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Hearts on Fire


Chapter 1

Samantha Edwards rushed from her car to the administrative building as the rain poured from the sky. She held her briefcase over her head with one hand in a useless attempt to keep her hair dry, as she struggled to hold books and papers in the other. It was another damp, cold, and dreary day in the northeast. The kind of day you would expect in mid-November in this section of the world. However, Samantha was a southern girl, used to sunny skies and warmer climates.

The click of her high heels on the tile floor echoed up and down the long hallway as she hurried to the administration offices. She was late already. Today was the last day to get mid-term grades submitted and she didn't want to hear all the grief she would take if she missed the deadline. Hopefully it would only take a couple of minutes and she could still make her 9 o'clock English class on time.

Samantha sighed as she passed the ladies room and then stopped. It was going to make her later but she had to fix her hair. It was a mess after being doused with the cold rain. If she could have remembered where she had left her umbrella it wouldn't have been so bad. Unfortunately it seemed that she was always misplacing something these days. The unwanted vision of the movie "The Absent Minded Professor" crossed her mind as she rushed into the teacher's lounge, almost knocking over a fellow teacher in her haste.

A little moan escaped her lips when she looked into the mirror. All her work had been for nothing. Her shoulder length sandy blond hair was hanging in wet, curly strands now, dripping water down her cheeks. And her hair had looked so good when she left home a few minutes ago. A sigh of frustration escaped her lips as she tried her best to fluff it up. It was useless. Finally, she gave up and leaned toward the mirror to fix her makeup.

The woman in the mirror staring back at Samantha was pretty and just over the dreaded 30th birthday. She had gray/green eyes that could dazzle men and women alike. People often said that she looked a lot like Nicole Kiddman, with her curly hair and creamy white complexion. Yet Sam was one of those women that didn't realize how pretty she is. She thought she was too tall at 5' 8", too heavy at 125, and that her facial features were too angular to be pretty. Besides, she didn't have a lot of time to worry about her appearance these days.

Another sigh escaped the harried woman as she fumbled in her purse, searching for her lipstick.

She never had enough time for herself anymore and her life seemed to be out of control. Suddenly, she stopped and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She wondered how her life had become so hectic. It seemed that there was a constant succession of classes, dinner parties, social obligations, and studying to keep up with her profession. Maybe it was just the pressure of being a newly appointed assistant professor, she thought. She knew that it took a lot of work in the beginning to get oneself established in a new school.

The academic world wasn't new to her though--she had taught at her alma mater for several years and had been raised in a family of teachers. Her mother was an elementary school teacher and her father a high school principal. Even one of her older brothers was a teacher. It was only natural that she followed the same path.

Samantha was a southern girl and grew up with her two brothers in a very traditional and solidly middle class family. Her parents were very conservative and strict. In fact, Samantha had not been allowed to wear makeup until she was almost 16. As for dating, well that was a battle of wills. She was only allowed to date in groups until she was 17. However, like all teenagers, she found ways around the arbitrary rules.

Dan Edwards, Samantha's father, was a hard working man, if not a little behind the times and overzealous in his religious beliefs. He was also very protective of his little girl. At any sign of rebellion from Samantha he would always say that she would follow his rules as long as she lived in his house. However, Dan was proud of his daughter and like all fathers, no one was ever going to be good enough for his little girl.

Samantha had a will of her own though and found ways to see her boyfriends without her father knowing. However, because she lived at home until she finished college, the strict rules often became contentious.

A smart girl, Samantha graduated with honors and was selected as the valedictorian of her high school class. After high school, she went to a large but local college. She was a star student at the University, deciding to stay after graduation to teach and continue pursuit of a master's degree in English and then her PHD. It had been hard work and a long haul, but she persevered. The school eventually noticed her academic achievements and she was awarded a grant to do research. Unfortunately she never got the chance to finish her work.

