tagNonHumanHeart of the Wolf Ch. 07

Heart of the Wolf Ch. 07


A few days had passed since Logan had escaped and Catie and Kaine hadn't made much headway on their situation. Honestly, Catie was still pissed off at him and didn't want to talk to him. Each morning, when he came in from his patrol shift, he'd jump into bed and pass out without saying a word to her. Even though she was mad at him, she still had feelings for him. Maybe she even loved him. She'd quickly push the thought of love down and watch him for a few minutes while he slept. After some time, she'd quickly kiss his cheek and leave the room in search of Syd or Lia. If they were busy, then she'd go down to see Zoey and see if she needed help.

Zoey had specifically asked that she come to help her today, so that's where she went. When she reached the hybrid ward, she immediately spotted Zoey in front of Bailey's cage. She walked up to her and noticed that she was pouring water into her bowl.

"Morning," Zoey said without looking up at her, "Would you mind grabbing some breakfast for Bailey?"

Catie continued passed Zoey and went into the hospital to get Bailey some meat. She grabbed a couple pieces of raw venison and brought it back. She then opened Bailey's run and found her meat bowl. She yelled for the hybrid, dropped the meat, and quickly exited the run. A couple seconds later, the grey hybrid came running in from outside and went to work on eating.

"Bailey is in heat right now and is scheduled to be bred soon. We have another hybrid that will be coming in later today. I need you to help me set up one of the larger runs for the two of them."

"Where is this hybrid from?" Catie asked as she watched Bailey eat.

"He's from an earlier breeding from a couple of our retired pairs. His master works as a lawyer for the pack although he his human. He's a very sweet hybrid although he is a bit bulkier than Bailey is. I'm hoping that her pups will gain her speed, but a little more bulk. We'll see though. Anyways, let's get this ready."

Catie nodded and followed Zoey over to one of the larger pair runs. They remove everything from the run and first scrub it with soap, disinfectant, and water. Catie then squeegeed the floor dry as Zoey started gathering things that the pair will need. Once the floor is dry, Catie started bringing in the things that Zoey had brought over and sat outside of the run. There is a large dog house that will fit two full grown wolves in the back right corner. Catie dragged in the large dog bed and set it inside the house. Then, she brought in a large, plastic container for their water. Finally, both Zoey and Catie go outside through the tunnel and remove any large sticks or rocks that might be in the area. They have a large area to go about so it takes them about an hour to do so. Once they finish, they head back inside and are greeted by a tall man in a grey business suit.

"Derek! It's so nice to see you again!" Zoey called out from the run. Both women walk out of the run and up to him. He's tall and has blonde hair with brown eyes. He had a typical no nonsense lawyer attitude about him. Catie looked down at his feet at the large black hybrid. He hadn't moved from his position, but he carefully surveyed his surroundings.

"Nice to see you again, Zoey," he said as he shakes her hand. He turned to Catie and shook hers as well. "And who might you be miss?"

"I'm Catie," she said back to him. She then held out her arm to the hybrid that was on the floor. Derek nodded his head and the hybrid got up into a sitting position. He slowly sniffed Catie's hand, determined that she's ok, and butted his head into it.

"Wow! Zeke never does that to anyone that is new!"

"I guess I just have my way with the hybrids," Catie said smiling as she politely patted Zeke's head.

"Derek, this is where Zeke will be staying for the next month or two depending on how long it takes," Zoey said as she turns around and pointed to the run behind them. "As I've told you before, you're more than welcome to stay here if you'd like."

"That won't be necessary. I'm sure I can live without him for a little bit. I'll let you know if I want to take you up on that offer though."

"Ok. Would you like to see his female?" Derek nodded his head yes and the three of them plus Zeke walked over to Bailey's run. She wasn't in her run, so Catie went inside to find her. She walked outside through the tunnel and found Bailey sunning herself. She whistled to her and she quickly trotted up to her. She followed her back inside and up to the front of the run.

Zeke excitedly walked up to the door of the run and tried to sniff at Bailey as she walked by him. She ignored him and sat down beside Catie. Catie reassured her by patting her head. She could tell that Bailey was on alert with this new hybrid here.

