tagMind ControlHeart of the Plan Ch. 04

Heart of the Plan Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Kathy Leverine's apartment, Monday afternoon

Opening the door to her apartment, Kathy announced she was home, only to receive no reply. "Carmen?" She listened carefully but heard nothing, not even from the shower. Her roommate wasn't home.

There was no note stickied to refrigerator; it was only then that Kathy remembered to check her voicemail. Fishing out her cellphone, she turned it on to see that, yes, there was a message waiting for her.

"Hey, roommie, just calling to let you know that work's a little crazy right now. Won't bore you with the details, but I won't be eating diner at home tonight. Should be back before midnight, though. Anyway, yeah, bye."

"It was your turn to cook tonight," Kathy grumbled at her phone, which couldn't do anything about it of course, except help her order take-out. Which she was going to do, right after she did something she'd been dying to do all day.

While the computer booted up, Kathy reflected on how miserable she'd felt that morning. She hadn't stuck to her resolution and had watched that video again and again during the weekend, whenever the opportunity presented itself. Carmen almost caught her one time, but even that didn't deter her.

So when Monday morning rolled around, Kathy had felt so bad. She might not directly help people like the women in that video, but she did support helping them with her job as Doctor Bell's assistant. She shouldn't have been so, so ... turned on by what she'd seen. She should've been horrified by the video, sorry for those women.

A part of her had been scared Doctor Bell would notice, that she'd take one look at her and call her a pervert, then fire her. Another part had wanted to tell the psychiatrist everything. She'd know how to make Kathy stop feeling so tempted by what she'd seen on that video, right?

But it hadn't been Doctor Bell who had helped. Kathy smiled as she remembered Emily, Emily West that is, listening patiently to her hushed ramblings. She didn't know why she'd told the recovering superheroine everything, just that it felt like the thing she should do, what she had to do.

Doctor Bell's assistant's breathing slowed down as she recalled the sound of the blonde's voice. It had been calm, quiet, soothing. Kathy didn't remember the words Emily had used, not exactly, but it didn't matter. What mattered was how understanding Emily had been of her feelings. The other blonde had assured Doctor Bell's assistant that it was all right to have these feelings, to enjoy them in private, so that people who might not understand wouldn't have to judge her.

Armed with that explanation, Kathy knew she shouldn't tell the doctor. And the rest of the day had simply breezed by as she actually looked forward to tonight and some alone time with her computer.

'So, take-out or ... something to take the edge off," the blonde pondered, her eyes shifting from the phone to the pc.

The computer's hum filled her apartment soon after while Kathy slipped into something more comfortable and accessible. She settled on a pink bathrobe, and didn't bother tying the belt together. Anticipation coiled in her tummy.

As she typed the URL from memory, she noticed the browser didn't seem to recognize it from its history. 'Huh, strange, and now it's prompting me to install something?' Kathy bit her lip in indecision. 'Installing strange software is a big no-no. Doctor Bell even warned me about that, but ...'

For some reason a memory of Sparkler's face popped into her head, nodding approvingly. Light shimmered around her, bathing her in agreement. Her right hand clicked yes and windows flashed by on the screen too quickly to follow.The video finally started, distracting Kathy from her worry about what she'd just done. But it wasn't Emily Salesburry that appeared on the blonde's screen. Instead, Mesmeri's face, covered in her distinctively patterned black-and-white mask, looked back at Kathy.

'Should have listened to Doctor Bell, I'm so stupid. But this nothing I can't fix. Whatever mc-worm I just installed isn't going to snag me easily. Doctor Bell taught me enough to resist it long enough for me to get rid of it ... or shut off the pc and call the League's tech-support, but that's a last resort.'

She made to do exactly that, but for some reason her hands seemed to go so slow. Her worry grew, there was something off here. "Obedience is peace. Obedience is pleasure." Mesmeri sounded like she was sharing an intimate secret with the blonde.

Kathy shivered as the words trickled down her spine, making her tingle all over. 'Maybe I should let the professionals handle this.' Her body, though, still moved oh so slowly.

"Remember the light, and open yourself to me, Kathy."

Doctor Bell's assistant didn't really register that the supervillainess had just mentioned her name. A door opened in her mind and the memory of a swirling mass of light danced into her consciousness, wiping away her second thoughts right alone with all the others. She shrugged off her robe and spread her legs while every muscle in her body relaxed. Her mind was peaceful, and peace was obedience. Arousal, thick and heady, welled up inside of her. "Yes, Mistress."