Samantha met her husband-to-be before she finished her graduate work. He was a professor at the university and twenty years older than she was. Much to her parents' distress, she had fallen in love and married soon after she completed her studies. It was her husband's transfer to the north several years ago that brought the warm blooded southern girl to the cold northeast.

However, she couldn't say that she regretted her choices up to that point. She had a good job as associate professor at the school and a real opportunity to advance to full professor with tenure in a few years. But, besides being overworked, her biggest problem was that she had left her family and friends behind and felt somewhat out of place in the snobbish academic community she was now part of.

Coming to the large university as an associate professor was a cultural shock for Samantha. She never realized the level of personal politics that existed in academic circles. It was very different from her previous experience in teaching. Nor did she anticipate the social obligations that would befall her in her new role. Now, between her husband's career (he was in line to become Chancellor) and her aspirations to become a published writer, she rarely had time for anything else.

Samantha had always been an outdoor girl, preferring to be out in the sun rather than cramped up in some library or classroom. While she loved most water sports, she loved sailing most of all. She missed being out on the water everyday and although there were great opportunities to sail where she lived now, the season was far too short. Besides, she had little time for that with all of the required duties associated with school and being the future Chancellor's wife.

Still, with all this, she thought that maybe it was the dreary weather that was making her feel so depressed. She desperately needed something to cheer her up.

Chapter 2

At least it wasn't snow, Samantha thought as she hurried across the wet grass and into the student center. She rushed down the hall trying unsuccessfully to juggle all of her books and papers. Several times she had to stop and pick up papers as they fell from the folders under her arm.

Samantha took a deep breath and pushed open the door with her shoulder, preparing for another long day.

"Alright class, let's get started. I assume that everyone has read the assignment?" Samantha said as she pulled a pop quiz from her briefcase. A chorus of moans echoed in the classroom. Sam, as her friends called her, smiled as she handed out the test papers. Why should she be the only one feeling down? she thought.

There were about thirty freshman English students in Sam's class. Most were here because it was a requirement. However, there were several bright students that truly showed an interest in English and were planning on making it their major.

One of them was Sally Rogers. She was a pretty, young girl that always sat in the front of the class. With short strawberry blond hair and a voluptuous figure, she stood out amongst the unusually young looking freshman class. Her eyes were a pale blue and would sparkle with delight when Sam would call on her. She showed no reservations at being considered the teacher's pet.

Sam thought that Sally was a sweet girl and had immediately taken a liking to her. However, Sally was different from the other students, but not just in an academic sense. Sam couldn't quite put her finger on what the difference was--there was just something in the way her eyes sparkled when she looked at her.

When Sam sat back down at her desk, she glanced at Sally. As usual, she had on a rather short skirt and her legs were a little too carelessly spread. The older woman could see between her legs. Most of the students wore jeans but Sally seemed to prefer skirts or dresses.

I wonder what color her panties are today? Sam thought and smiled inwardly. She figured that she knew every pair that the teenager had. It was a private and unspoken little game that had started soon after the semester began. Sam didn't know why she let the game go on. She could have simply ignored the overt display of the young girl's charms. Yet, invariably, her eyes were drawn to the juncture of her thighs and she could feel that tingling between her legs and her face would begin to flush.

Sally smiled as she sensed the teacher's eyes on her legs and gradually opened them wider, pretending to study the test paper. However, her heart was racing like it did every time she was around Sam. It felt so daring to tease the older woman by letting her see her panties. However, this time she had left her panties off. It was brazen and bold but she wanted desperately to be noticed by her pretty teacher and maybe take their relationship to the next level--whatever that meant.

They must be flesh colored, Sam thought as her eyes were drawn to the gap between her legs. Then, she almost gasped. It didn't look like she had any on! Sam felt her face turn hot and she quickly looked down at the papers on her desk, her hands suddenly trembling. A few minutes later when she looked back up, she found that Sally still had her legs open. This time Sam found her eyes staring at the teenager's vagina. Her heart began to race when she suddenly realized that the young girl didn't have a trace of pubic hair. The light from the window made it possible for her to clearly see the young girl's fat outer lips and the pink inner ones between. Sam couldn't believe the audacity of the teenager.

