tagNonHumanHeat at the Hospital

Heat at the Hospital


Jason Firth wasn't the most perceptive man. Not that he was stupid by any means, but never won poker night with his buddies either. How he managed to land a job as a government facilities inspector was beyond everyone, even himself. He enjoyed his work though, and today he was tasked with inspecting the equipment and general cleanliness of the Fort Worth Army hospital.

He'd been here once before, three years ago, and it really did look exactly the same as it did then. Same off white exterior, clean tinted windows, slightly shoddy asphalt, and the dirty black entrance mat. He stepped in and adjusted his jacket. The receptionist glanced up at him from his phone, and looked back down without saying anything. He looked at the flag mounted on the wall in the corner; didn't they have to change those every so often? He couldn't remember the rule about flags, but he really couldn't tell the difference by looking anyway, so he checked that box on his clipboard and walked toward the receptionist.

"Hi, Jason Firth, facilities inspector. I have an appointment with the building super?"

His tone was simple, he knew the receptionist couldn't really care less who he was.

"She'll be down in two minutes. Something about making sure she was ready."

"She? What happened to Mr. Pollentz?"

"He... Isn't here today. Ms. Remelia will be escorting you on your inspection."

He wouldn't look up at Jason. He had thought it was due to boredom, but it now it seemed intentional.

"I wasn't notified of this, where is Mr. Pollentz? Why isn't he in today?"

"Ms. Remelia has been assigned to your inspection today sir, she'll be here momentarily. Please, have a seat."

Jason pulled out his phone. If this guy wasn't going to be helpful, he'd just find out himself.

"Jason, who are you calling? And right as our appointment is about to begin? How rude!"

Her voice floated through the hall, not quiet but not harsh. Jason turned his head to look at her and nearly dropped his phone. Stunning would be the only word he could've used to describe her. She chuckled and walked over to him.

"Remelia Langhart. Chief Supervisor of this hospital. But don't call me Langhart, that's too formal for me. Remelia will do fine."

He placed his phone back in his pocket and extended his hand.

"Jason Firth. Facilities Inspector. What happened to Mr. Pollentz? I was told I'd be meeting him?"

She smiled, "Mr. Pollentz hasn't been in for a few weeks now. He's been... Offsite, at- well, another facility. Don't worry about that, I'll be with you today."

He wanted to protest, but he really was taken aback by her looks and forward demeanor. Her eyes were dark brown, and he, for a few moments, could not bring himself to look away from them.

"...on... Jason?"

He snapped back to reality.

"Sorry about that, yeah, let's go."

The corners of her lips pulled upward briefly before she turned toward the hallway. He got a much better look at her figure this way. She had a very tight, olive green dress on, and a jacket that stopped just over her ass. It almost seemed manufactured, how shapely her hips and back were- like they were designed to catch his attention. Her black hair contrasted nicely with the dress, and it looked like she had some kind of leggings on... Were those garters?

"...ounting office, we have one on this floor and one on the fourth... Would you like to see it? I'm sure it's on your list."

Jason noticed he was being distracted, and tried to focus in on her voice.

"Yeah let's see it," nervously trying to assert his presence in the conversation.

"Excellent, please follow me..."

He told himself to focus on her voice, but that didn't help him very much. When she spoke, her voice seemed almost layered, like he was listening to two of her, both gently and warmly instructing him through this simple inspection...

"Here you'll see we have all our space properly allocated and... Jason? I noticed you haven't been marking anything on your list since we started."


"Something on your mind?"

He didn't even notice the door was closed behind them. He could only see her breasts suddenly looking like they were going to fall out of her dress, and hear her pleasant, cooing voice plead with him for answers.

"What's going on? You're not distracted, are you?"

Goddammit. Weren't there supposed to be people in this office? Where was everyone else?

"Don't worry about where everyone else is, I took care of them... I've taken care of everything... Now let me take care of you too," her dark eyes turned up to stare into his, and he was captivated. She drew closer to him, and pressed herself into his body. What was going on? Why couldn't he resist? Why didn't he want to?

She started kissing his neck and pulling herself closer to him by his shoulders, her wet lips shockingly warm against him. He felt electric, and suddenly bursting with desire- she whispered to him;

"You can't resist me now. Now, you're mine."

The words hit him more as a command than anything, and he found in him no will to disobey her. His breathing turned shallow as he reached around her back and touched her. He felt surprisingly strong muscles under his fingertips, and only fell deeper into this strange desire.

"You'll get your answers Jason, but you'll get them my way..." She let out a low giggle, with a satisfied moan. She slid out of her jacket to reveal her shape more clearly. Impossibly perfect. Perky, full chest; soft, smooth skin; provocative, unreal curves.

