surrendering to a supervillain, wanting to be Mesmeri's ...

The brunette bit her lip as a pleasant shiver ran through her body at the thought. 'No, stop that! You're not like that, you've never even fantasized about another woman. About kneeling before her ...' Dawn's hand slowly glided up her flank. 'Her on her throne, looking down on me. I show her everything ...' The hand slid over her breast, cupped it gently. 'Watches my fingers sink into my cunt ...'

The word choice, so unlike her, startled Dawn. Her eyes flew open and she yanked her hand away like she'd burned it. "Get it together," Dawn chided herself. Her soft voice echoed in the tiled room, partially obscuring another sound that didn't register with the superheroine right away.

'Wait, was that the door? Didn't I lock it?' She turned around and opened the matte glass door of the shower stall to check. Instead, she came face-to-face with Emily.

"Emily!" the brunette cried out as she jumped back. "What are you doing here?!"

The younger woman didn't respond right away. Her gaze roamed unabashedly over Dawn's wet body, making Dawn even more uncomfortable. Finally, she looked back up and gave Dawnstar a smile like she hadn't just barged into the bathroom while the superheroine was taking a shower. 'Did I forget to lock it?'

"Good morning," was her chipper response. Her hand rose, palm up, and Dawn's eyes were drawn to it as the blonde held it between them. That felt familiar, somehow, like they'd done this before.

"Do you need something?" Dawn tried still looking at Emily's hand.

"Yes," she repliedm and for a moment the brunette thought things were getting back to normal. Then the rest of the blonde's words hit her. "I need you to surrender to the light."

'Surrender? Light?' The questions were there, but they were distant and shrinking rapidly as Dawn's mind cleared of thought. Her body relaxed and the world fell away ... everything except the hand and the empty air above it. "Surrender," Dawn breathed.

The light blazed into life and with it came a thought. "Dream of Mistress, Dawn. Dream of serving Her."


Dressed in her black-and-white catsuit that covered every part of her, Mesmeri sat on her throne before Dawn. Her legs were crossed. The brunette cried out, her bosom heaving as she gasped for breath while her hand circled her clit.

She knelt naked before the villainess, far closer than before. 'Before?' Her skin slick and shining from sweat. Mesmeri watched as Dawn debased herself before the regal figure.

'This ... This feels right. It mustn't, ugh, I shouldn't, oooh, want thisssss. But I do. So close, hmmm, getting close to cumming right in front of Her eyes.'

But nothing happened, the pleasure just built, and Dawn couldn't remove her eyes from the woman on the throne, silent, as Dawn pleaded for permission, for a command.

She said nothing, only uncrossed Her legs to reveal that Her outfit didn't cover everything after all. Her sex glistened, Her musk wafted into Dawn's nose. "Surrender."

Dawn knew what Mistress meant by that simple word, understood what She wanted, and she was eager to comply. Her hands stilled, but she didn't remove them as she leaned over to close the final distance between them. She extended her tongue and lapped up the dew on Her temple.

Her flavor filled Dawn's mouth and, without even touching herself, Mistress' slave came."Yours!" Dawn confirmed before she eagerly returned to her task.


Dawn clicked on the confirmation button, and then proceeded to shut off her laptop. As the screen helpfully told her that it was doing just that, the brunette started to blink rapidly.

'I ... I feel funny ... And ... did I just order something? Wasn't I in the shower?' The brunette rubbed her head trying to remember and slowly the memories came back. 'I was, I heard a noise like someone was coming in... but it was nothing.' So she'd finished showering, gotten breakfast, and had spent the next few hours surfing until she'd found this thing she really wanted, like right now.

'Though that doesn't help me remember what it was. I wanted it, I needed it. What was it? It was ... it was something I have to have.' The certainty grew, reassuring her even as she still couldn't remember what it was. 'Does it really matter? I bought it.' That didn't make sense, yet it did settle it for Dawn.

"All done?" Emily asked.

Dawn looked up from her laptop and saw Emily sitting across from her with her own laptop opened up. "Yes, it is done." The words escaped her, yet the superheroine only vaguely grasped their meaning. She knew they had to do with the thing she'd just bought, but how did Emily know about it? Had she told the blonde about it? "Something's ... off, Emily. I ... did I tell you what I ordered?" the brunette asked, rubbing her forehead.

"Shhh, don't you worry about that. Simply surrender to the light and everything will become clear."

