Heartbreakers Ch. 12


"I am a Queen and you are a servant." Mindy started.

"Now, you listen to me!" Marge shot back, as if being loud would give her the upper hand. "I am not about to..."

Mindy could get loud, too. "I'm not finished!"

It was power versus power. At once, the surge of control Marge had sought out floundered and died away. She was a broken woman, and probably always had been, and they both knew it.

To further emphasize her domination, Mindy took the time to slip into her pajamas before she addressed her mother again. There was tension from her mother's side. From Mindy's side, there was the sense of subjugation.

"You will no longer blame me or my father for everything that has gone wrong in your life." Mindy scolded.

Marge opened her mouth to speak, only to be cut off.

"Do not interrupt me." Mindy said, with the vehemence of a viper.

For the first time, Mindy was revealing that deep, dark side of her being to the woman who had reared her. Mindy was no longer the docile daughter or allowing herself to be used as her mother's personal dartboard. As Marge took in this strange black creature that her daughter had become, as she realized just how much darkness lay behind Mindy's eyes, she found herself in a way terrified.

"I am a Queen." Mindy repeated. "And you are nothing. You have Trespassed upon me for the last time and I will no longer show you mercy. Let me tell you how a Queen destroys her enemies. A Queen may ask her soldiers to break into her mother's car, for instance. Or a Queen may ask her soldiers to go around and pick up all those stupid little 'for sale' signs, and toss them into a pile and burn them. Or possibly, a Queen may have her soldiers hack into her mother's laptop and forward a list of her mother's contacts to her mother's competitors. This is only a sampling of what a Queen might do when she doesn't want to get her hands dirty.

"A Queen can also do all manner of other things. She can, for example, make alliances with others. A Queen might ask her girlfriend Bethany to come over and fuck her father, if the Queen feels that her father is being treated unjustly. A Queen might also set up dates for her father, so that she can have a growing amount of evidence to throw into the face of her enemy. Perhaps a Queen would be able to get ten or twenty, or maybe even thirty of her friends to fuck her father. That is if she really wanted to, just so she can see the look on her enemy's face when she brings that evidence to light.

"On the other hand, a Queen might not need to have thirty women sleep with her father, when only one, certain woman, would do ten times the damage. This is when a Queen may seduce her own father to fuck her, and tell her father to fuck her in a way that is equal to the best fuck he ever gave this Queen's enemy." She huffed out a smirk. "Let that sink in. My father fucked me just as good, or maybe even better than he ever fucked you."

Mindy turned her back. "This is just the beginning. If you ever cross me again, I will declare War on you. With the Resources I have at my disposal, my guess is that it will take less than a week to reduce you into a pile of ashes. You are dismissed."

She imagined that Marge had been completely taken aback by her numerous admissions, and mentally she made an allowance for that. It took a few minutes for her mother to open the bedroom door. Marge stepped out, but she didn't get very far at all. She slumped against the wall of the hallway and slid down to the floor. Her sobs were soon filtering into Mindy's bedroom.

There was a small hint of regret in Mindy, for the torrent of anguish and pain she'd just unleashed on her mother. This was only one part of a hundred, however. The other ninety-nine parts couldn't care less. Her mother had stopped showing compassion to her some time ago, so why should Mindy give a shit about telling Marge the truth about what she'd done?

Mindy scanned her bedroom, knowing she wouldn't be able to get to sleep with a stupid, sobbing woman sitting in the hallway. She decided to go over to the guest room to sleep with her dad. When she left, she didn't even bother to shut off the light in her room.

The next morning, Mindy woke up to the tempting smell of bacon and eggs. It was still early, she knew. Even though it was Saturday and she didn't have anything to do until that night's basketball game, she decided to get up anyway. Her father was still snoring lightly as she left the guest room.

Still clad in her pajamas, Mindy descended the stairs and went into the kitchen. She found her mother there, bustling back and forth and putting on the finishing touches on the meal she'd prepared. Marge paused when she saw that it was Mindy instead of Blake.

"I was hoping your father would come downstairs first." Marge mentioned.

