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Hearts of Gold


Author's Note: Many discussions take place on the Author's Forum of Literotica's Bulletin Board, one recently was about how the Incest/Taboo genre is often attacked because of the content hidden behind its name. Incest. The Taboo part of the category is often forgotten as the "I" word leaps from the page. Taboo is something that seems to the majority of society as wrong or immoral. This story could be considered Taboo, it is not Incestuous. All characters involved in sexual situations are eighteen or older. I hope you enjoy this little romance and as always feel free to vote and comment, it's the only way we writer's know if you are enjoying our work. Thank-you ~ Red

The clock on the wall seemed to crawl by as the three hour open house was drawing to a conclusion. Kyle Simmions, the newest hire at Castleton Middle School, felt the tension in his shoulders and wondered if he would have time to get a massage over the weekend, before school started on Monday. He had met more students than parents, a fact that hadn't been shocking given that he'd been warned that many parents saw the open house as a way to pass the kids off to a babysitter for a few hours instead of actually coming in to meet the teachers. Kyle had been prepared for the lack of parental involvement; he'd spent a year job shadowing a local teacher and had witnessed first hand how today's youth were lacking in the mentor department. He also knew that he was a young man, with dreams of saving one life. Castleton Middle School was his first job, therefore not the most high on the pay scale, but Kyle told himself that didn't matter. He was there for the kids, not the money. His bank account would argue with him, if it were able.

He made his rounds, shaking hands with the few adults in the room, getting to know a few of the students. One young man in particular was telling him about how much he looked forward to joining the middle school marching band, when his conversation did a 180 and the name Brian was shouted from the boy's lungs. Kyle stepped back, his brows rose in humor as he turned to see who Brian was and watched the young boy, Luke, jog up to him. The two boys gave a high-five, then with heads bent down went off to study whatever newest electronic device Brian had brought with him. Kyle glanced to where the two boys had met up and saw a woman standing there, arms crossed and her head shaking in mock annoyance. He saw her chest rise and fall before she turned her attention to the room and scanned it.

Kyle hung back for a moment, quickly perusing the woman. She was, in his estimation somewhere in her early twenties. He was 27, so immediately his interests was piqued. Her hair was long, falling to the middle of her back. The curls were wavy and looked soft. He couldn't help but notice her physique. She had high cheekbones, a soft mouth, plump lips and her make-up was neutral enough that it didn't hide her natural beauty. When her eyes caught his, he smiled, pushed away from the wall and headed toward her. As he did, he was better able to examine her facial features. Her eyes were brown, a dark chocolate color. Her right brow arched slightly higher than the left. Her blush did not hide all of her freckles, and he caught a brief moment to glance at her breasts, abdomen, hips, and legs when she was calling over her son.

Brian reached her side; she pressed her palm against his back. "Brian, I think this is Mister Simmions."

"Hello Brian," Klye said, extending his hand first to the boy, before offering it to the woman. He held hers longer than necessary, but not so much that the interest could be misconstrued. She had a soft touch. Her fingers were slim, and free of any rings. Kyle was pleased, filing away the information for future musings. He turned his attentions to Brian and listened to the boy's excitement about marching band; he noticed Luke returning to Brian's side, this time in tow with his mother and father. Kyle shook their hands, bid farewell to the family and offered to take Brian on a quick tour of the band room. "You're welcome to join us -- Missus...?"

"Oh, sorry. I'm Christi, Brian's aunt. Christi Marron."

"Ah, I'm sorry. I thought you were his mom," Kyle admitted. "Well you are welcome to join us if you'd like."

He saw her smile, but knew she was going to decline. His shoulders fell slightly. "I'd take you up on the offer, but I have to meet with Brian's math teacher first. He sent an email out that he would not be at the open house all evening so I have to speak with him before he disappears."

Kyle's grin returned. He was glad she had not been one of the deadbeats he'd met earlier. He was curious as to where Brian's parents were, but assumed he'd learn the kid's story eventually. "We'll see you when you get back," he told her, before steering Brian and a couple of other students toward the newest instruments and the table where he had laid out several copies of some of the music they would be learning this semester.

