tagIncest/TabooHeartbreakers Ch. 02

Heartbreakers Ch. 02


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Mindy didn't have a car, but she didn't need to. Shelly was her best friend and Shelly took her everywhere. Even better, Shelly drove a late model, two-seater silver Audi. Mindy loved sitting in the passenger's seat and waving at or flipping off anybody she felt like doing that to. On this occasion, Shelly was driving her home.

"Are you really going to do it?" Shelly asked.

"Hell yes, if it'll mean that I can tell Bethany she can kiss my ass again."

"You little bitch." Shelly teased her. "You little whore."

"Are you trying to make me mad or are you trying to turn me on?"

Shelly kept quiet as she made a turn. Once she was driving down the street again, she spoke up. "If I had a dick, I'd fuck you until you couldn't walk straight. You sure you don't want to come over to my house for a couple of hours?"

"Escuse muah, but I am not a lesbian. I enjoy the male persuasion very much and I am not about to give up my favorite pastime anytime soon."

"What if you and I were the last two people on Earth?"

"Then I suppose I would have no choice, would I? But until that happens, I'll stick to my dicks. Thanks for the offer, though. I'm very flattered that you'd think of me that way since your body is almost as nice as mine."

"Almost, huh?" Shelly asked, as she pulled up in front of Mindy's house. "Some people would say it was the other way around."

"Some people would be wrong." Mindy made her exit. "Or they were paid to lie."

Shelly leaned closer to the passenger door. "When are you going to do it?"

"Right now."

"You bitch, you'd better call me and tell me what happens!"

Only seconds later, Shelly and her Audi had made a quick turn in the middle of the street, leaving Mindy to walk across her driveway.

The house was huge and lavish, with four bedrooms upstairs and a family room downstairs, along with her dad's office. It wasn't very imaginative, though, as it was a mundane rectangle in shape. Its color scheme boringly matched that of the rest of the houses on their block.

Mindy let herself in, expecting her father to be in his office. He was. Her dad's name was Blake. He was self-employed as a Micro Trader. That is, her dad managed stock transactions for various wealthy clients. He used state of the art computer equipment so he could buy and sell stock at lightning speeds.

"Hey, dad." Mindy called out, when she saw her father staring back and forth between two large monitors. She even stepped into his office, which Mindy wasn't supposed to do when she saw him working.

Blake hardly gave her notice. "Hey, hon. Home from school already?"

"No, I'm still there." She chided. "I'm sending you a telepathic message from miles away."

Blake looked at her and made a face. "Did you need anything?"


"Then would you mind letting me get back to work here? I've still got a lot of contracts to close."

Just like that, he turned aside and ignored her.

"I was going to practice my new cheerleading routine in the backyard." She announced.

"Okay. Good to know."

"I'm not going to wear any panties." She hinted, right before she stepped away.

Blake was busy working calculations out in his head and sorting through the various open contracts he still had to process, when the full comprehension of his daughter's words reached his mind. He glanced at the open, glass double doors that served as the entrance to his office, but Mindy was gone by then. Surely, he thought, he'd heard wrong.

NOT YET, Mindy typed into her phone, right before she sent the message out to her counterparts in the Heartbreakers.

Mindy trotted up the plush carpeting of the stairs to the second floor. To her left was her parents' master bedroom and directly across the hall from that was her room. Past her room was another room that her parents had reserved for workout equipment and at the end of the hall could be found a rarely used guest room.

Mindy's bedroom was painted a light shade of pink. The centerpiece was a white canopy bed with sheer pink curtains. Adding to the spoiled princess motif, she had her white dresser and nightstand. Her closet doors were covered with full-size mirrors so she could check herself out anytime she wanted to. At one time, her walls had been decorated with posters featuring teen hunks, but she'd since outgrown that phase. Presently, she hadn't decided what to put up next so walls had been left bare.

Casually, Mindy stripped her outer layer of clothing and dropped it on the floor. This she always did, before standing there in her white bra and panties and staring at the reflection of her lithe body. Her breasts were rather normal B cups, but they were perky and round. Her waist and legs were well-toned from all the cheerleading practice. Last but not least, her butt was nicely rounded and jutted out like a pair of buns fresh out of the oven.

