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Heart's Guardian


1. Signs of the Times

Ciara O'Faolain pursed her deep red lips as her calm gray eyes studied the wilted roses she had found in her prized garden. "Tsk," she said and tossed her head. Her long black ponytail bounced with the motion as if in repeat of her disapproval. Ciara had thought that getting herself a proper garden would be the best part of moving to the countryside. Everything had been great at first, but suddenly her plants had started dying quickly. The neighbors' beautiful gardens still flourished seemingly in mockery of her wilting weeds.

Today's sunshine was good for the flowers, but less so for Ciara's pale and freckled skin. She was about to carry the wilted roses indoors to take a look at them more closely, when she heard a voice behind her say: "Hi, mom."

"Well hello, son," Ciara said and turned to face Sean. "I trust your father didn't miss his flight again?" Sean had driven Frank to the airport. He had several important meetings abroad this week, as often was the case.

"Hey, I was driving this time," Sean grinned mischievously at his mother. "I'm not slow like dad."

"Unfortunately you aren't as careful as him, either." Ciara knew her son well. He had his good characteristics, but his impulsiveness occasionally caused trouble. Ciara sometimes wondered where he had gotten that. Probably from his grandmother. "Surely you didn't break any speed limits on the way?"

Sean bit his lip even though he was seemingly in a light mood. A glance of Ciara's cool gray eyes always had that effect on him. The kid was not good at keeping secrets from his mother.

"Umm... Well, I didn't get a ticket," Sean answered evasively.

"That just means the cops didn't catch you this time," Ciara said, shaking her head in a way which made her dark ponytail wave around. That was a warning sign her son was quite familiar with.

Sean just shrugged and looked away from his mother.

"Tsk," Ciara said and went into the house. Sean followed apprehensively and watched with sudden interest as she laid the roses on a table. He looked like he was going to say something about them, but Ciara suddenly surprised him with her own question. She had that kind of a talent.

"Are you going out with Niamh again?"

Niamh O'Diomain was Sean's new girlfriend from the village. Ciara had discreetly inquired around, but for some reason no-one seemed to know Niamh or her family very well even though they had apparently lived here for quite a while. Ciara herself had found Niamh to be strangely shy despite her fiery red hair. From what Sean had told her, she was not always like that, though...

Sean seemed to tense, realizing his mother had yet again seen right through him. He kneeled to brush the fur of Graymantle, Ciara's dog, who had just entered from the living room.

Ciara went and did the same. The animal immediately moved away from Sean to her feet. Graymantle liked Sean and most other people in general, but not as much as he liked Ciara, the leader of the pack. For some reason Graymantle had not liked Niamh, though, and the feeling had obviously been mutual.

"Talk to me, Sean," Ciara said with a motherly voice. The words were reassuring and supportive, but they still sounded like an order and not a suggestion.

"Urgh, mom..." the boy started, turning away from her.

"Look at me while you talk." Ciara knew very well her son couldn't resist her if he had to meet her gray gaze.

Sean only glanced at his mother, but that was enough to coax some kind of an answer out of him: "Didn't you like Niamh, mom? It seemed like that when she was here. Is it because she was scared of Graymantle? She said it was a wolf and not a proper dog." Niamh had visited them last weekend, and she had been quite wary of the animal.

"Did she? Imagine that..." Ciara brushed Graymantle's fur thoughtfully with her maroon-nailed fingers, and he uttered a satisfied growl. People often did wonder what kind of a dog he was. Ciara did not answer those questions. "I just want to know what you are up to. It's perfectly natural isn't it? You may be nineteen, but since you still live here, you have to be prepared to discuss some things with your mother."

"Grk. Well..."

Ciara could see Sean was about to complain, but she silenced him with a wave of her slender maroon-nailed finger. "Why are you so nervous?" she asked, looking her son in the eyes.

"I'm going on a date, mom. With Niamh, if you must know," Sean said and turned away again. He happened to glance at the wilted roses on the table so he tried to change the subject: "Niamh liked your roses, though. What happened to them?"

Ciara O'Faolain took one of the dead flowers into her hand and studied it thoughtfully. Then she put it down again and took her son's hand into her own. She looked at him and said: "Just be careful. You know, if you are going to..."

Sean bit his lip out of embarrassment and said: "Yes, yes, mom, I know all about that stuff."