"No, I gave him such a good fuck last night, I'll be surprised if he wakes up before noon."

Marge grimaced. "I wish you wouldn't talk like that. He's your father."

"The first thing you have to learn is that I'm not holding anything back anymore." Mindy stated. "If you piss me off, I'm going to tell you. Now, can we eat breakfast together or should I call one of my friends to bring me something?"

Marge stared at her for a long moment, before she turned toward the stove. "I'll serve you a plate."

She came back with two servings and took a seat across the table from Mindy.

"Thank you, mother." Mindy said.

Marge picked at her food a little, but it was clear that she wanted to talk. "Here I thought I knew you, but I guess I don't know you at all. I always wondered why you never hung out with all the other cheerleaders, and why sometimes I felt as if you were being secretive. I never imagined what kind of person you were becoming. When I was thinking about you last night, I realized that I don't even know what kind of music you listen to."

"That's because you never cared enough to find out." Mindy replied. "But if you really want to know, it varies. Shelly likes pop, Heather likes rock and roll, and Haley likes classical and jazz. I like all of that."

After taking in a couple of bites, Marge spoke up again. "Did you really do all those bad things to me?"

"Yes, I did." Mindy admitted. "Sometimes, all I need is to make one phone call and I can start an avalanche. You wouldn't believe what I did the other day at school to protect my friends."

"What did you do?"

"I got the entire school to take off their clothes."

"I saw that on the news!" Marge exclaimed. "Did you really do all that?"

"Well, my girlfriend did half of it." Mindy shrugged as she ate. "I did the other half. I left my phone upstairs, otherwise I'd show you who my contact is at the news station."

For the next few minutes, they ate in silence.

This time, it was Mindy who started talking. "Look, usually when I declare a Vendetta against someone, that person never finds out I was the one who'd gone after them. Well, not unless I walk right up their face and tell them, anyway. But whether these people suspect it was me or not, they know they'd better keep their distance from me. Otherwise bad things are going to start happening to them again. Being that you and I live under the same roof, I've decided to take you into my confidence. I'm about to tell you some of my Secrets, but you cannot repeat them to anyone. If you do, you'll really piss me off and I will hit you ten times as hard as I did before. Do you understand what I am saying?"

It took a good moment before Marge nodded.

Mindy went on. "I got into a rivalry with some girls. I don't need to go into all the details about it. Just know that there were a lot of them and I only had three other girls and me on my side. Well, one day these rivals decided that they were going to bully me around in front of the whole school. They insulted me and they put their hands on me. As I said, there were a lot of them. I got together with my friends and we figured out a way to get revenge. If you were a guy, you could say that we hit them below the belt. Not just once, but over and over again. My friends and I brought these girls down to their knees. This is how I first became Queen. Are you following me so far?"

Marge nodded back, although she pushed her chair back and stood up. "Let me get some coffee. Can I get you a cup?"

"Yes, please."

Mindy waited until her mother was seated again, before she continued. "The reason my friends and I were successful against our enemies is because we were forced to try all sorts of things to get back at them. We went outside the box. Since that time, people see my friends and I as being very powerful. We use that awe to our advantage. Some people are afraid of us. Others want to do things for us to get in our favor. Others want to make business deals with us. It's all very complicated now.

"You've heard that saying, about how with great power comes great responsibility? Well, that saying is bullshit. That saying was invented to keep regular people thinking inside the box. All you have to do look at how governments, armies and criminal organizations are run. You'll see that they don't do things this way at all. They take their great power and they use it to squash people under their thumbs. They use their great power to gain even more power. They don't give a shit about who they're about to trample over."

She paused to have a sip of coffee.

"That's what I do now. That's what I've become, ever since that War I had with that first group of enemies. I've read about conspiracies and court intrigues during the Middle Ages, where kings, dukes and barons would plot against their enemies. Many times even their wives were involved in plots. Brothers would assassinate brothers and people would be poisoned or murdered. Sometimes there was so very little to be gained that I wondered why these people would go through all that trouble. I figured it out. These people were doing it because they got good at it and they thought they could get away with it. I've been doing it long enough now that I can get away with a lot of things, too. I learned how to play the Game."