Mindy had half a mind to strip naked and walk back down to her father's office, so she could get her part of the Challenge done and over with right away. The reason she didn't do this was because she knew her mother might be coming home any time.

Mindy did end up stripping nude. She paced back and forth before the mirrored doors a few times, just to remind herself of how good she looked, before she donned a pink tee shirt and a pair of tight gray sweatpants. This way, Mindy thought, she could hide her nakedness from her mother and show it off to her father, without tipping either one of them of what she was really up to.

When her mother came home, her father, being the faithful lapdog that he was, finally stepped away from his desk and went to the foot of the stairs.

"Mindy! Your mother brought dinner for us!"

"Be right down!" She called back.

It was probably some veggie cuisine, Mindy frowned, as her mother's idea of cooking was always to let someone else do it. Recently, her mother had been favoring vegetarian restaurants that served portions hardly big enough to feed a rabbit. Sure, Mindy watched her figure like a maniac, but what her mother presented to them as food was absurd. The pretty blonde's dish turned out to be steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables. She took her little box away from the main dining table and ate at the mini-bar.

Her mother was talking a mile a minute, about some clients that were interested in buying houses, and where those houses were located, and how much money she could be expected to make if she sold one. What most caught Mindy's ear was that she'd be gone for most of the next day, which was Saturday. That meant she'd have time to work on Bethany's Challenge.

"Marge, I made reservations for the wine tasting at the vineyards." Her dad reminded his mother. "You said you'd go!"

"Well, I can't make it." Marge, short for Margaret, shook her head. "Reschedule it for next week."

"What am I supposed to do all day?" Blake threw his hands up.

"I don't know. Hang out with Mindy. You two hardly ever hang out together."

"I'm sure she has plans." Blake sighed. "She always goes out with her friends on the weekend."

Mindy quickly cut in. "Actually, I am available. I don't have cheer practice and I don't have any plans. I would love to hang out with my daddy."

"Take her to the movies or something." Marge decided. In her mother's mind, the matter was now closed.

It was much later that evening when Mindy went into the workout room. She hoped her father would join her there, so she could drop a few hints to him. But no, Blake didn't show up. Instead, her mother came in and kicked her off the treadmill.

"I need it more than you do." Marge said.

The workout room had full-length mirrors running along one entire wall. Mindy took a spot in front of them and started doing her stretches. Every once in a while, she caught her mom giving her a resentful glance.

Mindy never understood that. Her mother was in her late thirties, as her dad was, but it was as if Marge hated that she was getting older. Her mother had been a high school cheerleader too, decades ago. Thanks to that ancient discipline, Marge took some care of her body, but apparently her body needed more upkeep than she was willing to give. As a result, the older woman would often gave Mindy those spiteful glances whenever they were in the workout room together. Her mother was obviously jealous of Mindy's youth.

Your ass is never going to be as tight as mine, Mindy felt like saying to her mother as she walked out, all the while feeling Marge's lingering stare on her back. She went downstairs to work on her dad, but that turned out to be pointless. Blake had his routine of watching sports, news and financial updates, all without interruption until he finally called it a night.

Mindy went back upstairs. Before she went to bed, she typed in another message to her teenage cohorts. NO GO, WILL TRY TOMORROW.

The next morning, Mindy stepped out of her bedroom wearing her comfy pink tee shirt, and a pair of too-small white shorts. The shorts were made of soft cotton. She made sure they were extra tight by checking her butt in the mirror.

Let's see if dad can keep his eyes away from me this time, Mindy thought, as she made her way into the kitchen.

She discovered Blake sitting at the bar, with a newspaper taking up most of his attention and a cup of coffee cooling nearby. Even though it was the weekend, her dad was used to wearing his work clothes like every single day, and this day was no exception. Blake wore a long-sleeved, button down shirt in a rich royal blue, and tan slacks.

"Hey, dad." Mindy announced as she went to the fridge.

"Morning, hon." Blake replied, as he glanced around an edge of his paper to nod at her. "Your mother probably won't be back until two. She said you could help yourself to breakfast. We can order out for lunch if you want or we can head out somewhere if you want to do that."