Ciara watched as her son retreated upstairs to his room. Then she glanced at the flowers and wondered if he really did.

2. Meeting of the Lovers

Ciara was showing her roses to Aislinn, the local florist, who had a shop at the village center. Ciara's black ponytail was bouncing in agitated agreement as she listened to Aislinn's words.

"I don't see any marks from bugs or disease on these, Ciara. Did you say all of them just suddenly wilted like this? That's really strange."

"Hmm..." Ciara muttered. Her attention had been caught by a scene which was taking place on the other side of the street. Niamh's mane of red curls was unmistakable, and she could immediately identify her son as the other participant. The young lovers seemed to be having an agitated conversation. It ended with Sean staying behind and gloomily staring at his feet as Niamh walked away, tossing her fiery locks over her shoulder.

"Go mbeire an diabhal leis thú, leannán sí..." Ciara whispered under her breath and shook her head.

"What?" Aislinn asked. Her attention was concentrated on the roses. She had not quite heard Ciara's words or seen the scene outside the window.

"I have to go," Ciara said to the florist. "Can you ask around if anyone else might know what is ailing my roses, since other people's plants seem to be fine? I have an idea myself, but I hope I'm wrong..."

"Sure thing," Aislinn answered, sounding puzzled, as Ciara stormed out of the store and went to confront her son.

Sean did not look very happy to see her. He looked around, trying to find some kind of an excuse to not talk to her. Unfortunately even the main square of the village was not a bustling place, so there was nothing noteworthy going on at the moment.

"Hello there," Ciara said to her son.

"Mhh..." Sean mumbled and stared at his own feet. There was nothing else to look at and he did not want to meet his mother's eyes.

"How did your date go?" Ciara tried to sound as nice and supportive as she could.

"Not... very well." The boy sounded like he was about to cry. Ciara took her son's hand. It made him look at her in the eyes. She was suddenly reminded that they did not often touch.

"Come on," Ciara said to her son. "I'll drive you home. Everything will be all right."

Sean just sighed, but he followed her. He did not speak during the entire drive home. He was just staring out of the window at the fields and rivers which passed by. They were beautiful in their own way, but Ciara knew he could not really see that right now.

3. Black Lace and Red Lips

When they arrived at home, Ciara waited for her son to take her jacket off. Graymantle had arrived to greet them, but Ciara had uncharacteristically sent him away with just a light touch on his shoulder.

She took his son's hand again. The feeling still seemed to startle him a bit. She led him upstairs to his own room.

"Err, mom, what exactly are we doing?" Sean wondered, looking at his mom, who was shaking her head as she saw the overall messiness of his room and accidentally swatted him in the face with her ponytailed hair. She did not often come to her son's room, so Sean did not often bother cleaning up either.

Ciara turned to face her son and spoke seriously: "I know I can appear a bit distant occasionally. There are reasons for that."

Sean looked puzzled when he heard this statement. He looked even more puzzled when Ciara raised her hand and lovingly touched his cheek.

Ciara explained further: "I had high hopes when you met Niamh. But I think I might have seriously miscalculated her."

"I got the feeling you didn't like her, mom, if you don't mind me saying that," Sean nervously mentioned.

"I didn't and I don't, but what does that matter? You liked her, and that was good enough. Or so I thought at the time." Ciara looked her son deep in the eyes and asked: "Do you still believe in love, Sean?"

"I... don't know," the boy sighed.

"You love me, don't you," Ciara spoke calmly.

"That's not the same thing, mom," Sean sulked and turned away. He sat down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Ciara sat down on next to her son, looked at him with her cool gray eyes, and asked: "Are you sure that there are different kinds of love?"

"What do you mean, mom?" Sean sounded even more confused than before.

Ciara leaned forward and kissed her son's cheek. It startled him and made his eyes flash open. It would have been a perfectly normal thing to do, but Ciara could not remember if she had ever done it since he had been little.

Sean moved away and stared at her. "Why did you do that, mom?"

"Niamh is just a willow in the wind, kid. She's pretty to look at, but she shifts direction in a heartbeat. Believe me, I know her kind." Ciara moved closer to Sean again and added: "Lasting feelings are an entirely different thing."