"It'll take them a little time to warm up to each other. Although, I don't think Zeke minds at all," Zoey said chuckling some. Zeke laid his front paws and head on the ground and kept his butt up in the air. He barked a little at Bailey and started whining some when she continued to ignore him.

"Give her some time, buddy. She'll come around," Derek said patting Zeke on the head and laughing at his playful display.

Catie exited the run and followed Derek and Zoey to the pair run. Derek lead Zeke inside and then left him in there. Zeke took off and started sniffing everything and running in and out of the tunnel. Derek watched him running around for a few minutes before turning to look at Zoey and Catie.

"We'll call you if anything happens and you know you can always get in touch with us if you need anything," Zoey said to him. He nodded his head and sighed. "Thanks for leaving him with us."

"Not a problem. I'm sure he won't mind it too much in a little bit," he said chuckling. "Well, I'll go and let you ladies get to work. Let me know if something comes up," he said as he turned and started to walk out.

Once he was gone, Zoey and Catie watched Zeke continue to run around the large run for a bit. He then stopped when he noticed that his master was gone. He laid down in the middle of the run and let out a low whine.

"Oh, don't be like that, Zeke. He whines like that anytime Derek leaves him here," Zoey said rolling her eyes. "Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to go rope Zeke and move him out of this run. Bring Bailey over here, so she can run around and get used to this run and his scent. Zeke will stay in Bailey's run for a bit, and then we'll introduce the two together in here."

Once everything was said and done, it was six o'clock at night. Both hybrids were together and were doing well. Zoey decided that they could both leave and let them be alone. Catie and Zoey took the elevator up together and walked into the dining room. Both of their stomachs growled loudly at the smell of all the food.

Catie went into the kitchen grabbed a cheeseburger, some macaroni and cheese, sliced peaches, and sweet corn. She then grabbed a cup of lemonade and went to sit down at the table. She happily ate her food by herself before Syd came and sat down beside her. Syd informed her that Kaine had woken up pissed off that he couldn't find her. He had been yelling at everyone through the link before Zoey finally told him where she was. Catie rolled her eyes and continued eating her food.

Suddenly, everyone went silent in the dining room. Catie looked up and saw Kaine looming over her. She smiled sweetly up at him and continued eating some of her corn. He walked away, grabbed some food, and then sat on the right side of her. Syd quickly finished and left the dining room.

"How are you today?" Kaine asked highly irritated.

"I'm fine. Why are you so pissy?"

"Pissy?" he asked.

"Yes, pissy. Why are you being a dick to everyone?"

"You didn't tell me where you were going," he snapped back.

"You were asleep! Besides, I was with Zoey all day. I don't understand why you're so pissed off."

He sighed loudly, took a bite of his hamburger and swallowed it, before he spoke, "I just expected you to be in our room when I woke up."

"I'm not a damn trophy, Kaine!" Catie quickly got up, took her plate and cup to the sink, and then rushed back up the stairs to their room. Lately, he'd been very bossy and angry whenever she left without him. Even after he had told her that it was ok as long as she was with someone. Something had to be bothering him.

She decided to take a quick shower to wash off all the sweat and dirt from today. She threw her clothes on the ground, turned on the shower, and stepped inside the cascade of water. She loved this thing. It was like her own personal rain shower and it automatically helped to calm her down. She let the water just run all over her body for a while before she shampooed and conditioned her hair. She then grabbed the washcloth, lathered it with soap, and started washing off the grime that was on her skin. She went slowly over her body and kept her eyes closed as she did so. She felt all of her curves and spent extra time on each one of them. Even though she was mad at him, she imagined that Kaine was the one touching her.

She washed her breasts extra and reveled in the feel of the cloth slowly rubbing her nipples. She felt herself being aroused even more and circled both of her nipples again with the cloth. This time she lightly pinched each one as she went by and let out a soft moan as she did so.

She leaned herself back against the right wall of the shower and continued exploring lower on her body. Kaine hadn't touched her since he began patrolling. She was surprised to find that she was frustrated from the lack of it. When she reached her belly and hips, she slowly ran the cloth up and down it. She burned for him to be touching her, but her imagination ran wild, especially when she reached her slit.