While he laughed and got to know some of the boys and girls who would be learning how to read music for the first time, he felt excitement for the new path he was taking. Thoughts of Christi and her warm smile added to his enthusiasm, so much so he found himself constantly looking for her to walk back in. When she did, he forgot everything and everyone around him. Kyle blushed at his sudden interest and need for the woman.

"Down boy,"he said to himself. "You're acting like a virgin in a whore house, eager and willing to please, but not knowing where to begin -- and you're no virgin."

"Brian, your Aunt's here," he said, dismissing himself and leading the lad back to his aunt. "Welcome back," he said, smiled warmly and left her to her nephew. Kyle quickly said the final farewells to the students and parents that were heading out the door. When he turned he was left with only Christi and Brian. He couldn't help but notice her pink sweater, and how it hugged her breasts. Her jeans were a dark blue and a pair of pumps poked out from the leg hems. His blue eyes traveled back up her length, pausing at her lips before reaching her eyes.

One brow was raised, as her mouth rose in a smirk. "Finished?" she asked.

Kyle paled, then blushed. "Sorry," he muttered, than quickly showed Christi some of the same things he'd shown Brian and his friends.

When he felt he'd stalled long enough he offered to show Christi out. She looked at him with a confused expression on her face, but accepted his offer. His hand rested on her back, bringing her up short. "Excuse me," she said, shock evident in her voice. He stepped back, frowned and apologized.

"Sorry," he muttered again. "I'm not sure why I did that."

Christi's lips remained down-turned, as she took Brian's hand. "Neither am I," she answered, before quickening her steps and leading Brian away.

Kyle cursed softly, closed the door to his room and watched the young woman and her nephew walk away. "Good job, dip shit." He stopped by the teacher's lounge, made idle chit chat with a couple of the tenured employees and told himself that Christi Maddon would definitely not want to see him again. Her voice had been laced with shock and her eyes had taken on a look of fear that he even he had found unsettling. Kyle was surprised by her reaction. He wasn't a bad looking man, and he had showered so he didn't stink, but it was apparent by Christi's reaction that his advances were not wanted. Maybe she was married, and just didn't have a ring, or she was involved with someone. A stab of disappointment settled in his chest as he came to yet another conclusion about the woman. Kyle sighed, made his way to his car and headed toward home. The massage he had hoped to sneak it was one he needed now more than ever. Already he'd made a bad impression on a parent and school hadn't even started yet.

As he traveled, his thoughts bounced back and forth from Christi to Brian; curiosity got the best of him, as he pulled out a folder that rested on his passenger seat. His low fuel light came on, just as the warning chimed into the interior of the car. Kyle put the folder down, looked at the gauge and knew he could make it home. The gas station was however just up the road, so he pulled in and decided to top off the tank. While the fuel was pumped into his car, he pulled the folder back out and opened it. Kyle sifted quickly through various papers until he found the one he was looking for. Brian Maddon's name and address were written on top, along with next of kin. Christi's name was given, as was her address and phone number. Both were the same as her nephew's. Brian's parents were not listed, and an emergency contact, other than his aunt's, was a name and address from a neighboring state. Kyle's interest was growing.

The pump stopped automatically. Kyle put the folder away, eased the handle of the pump until the cents rounded to the nearest dollar, then hurried into the store to pay his bill. He opened the door for a boy and woman, stepped back and came face to face with Christi Marron. "Um, hi," he told her, once again feeling awkward over their last encounter.

She whispered "hello" as did Brian's whose greeting was more jovial. He let the door close behind her and followed her to their car. "Miss Maddon -- or is it Missus? I'm sorry about earlier. I shouldn't have touched you."

"Get in the car Brian," Christi said; she shut the door and turned back to Kyle. He watched her tongue dart out to moisten her lips. "It's okay. I'm sorry I got so defensive. It just caught me by surprise is all. It's no big deal. No one saw, so it's not that big of a deal."

Kyle frowned. "Boyfriend? Or husband?"

"Huh?" Christi asked, then dawning filled her eyes. She laughed, covered her smile, pressed her hand on Kyle's chest, pushed past him and darted to her car. "Um, no -- no boyfriend and definitely no husband. See you later Mister Simmions."

"Kyle," he told her.

"Excuse me?" she said, as she opened her car door.