"But it's still not the same as... Mmp!" Sean started, but Ciara had kissed her son again, this time on the lips. The boy jerked nervously in her arms, but he did not pull away from her. Ciara kept the kiss lingering on and let the straps of her dress slide off her shoulders at the same time.

Then Ciara O'Faolain looked her son in the eyes with a calming gaze, made sure her black lacy bra was showing, and said: "It's not all that different, if you don't want it to be..."

"This is crazy, mom," Sean complained and bit his lip, but his gaze was flickering down towards his mother's breasts. Ciara pulled the top of the dress further down, all the way to her waist. Her skin was pale and freckled, and her breasts were heavy and rounded. Parts of wide dark areolas were distinctly visible through the transparent lace. Sean's eyes quickly and nervously flickered back up to her face when he noticed them.

Ciara hugged her son and whispered into his ear: "Is it really? Listen now. Reach behind my back and open my bra. Did Niamh let you ever even do that?"

"No, but I..." Sean was breathing nervously.

"It's all right. Do it," Ciara calmly advised. Sean sighed silently and started fumbling with the clasps behind her back. "Calm down, there's nothing to be afraid of. It's just mom," she soothingly whispered into her son's ear.

Sean drew a sharp scared breath as the clasps of the bra opened. Ciara pulled the straps off her shoulders, still hugging the boy gently. When she thought he was ready she moved back and let the lacy black bra fall off her body. She took it in her hand and tossed it aside.

His own mother's breasts might have been the most natural sight in the world, but Sean had not seen them since he had been a baby, so his gaze well-deservedly lingered. They were big and looked heavy, but still only slightly saggy. The areolas were large and dark against her pale freckled skin, and the nipples stood perky and tall in their midst.

Ciara reached towards the boy's shirt and started pulling it off. He did not resist, surprisingly he instead raised his arms to help her. Then Ciara looked her son in the eyes with a mother's tender gaze and caressed his cheek. His nervous eyes were staring straight into hers. She locked his lips into a kiss again, and at the same time her maroon-nailed hand reached down and started opening the button and zipper of her son's jeans. It startled him a little again, but he did not do anything to stop her.

Ciara moved away for a moment and instructed her son: "Take them off, Sean. Don't worry."

Sean bit his lip, but he did take off his jeans and pushed them to the floor. Ciara took her own dress completely off at the same time. Sean noted how the movements this required made her breasts jiggle pleasantly. Ciara's thigh-length stockings were black and lacy as were her panties. Through the lace Sean could just barely glimpse a thick dark bush, which it made his eyes widen.

Ciara touched her son's cheek and kissed him on the lips once again. It was a nice, proper and motherly kiss, but her big and bare breasts were now pressed against his chest, and soon she followed with a somewhat less motherly stream of kisses which slowly traced a pattern down his body.

Sean whimpered: "Are you serious, mom? You aren't really going to..."

Ciara kept kissing his stomach as she slid his underpants off. He was almost fully hard already, and a mother's touch did the rest.

"Oh my god..." the young man moaned as his own mother 's soft and deep red lips kissed his thighs, then his testicles, and then the hardened and twitching shaft of his penis all around.

Ciara made sure to look up at her son and connect her eyes with his as her warm lips slid around his erection. Now it was the time for mom to be all about big eyes, pouty red lips, big breasts and a black ponytail which bounced as she sucked gently and with feeling. Her moist tongue was rubbing against the tip of the penis, and occasionally she thrust it out of her mouth and moved it side to side, creating new sensations on the underside of the shaft. She was constantly trying to calm her son with loving gazes and reassuring sounds when all these new feelings seemed to be becoming too much for him.

"Mom. Oh God, mom..." Sean kept repeating these words as his mother's dark ponytail kept on bouncing in a steady and deliberate rhythm. Ciara knew this must have been hard for him on many levels, but she as a mother she also knew it was the right thing to do.

Sean had never been with a girl and obviously he was having conflicting emotions about his mother right now, but Ciara was very patient. When his hips moved she took his testicles in her hand and started stroking them just a little with her fingertips.

Ciara felt Sean's hand touch her shoulder as he tried to speak: "Mom, I can't... Oonghh!" He might have intended to make her stop, but a sudden and orgasmic shudder made him moan and he instinctively pulled her closer instead. After that it mattered little what his intentions had been a moment ago.