She let out a small gasp as the cloth lightly rubbed against her clit. She circled it a couple of times before moving down lower and running it along her lips. She felt herself becoming wet from her touches. She dropped the cloth to her feet and ran her fingers along her lips. She felt how wet she was and wished that Kaine was here to touch her. She then started rubbing her clit slowly, circling it causing her hips to buck slightly.

"Ooooh!" she moaned as she rubbed harder on her excited clit. Catie then stopped with her clit and slowly inserted her middle finger inside of her. She moaned again from the way she stretched herself. It had been awhile since she'd done this and she enjoyed feeling how tight she was. While her finger was still inside her, she took her thumb and quickly started circling her clit.


Kaine felt like an asshole as he watched her leave. He quickly ate what was on his plate and tried to ignore the stares that he was getting from some of the pack members. She was right. He was being a dick to her and she hadn't done anything wrong. And now, he was doing the same thing the pack as well. He needed to fix this.

After he put his plate in the sink, he slowly walked upstairs to their room. When he opened the door, he was immediately met with the scent of arousal. He looked around the room excitedly and was upset when he couldn't find her. Then he noticed that the bathroom door was closed. He walked over to it and put his ear up to it. He could hear the shower running and the soft pants and moans coming from Catie.

She was...masturbating? He was astounded and very aroused. His body screamed at him to open the door and take her, but he decided against it and just listened instead. He heard the soft slaps of what he imagined was her hand against her, but he was dying to know what she was doing. He couldn't take it anymore.

He slowly opened the door, went inside, and quietly shut it behind him. In the shower, was Catie. She had one hand circling her clit while the other looked to be fingering her vagina. He was hard instantly and had the insatiable urge to be near her. He quickly dropped his clothes and got in the shower.


Catie knew that she wasn't alone anymore in the bathroom. She heard something drop to the floor and then smelled thick, male scent close to her. Kaine was here and now she was nervous. She stopped what she was doing, removed her finger, and kept her eyes closed waiting to see what would happen next. She then felt a mouth latch onto one of her nipples and start to roughly suck on it. Then, he switched sides and started on the other one as well. She was already very aroused, so now she was being overwhelmed with sensation. She felt hands running down her stomach and resting on her hips, pulling her more into his mouth. She grabbed onto his head for support and heard him growl in approval. Then she dug her nails into his skull which made him moan her name.

At this moment, her past didn't matter. She felt beautiful, sexy, and now she felt wanted. He was her sweet release. "You asked for him and now he's here," she said mentally to herself. She smiled silently and opened her eyes to look at him. He was now kissing down her belly and had to get onto his knees to do so. To see Kaine, her mighty Alpha, on his knees for her, was her undoing. He looked up at her with his wolfish icy blue eyes filled with lust for her and only her. She knew that she needed this man more than anything else in the world.

He slowly pushed her thighs until she spread her legs enough for him to see her. He tentatively ran a finger up and down her vagina as she quivered from his touch. She had her hands pushing on his shoulders in order to support herself. He again scented her like he had the other day. She smelled divine to him. He burned to taste her. He wanted to run his tongue over her and have her taste in his mouth.

"Baby?" he questioned as he looked up at her. She looked down at him with nothing but trust and lust in her eyes. She nodded her head yes and watched as he slowly flicked his tongue on her clit. He grabbed ahold of her hips and held her upright as she bucked from his small touch. This time, he took her clit into his mouth and suck slightly.

"Oh god! Kaine!" she cried out and ground herself onto his mouth. Kaine continued to lick and suck on her clit until she quickly came for him. He slowly licked up her juices from her weeping hole which caused her to convulse more on him.

Finally, he stopped and stood up to meet her. She opened her eyes and stared at him. "How was that?" he asked smiling at her. She couldn't speak. She just nodded her head yes and closed her eyes. She then felt his lips devour her mouth. His tongue broke through her defenses and danced with hers inside of her mouth. She tasted herself on him and was slightly aroused by it as well.

He then quickly broke their kiss and backed away to the other side of the shower. "Catie, I really want you right now. If we keep going, I won't be able to stop. If you want me to stop, then tell me." She could see that he was straining to speak and seemed to be growling at her as well. His wolf was very close to the surface and she could see that he was struggling with how much he wanted and needed her.