Mindy poured herself a glass of orange juice. "I don't know. Maybe we should stay home today. You know, to hang out like mom said."

This was enough to prod him into turning and actually facing her. "Are you sure you don't want to watch a movie? I've got the listings right here if you want to take a look at them."

"Nah." Mindy said, as she considered what she wanted for breakfast. She had her granola mix and her boxes of multi-grain cereal to choose from. "Let's just have a you and me day."

"Okay." Blake shrugged, in much the same way that Mindy would shrug.

After breakfast was done, the two migrated into the family room, where Blake automatically switched on the big-screen. He went back and forth between the news channels to the sports channels as if he couldn't settle on any of them.

"Dad, just turn it off." Mindy told him. "You're going to drive me crazy if you keep doing that."

Reluctantly, Blake shut the TV off and dropped the remote on the couch beside him. "Okay, now what?"

"You can watch me stretch." Mindy declared, as she pushed the glass coffee table out of the way. When the pretty blonde saw that she had enough room, and before her father could say anything to stop her, she leaned over to stretch out one leg.

"That's not as exciting as the game that was going to start in a little while." Blake kidded.

"You don't think so?" Mindy replied, as she turned her back to him and repeated the stretch with her opposite leg. This way, she was making sure her tight ass was front and center. "How about now, daddy?"

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm stretching my legs."

"Maybe you shouldn't be doing that here."

"Shut up." She answered. "You look at me all the time, so don't try to play it off like you're not doing it now."


With the look of innocence on her face, she turned to face him.

"Go to your room." Blake ordered.

"No." She defied him. "I'm going to keep on stretching and you're going to sit there and watch."

"That's it, I'm leaving." Blake stood up.

"Go ahead." She dared. "You can pretend all you want, but I've caught you looking at me all kinds of times. Today, you don't have to hide it because I'm letting you. So go on and hide in your little office. I'll keep doing what I'm doing and you can come back when you're ready to admit that you like staring at me."

Blake rounded the couch to flee.


"What now?" He asked, impatiently.

"You know that mom comes home at two. I'm only going to do this today and I'm never going to do it again. So if you want to leave, go ahead and leave, but you'll be missing out and I'm never going to give you this chance again."

Blake took a couple more strides, only to pause by the end of the couch. "Did your mother put you up to this?"

"Now you're being stupid." Mindy scolded him. "Go ahead and leave."

She went back to her stretches, this time sitting on the floor and turning to her sides. At the same time, she kept an eye on her father, who was still standing a few feet past the couch.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked.

"Because I want you to watch. I'm not going to tell mom."

He looked uncertain now, and that's exactly where Mindy wanted him to be.

"I shouldn't be doing this." He said, weakly. "You're my daughter.

"Then leave. It's your loss. I told you, I'm not doing this again."

Blake set his hands on his hips and gazed into the distance for a few moments. Just when it seemed that he wasn't going to comply, her father relented and made his way back to his former spot on the couch.

"I'm just watching you stretch, that's all I'm doing." He said to himself.

"You're going to answer my questions, too." Mindy pressed him. "And you're going to tell me the truth. Nobody's going to know about it except you and me. Okay?"

Dumbfounded, Blake looked back at her.

"Give me a definite Yes." She insisted.

"Okay. Yes."

"Do you look at me when you think I'm not paying attention?"

"I'm looking at you now."

"You know what I mean. Do you look at my body?"

Blake took a deep breath.

"You have to tell me the truth."

"Okay, fine. I do look at your body."

"What part?"

"I... I look at all of you."

"That's not the truth!" Mindy reprimanded him.

"It is the truth! I look at your face and I look at your figure. I look at all of you. I don't focus on any one part of you; I look at the whole picture. It's more than just your physical appearance, too. You've got a strong personality and you're very intelligent. What I like about you most is that when you put your mind to something, you get things done."

That wasn't what Mindy had expected to hear. All this time she thought her dad was leering at her boobs or her butt, because that's what every other guy in the world was doing. Spurred on by this new revelation, she decided to push things even further. "Do you think about me when you masturbate?"

Instead of deliberating over his words, Blake said simply, "I have done that."