"There's a good doll."

Doll smiled wider at the praise, not bothering to marvel at how Mesmeri had heard her.

"Start playing with your pussy and tell me ... everything I want to know. And everything I should know," Mesmeri added as Doll's fingers sank into her wetness, "starting with every security measure our good Dr. Bell has taken to keep this from happening."

The blonde nodded happily as her mouth started divulging secrets Doctor Bell had trusted her to keep. Her mind too lost in obedience-lust to figure out this was a betrayal of the person she admired.

Victoria Bell's condominium and office, Thursday morning

"The patient has responded to our treatment as expected. After the last of the Mesmerizine was flushed out of her system, the patient regained her faculties and showed no lingering desire for her assailant. Unfortunately, while the patient has only fragmented memories of her time as Mesmeri's victim, the knowledge that someone toyed with her mind and body has left the patient traumatized."

Doctor Bell paused her recording there to organize her thoughts. Not mentioning Miss Salesburry's name in her own notes was simply one more precaution she took to ensure the privacy of her patients. Given who she treated, Victoria felt her paranoia was fully justified. The disaster of even one of the numerous local supervillains getting their hands on the intimate secrets her patients divulged was too terrible to think about. So she had shielded her office from eavesdropping, x-ray vision, even astral projection. Doctor Bell didn't record her sessions, either-though it was standard practice-because of the danger of those recordings falling into the wrong hands. The only records she kept were these anonymized case-files that she stored on an encrypted data-drive which she kept on or near her person at all times, with another copy stored safely on the Skyfortress and updated whenever she had business there.

Metis, her cat, decided to help lift Victoria's mood by sitting in her lap and demanding the attention of her hands. She gave the feline a rueful shake of her head, which was ignored with royal dignity until the psychiatrist relented. Metis purred as those digits set themselves to the task they were so obviously designed for.

Chuckling and shaking her head at the cat's antics, Doctor Bell went back to work. "This reaction is not surprising and I feel that, given the right counseling, the patient will make a full recovery. I am not sure yet if Doctor Nevris or Doctor O'Reilly is the best choice for the patient. I must admit I tempted to take her case on myself, despite the distance involved. It presents me with a riddle, one I still haven't been able to crack. I am missing something ..."

The raven haired psychiatrist nibbled on her lip as she thought that last sentence over. It was a feeling that had gotten stronger in the last few days. But her instinct was maddeningly vague on the details, giving her no clue where to look.

The beep of her com system was a welcome distraction from her fruitless ruminations. They had no place in her notes, anyway. Victoria had to juggle accepting the call with one hand while the other kept stroking Metis; but she had enough experience with that to execute the maneuver without alerting her owner that she was, in fact, not giving all of her attention to the cat.

"Good morning, Kathy," Victoria greeted her assistant.

"Good morning, Doctor." The blonde's voice was as sunny as ever, a sharp contrast to the steady drizzle ticking on her windows. "I'm calling about the seminar in Jeanville this weekend. The local police there are asking if you could give a workshop on how to approach mind control victims."

Doctor Bell searched her memory, but couldn't recall why the Jeanville police would be concerned about that. The only supervillain that operated regularly there was Ordac the Bouncer, and his modus operandi was smash and grab. "Uhm ... I can't recall any supervillains using those methods operating in Jeanville."

"I was thinking the same thing, but their chief explained it to me. They're not too far from Grant City, and they've been getting hints that Doctor Nightmare is expanding his operation into their town. They want to be ready if that really is the case."

"I see," Victoria sighed. "That's why they want me on such short notice?"

"He seemed really worried," was her assistant's prompt response.

The psychiatrist winced. 'Great, there goes another weekend.' But she didn't say that. "I don't think I have any other appointments, right?"

"No, that's why I told him you'd check your schedule. But you've been working really hard lately and I noticed you were looking a little tired the other day. It's a long trip; I'm sure Chief Oranna understands if you can't make it." The concern in Kathy's voice was obvious, and Victoria had to smile in gratitude at how much the blonde cared. On the other hand, she didn't feel as tired as Kathy obviously thought she was. Did she?

