tagHumor & SatireHearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers

byLesly Sloan©

Space Cadet Morgar was very late arriving in Chicago to rescue Slender Ellen from the spell imposed on her by the Witch of Whatever.

He had been dispatched to rescue the fair maiden during the first weekend in February, but he was too late; it was now Saint Valentine's Day, which complicated his rescue mission enormously.

"Oh shit," he said. (They talk like that on his home planet, Bluesuede - in the constellation Booties.) "I'm not only late but this was supposed to be my last mission before getting promoted to Space Commander. It's important that I lift the spell on Slender Ellen so that I get that damn promotion. And I wasn't programmed in advance for Valentine's Day."

The problem had been a gigantic cosmic ray storm as his spacecraft descended over the International Date Line, causing a landing in the mid-Pacific rather the planned landing spot in Lake Michigan, very close to Chicago where Slender Ellen lived.

Space Cadets are resourceful; Morgar managed to get to the Chicago area after landing in the Pacific ocean by means of sheer determination, a credit card, and a huge wad of money. He had been prepared at at the Transformation Center on Bluesuede, where he was given the appearance of a handsome prince with blue eyes, blond hair, a firm body, and a large penis with an unusual vibrating motion in addition to the usual thrusting ability.

The whole mission was designed to break the spell cast on Slender Ellen; this gorgeous woman was unable to achieve orgasm with any Earth male, but the spell would be broken if a male could be found who could bring her to climax. Morgar was programmed for nonstop loving and equipped with additional aids such as powerful love potions.

What was he to do? It was Valentine's Day and he hadn't been prepared for that. But Space Cadets are resourceful. Morgar scanned his memory banks and discovered that Hearts and Flowers would be appropriate as an introductory gift to Slender Ellen on Valentine's Day.

He opened the flap in the front of his human shell, ripped out the heart, and used his Matter Transformer to produce an attractive selection of small chocolate hearts. At a shop along Michigan Avenue on the way to Slender Ellen's building he purchased a lovely red heart-shaped box for the chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. The salesgirl was happy to gift wrap the chocolates and flowers for him. Intent on his mission, he was surprised when she slipped a note with her name and telephone number into his hand as he paid for the purchases. She rarely had a chance to serve a handsome prince.

Oblivious to a chance for such dalliance, Morgar proceeded to the elegant apartment building overlooking Lake Michigan where Slender Ellen lived. Just before entering the lobby of her building he performed a quick costume change to appear as a UPS delivery driver.

The doorman was skeptical at first about allowing Morgar up to Slender Ellen's apartment, but those baby blue eyes had been designed on Bluesuede with special powers of persuasion. After Morgar fixed his glance on the doorman and asked to be admitted, permission was quickly granted.

Morgar rang the bell and was admitted by a startlingly good looking woman. "What a pity that such a good-looking doll can't get off," he thought. Slender Ellen seemed suspicious of the delivery man, but a fixed gaze from the Baby Blues convinced her to sign for the package. Morgar stood there and suggested that she try a chocolate to make sure that all was OK. She opened the red Valentine box and tried one of the chocolates. "Hmmmm, that's good," she said while licking her lips in a sexy manner. Morgar now went into action as he had been programmed to do so many miles away on his home planet. He stripped off the delivery man costume, revealing a hard smooth body with a raging erection of the nicest cock she had ever seen. "I'm here to help you, Babe," he said, as he took her into his arms. "I come from the planet Bluesuede and will bring you to orgasm. I have been trained for this mission."

"I don't care where you're from. You could be from Outer Space, Inner Space, whatever - I just hope you can use that tool. I've not been able to reach orgasm and really hope you can help me out."

He removed her blouse, revealing lovely breasts tipped with long red nipples. He moved his tongue in circles around her aureoles until her nipples stood up - at which time he sucked on them. Her breathing increased with noticeable intensity. Slender Ellen let her skirt drop to the ground, revealing lovely long legs and a firm ass filling sexy white silk panties. She led Morgar into the bedroom.

