tagIncest/TabooHeartbreakers Ch. 02

Heartbreakers Ch. 02



Of course, Shelly jumped into her car and hurried over. Once Mindy was with her, they went to Haley's. The girls left the two-seater Audi behind and migrated over to Haley's four-seater Honda. They gathered up Heather, the last member of their club, and drove out to the fanciest burger joint in town. That's where Mindy told them her story.

Haley and Heather both hedged in their future participation of the Challenge, but not Shelly. The second prettiest blonde of the club was actually looking forward to it. Shelly was getting wet just thinking about seducing her own father. Of the other three girls, only the one closest to her noticed.

"You're horny, aren't you, you hot bitch?" Mindy asked her, while the other two girls reluctantly discussed their own future ventures among themselves.

Shelly rolled her tongue against the inside of your mouth. "Would you get angry if I fucked your dad?"

Mindy shrugged. "No. It wouldn't take much for you to make him your lapdog. Just fuck him once and he'll follow you everywhere."

"What if the only reason I fucked your dad, was because I really, really want to fuck you?"

"Would you suck my tits?"

"All day."

"Would you suck my pussy?"

"All night."

Mindy was starting to feel horny herself by then. "I'll think about it."

They were sitting in a quiet booth at the back of the restaurant. Shelly started leaning over to give an alluring stare to her best friend. A lover's stare, one might say.

"Hello?" Haley interrupted them. "Are you two even listening to us?"

"No." Mindy shrugged. "Are you talking about something important?"

"Well, yeah!" Haley shot back. "Heather and I are trying to tell you that we're not going through with it. There is no fucking way that either one of us is going to screw our dads."

"Then leave." Mindy dismissed them both. "You're both out of the club. You were the one that told the Fillies that we accepted the Challenge. Now that we're in the middle of doing it, you want to fuck things up for all of us."

"I was feeling pressured when I accepted the Challenge." Haley defended herself. "I wouldn't have done it if all three of you hadn't cornered me in on it."

"You made a commitment to the Heartbreakers." Mindy's voice tightened. "What is our number one rule? We stick together no matter what."

"Well, excuse me, but incest is not covered in our rules." Haley countered.

"Then you shouldn't have made the commitment. You could have just said, I don't want to be part of this club anymore, and you could have gone your merry way. But you did make the commitment for us and now you have to live by it."

"What if I decide to walk, right now?"

"I don't see anybody stopping you!" Mindy snapped. "Just make sure you take Heather with you."

At this, Heather squirmed in her seat. The only reason she'd sided with Haley was because it would split the club evenly. Now that Mindy was calling their bluff, she was having second thoughts.

"How many groupies do we have, Shelly?" Mindy taunted her opponents.

"That depends." Shelly looked amused. "We might have as many as ten hangers-on. Each one of them has other friends that want to join, so who really knows? Thirty, forty Wannabes all together?"

"And how many of them do you think would be willing to join up with the Heartbreakers, if we make them part of the Challenge?"

"I don't know!" Shelly admitted with a laugh. "What I do know is that all of them are fully aware of how exclusive our club is. All of them know that we do things nobody else would even think of doing. And since we keep our mouths shut about what we do, all our Wannabes can do is speculate. That makes us even more mysterious and exclusive, than say the geeky math club or the computer club."

"What makes you think that once you send Bethany that picture of you and your dad, she won't turn around and post it everywhere?" Heather, sounding frantic and desperate, shot out against them. "Maybe I don't want to take that chance!"

Mindy looked back at her as if she was dumb. "When have any of the Fillies ever exposed us? And when have any of us exposed them?"

"It could happen!"

"No, it can't." Mindy replied. "That's not what we're about, and that's not what the Fillies are about either. This is about us against them, about pushing the boundaries that other people are too scared to push. This is about winning The Game!"

Mindy noticed that Shelly was studying her, but she ignored it. "Anyway, I guess we're down to two members now. So why don't you two get the fuck out of here so I can start making phone calls to the new recruits?"

Haley angrily got to her feet. "I don't need you. I don't need any of you!"

"Why are you still here?" Mindy menaced her with a condescending wave. "Ta-tah, toodle-doo, get the fuck out of here!"

"You think the world revolves around you, but I've got news for you; it doesn't!" Haley shouted, loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear. "You're all whores!"