Mindy took a bite of her toast, as Marge continued to guardedly eat and watch her.

"So, there is a point to why I'm telling you all of this." Mindy said. "I am powerful, but I am not cruel and I am not evil. I say this even though most people would assume that I am those things, because they all think inside of that same little box. I do what I do as a means to an end, unless somebody really gets on my nerves. That's when the gloves come off. Another skill I picked up is that I know how to work people. I know how to manipulate them and how to exploit them. At the same time, I also know how bring people together and make them feel good about themselves. This is what I'm doing for dad, because thanks to you he feels like garbage, after all of those little guilt trips you lay on him."

Marge stared down at her plate. "It wasn't all my fault."

"Maybe and maybe not. What is your fault is that you feel like shit about yourself. You decided that the way to fix that problem is to make dad and me feel like shit, too. And then you went and tried to make Bethany feel like shit. She had nothing to do with any of this, and that really hurt me because I love her!"

Mindy's last few words had come out pregnant with emotion, enough that she had to take a few moments to calm down.

"Would it help if I said I was sorry?" Her mother asked.

"No, it wouldn't. It's too late for that. But you know what will help? It would be nice if you stopped behaving like a spoiled little brat whose life didn't turn out the way you hoped it would. It would help if you started to be a real mother to me, and a real wife to my father. All of that is up to you. What I can say is that if you hurt me again, or if you keep treating dad like dirt, I'm going to really squeeze you and hurt you."

Marge thought of what Mindy had done to her already, which was inconceivable to her. She couldn't even imagine anything worse.

"You're apology means nothing." Mindy said. "Your words mean nothing. That's just like a politician who says one thing and does something else. What will mean something to me are your actions. Are you willing to do something to change your life? Seriously, mom, what would make you happy? I can ask a guy, or two guys, or ten guys if you want, to come over and give you the ride of your life. Would that make you happy? I can look into my network and maybe get in touch with some people. Maybe they can start referring more clients to you, and that way you can make more money. I can ask a masseuse to come to this house and give you a massage, or a manicurist to paint your nails, or a hair stylist to give you a new look, because you haven't done anything different with your hair for as long as I can remember. Or I can do a bunch of other things for you. But it would all be a waste of time if you were happy for two or three hours, and then you sink back into your same rut again."

"You can't get all those people to do all that." Her mother cut in. "Most of those professions don't even make house calls."

"You don't believe me? Just dare me. I'll run upstairs and grab my phone. I'll call someone right in front of you. Just tell me who you want to show up."

Marge's gaze went over to the counter, where her phone was sitting. Her eyes came back to her daughter.

"Give me your phone." Mindy held her hand out. "Come on, I dare you. I'll have some male model or bodybuilder come over and screw your brains out. Judging from how dad's been acting lately, you really need to get laid."

Marge's face tightened up. "I have a real problem with you sleeping with Blake."

"Too bad." Mindy shrugged carelessly. "You should have thought of that when you first started treating us like dirt. I like what dad does to me and he likes what I do to him. He's non-negotiable. If I feel like fucking him, I'm going to fuck him. Do you want me to call somebody for you or not?"

Marge looked about ready to start crying again. "I just want my family back."

"Guess what? You fucked that up. What you did to us made the family evolve, and now we can't ever go back to the way we were. You're trying to get us back into your little box. It's not going to work anymore. Why do you think you got so fed up with your life in the first place? That happened because you thought that you could have your job, and your house, and your car, and your little family. Happiness and satisfaction were supposed to come right up to you and give you a hug. It doesn't work that way. If you start treading water in your life, you have to be smart enough to try another tactic and see where that leads you. You do not start blaming everybody else. It was your comfortable little box, and all of your false expectations that you don't want to ever leave behind, that made everything the way it is today."

"What do you want me to do, quit my job?"

"Is your job making you happy?"

Marge sighed in frustration. "I don't know anymore."