"It's Kyle. Only my students call me Mister Simmions."

Christi grinned. "Only your students?"

"Well, and my doctor."

She chuckled softly. "Well, I'm certainly not one of your students," she said, "have a nice evening -- Kyle."

He watched her get into the car and drive away. Kyle went inside, grabbed a soda and paid for his gas. When he reached home his mind weighed less on upsetting Christi Maddon and more on trying to woo her into his bed. The idea of keeping her there for a long time was one he didn't mind dwelling over off and on throughout the night. He woke up several times over the next eight hours with a raging need that her visage and his hand were able to satisfy.

The following morning was the last Saturday that Kyle would have before school started. He dressed quickly, donning a pair of khaki shorts, a polo shirt, sandals and sunglasses. With his cellphone slipped into his pocket and his keys in his hands, he made his way to his car and settled in behind the wheel. The folder from school still sat on the chair beside him, and Brian's information rested on top. He picked it up, dug out his phone and dialed Christi's number. Her voice came through loud and clear. His pulse raced.



"It's Kyle."

"Mister Simmions?"

"Kyle, remember. You're not one of my students." He heard her laugh.

"No, I'm not. What can I do for you?"

He took a deep breath before voicing his reason for calling. "I was looking over Brian's file and I see you're his next of kin, and that you live together. I'm curious if you both would like to have supper with me tonight." Kyle could almost feel the tension over the phone lines. He closed one eye, leaning into the phone so as to help "hear" her better, not that closing one eye helped, but it made him feel less tense.


"See it as my way of being less of a jerk. Besides I am curious about how you came to be his guardian." He sensed her hesitation; chastising himself inwardly for his direct demeanor, Kyle waited for the deadening silence to end.

"I guess it'll be okay. Since you have our address, I assume you can find your way here or do you need me to give you directions? We are out in the boonies."

Kyle's lungs expelled the air they'd been holding. "Hold on, let me plug in your address to the GPS and --- there you are. I got you now," he laughed softly. He heard her answering chuckle.

"Do you mind if we eat here though?" she asked. "I'm not much on dining in public and with you being Kyle's teacher -- well..."

"I understand. No need for rumors of favoritism my first year at Castleton." He could almost see her smile and hear her sigh of relief.

"No need at all. Five o'clock sound fine?" she asked.

"Great. I'll see you then. I'll bring some wine and soda if that's okay."

"Sounds lovely," Christi admitted, before hanging up and leaving Kyle alone with his thoughts.

The evening arrived with Kyle standing outside Christi and Brian's home. It was a large ranch style home, a two car garage, a couple outbuildings, one being a large barn. There were fences that surrounded various patches of grass. Some of it looked to have once been plowed and tilled; he was curious about what crops had once been harvested. Other patches of soil had obviously been trod on by some sort of farm animal. Kyle's interest in the woman seemed to grow with each passing minute as he waited for her to answer the doorbell. He wasn't surprised, nor disappointed when Brian opened the door and ushered him inside. "Hey Mister Simmions," he said, before taking the 2-liter of soda from his teacher's hand. "Christi, can I have some pop?" Brian shouted as he disappeared around a corner.

Kyle chuckled. He set the brown bag with the wine in it, on the floor and pulled off his jacket. "Here, let me take that." Christi's hand touched his. He watched her eyes widen, but she kept her fingers in contact with his.

"Strange isn't it," Kyle whispered, before pulling his hand away and letting her take his coat.

"Very," she admitted, turned and opened a closet door. He picked up the wine and followed her into the dining room. "It's not much, but you shouldn't leave hungry."

This time it was Kyle's turn to have his eyes widen in surprise. The table was full of food. "Are you expecting others?" he asked.

Christi blushed. "No. I just -- I just didn't know what to fix? I didn't know if you were a vegan, or if you ate meat, or if you were allergic, or ---."

He came over and took her hand. "Miss Maddon..."

"Christi," she corrected.

"Christi, I will eat just about anything put in front of me. You really are nervous aren't you?" he asked; he couldn't help but feel her cold fingers in his warm hands.

"You don't understand, you really shouldn't be here and I was wrong to --."