Shelly giggled at the outburst, as Haley turned and stormed away.

Mindy turned her predator stare at Heather. "Why are you still here?"

"I guess I'm staying." Heather said, lowering her head.

"I don't think you belong with us anymore. I don't think you want to be part of this club anymore."

Heather knew what this meant. She had to prove herself. As part of her Initiation, she was ordered to walk across campus naked. Heather did it even though she got into serious trouble as a result. She guessed this would be as good a way as any to get back on Mindy's good side.

Her shirt came off, her shoes came off and her pants came off. All were neatly piled on the table before the other two girls. Scant seconds later, Heather's bra and panties were removed. Her sizable D cup breasts and meaty buttocks were on public display. The bold teen strutted down the aisle butt naked. She didn't get very far before an outcry arose among the citizens. Shortly after that, the restaurant's employees were ushering all three girls out.

The exhibition didn't stop there, as Heather stepped over to the sidewalk and began posing for traffic. This resulted not in an outcry from the public, but in hearty honks and cries of approval from the passing cars and trucks.

"I don't know why Heather's so shy about her body." Shelly mentioned to Mindy, as they took in the nude spectacle along with everyone else. "I'd totally fuck her."

"She's not red carpet material like we are." Mindy reasoned.

"Says you. She's only a size sixteen. Marilyn Monroe was a size sixteen. Just look at those tits!"

Mindy did. "I think I like yours better."

"Would you like to suck on them?" Shelly asked, feeling excitable again.

"Maybe, for like ten seconds." Mindy shrugged. "Come on, let's get Heather off the street before she gets arrested. I guess she's still a Heartbreaker after all."

Once Heather was again under wraps, Shelly made a total of two phone calls. The first was to a Wannabe who couldn't come out to pick them up, so that girl was dropped all the way down to the bottom of their priority list. The second was to another Wannabe, a black girl named Rochelle. This candidate pretty much dropped whatever she was doing and hauled her ass over in her mother's car. In short time, the girls were driven out to Haley's to pick up the Audi. Rochelle was further entrusted to deliver Heather back to her domicile. Shelly and Mindy boarded the Audi and went for a drive.

"Was it easy?" Shelly asked.

"Was what easy?"

"Oh, come on! You know what I'm talking about!"

Mindy shrugged. "The truth is, it was kind of disappointing. I mean, how can I look at my dad the same way, after finding out he's such a lousy lover. No wonder my mom would rather be out showing houses to strangers instead of staying home with him. But yeah, it was easy. All I had to do was to flash my ass at him a couple of times. My dad wrapped himself around my little finger, just like that. I'm thinking about asking him for a new credit card now."

Shelly giggled as she pulled into the high school's parking lot, which was entirely empty. The teen drove around the lot a couple of times. Finally, Shelly parked in a remote corner that was as far away from the sidewalk and from looming eyes as she could get.

"Why'd you decide to come way out here?" Mindy wondered.

"Oh, no special reason." Shelly replied, although she was being coy. "You know, I don't think my dad is going to be as big a flake as yours. When he screws my mom, they go at it for hours. I can hear them all the way to my room."

"So hook me up with him."

"I don't think so. I'm getting him first. Besides, I'd rather hook you up with me."

Mindy glanced around their isolated parking spot. "Is that why you parked out here?"

"Yes. Would you get mad if I pulled up your shirt?"

Mindy pulled up her own shirt, revealing her bare chest. "There. Are you impressed?"

"Very." Shelly leaned over, locking her gaze onto her best friend's eyes, as if hoping to mesmerize the fellow blonde into sitting still.

This time, Mindy didn't run away from her. She allowed Shelly to kiss her and make out with her, and to feel her tits for a while. Mindy partially got into it. Either because it was her best friend, or because she was fooling around with another woman, the teen didn't feel the same sensuality as if she were fooling around with a man.

"Do you want to do anything to me?" Shelly asked.

"No, not really. I did earlier, but I guess this thing with my dad bummed me out. I don't want to end up with a guy like him, like my mom did. I don't want to be like my mom either. They're both so... dysfunctional. I guess they're made for each other. Let's talk about something else, yeah? Are you, or are you not, going to put the moves on your dad?"

"Oh, I am!"


"Tomorrow, if I get a chance."