"Once or twice?"

"More than that. I guess it started right after you turned eighteen, when you'd wear your cheerleading outfit around the house. I only looked at your friends at first, but then I started looking at you too. I think you're better looking than any of them."

"Were you looking at me last night?"

Blake let go a long, loose breath. "Yes, I was. I don't think you had any underwear on under your sweats."

"I didn't." Mindy admitted. "Listen, I want to ask you something. Is mom jealous of me?"

This made him chuckle. "You noticed? Yes, she's been jealous of you ever since you made captain of the cheerleading squad. Marge never got that far when she was a cheerleader. But it's not only that. Marge doesn't like that you've got all these young men calling you and coming to pick you up for dates. You're doing things she never got to do when she was younger. It bothers her enough that she mentions it to me on occasion."

"Mom is a bitch."

"I wouldn't go as far as to say that. She's got her hands full with her career, and she..."

Mindy cut him off. "She's a bitch, because she can't let me be me, and let her be her. I don't want to talk about her anymore. I want to talk about how you masturbate when you're thinking about me. Where do you do it?"

Blake shrugged. "In my office, mostly, when I'm taking a break from work. If you want to know the entire truth, in my scenarios I imagine that your mother's out of the house with some clients. I'm here at home with you. It just goes from there."

"Show me how you masturbate."

"That wouldn't be appropriate. Hell, everything we're talking about isn't appropriate."

"Not even if I say it's okay?" Mindy asked, as she turned and started a slow crawl toward her father. "Take it out. I won't tell mom, I promise."

"I'm not doing it. So far I'm just looking, and we're just talking. There's a line that has to be drawn."

"That line is really fuzzy for me right now, because mom's not home right now. She's being a bitch to me, and I want to find out what you really think about me."

Mindy reached the edge of the couch. She went from being on all fours to standing on her knees. When she set her hands on her father's knees, Blake leaned back against the couch and raised his head toward the ceiling. His arms spread wide along the couch's upper edge, as if he were trying to find some support there. Mindy scooted closer, so that her sides were touching the insides of his thighs.

"Don't do it." He pleaded, quietly. "Please don't do it."

Mindy ignored the words, as her hands slid back and forth across his lap. She could see the bulge in her father's slacks. For a brief moment, she wondered how her mother would react if she were to unlock the door and happen upon the twisted scene. Mindy then grazed her hands toward her father's zipper. She was gentle as she pulled the zipper open, as she went on to undo both the belt and the top button of his pants. Slowly, she spread the folds of fabric apart. For a moment, Mindy allowed her fingers to caress the soft cloth of her father's boxers, which were light blue in color.

The Challenge was still ripe in Mindy's mind. Now that she was seducing her own father, Mindy discovered that her own body was becoming aroused. Originally, she had envisioned a quick bang and go. This fantasy had matured somewhat. At this point, Mindy was envisioning a good long fuck, and she was going to make sure her father was going to give it to her.

Only a single button was keeping her from her prize, but this slight encumbrance was soon dealt with. This is when Mindy slipped one hand through the slit of the boxers' fly. Her fingers encircled the hot, rigid member that eighteen years before had been responsible for creating her.

"Don't do it, Mindy." Blake murmured, still facing the ceiling and refusing to observe what was taking place around his crotch.

Mindy pulled the cock out. Like a gentle masseuse she rubbed her hand up and down its length, and provoked delicious soft moans from the man she was fondling. It was a nice cock, the teen decided. It was uniform in length and curved upward gracefully. It was nice to look at and nice to hold. It would satisfy her. Brazenly, Mindy drew her head towards it, and blessed its end with a few flicks of her tongue.

Her father's hands came down on her shoulders, as if he meant to push her away, but he didn't push. Blake merely kept his hands there, as if wanting, as she was, to see how far things would go between them.

"Is this what you imagine when you masturbate?" Mindy asked, but she gave him no time to answer.

Instead, the daring teen swept the swollen tip of that cock into her mouth. Her lips sucked at it while her tongue rolled around and spread moisture all over it. Mindy was counting how many times she did this, four, five, six. All at once, she pulled away and giggled at her erotic teasing.

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