"Thank you, but I'm fine. You can tell ... Chief Oranna was it? You can tell him that I'm delighted to educate his people on this matter."

"Okay, I'll set it up! Oh, and a visit to a nice spa on the day after. I don't want to see you back at work 'til Monday, Doc," Kathy said with mock sternness.

"When you put it like that, how could I refuse? Alright, do the arrangements and make sure I have plenty of time between my ..."

"... last appointment and flight departure so you won't rush the session or race through traffic," her assistant finished for her. "I know, I know. Don't worry about a thing, just let me handle this, Doctor Bell."

"Of course. I suppose it was a good thing you did go to the office this morning, but I don't want you stuck there all day when I'm working from home. Take the rest of the day off and I'll see you at the office tomorrow morning. Goodbye."


"Bye!" Kathy Leverine closed the channel and started bringing up Doctor Bell's schedule to put her trip in. She'd call Chief Oranna after that to give him the good news.

'Hmmm, what was his number again?' The blonde's hands stilled on the keyboard as she racked her brain for it. 'Uhhh ... Come on, think, he only told you half an hour ago ... I think.' Her eyes were now staring into space as she focused inward chasing the strangely elusive memory. 'Or was it a few hours ago? Last night, maybe?'

Kathy didn't understand. She was not a ditz and prided herself on her excellent memory. Yet now, it was growing more fuzzy the harder she tried. 'When did he call me?' Doctor Bell's assistant struggled to remember, but found her recollection of the call only grew more fuzzy. 'Or was it an email?' Yet even as that memory sunk into the morass of oblivion, another came to the fore. It grew and twirled in her mind, demanding her attention.

'Can I have imagined it?' a distracted Kathy wondered. 'It was ... so clear.' The memory ... the light ... continued to grow. She couldn't look away, didn't see a need to. 'So beautiful.' It flashed and pulsed in an intricate dance, wiping away her unease.

'I ... I did good.' A hand tapped the keyboard, closing the window that showed Doctor Bell's unaltered schedule. 'I arranged her trip. It's all taken care of.' A contented smile appeared beneath her glazed eyes. 'I don't need to worry. I can forget now. Forget.'

Kathy sunk in her chair as she relaxed. It felt so good to forget, so peaceful. The blonde sat there in the empty waiting room, staring at a light only she could see. Her hands went to the keyboard and began typing out an address and message, Kathy didn't see what it said; she didn't care. Then she clicked "send" and, with a happy sigh, she forgot about that too.

Kathy Leverine's apartment, Thursday afternoon

For once, she didn't feel the need to slip behind the computer and watch that video again. Kathy didn't question it and simply changed into some comfortable sweats and had picked up a book she'd been meaning to finish. Curled up on the couch, she'd only just cracked the paperback open when the door chime went off.

"Perfect timing," the blonde grumbled folding the corner of the page again and leaving it on the couch while she got up and jogged to the door. She opened the door, ready to make clear in tone if not word that whoever had rung the chime wasn't welcome, but froze when she actually saw her visitor.

A tall African-American woman, her long hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a blue delivery uniform, looked back at her. She was carrying a large carton seemingly without effort, but it wasn't that minor feat of strength that gave Kathy pause. It was the familiarity of her features. She'd seen this woman before somewhere.

"Who ...?" Doctor Bell's assistant broke off when it finally hit her where she'd seen this dark beauty before. On the video, on the video of Emily and Mesmeri. She was one of the supervillainess' slaves. Her breath caught in her throat as a pleasant shiver ran through her at that last thought. "Kira," the blonde breathed. 'What is she doing here?' That thought was laced with panic.

"Obedience is peace," Kira announced.

"Obedience is pleasure." That response was reflexive and calming. Kathy knew the words well, she'd heard them enough.

Kira smiled. It was a pretty smile. "Open yourself to the light."

Kathy didn't even have to ask what she meant. A beautiful spectacle blossomed in her mind, a riveting dance of light that scoured her mind clean and left Doll peaceful, aroused, and ready to serve.

Her shoulders twitched as the blonde realized she was indecently clothed, but the desire to get rid of her unflattering sweats warred with the command not to draw any suspicion. And undressing in the hallway would certainly do that. It wasn't much of a contest. Doll obeyed, the clothes stayed on.

"You're alone?"


"Good. Let us in and close the door once we're all inside."