"That soon, huh? Good, then there will be two of us. I can't wait until I see the look on Bethany's face when we show her our pictures."

Shelly looked about to say something, but instead she turned her car on. The teen mostly kept quiet as Mindy went on to talk about Haley and Heather, and about whether or not they'd come through in the Challenge. Shelly was still thoughtful once she dropped her best friend off, as she wondered how she was to go about seducing her father.

Sunday morning was Day Two. Accustomed as she was to the school schedule, Shelly woke up early and with the first rays of dawn. Her room was painted in a hunter's green. Adorning her walls were posters of several female tennis stars. Her bed was simple, full-size, and it had to be because her room was only ten feet by ten. This didn't bother her at all, as she spent most of her time elsewhere. What was on the agenda for today? Oh, yes, she thought, fucking my daddy!

Shelly swung her legs out and tilted her body up. A moment later she was standing before her full-size, wooden frame, swivel mirror. She looked herself over, up and down, although her silky white pajamas concealed most of her curves. She had toned legs, shoulders and waist, C cup breasts and a butt tight enough to crack walnuts. Shelly gave her blonde hair a couple of brushes, before she went into the bathroom to seek out a cap full of mouthwash. After that, she went downstairs to gauge the situation in the house.

The layout of the house was different than where Mindy lived. The upstairs consisted of two bedrooms and a playroom, which was used mostly for watching movies. The downstairs contained the master bedroom, a guest room and a sizable den for entertaining visitors.

Her family had lived in the house for over ten years now. As a child Shelly had often wondered why so many couples would come and visit her mom and dad and often spend the night, while she went to sleep upstairs. Later, Shelly noticed that her parents would go out with other couples while she was left behind with the babysitter. It wasn't until she was in her mid-teens that she began to suspect that her parents were married swingers. Her mom and dad were more liberal than other parents, she observed. Both Shelly's mom and dad would casually walk around the house while topless. Perhaps her subconscious had somehow picked up on this. That would help explain why she always covered herself up with pajamas, even when it was a warm night.

Her dad's name was Simon, and he was a man of many passions. He worked at an ad agency for mostly auto dealerships, but that was only a fraction of what Simon stood for. During his off time, he would take care of his body, or paint, or rent boats and take them all sailing, or find something new and fun for them to try out around town. Perhaps his British ancestry had something to do with it, as the man was highly opinionated and always enjoyed a lively debate.

Her mother was Stephanie. She was tall and beautiful. Her graceful form largely explained where Shelly had gotten her sexy figure. Stephanie worked wherever she wanted to: as a hostess at a nice restaurant, as a librarian, as a tele-communicator, and in other diverse types of jobs. When Shelly's mom wasn't off at work, she was as creative as her husband. The woman delved into pottery or poetry. She would sometimes pose nude for Simon's paintings, with other nude models or alone.

Not your typically American family, Shelly concluded, as she made her way down the stairs. She caught the aroma of fresh eggs and ham, scintillating her senses enough that she began to crave the breakfast that was coming to her. As Shelly rounded the four-foot high wall that separated the kitchen from the rest of the house, she found only Stephanie. Her mother wore a soft teal gown with lacy edging, the daughter observed. While the gown was loose, it still managed to convey the sexiness of Stephanie's body. The mature woman was quietly swaying back and forth, to a jazzy tune playing from a stereo that sat in a corner of the counter.

"Good morning, sunshine." Stephanie said, as she discovered Shelly stepping into the kitchen. "Don't sit down just yet. I want you to go and tell your father that breakfast is almost ready."

I can do that, Shelly thought, as she did a quick about face and made her way toward the master bedroom. The room was down at the end of the hall. The curtains were thick enough that hardly any light got through from the outside, so she had little doubt that Simon was still asleep.

Shelly gazed in when she reached the doorway. There was her father, lying on his back and shirtless, with his red pajama bottoms and a single bed sheet covering the rest of him. Simon was more muscular than most men with his thicker arms and broad chest, but he wasn't what most people would call muscle-bound. He looked like a British version of Adonis, with his blonde hair and blue eyes. His sexy shadow of a beard increased Shelly's lust for him. Not for the first time, the audacious teen wondered what the lower half of his body was like. If she were going to fulfill her part of the Challenge, she would undoubtedly be finding out very soon.