Every muscle in her head and neck seemed to twitch. The words touched something inside of Dawn, she could feel her confusion empty out. But that emotion, that suspicion, it meant something. She clung to that instinct and resisted.

Dawn shook her head. "No, no. Something's off here, and ... and you're a part of it." Shakily, Dawnstar pushed herself up from her chair.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were ready but it looks like that pesky resistance-training is kicking in."

The words did nothing to ease Dawn's discomfort, and still there was this pull: a desire to empty her head and stare at the light. 'The light ... the light Emily showed me. And then, and then the dreams started. The dreams of me kneeling before Mistr-' Dawn shook her head again. "Emily, what's going on?" The brunette accompanied the stern question with an equally severe stare.

The blonde only seemed miffed. "Surrender to the light," she shot back, raising her hands. Before Dawn had the chance to look away, an orb of light appeared between them. The light swirled and throbbed, dancing without ever moving, drawing Dawn in. Her worry, her confusion, her thoughts, all of it disappeared into its bright beauty, leaving relaxing emptiness behind. Her strength gone, the brunette sank back down into her chair.

"Mistress was right again. We will need Her equipment to complete your training. In the meantime, though, I can do my part in getting you ready to become Hers. So dream of Mistress, Slave X, dream of surrender."

Dressed in her black-and-white catsuit that covered every part of her, Mesmeri sat on her throne before Dawn. Her legs were crossed. The brunette cried out, her bosom heaving as she gasped for breath while her hand circled her clit ...

Kathy Leverine's apartment, Saturday evening

The blonde puttered around the apartment in her yummy sushi pajamas as her eyes kept wandering to her computer. Her roommate, Carmen, had gone out and Kathy wasn't expecting her back any time soon; she had the place to herself; she could watch it now.

Kathy nervously licked her lips as she pressed the button. The screen lit up and, in about a minute, the computer had finished booting up. Opening her browser, the blonde's fingers typed out the address. She'd stumbled upon it when she'd been doing research for Doctor Bell. In fact, she'd found it the day before, after something Emily had said ...

Doctor Bell's assistant frowned, her pinky floating over the Enter key. 'What did she say? She didn't think it was important, it was just some throwaway comment, but it was. I spotted the clue, I followed it here ... '

Her gaze floated about as Kathy tried to fill the puzzling gaps in her memory. She was not a ditz, even though her looks and mannerisms often led others to think so. Doctor Bell had seen that; it's why she got hired. Yet now, for the life of her, Kathy couldn't recall a fact she was sure she'd known only minutes before. 'Or did I?'

Puzzlement grew into worry as the blonde became lost in the fuzzy mist that was her conversation with Emily West. 'And why am I so eager to see this video anyway? I'm not into any of that stuff, and if it was for work I'd have watched it yesterday.' Her eyes caught the web address she'd typed in and it was like the sun came up, evaporating her mystification as if it had never been there.

The site loaded quickly and the Flash video started up. Kathy already knew what it was about, it showed the brainwashing of Emily Salesburry by Mesmeri. How it had gotten online, the blonde did not know, but she wasn't surprised either. Videos like this one got out from time to time, and there was an audience for them.

'But I'm not that audience,' Kathy reflected as the naked figure of Emily came to life on the screen. She was reclining in something that reminded Kathy of a dentist's chair with her arms supported on armrests and her legs stretched out. Her eyes were wide open and staring at something outside the frame, shining with emotion. 'Arousal,' she realized as her focus flicked down to her smallish breasts and then back up.

"Obedience is peace." Kathy jumped at the words coming from her speakers. They sounded very loud in the silent apartment. "Obedience is pleasure," Emily continued in a breathy voice. "Obedience is peace. Obedience is pleasure. Obedience is peace." The young woman droned on, never changing her tune. It should be boring, but the blonde found herself staring at the screen with rapt attention.

"That's enough for now," a cultured voice spoke up. Kathy blinked, wondering who that was before looking down at her hand. It had slipped into her pajamas at some point and was caressing her tummy. "Open your legs for me," the voice commanded, drawing Doctor Bell's assistant's attention back to the screen. "Yes, mistress," Emily responded. 'No, not Emily. She's a slave now. Mesmeri's property,' Kathy realized as the brunette congressional staffer opened her legs with glee to give the supervillainess an unobstructed view of her wet sex.