She slowly walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked into his eyes and saw that he was fighting hard with himself about what to do next. She had to spread her legs some so that she could get her body close enough to him with how hard and big he was. She tilted his head to hers and lightly nipped his ear lobe. The next three words that she said lit him on fire, "Kaine, take me."

Kaine reached over with his right hand and shut off the shower. Then he lifted Catie up and all but ran out of the bathroom with her and laid her down on the bed. Her leapt on top of her and kissed her swollen lips. While he kissed her, he used his left hand to rub her clit and make her wet for him. They had waited long enough for this. Tonight, he would claim his mate.

When he felt she was ready, he stopped kissing her, took his cock in his hands, and positioned it at her opening. Her eyes got wide as she felt how big just the tip of him was. She was suddenly afraid. He grabbed ahold of her right hand and brought it down so that she could feel him. "Don't be afraid, Catie," he said smiling at her. "Wrap your arms around me."

Catie did as she was told. She slowly felt him easing inside of her. She felt herself getting fuller and didn't think that he'd fit all the way inside of her. She started digging her nails into his shoulders as the burn from stretching started to happen. Once he was all the way in, he held still, so she could stretch and get used to him being there. The clenching of her muscles made him want to move badly, but he waited until he felt her start relaxing around him.

"I'm sorry about scratching you."

He smiled sweetly at her, "Don't be. Most female wolves do worse things to their mates. I think I'll survive."

He started to slowly move himself in and out of her. He reveled in the feel of her hands around him and the muscles clenching around his dick. He then started to ground into her deeply to where the pelvis' met and picked up the pace to start going faster. She lifted her hips up more to meet his thrusts and he obliged her by holding them up for her and supporting her.

"Oh, Kaine!" she could feel him hesitating, worrying that he was hurting her. She needed him and needed him more, "Please don't stop! Faster!"

He couldn't believe what she was asking, but he wasn't going to deny her either. He sped up and started going quicker. This was his mate and his wolf was more than ready to show it. He felt the knot starting to swell up in his cock and had the insatiable urge to bite her and claim her. He needed it.

She was suddenly flipped over and put onto her hands and knees. Kaine quickly entered her and mercilessly began to pound deeply into her. She felt herself quickening and knew that she was getting ready to orgasm again. She felt open in this position and tried to adjust her hips to help with the blows that he was dealing to her. She felt him reach his hand around and start rubbing quickly at her clit while her continued to plunge himself deep inside of her.

"Kaine!!" she screamed as she felt herself orgasming all around his cock. He continued to fill himself with her and didn't stop as she rocketed through her orgasm towards another. She swore that she felt his cock get slightly bigger as he plunged deeply inside of her.

He leaned his body forward and positioned himself to that he was on his hands and knees on top of her. "Mine," he growled deeply right next to her ear. Her body felt aflame as she became even more amped up from how much possession was in his words. She needed him more.

All too suddenly, she felt Kaine shift above her. Instead of the man now she was being taken by the wolf. She felt even fuller now that the wolf was there and the thrusting seemed to be shorter in length. She felt herself quickening and knew that she was going to orgasm again. Right before she came, Kaine bit her at the base of the neck, causing her to scream out his name. A couple of thrusts later and Kaine howled above her and came deep inside of her.

She collapsed onto the bed. She then felt herself being pulled down more and onto her left side. Kaine was now back and was holding her close to him. "I'm sorry. I should have warned you," he said breathing heavily and slowly running his hands up and down her body. "My wolf wanted the world to know that you were ours though."

Catie was exhausted from their lovemaking and tried to pull away from him. She realized that as she pulled his cock seemed to be stuck inside of her. He chuckled some and pulled her closer to him, "We're stuck like this for a little bit. My knot will go away in about an hour."

He looked at the blood that was dripping off of her neck and quickly shifted to his wolf. Catie moaned as his cock grew again in her already spent vagina. The wolf slowly lapped at her wounds on her neck until she had stopped bleeding. He then shifted back and held onto her tightly as she drifted off to sleep.

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