Sean's hips and thighs jerked hard. Ciara's gray eyes kept glancing up at her son when she felt warm spurts in her mouth. She knew she had to swallow everything, but it was not the most pleasant of things to do. Her pouty lips kept on sucking tenderly until finally Sean's hips jerked for the last time, and then Ciara bent down to cover her son's testicles in warm kisses.

4. Long Legs and Lasting Love

It took a while for Sean's breathing to calm down. He did not speak, but he was looking at his mother and not averting his eyes. He was touching her too, although at first he only had the courage to lay his fingers on her freckled shoulders, but his touch was tender and loving.

Ciara smiled as she felt how her son's hands started caressing her hair. He was fumbling with her ponytail, but without much success, so Ciara reached behind her head to let her hair loose. This motion made her breasts rise, drawing the boy's attention to them yet again. Ciara's long black hair rained past the small of her back, and she brushed her fingers through it a couple of times, smiling at her son.

Then Ciara raised herself from her knees and touched her son's hair in turn. She hugged him close, pushing his face between her big, soft, pale breasts, and whispered into his ear: "Undress me."

Sean understood, even though he did not answer. The only things mom still had on were her lacy panties and stockings. He was still slightly nervous, but also excited. His hands moved to his mother's waist and caressed the maternal curves of her hips for a while before sliding under the black lace of the panties. Then he shyly moved them onto her shapely ass.

Ciara had to do the final step and pull the waistband lower until Sean took her underwear all the way off. She then moved her hands to Sean's shoulders and looked at him, but to her surprise she noticed the boy's eyes were locked on the mound of black bush between her legs. Sean surprised her even more by going down on his knees and giving it a sweet little kiss.

Ciara looked down at her angelic son with his nose buried in her pubic hair and held him close. "Everything is all right now," she whispered comfortingly to her child.

Sean's eyes were closed and he kept kissing the warm dark thicket between his mother's thighs. He even tried to use his tongue a little. It made mom's hips shiver and her lashes flutter.

"Do you want to make love with your own mother, Sean?" Ciara asked, caressing her son's hair.

"Mm-hmm," Sean answered, but he stayed close for a while longer. Finally he raised his head and laid it against her mother's hip and hugged her around the waist. "I love it so much, mom," Sean said, his nose still touching his mother's warm bush.

"It's only natural," Ciara regarded and smiled at him.

"I want you to be my first, mom. Not Niamh or anybody else in the whole world."

"How sweet of you. Come on then," she said and took her son's hand.

Sean was very much aware he was not supposed to make love with your own mother, but he could not help shivering with anticipation as he looked at her beautiful form. He had to have his first time with someone. Who else could realistically teach him better than her?

Ciara confirmed her son's thoughts and said: "Let's go through some of the most common positions. That surely can't harm you in the future." She flashed a little smile at him.

"All right, mom," Sean said and smiled back at her.

Mom was on top at first. Sean was incredibly hard, and he watched with interest how he slid inside her. He bit his lip as mom started to move, and his eyes stayed locked at her dark bush. The feelings which went through him as Ciara's hips moved made him understand what making love really meant.

Soon Sean's own hips were responding to hers, thrusting instinctively into the warmth. His hands were moving across mom's thighs, hips, stomach and breasts. Her big breasts jiggled nicely with her motions, and the nipples were standing long and erect in the midst of large dark areolas.

Ciara could understand her son's feelings so she said: "You can sit up if you want to hug me. That works fine too."

Sean did so with mom's help and hugged her close. Ciara could feel her son's hand caressing her breasts and hips and buttocks as she moved. "It's so warm, mom," he whispered into her ear.

Ciara's hourglass-shaped body moving rhythmically on her son's lap was a wonderful sight. Her long legs, clad in black lace, were wide open and wrapped around him. Shudders and shivers went through her hips as they moved.

Sean's breath was becoming heavier and his hips were moving along with hers. His grip on her lovely ass suddenly tightened and he shouted: "I love you, mom!" His mother's shivering orgasm around him acted as a natural trigger which made him shoot powerful and heavy spurts straight into her familiar womb.

After the groans and whimpers and the motions of their hips had finally subsided, Ciara cuddled her son an whispered into his ear: "This was a very special moment for me too." Not many mothers would ever experience these same emotions.

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