Kyle chuckled, squeezed her fingers and ushered her to a chair. "We're two adults having dinner and if you want we can discuss Brian's upcoming school year, so it's more official. You sit, and I'll pour us some wine. I see you've got the glasses out," he paused and saw Brian, "and here is the head of the house, come to dine with us."

Christi smiled and after a glass of wine, Kyle watched her relax. Over the course of the evening he listened to Brian talk about the newest video game he was saving up for, and how much fun he had playing online with his friends, though he muttered quite loud about their internet connection being slow and a pain in his butt. Kyle had a feeling "butt" was not the term Brian had wanted to use. After dinner Brian disappeared and Christi hurried to clean the table. Kyle offered to help and at first she discouraged him, but eventually she gave in, even allowing him to rearrange her refrigerator so the massive amount of food she had left over would fit. "I'll have to come over every day to help you eat all this," he teased as he closed the door on the appliance and faced the beautiful woman before him.

He chest ached as she worried her bottom lip with her teeth. She was again the skittish school girl, and his fingers itched to embrace her. "Another glass of wine?" Christi suddenly asked, before darting from the room and disappearing on him.

Kyle smirked, but said nothing, choosing instead to follow her and take the offered liquid. He sipped it, and motioned for her to leave the room behind. "I thought I saw a television in there," he said, pointing toward another room.

Christi nodded her head, took a deep drink and coughed on the liqueur. "I don't drink that often," she admitted to him.

"Well then that'll be your last," he said in a mocking tone.

"I shouldn't have had even the first one," she told him, before sitting down on the couch. He sat down beside her, placed his glass on a coaster and leaned into the leather seat. "You have a really nice home here."

Her living room was full of various items, some antique, some more modern. There were photos of a couple, the same one that had made up the photos in the dining room. More pictures of Brian were scattered here and there, but as Kyle gazed upon each one, he noted very few contained Christi, and all seemed to contain photos of the couple stuck in one age. Kyle frowned. "He lost his mom and dad, didn't he?"

Christi set her glass down, and leaned back against the couch. Kyle's arm fell to her shoulders; his fingers brushed her hair. She stared at the wine before settling into his side. "Cathy and Greg were flying back from visiting our parents. Cathy is my eldest sister. Greg was a pilot and had bought this house for Cathy as a gift. He flew the three of them up to Battle Creek, Michigan for a family visit. He asked mom and dad to keep Brian for the week, while he took Cathy back and showed her the house. They agreed. Cathy and Greg spent a week with us visiting before they headed back. Greg was in a hurry, decided he'd push through a storm and things went wrong. He crashed and Brian was left without a mom and dad."

Kyle was silent. "How long ago?"

"July of this year."

He released a long puff of air. "Wow, that soon? How is he?"

"He has his good days and his bad days. I volunteered to move back here and take care of him. I didn't want him to switch schools, even if it was just middle school. Cathy and I hated growing up bouncing from one school to another and I knew she wouldn't want that to happen to Brian. So I convinced my parents and a judge to grant me custody. I do have to send his report cards to mom and dad, as well as the court system, but I don't see Brian being a problem child. We also see a counselor, so I think we'll be okay."

"You have to report back to a judge? Isn't that strange?"

Christi shrugged her shoulders. "I don't think so. I mean I'm young and I don't have a job. So I have to prove that I can take care of him. Greg and Cathy's money is available to me through Brian, so I am accountable for his finances, so it makes sense to report what I'm doing to the powers-that-be."

"I guess, when you put it that way. So what do you do if you don't work?" Kyle asked. His fingers moved from her hair to her neck. He teased the flesh. She stiffened slightly, but eventually relaxed and sighed into his touch.

"I'm a full-time student," she told him, biting down on her lip as she melted further against him. "I hope to graduate and then," she sighed again, "you probably shouldn't be doing that," she whispered.

"I know," he told her, before cupping her chin and turning her to face him. His lips found hers, eager and soft. They parted willingly for his tongue. Kyle tasted the wine and drank deep of the mingled flavor of Christi and fruit. He licked the edges of her mouth before slipping back in for another kiss. Her fingers rested on his chest, and toyed with his shirt. His skated down her rib cage and back up again to cup one of her breasts. He tweaked the nipple through her blouse and bra. She moaned; the sound was swallowed.

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