"I obey." Letting her eyes stray from Kira at last Doll realized there were three more women dressed in the same uniform standing in the hallway. Two of them were carrying a box similar in size to Kira's between them while a slender brunette had a smaller box.

She stepped aside and watched them file into her apartment. She noticed each of them was wearing a silver chain around their neck. 'A personal gift of Mistress.' Her own throat feeling very bare, she closed the door after Kira was through. A wave of delight pooled in her pussy at fulfilling the order and the blonde no longer missed anything.

"How long before your roommate comes home," Kira enquired after setting her burden down.

"Uh, five hours."

Kira nodded, looking pleased at the answer, and looked over at her companions. "Amanda, Miriam, Lin, assemble the chair in one of the bedrooms. You have four hours." Her gaze swiveled back to Doll. "As for you, Mistress has a special video she composed just for you."

Happiness swelled in Doll's chest and she straightened up.

"But first, get undressed."

"I obey," Doll cried as she hastily started to pull her shirt up. The blonde did make sure, however, as she shimmied out of her pants, to turn aside so that Kira's admiring eyes got a good look at her butt while she did that. Dolls were meant to be played with, and the blonde was sure Kira knew all sorts of fun games. She'd seen her in action after all.


The click-clack of the door unlatching alerted Kathy-doll that her roommie had arrived. Command pulled her up to greet Carmen, her book simply dropped onto the couch. The blonde hadn't been reading it anyway. "And how was your day?" Kathy-doll asked with a smile as she approached Carmen. Each step sent a gentle tug through the imaginary string wrapped around her clit, and each tug drew her closer to her target.

"Same old, same old," the dark-haired woman grouched as she kicked off her shoes. "I'm really not a Friday person, and neither is that prick Stephenson judging from how he kept getting on my case. If it wasn't the lighting, or the slogan, then it was the fucking font. Bastard!"

Kathy-doll nodded along as Carmen gesticulated, moving ever closer to her while she did that. More strings now, threaded through her nipples, reeling her in. The blonde palmed the device Kira had given her, she noticed her hand was clammy. 'Nerves?'

Her roommate turned her attention to Kathy. "You look like your day was a lot better. What did you do today?"

'Hmmm, more like done to me.' Her smile got wider at the memories. Mistress' voice whispering in her ear, attaching strings to all the right places, making her do things, to herself, to Kira, and now, to Carmen. The strings thrummed, her pussy juiced.

Carmen stopped, her head reared back a little. Had she seen something in Kathy-doll's eyes, some clue what the blonde was about to do? Or maybe her roommate had noticed she wasn't wearing anything under her sweats. Kathy-doll wasn't worried as she closed the final gap between them and her arm-string was pulled; the immobilizer came up, zapped, and her roommate's puzzled expression turned surprised before she toppled over like a felled tree.

The blonde watched her go do down, then met Carmen's gaze as she looked up at her friend. There was astonishment there at first, quickly mixing with anger, fear, betrayal.

'She thinks I did this.' The thought ghosted through Kathy-doll's mind as Mistress' slaves began to file out from the other rooms. Looking at her roommate, the blonde knew she should do something. Yet, a doll didn't do things; not on her own. She simply did what her puppetmistress wanted her to do. Something was nagging Kathy-doll: a memory?

The strings pulled again, and Kathy-doll obeyed. The immobilizer dropped to the floor, followed by her clothes. 'Now she knows I wasn't wearing anything underneath.' One hand went for her tit, kneading it, tweaking the teat. Kathy-doll groaned. The other hand parted her folds, giving Carmen a great look at the blonde's shaven slot, a finger slid down, entered her.

The fear in Carmen's eyes grew; humiliation flushed through the blonde's body, giving her pleasure a hot edge. Hands picked her roommate up and started to carry her away. Carmen was running out of time; soon she'd be a slave, just like Katy ... 'The Doctor wouldn't want that.' That thought bothered the blonde. It threatened her. Doctor Bell's assistant turned her head to follow Carmen's limp form even as her hands kept up their activities. They were carrying her through the door, Kathy needed to do something now!

A command pulled her gaze away, directed it up and to the ceiling. More pleasure flooded straight into her head, another finger joined the first. More strings, plucking, wrapped around her, pulling, threaded through her flesh, tugging. Her jaw went slack, her eyes rolled up.

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