Space Cadets are resourceful, and that was evident in the way he made love to her. "We'll start with oral sex," he said. "I have a factory-installed Super Power Tongue Kit. Just lean back, spread your legs wide, and just enjoy my tongue on your pussy." His insistent probing tongue slipped between her labia and then followed her slit to the clit. That shy creature was persuaded by his flickering tongue to make an appearance. Upon its emergence from its hood, the clit was greeted with circular motion of the space man's tongue. Slender Ellen had never before felt such waves of passion. It wasn't a real orgasm yet, but it was closer than she had ever been before. Even when he sucked on her clit and took her to a state of moaning the spell was not yet broken.

She had reached a stronger feeling of passion after having her pussy eaten than she had ever had with a previous lover. But it still was not enough to bring her to orgasm and break the spell. Clearly more was called for if the spell was to be broken.

Now was the time for the heavy artillery! His cock was glistening in the soft light of the bedroom. He moved it to the entrance of her vagina and inserted the cock whose tip was already glistening with precum. Morgar did not force his way into her cave of pleasure. He slowly pushed his way in, and then the motion was gently in and out, at increasing depths of stroke, Her feeling of excitement rose until her body was shaking. The special vibration feature of his penis now came into action. She trembled and her body went into a spasm of pleasure. His probing gentle finger simultaneously playing with the bundle of nerves at the entrance to her rear brown pucker did it!!

Her body seemed to explode as she reached orgasm!!

"Holy Garfunkle!", he exclaimed. (garfunkles are the equivalent of cows on his planet) "I've achieved my goal. She is free of the evil spell."

Morgar had been trained and prepared to bring Slender Ellen to orgasm; no prior thought had been given to providing pleasure for him. So he was startled when Slender Ellen said. "It's your turn, Space Man. I'm going to give you a great blow job. Just lie back and let me take care of you." She proceeded to make leisurely love to his cock with her mouth, with special attention to his balls. It only then that Morgar thought how nice it might be to stay on Earth and enjoy that sort of thing forever. Sex in the constellation Booties is hard to descibe in human terms, but suffice it to say that nothing in that entire constellation could afford Morgar the same pleasure as that marvelous blow job in the apartment building overlooking Lake Michigan.

The man from a distant planet and the lady from Chicago continued to explore each other's bodies. On a visit to a bookstore Morgar scanned a sex manual into his memory bank. The lovers worked their way through the book, using passages selected at random. Unfortunately, the sex manual was a cheap edition full of typographical errors. That led to strange experiments, such his as trying to slip between the "leather lips" of Slender Ellen, rather than her "nether lips."

One evening while lying in bed with Morgar, Slender Ellen commented to him, "It seems that you have a mole on the right side of your neck; it's the only flaw on on your otherwise perfect body. Does it bother you?" He laughed and pressed on the mole; a small electronic module popped out. "This is my Escape Module. I use it to summon a spacecraft which is circling Earth at this very moment, ready to take me back to my home planet."

After a long night of passionate sex later that week Slender Ellen looked over at her sleeping lover and gently pressed on his mole. She picked up the Escape Module and replaced the mole so that Morgar would not notice.

Slender Ellen hesitated the next morning but finally asked Morgar to sit close to her and confessed, "Dearest, I feel that life without you would be meaningless for me. So I detached the Escape Module from your neck when you were sleeping and destroyed it. Please don't be angry with me. I will love you and give you all the sex you want; any kind, any time, any place. Please say that you will accept my love."

Space Cadets are not only resourceful, but they are clever and horny as well. Morgar decided not to tell Slender Ellen that he could rewire himself to make an improvised Escape Module. "I suppose I'll have to spend my life here on Earth with you, my dear. Luckily, we seem to be very compatible sexually."

She sighed contentedly and snuggled against him. Her fingers stroked his chest, played with his nipples, and walked South to encircle his manhood, which rose to meet her hand. He turned and bent over her - their bodies were intertwined in a ballet of love and lust.

Of course they lived happily ever after.

* * * * *

Copyright 2000 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author. All comments are welcome.

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