I know one good way to wake him, Shelly thought, as she bit her bottom lip and tiptoed over to her father's side of the bed. Like a soft shadow, she drew over him, carefully managing her weight, until she slowly lowered her body to rest on his. Quietly, Shelly lay there, listening to his stuttered breathing as his form reacted to her presence. Simon was coming around. She took a moment to caress a shoulder and stare at his strong chin. Finally, her father expelled a breath and opened his eyes. This is when Shelly rolled away from him, clear across the bed until she stood up on the other side.

"Breakfast is almost ready." She said, right before she disappeared out the door.

Simon sat up. As the last of his slumber drifted away, the man realized that it was his daughter, and not his wife, that had just woken him up.

"Well, that was... interesting." Simon murmured, as he left the bed and went into the bathroom.

A short time later, Simon strutted down the hall and to the kitchen. His wife and daughter were both sitting at the table and already eating. The first thing the man did was to point an accusing finger at Shelly.

"You woke me up by lying on top of me." He said.


Simon repeated his accusation.

"I don't think so, dad." Shelly shook her head. "I nudged you on the shoulder and told you that breakfast was almost ready. You must have been dreaming about mom."

"I am positive it was you."

"And I'm positive that it wasn't. I've never done that before, have I?"

Simon rubbed his head uncertainly, before he dropped the subject and sat before his plate. With his voracious appetite, he devoured his breakfast in record time, which was the reason why both women had started eating earlier than he had.

"Your turn to do the dishes," Stephanie reminded him. "While I go and put the dirty clothes into the washer. Shelly, you'll be cleaning up the bathrooms today."

Shelly groaned because she hated that chore. "Can I have another cup of coffee first?"

"Okay. Just don't put off your chores and later pretend you forgot about them." Stephanie warned her, before she turned the kitchen corner and was gone.

Shelly made her way over to the coffee maker and poured herself a serving, right before she added all manner of sugar and creamer to sweeten the brew.

"Don't drink too much of that stuff." Simon warned her. "It'll give you a nervous breakdown when you get to be my age."

"Oh, you're not that old." Shelly quipped.

She watched her father, as he went into a special routine when he washed dishes. Simon filled the sink up with tepid water, poured a specific amount of liquid soap in and swirled the concoction around with a long-handled spoon. Afterward, he donned a pair of green plastic gloves and got down to business.

Not until her dad was fully engrossed in his task did Shelly sneak up behind him. One of her mother's favorite ways to peeve the man off was to poke a finger in his butt while he was busy doing something. Shelly parroted the movement perfectly.

Simon jumped up by several inches, before he turned to scold her. "What is going on with you today? First you do the thing on the bed and now this. Are you on drugs today?"

"I'm not on drugs, dad, and even if I was I wouldn't tell you." She made a goofy face. "I have to go and clean the bathrooms."

Shelly left the kitchen, and again her father was gawking after her.

The house had two and a half baths: a full bathroom in the master bedroom, another one up the stairs, and a toilet and shower by the door that led into the garage. After replacing her silky pajamas with a yellow spaghetti-string top and a pair of blue shorts, Shelly started on her errand. She timed it so that she would end up in the master bedroom just as her father finished washing the dishes.

The bathroom was wide enough that they could have both been in there comfortably, but Shelly went out of her way to crowd the space between them. The devious teen rubbed her ass on Simon's thighs as she shuffled about. She leaned over the counter to scrub it, bumping him aside, and she even stood in front of him and blocked his view when he was flossing his teeth.

Simon kept his composure as long as he could. He simply moved aside to give his daughter room. As he got more and more irritated, he would pause for longer periods of time and glare at Shelly, who was apparently oblivious to his rising temper. Finally, she poked a finger into his butt again and made him jump.

"Okay, what is the problem here?" Simon demanded, as she turned her back and went to scrub the toilet.

"I don't know what you're talking about, dad."

"I know you're up to something, so what is it?"

"I swear; I don't know what you're talking about."

Once Shelly finished up, she gathered her little bucket of supplies and prepared to make her way upstairs, where she was going to repeat the chore in the next bathroom. Before she left, she paused behind her dad. Simon, expecting another finger up his butt, paused to stare at her through the mirror. Instead of the usual prank, Shelly reached around his waist and patted his crotch, then left.

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