"Is your house making you happy?"

"Yes, I love this house. I just don't like what my husband and my daughter are doing in it."

Mindy ignored the barb. "Do you like your car?"

Marge made a face. "I got a mini-van because a lot of my clients have families. It makes things easier for me to show a string of houses in a row. I don't like my car."

"So get a new one." Mindy reasoned. "And don't use it for work. Let your clients sit in that crummy van if you want to keep it. You belong in something better. Moving on. Are you happy with your husband?"

"I love Blake."

"Do you love him or are you comfortable with him? There is a big difference there."

"I love Blake." Marge confirmed. "I will not be happy with any other man."

"You want him back? If you do, you have an uphill battle ahead of you. Dad has been going out on dates with women I set him up with. He's been flirting with these women and messing around with them. In general, he's been having a good time for a change. If you really want him back you're going to have to become fun again."

Marge's face looked pained again. "What if I can't forgive him for cheating on me?"

"Then you stay in your little box. You'll probably be blaming him for your future divorce for the rest of your life. You can go out and find a new guy that thinks in little boxes like you do, and then you can feel cozy and safe again. It's about cause and effect. You ignored dad and he started looking at porn, and then he started looking at me. None of that would have taken place if you hadn't pushed over the first domino."

"What if it would have happened anyway?" Marge countered. "What if I was the perfect wife and he still ended up cheating on me?"

"You're making excuses now. You weren't the perfect wife, he wasn't the perfect husband, and I definitely wasn't the perfect daughter. There is no perfect little box. That is what I keep trying to tell you. People do good things and they do bad things, and sometimes they do stupid things, because that's what people do. Maybes don't count. What counts is what really happened, and what really happened in this case is that you brought a lot of this down on yourself."

Marge drank her coffee. Mindy went back to her breakfast.

"This is just a question, mom." Mindy asked, a couple of minutes later. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"No, I don't. Your father is doing plenty of that already!"

"Don't change the subject. What I want to know is why you have such a big problem with my body and with the way that I look. It's not my fault that you're close to forty and that I'm only eighteen. You were eighteen once, but that was a long time ago so get over it. What would you do if you could turn back the clock and be eighteen again? Would you make it with some guy you always had a crush on? Would you even date my dad? I'm just trying to figure out what it is that bothers you so much about my body. If you don't want to have sex with me then what is it?"

"If I was eighteen again, I sure wouldn't be having sex with a lesbian."

Mindy dropped her fork and sighed. "You are a lost cause, mom. Everything I said just went in one ear and out the other, didn't it? Well, I am never going to talk about any of this again. Let me tell you one last thing; if you want to make things right with dad, you should go upstairs right now and wake him up with the best blowjob you've ever given him. Other than that, don't piss me off ever again, because a lot of people will be coming after you if you do. I'm going upstairs to take a shower. After that I'm calling somebody to come pick me up. I won't be coming back until Sunday night, so don't bother waiting around for me. Don't call me, either."

Mindy stood up and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Marge sitting there by herself.

Rochelle's team lost the basketball game that night, but Rochelle herself did a fine job on defense. Mindy's cheerleading, as usual, was superb. The moment the event was over, the two girls took quick showers and changed into their regular clothes. When they joined the rest of their pack, they were met with high-fives all around.

"So, give me a rundown of tonight's parties." Mindy asked the girls who hadn't taken part in any of the day's activities.

The two, Amy and Heather, had been doing the rounds while the game was on.

"We've got three big ones." Heather said. "Two senior parties and one junior party. The juniors really want the Heartbreakers there, because they're setting themselves up to be the ruling hierarchy next year after we're gone."

"And here I thought high school was going to last forever." Rochelle joked.

Mindy had hardly given any thought to what would happen at the high school once they'd all graduated. This was more about the juniors wanting to take over the club's trademark name, she suspected, than it was about following their strict Code Of Conduct. "Let's skip the juniors. The last time we partied with them, we ended up using a lot of Resources cleaning up their mess. Say something vague, though, like we have a prior commitment."

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