Finally, Sam had to look away again as she felt a trickle of sweat on her brow. Fortunately, Sally finally crossed her legs. Sam almost sighed with relief and strangely felt a little disappointment. She couldn't explain why this young girl was having such an affect on her.

In spite of their little game, (or maybe because of it?) Sam liked the teenager. And, the feeling was apparently mutual. Sally often stopped by her desk after class to discuss some author or book. The two of them had a great deal in common and they shared many of the same views on life and literature. To Sam, Sally seemed much older than eighteen, with a maturity that was beyond her years. They had gone to lunch together on several occasions after finding themselves engrossed in a good-natured debate. They even talked about collaborating on an essay as part of a contest where the prize was a graduate scholarship for Sally. While she didn't really need the money, she had said that her Dad told her that he "Wasn't going to pay for her to go to college forever", and therefore it would come in handy if she decided to go to graduate school.

Sally was a northern girl, growing up within a few miles of the school. She was just a little bit of a tomboy. Just like Sam, she loved outdoors (winter) sports; particularly snow skiing and riding snowmobiles. However, while she was very athletic, she was also very feminine in her appearance and actions. She loved soft and sexy clothes and quiet evenings by the fire with a good book.

Sally's father was an attorney and was often away from home. However, she never felt short changed in their relationship. She was always "Daddy's" girl. He would go out of his way to spend time with her. They would often go on skiing vacations together. On the other hand, her mother wasn't into sports but she indulged Sally and her husband's love.

The family had a cabin in Canada, not far across the US border and Sally and her father would often sneak away for a long weekend. However, sometimes, Sally would go there by herself, just to get away. She loved the mountains. But, other than with her father, she rarely had anyone to share it with. She had invited Sam to join her on several occasions but it seemed that her busy schedule never allowed it. Eventually she had begun to think that she was the reason. Sometimes she thought that she had gone too far with her teasing of the older woman.

However, Sam had refused because she wasn't sure that she should get so close to a student. Besides that, she certainly didn't want any question with regard to propriety in grading and she didn't think Sally wanted any special favors either. However, there was another more subtle reason--the strange feelings that she had whenever she was alone with the young girl. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling but it was disturbing nonetheless. Sally hadn't made any overt moves on her. It was the way she looked at her sometimes and her blatant displays. Maybe more importantly, it was how little butterflies would begin churning in her own stomach when she was close to her. Still, she thought Sally's flirtations were cute and harmless, even if they were brazen at times.

Sometimes when Sally stopped by her desk, she would wear a blouse that was open at the neck with too many buttons undone. She would lean over her desk, on her elbows, and pretend to be looking at something on Sam's desk. She knew that it was impossible for Sam not to look down her blouse.

And Sam did look. She had seen all the way to her nipples on several occasions. She knew that the young girl had creamy smooth breasts with a little mole several inches from one pink nipple. The view always brought that unwanted tingling and a flush to her face. She was pretty certain that Sally had noticed.

Sam wasn't naive and she knew about some women's attraction to other women. Some of the better literature she had made a career of studying dealt with the subject of Sapphic love. In fact, she thought that women who were lesbians wrote some of the greatest pieces of literature. Still, she couldn't deny that she found the specter of female/female relationship quite fascinating. Maybe someday she would have the opportunity to explore that theme--strictly on a professional basis.