She began to undress him. Her hands were efficient, surgical almost. He was dumbfounded, watching her work. Before he knew it he was bare before her, heart pounding in anticipation and mind reeling in sheer curiosity. She gave him a pointed smile.

"Watch me now."

She pulled the zipper down on her dress, and rid herself of it. She had what looked like tattoos all across her back and torso, strange markings, almost like runes. They were strikingly black, almost appearing deeper than a tattoo against her pale skin.

"Remelia, what..."

"Sshhh, let me show you what they are. Just keep staring at my body Jason, drink it in."

She was levitating about three inches off the ground. Her markings were glowing a soft red, and her eyes became black. She touched him. Her hand felt like fire against his chest, but it didn't burn him. Overcome, he reached to her other arm and pulled her to him. Every part of her that touched him felt scorching hot, and he could only want more. She kissed his lips and his mind left him completely; she communicated one thought with that kiss.

"You'll never be fucked this well again."

She finished stripping, and knelt down in front of him. His cock was throbbing, aching for her to take him in. She parted her lips and slid him into her mouth, over her waiting tongue. He felt her hand on his shaft, working and pulling- and her other hand caressing his balls, playing and grasping at them. She was thrusting herself onto him over and over, her mouth hungrily sucking at his solid cock.

"Fill me with cum now," he heard in his head. Although he had no idea how she said it, he obliged. He came into her, groaning loudly as the wave of release crashed into him, and she continued to pump over him. Hot semen was pouring into her mouth, and, strangely, it wasn't stopping- he'd never come this much before. Twice- no, three times as much as normal before she pulled herself off of him.

He fell over backwards, incredibly weakened. He could see her standing over him now, or, floating really. She licked at the last bits of cum on her lips and moaned in delicious satisfaction. She began to slowly massaging herself- and lowering herself over his face.

Her markings were glowing bright red now, lighting the room in a gentle red glow. What... Was she?

"Something you're about to get more of... You should count yourself lucky I didn't take your whole soul at once."

She continued rubbing at her clit- he could see her labia begin to glisten. A subtle aroma filled Jason's senses, suddenly all the weakness left his body. He was still fully erect, and desperate for more of her.

"It's my cum; the smell. Succubus cum has powerful aphrodisiac qualities- beyond anything you can comprehend. Now..."

She lowered herself fully onto his mouth:

"You have to make me come before I fuck you."

He instantly began passing his tongue over her labia and clit. He knew nothing but his desire, to know what fucking her would be like. Her scent overwhelmed him, he ran his hands over her back, her ass, and desperately lapped up her cum. He reached up to her breasts and began to play with them blindly. She began to gyrate over him, grinding herself harder into his tongue. She began to quiver, her legs clamped tight over his head- she screamed and arched her back. She poured cum onto his face and into his waiting mouth. He was her fucktoy at this point, he was completely broken.

She lifted herself from his face and immediately lowered her body to ride him. She pushed herself onto him, and slowly, painfully slowly, took him fully into her. She flattened herself against him and whispered into his ear:

"If you can survive this, you get to be my slave."

He knew he was supposed to be terrified, but he really couldn't care about that. She began to bounce up and down, slamming herself with his cock over and over again. Her chest bounced perfectly, and he began to thrust into her as well. Harder and harder, more desperate and hungry for each other, they both were gone from their own minds. There was only the bliss, the delicious pain, enveloping them both. Inside her, he felt her walls shift and push into his shaft, even squeezing at the head. He felt her hot cum make the pressure even more electric, the heat inside her pussy was painfully enjoyable. Remelia began to orgasm, and Jason felt her tight walls push hard onto his penis. He pounded into her as and hard as he could- her back was arched and her mouth forced open with vulgar pleasure. Jason began to cum; he grabbed at her and pushed into her cervix. He felt the wave of release and bliss crash into him again, and again, he was pouring cum into her endlessly. She kept slamming herself into him, forcing as much semen out as she could take in.

"More, give me more of your delicious soul..." she begged.

He knew what was happening, his life was being extracted from him, through this pleasure. He ravished the thought, and only grew more desperate to give in to her. He removed any inhibition he had, he was going to die for this release. His vision faded, and the last thing he saw was her beautiful face twisted in pleasure and reckless abandon, as she drank him in.

Six months later, Jason walked up to the Fort Worth Army hospital. Same off white exterior, clean tinted windows, slightly shoddy asphalt, and the dirty black entrance mat. He stepped in and threw his jacket over his shoulder. He glanced at the flag in the corner, and walked up to the receptionist.

"She'll be down in two minutes. Something about getting ready, it'll just take a second."

"I figured." He chuckled.

Remelia turned the corner into the lobby; he followed behind her again, with only a slightly quickened pace.

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