Mesmeri strutted into view, clad in her characteristic black-and-white catsuit, drawing Emily and Kathy's attention to her. Her hand caressed the brunette's stomach, coincidentally copying what Kathy's hand's was doing.

"There's a good slave. Now, let's test how wet you are for me." The hand slid down slowly and Doctor Bell's assistant tracked its progress without blinking. Kathy gasped when it finally dipped into her pussy, only now realizing her own hand had been mimicking Mesmeri's actions. "You're very wet for me, aren't you?"

"Yes," they confirmed.

"I'm pleased." Mesmeri's hand retreated, Kathy's didn't. "Start playing with your pussy and tell me what you are."

A hand started circling her clit. "I am yours, Mistress. Your slave, your servant, your tool."

"And who are you?"

"Yours, Mistress."


The smell of her own sweat and arousal filled her nose, her eyes stung from staring too long at the screen, as Kathy rewatched the video. She knew it by heart now, knew what would come next, anticipated it as she rode her fingers, yet the thrill of seeing a second slave mount Emily's head was still surprisingly deep.

Kira's black skin and toned body were a sharp contrast with Emily's more petite form, yet the former's expression was as obedient and blissfull as Emily's had been before her face disappeared between Kira's strong thighs.

"Now, Emily, show your fellow slave how happy you are to be mine," Mesmeri ordered from off to the side. "Thank her thoroughly for all the trouble she went through to bring you to me."

A muffled "Yes, Mistress" could be heard just before a moan from Kira drowned out all other sounds. Her hips twitched, and Kathy rubbed her clit as she knew what was to come next, while Kira leaned forward a little deeper but didn't use her arms to support herself.

The dark amazon's hands instead slid up to her breasts and started to knead them, and she stared straight into the camera with half-lidded eyes as she did so. "Thank you, Mistress," she breathed while riding her fellow slave.

Kathy had seen this very scene several times now, and each time there had been something different to draw her attention, something new that had struck the blonde. This time a new insight hit her as she watched Emily's chin move as she ate out Kira:'You can't actually tell it is her from this angle. If you hadn't seen the whole scene, and only this part here, it could be any woman. It, it could even be me!'

Her hand hadn't stopped once as she'd watched and rewatched the video, only slowed down and sped up as her arousal ebbed and surged like the waves of a sea. Now her entire body stilled as the idea, the image, thundered through Doctor Bell's assistant. Kathy, sitting in that chair, naked, brainwashed, eating out another woman because Mesmeri wanted her to, because Mistress ordered her to. A bomb exploded between her ears as thought ceased and ecstasy filled her until it overflowed. She simply sat there, climaxing, watching two women obey and loving every second of it.

The moment passed, and Kathy finally slumped in her chair, satisfied at last. Her gaze drifted away from the screen as she found the strength to move the mouse and close the video.

Her mind was clearing, and it finally dawned on her what she'd been doing. The video she'd been watching had been real, not fiction. It had shown real people, real ... victims. And she'd been gotten off of it. Kathy shuddered as the memory licked at her.

She needed to think about this, she really did, but not right now. "No, I need a shower now," she concluded. She got up, but hesitated. 'I should delete the link, get rid of the temptation.' Kathy made no move to do that. 'Except, no, it can wait. Tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow after Carmen's left. When I'm alone for a few hours again.'

Walking away from the computer, Kathy ignored the anticipation her plan awoke.

Dawn Sterner's apartment, Monday evening

"You're doing so well, Slave X," Emily cooed to Dawn before kissing her tummy. "Doctor Bell still doesn't suspect anything." The dark-haired heroine squirmed slowly as Emily's mouth traveled lower.

The superheroine couldn't see what the blonde was doing, only feel it, because of the helmet planted on her head. It looked like one of those virtual reality headsets and was connected to a laptop sitting on the nightstand next to the bed she was laying on. The very laptop Dawn had used to order the headset from one of Mistress' shell companies at Emily's command.

With her own communications still scrutinized, it had been necessary to have Dawn do it all using her own computer. And the piece of equipment was necessary because, despite appearances, Dawn was still fighting obedience. 'Not in everything. She falls into trance readily enough now, and forgets anything is amiss the moment she leaves it. I saw to that this weekend. It would have been a disaster if she'd gotten suspicious again in the Doctor's office. She took to my little suggestion to shave very well,' Emily noted as she laved Dawn's pussy with some attention. 'Hmmm, it's been too long since I've tasted a woman.'

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