However, on a personal level, Sam never admitted an attraction to other women. Sure, she looked at other women, especially if they were pretty, and Sally was very pretty. She convinced herself that the feelings she had when she was around Sally were natural. In fact, her understanding of Freud's writings would lead her to believe that every woman had similar feelings to a greater or lesser degree. Unlike the relationship that men had with one another, all women felt comfortable hugging and kissing or sharing emotions. Still she had never discussed women's relationships with anyone and really had no basis of comparison. Her only experience with another female was one time when she was very young and she had played doctor with a school friend. However, she had rightfully filed that away as adolescence experimentation with no significance in her adult life. Yet, she could still remember the feeling of excitement that she had felt that day. It had never been equaled in any heterosexual relationship she had ever had. She believed that was because over time memories take on a life of their own.

When the class was over, all of the students filed out except Sally. She sat at her desk, still working on the test.

"Sally, are you having trouble with the test?" Sam asked as she looked at the pretty girl. She was sitting with her legs crossed and her skirt far up her well-shaped thighs.

"No, not really," she said and smiled nervously at Sam. "I just wanted to wait until everyone was gone. I... I wanted to ask you something."

"What?" Sam asked, curious as to what was making her so nervous.

"Well, I was planning on going up to... to the cabin this weekend and was wondering if... if you wanted to join me? Maybe we could start on that essay."

Sam saw the young girl's face turn red and she looked flustered.

Then she continued quickly. "I know that you're busy but it would be great fun. I could even teach you to ski..." she said and her voice trailed off. Somehow, the girl's normal confident bravado had left her.

"I'm sorry honey but I have so many things to do this weekend. Larry is going to be away and I have a million chores."

"I understand," she said sweetly but there was clear disappointment in her voice and on her face.

Sally got up to leave, packing her books quietly.

Now Sam felt bad. She had promised to work with her on the essay and the time was growing short. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea, she thought. She could certainly use a little time to refresh her weary mind and body. "Wait Sally," Sam said. "How far is it to the cabin?"

The young girl's face brightened. "It's about a three hour drive," she said excitedly. However, she didn't tell her that it was three hours through the mountains on tiny roads.

"Well, maybe I could go up with you tonight and come back Saturday night." As soon as she said it, she wished that she hadn't. It was overstepping the bounds--the imaginary line she had drawn to keep outside relationships from interfering with her already complicated life. Still, a sudden chill ran down her spine and she thought, I need a break, so what would be the harm. Besides, it would just be innocent fun.

"Really!" Sally practically screamed. "We'll have so much fun. We'll ski and make snowmen and everything. When can we leave?" Suddenly Sally was acting more like the teenager that she was. Her face was beaming with excitement.

Sam smiled at the young girl's enthusiasm. "Give me your cell phone number and I'll call you after my classes. What do I need to bring?"

"Not much, just a change of clothes for one day. We have everything else in the cabin. I'm sure there are some ski boots that will fit you and we have a bunch of snowsuits. This is going to be so much fun," she said, her words almost running together in her excitement.

"All right... all right, now get moving or you'll be late for your class," Sam said to the smiling girl. "And Sally, let's keep this little trip between you and I. Okay?"

"No problem," Sally said with a smile and then ran her fingers cutely across her lips as if she were zipping them.

Sam laughed and then she watched her hurry out of the classroom. Without thinking, she found her eyes following her. The tight skirt that she had on molded her sexy butt like a second skin.

Suddenly, Sam felt a little chill run down her spine and she shivered at the thought that she was naked under the skirt. It must be the damn cold weather! she concluded and tried to focus on her next class. Yet, her mind kept wandering back to the young girl's spread legs and the almost obscene view that she had of her bare crotch. She felt her own sex lips pulse and she squeezed her thighs together.

Chapter 3

Later that evening, when Sam pulled up in front on Sally's house, she saw her waiting on the front porch with a small suitcase. She smiled when she saw the young girl's beaming face. Although she had second-guessed her decision since she had agreed to go, Sally's enthusiasm made her feel better. Besides, it would be a chance to rest and get away from the pressure she was feeling--at least for one day.

Sally jumped into the car with a cheery hello, throwing her bag into the back seat. Then she directed Sam toward the interstate and then to a two-lane road, heading north.

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